Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The fisherwoman was attracting the attention of the fishermen!...with each multiple Sardine catch on her SABIKI rig, her smile was getting bigger...she had the right spot, and the right knack, and an elegant way of dropping line in the water, working the jig, and unhooking Sardines dropped one after another in the small plastic shopping bag...I didn't get much of a pic, or clip, in fact, I took the pic because of the two photogs looking at their 'catch'...comically, both had come around from opposite sides of Pier's End, met in the middle, took a pic, and then leaned in close to one another, head to head to look at the pic...pic up is a bit late for the head to head...on return, photog, with expensive camera on tripod, was taking sunset selfies, over and over!, and we smiled to one another as I walked by...photogs are a kinda self possessed bunch!...'need the Labor Day Sunset', was the thought rolling out to Balboa yesterday...end of Summer sort of sentiment...though without Winter anymore, Summer hasn't been ending, kinda like the tropics now, or the Sahara...hmmph...cheeseburger and fries at Ruby's while I sat at an outside table and watched the Fishermen...maybe it should be Fisherfolk, to be inclusive...clear warm light breeze...today, rolled over to Auto Club for insurance payment, and on the way, while stopped for stoplight at edinger, two of the remembered bus passengers were in the crosswalk...the lady and her handicapped child, neatly clad, slowly on their way with much care...

Monday, September 1, 2014


Here's link to clip at youtube:


..there one can see it full width, and open it to full screen, which one could do here if not for the column of things on the right covering it up!...hmmph...


Rolled out way too late...Sun was almost down when I'd only reached GG Blvd. and 39 on the way to Sports Authority to get some swim fins...and too late there too, store closing...thought to just see a movie, but the Beach beckoned, and rolled to Balboa...parked, and walked to look for place to snack by the Bay, and in passing the beach gear shop opposite the one where I got the Boogie Board, took note it had bodyboards also, and too that it looked expensive...and was!...flippers and swimsuit purchase...time was bodysurfers preferred Duck Feet and Churchill swim fins, and still do, as I see them in stores, and on feet!, but these flippers I got are new to me...'lifeguards use them' cashier informed me...says it on the box too...Da Fin!...:)...hope not to give lifeguards cause to use them!...daydream is to swim out and take surf pics with the D10 and D20...daydreamed too passing the Balboa Gallery nearby where I snacked by the Ferry Landing...nice pics...clear warm light breeze..looped the Pier before return...quiet...but lots of fishermen, many with their whole families along...oh...and too I can take pics looking back at the shore...Laguna is very photogenic seen from off shore....and eventually some snorkeling pics and clips...up all night trying to upload more Wedge clips...brb...youtube says it's processing...but I think it didn't make it...worked with the clips in windows movie maker...took a long time just to render them all together into one movie 35 minutes long, and almost 8 gig...that's way too big I think to upload to youtube, though I see long movies with good resolution that long there...so I chose iphone level resolution to render another movie (lost the first one at high--it stuck at 99 per cent and I closed it trying to get it going again... it was doing something, as the iphone render stopped at 99 too, and I almost lost it fiddling!)...while it was uploading to youtube, I went to sleep...when one wakes up after sleeping during an upload, there's an anxiety to see if clip made it up!...it hadn't, only 63 percent, but it was still going, so I fussed around the room cleaning, and it got to 75 percent, and then I bumped a plug connection, and computer went off, and modem...hmmph...but youtube does an ongoing draft save, so it really might be there...have to wait...once clip is in process my end of things is over, and I can turn off the computer, or leave page...brb...nope, not yet!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

