Thursday, September 21, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:9/21/17

Open To Interpretation


To play the game
You needed to become
A game piece
A toon
A lovely visual fantasy
Of all your favorite vanities
Tailored clothed
Tailored unclothed
Tailored dance
To your own musicology
Of everything you fancy
Beyond your biology.

Oh, you come away
Still in costume
To walk a sidewalk mile
And make me smile
To see you determined
To make the buildings
Lean and sway
The automobiles
Become saddled fast toon turtles
In a carnival's ride traffic jam whirl.

Oh, that long stare you give me
Like a pursed lip kiss
On some poor cursed frog,
Reminding me how plainly I'm me.

You model your magic for us to draw from,
And we haven't your wand, just what we came with.
Notes: rolled over Tuesday evening to The Gypsy Den...this after sitting a bit at Magnolia Street Beach doing up my daily plein air for the hashtag stradaeasel contest...last few have been just black and white...Russell, the Western painter, painted and drew in black and white for years...charcoal on newsprint drawing is my favorite...and surprisingly, after resorting to black and white because of the frustrations of manipulating acrylic paint, I find that it has many of the properties of drawing with charcoal on newsprint...anyway, at the Den readout 'Salem' and 'Heart'...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:9/19/17

Open To Interpretation
Big Show
Oh, a grim fate,
To be called up from the throng
To dance awhile on stage with you
To snorts and guffaws,
And then the worst--
Kind applause
As I'm mosh pit style
Thrown back to the throng.
A show remembered,
A show forgotten.
I stand at the dock
Watching your Black Ship
Sail off to another Town,
Mine never to be the same.
Such are Pirate raids.
And you would've thought
So many hands
Wouldn't drop a pop fly.

Parmesan cheese on black spaghetti:
Her profanities flavor her tirade--
Purse in one hand, phone in the other.
Sunglasses cover both their eyes--
But she's standing,
And he's down leaned up
Against an abandoned store wall,
Oblivious as a homeless napping.
But on the cement
Their travel luggage--long handles,
Tiny wheels.
Car Radio on, I'm waiting for
The laundry drying done,
So don't quite hear her what about,
My eavesdropping this time
Taken aback--
I talk too much.
But geezus,
What a bitch,
What a bastard.

Black stretch pants,
Short short sleeves
Grey T,
Grey T for him too
Of the slender hips
And dark jeans.
They walk out.
The guitarists'
Open mic nite done.
The host plays one last tune
And I'm out the door too
While the applause tapers...
I want to tell them,
"Maybe you could pose for a photo,
Seeing you look like models.
Here, sit cross legged
Indian style,
On this wide round flower planter's
Colorful tile bench,
Pow wow face to face.
Rest the very top of your
Foreheads one to another,
And pretend in each of your hands
Music manuscripts,
The top edges just touching.
Seen side on you should make then
An upsidedown silhouette heart."
Oh, I haven't my cameras,
And you are strangers too far ahead,
One with her curving meander,
One with his straight and narrow,
Some how making Town's
Night streets a dance floor
For twenty somethings.
Notes: rolled over to Gypsy Den thinking it was OCPC's nite, but no, open mic nite for the guitarists...half a tuna melt with adobe stew...was going  to take home some of the stew, very good, but forgot it and hurried out...the lovely couple looked familiar, but no, someone else, though still familiar somehow...I could have had a viral clip at the laundry mat...she just went on and on in the hot sun looking on on his indifference...Big Show in baseball parlance refers to the major leagues...more than a few untold forgottens bounce up from the minors and bounce right back down, but happily pixie dusted...


