Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Rummaged around for my watercolor paints and brushes...packed up a few things, and out by 9am....chocolate crouisant and coffee at the foot of the Pier...very nice donut shop and inexpensive...when I reached the end of the Pier, oh,,,this is Newport Pier today!...fisherman was reeling in some small out the D10 quick...."no no no no pictures!" fisherman protested...I obliged, saying, "I just want the fish!" and he kindly set them across a couple buckets, and I took pic, thinking if things are slow, this might be all I get pic wise...haven't given it thought, but realized the regulars on the Pier are bedeviled by photogs and tourists with phone pics...railing crowded, but found a spot to looksee, and big school of anchovies or sardines below...further out Terns were diving, and near the Pier a Seal...see clip...Little Fish were everywhere....and two fishermen reeled in their lines....jigs they had, the little green feathers, and each had three or four fisherman's set was Mackerels...but second fisherman's was Bonito...see pic...the second fisherman  I recognized from last visit to Newport Pier...he had been on the Bus and 'first one there' that morning....he's very good, and reeled in two more sets while I was there...other fisherman were using same rigs, but kept getting Lizardfish and small Mackerel...much fun watching Seal chase Little Fish, and sometimes hooked Fish being reeled in, which was a concern...lots of lines out, lines getting tangled, one bystander getting hooked by rig...but a good time...content with the fisherman catching fish pic, I picked up...for another time the painting!...sunny bluemediterraneanblue and hot....arriving in late morning, many more beach goers about, and the shops open...looked for a beach chair, no luck, but back at home, I couldn't resist, and went to Big 5 and purchased an ocean pole with spinning reel, a crab net, a creel like I'd seen, fishing gloves, tackle box, croakies for my sunglasses, a folding chair-Big 5 emblazoned on it, and tent stakes to replace the ones missing for my big camping tent..there was more I wanted, but I need to slow down the impulse!'s fun to catch fish, and to take pics of fishermen catching fish!...the pole was a set that came with a small tackle box and some basic tackle, but that's what more I need most...that and some study on how to use the crab net...ever since I saw them being used at Crescent City, it's been a thought to have one and bring up critters to take pics of...these nets bring up a lot of different critters...I can take the pole and chair on the Bus, they're small enough for would be a bit much to gear up like the fisherman on the Bus...he has one of those walker combo chairs, and everything attached somehow..bucket pole tackle...and he's small, and fits in the Bus with everything!...happens a lot that folk try to get on bus with the fold up rolling shopping carts, and they block the aisle, and have to get off!...I could pile everything into Silver, and just drive to the Ocean, which I'll do, soon as I've finished this daily quest grind I've embarked on!...apparently when the sun comes up, and the day begins, the vagrants begin congregating at the Bus stops, and there is shouting, or shouters I'd shouter was at Harbor, another at Victoria, and the worst right at the little plaza at the Pier...these shouters are demented for sure, mind broken from substances...and they shout out terrible and scary things...the one at the pier was lugging a large suitcase on wheels, and scenes from bad movies came to mind...but I'm unfamiliar with these street level goings on, and a bit of a dilletante, insomuch I can just transport myself everywhere in Silver...I say this, because most everyone else takes  the shouters in stride, with aplomb...the shouting is like x rated Charlie was even using the 'loser' refrain...I overheard drivers talking and saying Los Angeles busses have become a kinda nightmare...werewolf movies came to mind too...the vagrants have no where to go except the public places and public transportation...most are okay...when I get panhandled, I shoo them away...I cant see that money is going to help...I don't know what manner of charity can lovely woman was a caregiver for her handicapped child on the bus...slow step by slow step she guided her daughter from the bus and along the sidewalk to their destination, both dressed very neatly modestly and decently...I pondered that word 'decently' 'decent''s like under attack everywhere by trolls and taggers and spammers...hmmph...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Geared up around 8am, and reached the end of Balboa Pier after another long wait at The Triangle for Bus Route 71..almost picked up thereabout, sitting in the sun, but the Bus came along...breakfast at Ruby' fisherman caught a small one else having any luck...paddled over to the Bay with the thought to look for fish poles in stores, and where one might fish on the Bay...took the Ferry across to the Island...enquired about a break down pole, pole in sections small enough to carry on bus..."yes, I have one for 300 dollars"...storekeep was having some fun with me, I think..."ah, that's a bit much..."...and paddled back outside, and walking about I found a public pier, and Egret thereabout intent on taking fisherman's bait...clip and pics...little pier has a fine view of the Pavilion, and thought is to join the thousands that have done a pleine air painting from thereabout...for fact, I've been wanting to take my watercolors along, but I'm too worn out when I've been getting home from the ridearounds that I haven't put the paint set together...Dog was at the end of the Balboa Pier...took note of the chair...with sun shade...looked into the half day fishing boats...fishermen with fish pic...sunny blueblue hot....on returning to where 71 arrives in the parking lot near the Pier, I sat waiting and reading in the shade of a tall palm....was contentedly reading when a commotion, a dust up between a pedestrian and a car that pulled into one of the bus parking spots, started was about the car going across the sidewalk crosswalk at the parking lot entrance without stopping...pedestrian had run after the car, and was swearing a blue driver was putting up a dogged defense...the two of them nose to nose through the half way rolled down went on awhile, no one nearby giving much heed...a large homeless gal, dressed in a yellow chiffon like dress, was stretched under her large umbrella on the bus waiting bench, an American flag flying from her loaded shopping cart, and her hands were waiving while she was swearing too at someone on her cell phone...and a family was standing quietly aside the curb waiting for the bus, unconcerned...I took the D10 camera out, and started the video, so to record the talking, just in case...and went back to reading my book!....I felt some sympathy, as it was just yesterday I woofed at cars not honoring crosswalk...but geez, the pedestrian was really going off...c'mon, ya want part of me!'...and he was a skinny sorta jogger...the car driver finally backed up and pulled away, under much duress...not just me, with my cameras, but everyone now with cell phones, has the ability to record misdeeds, with remarkable ease...and on ride home I was thinking maybe it would be good thing if a 911 like system for video and sound in real time was in could upload dustups and dangers immediately to watchful authorities...and while doing the blog pic uploads, John Walsh came on tv with a commercial for emergency cell phone...sighted the neighborhood Brown Squirrel nearing the house...first time since last sighting about a year ago!

