Monday, May 2, 2016

OTI: one poem: See Me

Open to Interpretation

See Me

Oh, I cast about desperate
In my wardrobe of stories
What happened then,
What happened there,
Something flattering to me to share
And so avoid your glare.
It's hopeless,
The whole history of the earth
Can sit closed on a bookshelf
And not shadow a single new day.
So, I put on my t-shirt, long sleeves,
Levis, Hanes, half ankles, soccer shoes,
Valley hat, and goggles
Just to see you
See me.
And what do you do?
Nothing at all,
Just nothing at all!


OTI: Seven Poems and Notes 4/2/16

Sunday, May 1, 2016

OTI: Four Poems and Notes 4/30/16

Open To Interpretation


Deep voiced
Black suited
Neck tied
Knock on my door.
Thinking some worry
Think to shout out
Go away,
But elevate to be polite.
Enough blood refreshed my brain
To note their black books
And salesmen entry.
Interrupt "no" I say
And wave them away.
A lost sort,
I imagine they think,
Or impertinent;
Either way not worth delay
To spread fire and brimstone.
I have no hell,
They could tell.
I wish them well
In theirs.

One Beer

It's not that I can't drink
Profusely, boisterously,
I can,
But pass the crowds beyond the windows,
The hubbub sounds from the open doorways.
It's a culture
All consuming
I never fit.
Now and then
I have a beer
In deference,
One enough to get quietly lit.

First Mate

First mate
Among the lonely I rate.
Late, at your command,
Pirates stand.
I bring them to muster,
A shy cluster.
They blush and redden
At your attention.

China Sailors

Your black decked ship
With the neon sails
Could some night tie up
At the Village's boat docks.
I hadn't thought.
One doesn't
When at Sea.
For the crew,
No shore leave,


Notes:  I don't know what to think, things are just going to pieces...I'm sitting in Silver my Jeep, listening to morning sports talk radio while parked in the driveway...the mail box flag up, my smog successful  car registration payment waiting to send inside...and the post man just walks by...I roll the window down, 'hey', I say,one house down...'HEY WAIT' two houses down...hmmph...I chase after, envelope in hand...'You just walked by!'...he's even slow to turn around...'Oh, my bad'...wish I had a job where you just walk around!...and the day before in the mail, I get a letter from the Democratic Party...been a democrat all my life...not a peep...apparently all the republican quacking has moved them...and, no, I wont donate...they've all made my vote into a 'price is right' choice...and, now, three times now...Anaheim, Anaheim, Costa Town, of all the Towns, has gone blood red eyed nuts over all the quacking!...I just, well, I just write poems...



Thursday, April 28, 2016

OTI: Ten Poems and Notes 4/28/16

Open To Interpretation


OTI: Five Poems and Notes 4/27/16

Open to Interpretation


so, so,
you have your book
and I have mine
no ordinary ones these
their ours
setting side by side
closed, un introduced...
open yours!


some visit this
from far away you arrive
and we have shortened time
and lack prolonging funds
so, a crime to commit,
love in spite of all of it.


my artists classes served me well
all about you, you can tell,
reaching for your toes, where I've yet to dwell.


I'm flattered,
Your sibling flirted,
Maybe jealous
I'd slip in meeting
And forget her name too.
So, so, she asked and asked,
'Do you remember my name?'
'I'm not good with names at first, but let me think...'
Oh, it's weak, I weakness, I told you,
Apologetic, I recall
While sibling fixes me, tells me hers,
As I'm thinking yours...


It's ignoble I know
To be so selfish
With so many wanting
But we are just
One selective pair.


Notes:  The little poems aren't Skeltonics, or Doggerel, or, I don't know what, they're what I thought, fashioned somehow...'tumbling verse' might fit...
Skelton's verse are thought that, tumbling...and too a model for modern rap...once I was between rides, sitting by roadside in Ventura, hitchhiking, and began doing sing song verses, like Skelton's, this long before I learned of his works, this like '70 or so, and had the thought...'that sort of stuff could be popular''s take has it that Skelton wrote that way to be irreverent to the poetic orthodoxy of his time...every age has such...I have reservations about rap's profanities, but have always admired that it is a hark back to a time when poets extemporized, and indeed had rap like competitions...

I googled 'OTI acronym', thinking I might have filched someone's title...but nothing much out there...just ZunZuneo...gotta give 'm credit...that's a neat name for a twitter effort!