Sunday, September 17, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:9/17/17

Open To Interpretation


"Once a second comes in
For a first,
A third must follow,
A second of the second,
And a fourth follows the third,
A second of the second of the second,
And then a fifth follows the fourth,
A second of the second of the second of the second.
This sequence of five begins over in the event of a tie."
Said Nemo.
"Worms in their burrows,"
Said Petra,
"What are you babbling about, Nemo?"
"Citing the rule book."
Said Nemo.
"The sun behind a cloud,"
Said Petra,
"Orpheus is done then."
"Just so," said Nemo.
"Unless there is a tie.
Then he would come to stage
In the third inning of the second innings."
"We're ahead 4 to 2,"
Said Dana,
"If we win the fourth inning it will be 6 to 2. 
We will be assured a tie
Even if the Hexagons win inning 5,
And their home advantage inning 6.
"True."  Said Nemo.
"The ledge's edge, "
Said Petra,
"Are the innings after a tie, sudden death?
Whoever wins an inning wins?"
"They're something," said Nemo,
"But not sudden.
In the event of a tie, the innings don't end. 
Score is kept, but no one wins, and no one loses."
"What use a round arrow?"
Said Petra,
"And I suppose I remain Judge."
"The whole purpose of the contest,"
Said Nemo, taking a deep breath,
"Is to arrive at a tie.
Then the poets have a nursery,
A back and forth between
Tried and true
Pentagon and Hexagon champions
Making poems
Nurtured by a truer than true Judge."
"Hands on hips!"
Said Petra
"How long has Blue Sky been champion?"
"Since the trade, since you last saw him."
Said Nemo.
"All that while a tie?"
Petra asked.
"No," said Nemo, "he has defeated
All the Pentagon's challengers.
There have been no ties
Over all that long time."
Petra looked across the theater,
Seeing Blue Sky prepared, standing,
Ready to take the stage.
"We will defeat the Hexagons."
Said Petra,
"We have poets.
Poe will be next.
Then, Black Dragon Pet."
At this, Nemo's eyebrows rose.
"What else happens, Nemo,"
Petra continued,
"Besides our being able to go home,
If we win?"
"Blue Sky is ours, his life to do with as we will."
Said Nemo.
"And our champions free too?"
Asked Petra.
"Normally, no," said Nemo,
"But I've arranged a trade for such a contingency,
And William and his players have agreed to it. 
The Pentagons are eager to have him. 
In fact,
The Hexagons are delirious at the prospect--
I've brought them Euripides. 
They've had quite enough of Blue Sky."
"Gordian's knot re-knotted!"
Said Petra.
"And who was the sorry fool
Truer than true Judge all this long while?"
Nemo looked down, said,
"Just so," said Petra.
"And how so not so now...?"
Said Nemo,
"Judges are free to stand down
The contest at their whim."
"But you said..."
Said Petra,
"Deus machina!
Never mind."
Petra went to the stage,
Took her seat,
"The contest is over!"
And ran to Blue Sky,
Hugged him and said,
"You're with us,
We have a Town."
Nemo laughed to see,
And gathered the crew
Aboard BlackSpace Ship Wonder,
Homeward bound,
Minus Euripides,
William and his players,
And too Nemo for a bit
While he presided over
A Hexagons Pentagons contest
Sure to begin in a tie.


Note: Nemo had snagged William Shakespeare and his players from Indie Ship Red Dragon off the shores of Sierra Leone...Verne brought along Euripides aboard the Nautilus awhile back...ral...




Thursday, September 14, 2017

OTI:Ten poems and notes:9/14/17

Open To Interpretation


Dana was feeling a bit flimsy,
Fidgeting with the performance mask
Held in his lowered hands.
"Here," said Ishmael,
"Give the mask to me,
I'll have a go...
Poems are just funny sorta harpoons."


There were Black Dragons all over the sky,
You no where to be found, answer our calls,
Dulcinea, Lenore, looking low and high
Over our embattled Black Ship's red brawls.

To Nevermore and Volcano Never
We sailed, found you astride your new Pet,
Black Dragon Ametrine.  Petra to her,
Your new names changeless changing ever net.

Then Pet returned one day wounded full sore
Brought down by harpoon wheeling clumsy Greeks.
Without solace we stood as one before
The Land Of Nevermore when no one speaks.

From Dragon Pet, you fell to the Ocean.
We flew, sailed, seeking without notion.


Petra sat in her high backed judge's seat,
Thought long, and said,
"'Did I Doubt?", I score a six.
'Petra', I score a six.

After Two

"So," Nemo announced,
"After two innings,
The score is tied.
Hexagons 2,
Pentagons 2."