Monday, July 21, 2014

San Clemente Pier

Arriving at the Pier, after the walk down the shop lined street from where one hops off Bus Route 1 on PCH, I took a pic when the Pier below first came into view...this pic I thought too far and too busy with trees...a bit further on, I took one more, the top pic up...ok pic, I thought...and continued...on return, on leaving the Pier, I went down stairs and through a short tunnel under railroad tracks (Amtrak service)...a Painting was overhead, second pic, and I thought to take a pic of the Painting...but didn't, but the Painting tugged at me, and on reaching the steps going back up, I turned around and went back and took's the same view as the pic I took!....San Clemente Pier is like the most upscale of Orange County's Piers...I can say that now having been to all of them, I think...Aliso is apparently gone...San Clemente is wooden like Seal Beach, and they're both similar in atmosphere...very well maintained...San Clemente has a little snack stand, and bathrooms, and is painted on the railings! a soso 'fisherman catching fish' pic when I reached Pier's end...most of the fishermen were nearer the surf line, and I went back and sat a long while, hoping to get a better 'fisherman's hands holding caught fish'...but these upscale sorta fishermen weren't catching anything...had a mystery novel along, and read, waiting, after putting on lots of sunscreen and floppy wide brimmed hat...I think the Ocean hereabout is changing seems to have more turquoise in it than I was really a wild tropical blue...and a blueblue warm day...and a very long day, it was a long multiple bus ride...tried to take the Train back but couldn't figure out the vending machine...once back on Bus Route 1, I continued reading the book...I've never been able to read in a moving car, but find I can now on a Bus...I can really bury my nose in a book, I think I still have the bookworm illustrated bookmarker friend gave me--a treasure, and being nearsighted I'm more comfortable reading without my glasses, which means when I look up, the world turns into an impressionist's painting, though too exact in a way to be completely so... but seeing my surroundings blurred, and my thoughts taken up with the mystery story, the environs of the busses, were gone! plump Mexican girl took the seat next to mine, and promptly fell asleep...maybe I'll manage that sometime!!... one needs something to escape with!...the bus drivers today had a hard time with the miscreants...I don't normally swear, but crossing street, cars turning right wouldn't give way when I had green, and  &#&%!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Long Beach Aquarium

diver feeding fish 

diver feeding fish


crafts at the Alamitos Marina Farmers' Market

yacht to daydream about while waiting for bus

roller coaster, I think

it's not the old Pike, but nice


catalina landing...boat rides to catalina

Queen Mary

riprap cat

Geared up around 6am...after sunup!...time to wait at first transfer and got Subway breakfast sandwich...thought to continue this time to Catalina Landing...and waited awhile at Alamitos Marina transfer fact, waited at a lot of transfers all day!...didn't return until like 4pm...walked about the Landing, and discovered the Aquarium...very a senior membership...cloudy morning then sunny blueblue...Long Beach has a lot to see, and took note of the electric car station that links to Los Angeles...for sometime...