San Clemente Surf

Rolled out early, and all the way to San Onofre...I wanted to see how much it costs to camp there at the State Park...35 dollars a night...and to see if my day use senior discount annual pass is good there after Labor Day (it is it seems)...Rangers didn't know, and would check, but I said I would on the web...rolled back to San Clemente Pier...parked around 4pm and paid up to 11pm, which I think I didn't need to do, as sign seemed to indicate parking was free after 5pm...this in the big lots overlooking the Pier...hungry, so went to the Pier restaurants...prices high...more a dining out place...fish chowder, bread, and coffee, like fifteen bucks...but very nice restaurant, and crowded in evening...thought to fish, but got to fiddling with the 70-300 DO lens...it's really broken now...the extending part is just wobbling loose, and auto focus can't work at all...and I was really surprised I could manually focus it by aligning it while it rests on my forefinger, and focusing it by turning the ring with my thumb and second finger...time was before auto focus, this must be how photogs managed these long lenses...it still works, but sometime shutter doesn't go off, and sometimes, if it dips, or moves, the extension I mean, it goes out of focus...hmmph...found a repairman in San Clemente in last visit, and they're about on Mondays...this Monday holiday, so following one, I'll see about repairs...and I sat on the Pier taking surfer pictures with the lens until sunset...practicing...surf was like a foot...what a difference!...you know, I thought from times when I saw the Wedge years ago, that I had seen it big...but I've never seen it like it was on Wednesday morning...reviewed my clips this afternoon, and there are some okay ones, and it'll be a lot of work to process them for posting...for sometime...Sunset came, and I switched to the D10, which took pics up...clear warm light breeze...on the way back, bumper to bumper through Laguna, and pretty much all along the coast...listened to Angels and Padres...both won...Laguna has a thriving upscale nightlife...sidewalks full, restaurants crowded, lots of shops still open...very festive!...San Clemente is the furthest south Orange County Town, and I think the most peaceful...south of it, the nuclear power plant and the marine base have preserved the coastline from development all the way down to Oceanside...thanks to President Nixon for the State Park!


Created in 1971 by Richard M. Nixon’s presidential decree and supported by then-California Governor Ronald Reagan, San Onofre State Beach is among the top five most visited State Parks in California, with annual attendance exceeding 2 million.



Saturday, August 30, 2014

River Jetty and Newport Pier

During the rideabouts on the Busses, I wanted to include visits to the Santa Ana River Jetty, but skipped them because they were problematic--no rest rooms, no places to eat. Those two things, especially the first, influence where about photogs gather!...anyway, parked Silver in the neighborhood near the Jetty (there are metered lots here, I learned, on the ocean side of PCH), and peddled over to the River, and as far as Talbert Nature Reserve...quietquiet...Osprey nest very empty...faraway Reddish Heron pic, I think--haven't downloaded 50x pics yet...a kinda desultory effort along the River..wanted to get over to the Pier for sunset...turned about, and was a bit late...got a Pier and Moon pic...haven't taken a Moon pic in awhile!...purchased a bike light for the the peddle back in the dark at the beach gear shop...and while snacking on hot dog and lemonade, puzzled out how to attach it ...nice light, and on peddle back, I was one of the few safely lighted...dodged more than a few who weren't on the sidewalk section, and saw a few near collisions...joined the Pier Promenade before return...Mackerel, buckets full at Pier's End...Newport Pier is short...didn't realize before, but can compare now...and the environs beach funky...an attraction for the young, and a nuisance to the residents further down the Peninsula, I gather, from overheared conversations!...I overhear a lot of conversations!--everyone on their cell phones...clear warm light breeze...breeze was a chore riding back into it on the River Trail...a long peddle, and another 'glad to find Silver' in a dark strange neighborhood...oh...the second pic down is PCH bridge...had to crouch down and walk the bike under it to get to the ocean side and beach...now and then, I find myself in the odd nooks and crannies of  Town!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Fish Fisherman

Kid fishing on the Balboa Pier was wonderfully happy, swinging his catch over the railing, resting the line and fish on the Pier deck, and saying to his mom, "I caught a fish! I caught a fish!"...I smiled, and asked if I could take a pic of the fish, and the kid grinned, "SURE!"...camera flashed, and I said "Thanks"... kid answered, "SURE! THANK YOU!"...and as I continued, kid's mom smiled, and said kindly "thank you"...

Yesterday evenning, rolled out to Balboa with a purchase in mind...achievement reward loot for the Wedge effort, I'd say!...beach gear store by the foot of the Pier still open, and I went in and browsed the Boogie Boards...one with Dolphins illustration I picked, and stored it in Silver's loot box...paddled out to Pier's End...Sunset pics on the way...surf was still big, like during the first cyclone...snacked on chicken wings, Pier still swaying when swells came through, and, with hot chocolate, joined the Promenade making the return loop...clear warm light breeze...so clear one could see the Big Orange Ball setting to the very very last crescent...

Wedge Wednesday Morning 643 pics

Well, I got the 643 up...and one last snag...here in the blog...it's okay over in youtube, but here in the blog, the clip is too wide, and the 'open to full screen' button is hidden...there's probably a keystroke for that...

there's no soundtrack, but as it happened, by shortening the duration to 2 seconds, and the rhythmic transitions, it has its own metronome beat, and goes well with one song I sing to myself often: Trojans in My Head by Atlas Genius...one can make one's own playlist...open a second youtube window and set some songs playing, and then open the clip on the first youtube page...or just put your ipod or mp3 player on...

clip can be found on youtube here:


...best seen full screen on a big lcd tv screen!...much fun!