Petra rejoined her crew.
"What the hell?" asked Ishmael.
"'Petra' had but one line of merit."
Said Petra.
"And what of mine?" asked Dana,
"Did you score it true?"
"I was taken,
It stands as it stands."
Said Petra,
"I had no notion of the rules."
"Just so,"
Said Nemo,
"The Hexagons discerned, and have a card to play, arguably,
If a cheat can be construed as naivety."
"What to do?"
"They have a poet!"
Said Dana.
"Send Orpheus into the list."
Said Jason.
"Just so." said Ariadne.

 Inning Three

Songsingingbird, you made the Dragons fold their wings,
Nightingale, leave off from all they had stolen,
Troubadour, only to find you and I sold things,
Serenader, traded away from now to then,
Roundalay, and so forever no Town nothings.
Destiny, these poets' chains my untold reignings.

Orpheus could manage some corporeality, and carried the performance mask with him up onto the stage.  But when he put it to his face, it fell through him down to the floor.  The seated Hexagons turned pale.  Their spokesman protested.
"A champion is a champion,
Alive or dead."
Said Blue Sky,
"Let him continue."
The spokesman thought long,
And took his seat.


Incorporeal my lyre can sing
And brought  'round the dead, stopped from shuffling.
To Hades dismay, his pet underling,
Cerberus, thrice barking too joined my ring,

Howled the chorus shaking Hell's ceiling.
Fallen leaves shook, beside the Styx rustling,
Waves and waves rocked the ferryman's boating;
Hades shocked no new forlorn arriving.

"A funny kind of lyric you're singing
To make my macabres slow dirge waltzing
Stop.  Take your girl without backward glancing,
Join blue sky, leave fated to their reeling."

Who's to say among the Worlds' glancings
Mine was the one to return Hell's dancings?


Petra judged
Blue Sky five
Orpheus five.

The Hexagon spokesman rose up in protest,
""Stop' has too many lines."
He said.
"Leave it be," said Blue Sky,
"Least Orpheus whistle up Cerberus."
And at that the Hexagon spokesman sat.

Inning Three

"Inning three:
Hexagons 2
Pentagons 4."
Said Nemo.


Notes:...rolled out Tuesday to OCPC at Gypsy Den and read out 'Turtle Island'...proofs of Elizabethans came in mail from I had that, my own chap book, to read my poem from...can't begin to say what a roundabout circuitous way it has been to arrive straight up with my own self published book in hand...



Sunday, September 10, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:9/10/17

Open To Interpretation
Bounding Main
from Black Dragon Lore...
BlackSpace Ships are the masters of up and down.  Falling down is well understood, and defines 'understood' when one takes a fall.  Not so well understood is how BlackSpace Ships go up, 'fall up' as it were. 
Passenger reports, and passenger reports are few, report that one experiences a 180--up can be down and down can be up. 
And then there is the 'skew'.  Pressed between up and down, like an orange seed between two fingers, a BlackSpace Ship can squirt forward, or backwards, or any direction, like a sailboat can tack into the wind, or run before it. 

BlackSpace Ships spend their time parked above the Earth above Earth's air.  They like the sunlight there, and the view. 
And some think they communicate with other BlackSpace Ships around other Earths around other Suns.  And they await the occurrence of festivals.  And when one is occurring they favor, BlackSpace Ships 'jump' to the Moon.  Every Earth has a Moon, or Moons.  And from their Earth's Moon, from on it, or from inside it, no one has been able to ascertain, BlackSpace Ships jump to another Star's Earth's Moon to that other Earth and the Earthbound festival they seek. 
And there one is, from near here to far there, as easily as falling down, or up, as it were.
This manner of things was reported by the Petra Expedition to the Poets' Worlds' Festival, and the contest between the Pentagons and the Hexagons.
Notes: reference song, 'Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main...' ...ral...

Saturday, September 9, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:9/9/17

Open To Interpretation

The Hexagon's champion,
Wearing the performance mask,
Stood alone on the stage,
And read out his second poem.

Did I Doubt?

Harbinger, did I doubt, hesitate, turn turtle,
Prophecy, a moment indecisive slack sailed,
Foreshadow, back away apprehensive, churl,
Augurer, weak kneed deliberate turn tailed?
Destiny, remained I beside you steadfastly,
Providence, all this long time inconsolably.