moon beach

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Seal Beach Pier

Seal Beach Pier is really neat!...both figuratively and's all wood, very cool, and kept very clean...I wondered if a Disney like maintenance crew comes out and washes it overnight...and leading right up to the Pier is a narrow street full of nice shops and restaurants...very Disneyesque! shop just sells purple clothing and accessories!...on either side of the Pier are big wide beaches...and a bit to the North is the outlet of the San Gabriel River...a second Cement River!...I can't imagine surf gets ever very big here, but there were a lot of surfers, family groups, most with long boards, and looked to be having a good time, in contrast to the set jaws and posturing at Huntington!...the San Gabriel too has a Bike Trail that looks to go all the way to the foothills of Mt. Baldy, and at the start here is a Snack Shop, a gathering spot for drop handle bicyclists...saw lots of group club riders...
I had thought when I arrived on Bus Route 60 to get off at the Alamitos Marina, but stayed on board to see where it went, and got off near Long Beach State College, and walked from there to the Pier, about four miles...stopped at Ruby's for Breakfast!...alongside the Roads, new and strange to me, was a large vacant lot...Flower pic there, and sequence from bottom to top...fisherman is removing hook from small Ray, which he tossed back...Smack! when it hit the water, far below..."That was a bit harsh!" I said with a smile...some consternation, but Ray recovered and swam rained just when I reached the end of the River Bike Trail...not much, sprinkles, but brought a tear to my eye, thinking of the drought, and being worn out from walking!...and too the Bike Trail felt home-like being so much like the Santa Ana River Bike Trail...earlier, walking in strange neighborhoods, I felt a bit like on the moon...cloudy, lots of different clouds, cool, some sun and blue...I had thought to return on Route 1 and so, but at the Street with Shops, was a little park (Redcar), and Bus Route 42 waiting...42 took me all the way to Lincoln and Harbor, where I caught 43 to home...having thought of Disney, I got to pass the Kingdom with all the tourist hubbub!...a fine morning, back at 12:00 noon...pohono!...a craft fair is at Alamitos Marina every Sunday, beginning at 9...for tomorrowmorrow!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Belmont Pier

Geared up around 3:45 am and walked to 17th Street to catch the Route 60 Bus...thought was to go to Seal Beach Pier, but Bus took me to 2nd St. and PCH....this is the beginning of Long Beach...and curious to see what Alamitos Marina was like, I hopped off...Seal Beach Pier is about a mile and a half from hereabout, but I caught a Long Beach Bus, 171 I think, and thought to maybe go all the way to Catalina, via Catalina Landing!...for sometime...hopped off at Belmont Pier...too early for Breakfast inside at Jack in the Box, so walked out on the Pier...very different...Long Beach has a skyline, and seems more cityish...Queen Fish and Mackerel being caught in clip...returned, with Breakfast at Jack in the Box...Long Beach 171 to OCT Route 1, and 25 north on Goldenwest to 56 east on GG Blvd...simple morning!...back by 9:30 am!...there's another Ruby's at 2nd and PCH...for next time!...clear with half Moon above but some clouds turning to puff clouds as Sun came up, cool...

Deerslayer turned down another offer, and it's a puzzle too...(puzzles are for waiting at Bus Stops!!!)...Judith at the end of the story, proposes marriage to him...Deerslayer that the word?...brb...well, he is demure, and Judith an exotic beauty, so maybe Cooper just doesn't think they go together...there's a lot of discussion in the story of who goes together with who...and the character's discuss things a lot!...don't know but they could all sit around Charlie Rose's table and hold his attention with their intellectual chatter, which is out of keeping, maybe, though Indians could go into elaborate detail, I guess, with sophisticated rhetoric...thinking here of passages in George Washington's diaries, which may have been confabulated a bit, as one was captured by the French during the French Indian War, and published in France as propaganda against the British...there's a passage where an Indian Chief goes on about treaties and such...anyway, Cooper wrote for a time when folk read aloud to one another, and book stories that were drawn out likely fit the niche that soap operas do now-a-days...Cooper may have thought to continue the relationship between Deerslayer and Judith, but this was his last book, and it was a prequel to the previous Deerslayer books, which at the time had a kinda Star Wars can see a bit of Deerslayer in Luke, and Hurry Harry in Han Solo!!!...Deerslayer is the prototype of the Western/Adventure Hero...

“Judith:"And where, then, is your sweetheart, Deerslayer?"

Deerslayer: "She's in the forest, Judith - hanging from the boughs of the trees, in a soft rain - in the dew on the open grass - the clouds that float about in the blue heavens - the birds that sing in the woods - the sweet springs where I slake my thirst - and in all the other glorious gifts that come from God's Providence!”
James Fenimore Cooper, The Deerslayer