Monday, April 25, 2016

OTI: Five Poems with Notes

Open To Interpretation


Poke 'Like'
No, I mean,
Poke me like a fool asleep
When I have my self musings,
When my selfish words chase my tales,
Remind me to pay attention
With all you know I have, humbly...
"I understand." you say,
You, I,
The moment noted

Flowers and Humans

If I could speak to a rose
And flowers could listen
Would there be a trace of insincerity?
Your beauty bespeaks the rose,
My words hesitant, nervous,

Not Far

Under stress
My brain is frazzle slush
I'll go a very long way the wrong way
Before I re crystallize
And confront your bewildered look,
"Where were you going?"
No where ever far from you.


How strong am I?
Oh, I dunno,
Enough to wend this age
At any rate
And not become
An idiot.

The Dream Camera

I speculated there could be such
For real
And unsuspected to see such
In my dream
I reached for my pale blue camera
Resting on the concrete highway
Restraining walls
Between fleeing cars
Collided and stuck
I nearly was under rubble
I clambered through fallen things
To the roadway here
Let me show you
My dream camera's video can show
Project on a wall
All I saw that happened
A crowd fleeing from a wide entry
I thought looked ancient Egyptian...
My dream memory erased,
But the pale blue camera,
The dream camera 
Still there
Somewhere in the rubble...


Notes: Somewhere, I have the old list (I've noted this before) of all the rules I use when I write poems...and as recalled, I posted them one by one each
Sunday for a good long while to old GEnie online...those weren't my first posts to GEnie, but they were the first concerted effort of mine to what has come to be known as 'blogging' being an activity, a 'verb'!...insomuch as that was back in '86-7 about, I was early on...:)...for sometime, I'll dig it out...I have it printed out on dot matrix paper!, everyone is on, and Poke, 'Like', an allusion easily followed!...for things to work in a poem, a common language is essential...Shakespeare's immortal sonnet goes nowhere in China if un translated...and even hereabout, a few notes help...

Keat's only lived to twenty five, and was absolutely desperate for immortality of the poetic kind...maybe that's a fourth kind!...anyway, not so desperate, one can arrive at the fourth Wednesday wait, and continue at a leisurely to Denny's for snack...iphone notepad in hand...I like the one finger typing...



Saturday, April 23, 2016

OTI: Six Poems with Notes

Open To Interpretation


Forty five minutes out
And we are almost weightless,
And really precarious...
The pursuit can catch us with their tons!


Oh, that expressive I cannot be,
And must disappoint quietly
Looking proverbially still as the mouse,
But consider,
Hawk perched atop my house.

My Dog Maya's Poem

Bark at the moon
Bark at the sun
Bark at vagrants on the run
Bark at the sirens
Bark at rumbling war
Bark at the fireworks
Blooming in air
Boom boom boom
Bark bark bark

An Alliance

Yes!  An alliance
Dangerous as can be,
As surely they want to hang me,
And thee!


What hast thou to do
Between those college classes at your school?
Lie on the green lawn in some stretching pose,
A languid yawn,
An unhurried red rose?

White Rose

White Egret over the Old Shingle Roof,
Over the Neighbors', over Town,
Flying, gliding, into the wind
And a steel sky evening.

Notes: The last one of course was to be titled White Egret, but not paying attention, I wrote out White Rose...and, that's good!...not so good is Red Rose in the previous, but that one needed some color, so 'green' and 'red', and that one was all about just using the word 'thou'...I needed a rhyme in An Alliance...and 'thee' was just like hanging there, so used it...these small poems are for fun...and using 'thee' got me thinking about the no longer used words like 'thee' and 'thou', so tried out 'thou' in Between...

Thee and thou all gone,
An entire table setting
Put away in a dark cabinet
And forgotten...

A table setting very useful for rhymed poems, I'd say!

OTI is for Open to Interpretation, the general heading for these little poems to appear in the blog under...on the cinder block wall in the backyard is a graffiti, NAR, which I have no idea of its was likely spray painted on when my tenant's kid was growing up...I cast about the web to see if it was a gang tag...but couldn't find anything...then I cast about with my imagination, and came up with No Apparent Reason...which would be a really good gang tag!...not that dreaming up such things is a good thing!...fortunate I was several generations removed from that fad, kids spray painting walls...then again, about Town, be on the look out for OTI!!!