Among the semicircle terraced stone benches,
One central seat had a backrest,
Reserved for the contest judge.
There Petra sat, listening,
And at the Hexagon's champion's poem's end,
Lowered her face into her hands and wept. 
Inconsolable, as it were,
She got up and went to be with her crew.
"What's amiss?"
Asked Ishmael.
"He knows my names, and I know him."
Said Petra.
She looked to Black Dragon Onyx.
She asked Onyx,
Onyx looked long at Nemo.
"An old trade."
Said Nemo.
Dana stood before Petra,
Holding the performance mask.
"Who is he?"
Asked Dana.
Petra turned away from Nemo and Onyx.
"When we were together,"
Said Petra,
"The Black Dragons raided our Town,
Treasure seeking.
Our Town Seer foretold that
If my friend and I sang to the Dragons,
They would leave off.
The Dragons listened
The Dragons favored.
We were taken to live
In the Northern Reach.
I was to be the
Northern Black Dragon's Queen.
"And your friend?"
Asked Ishmael.
"He was taken elsewhere,
I never knew."
Said Petra.
"A game we played with names,
Giving one another titles and such.
His favorite name for me was Destiny.
My favorite for him was Blue Sky.
Blue Sky is the Hexagon's champion.
I didn't recognize him,
Masked as he is when he performs.
Last we were together was
When we sang to the Dragons.
We were afraid, but learned
Black Dragons aren't scary,
Just clumsy in their pursuit of treasures."
Petra tuned to look at
Black Dragon Onyx.
"What can I say, Dulcinea?"
Onyx said.
"You've known all along."
Said Petra.
"For some forgotten bauble
We traded Blue Sky to Nemo."
Said Onyx.
"The poets needed a poet,"
Said Nemo,
"A thing difficult to explain.
The poets sent scouts
Far and wide to find one.
One of their scouts heard you
And Blue Sky sing
To the Black Dragons.
I was the poet's agent,
And arranged the trade with
The Black Dragons.
Petra looked long at Nemo.
"Are you a poet?"
Nemo looked down.
"You were the scout."
Said Petra.
"Just so." said Nemo.
"Have you brought me here
To lose me here?"
Asked Petra.
Nemo looked down,
"What I am I am,
Where you will be
You will be."
Said Nemo.


Notes: rolled over to Huntington State Beach for day eight of hashtag stradaeasel plein air contest...tried to depict sun rays coming through clouds on to the ocean...for a moment there was like a perfect and very distinct cone..too slow with camera...and too clumsy with the acrylic paints...




Thursday, September 7, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:9/7/17

Open To Interpretation

Six for Sixes, Five for Fives

"For poem 'Second Birth', I judge a five."
Said Petra,
Looking confident,
Like she had gotten the hang of the contest rules.
Nemo whispered,
"There are only two scores you can give, Five and Six."
"Swallow a worm and choke,"
Said Petra,
"How so?"
"Hexagon poems,"
Said Nemo,
"Can only be awarded a Six.
Pentagon poems can only be awarded a Five.
If you award a Hexagon poem a Five,
It is dismissed, it is dross.
If you award a Six, it is kept, and counts for one score.
And it is likewise for the Pentagon's poems;
A Six score and the poem is a loss, a Five is success."
"Caterpillars upside down,"
Said Petra,
"Poets are a sorry lot.
Whereby these rules?"
"These rules are rules,
Without birth or death."
Said Nemo.
"I thought both poems Fives,"
Said Petra,
"The contest tied."
"Not so,"
Said Nemo,
"The Pentagons are two up.
A poem lost is a score for the opposite side."
"The candle is out,"
Said Petra,
"Where are we?"
"Top of the second inning,"
Said Nemo.
"Hexagons zero,
Pentagons two."


Notes: rolled out to Huntington State Beach...and just that quick the current changed a little, surf flat...and the water cool!...only got my feet wet cleaning brushes and getting buckets of water...thought to swim, but hadn't eaten all day except for a bagel...and the water was cool!...anyway, did up the plein air day 7 hashtag stradaeasel contest post to facebook...I bought a collapsible water the army surplus store...had to laugh walking a little over the, so, maybe tomorrow I load everything into a day pack, peddle my bike to the bus...and off to who knows where for the day!