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OTI:one pic, one poem, notes:11/17/17

Open To Interpretation

Furnace Canyon

Racing White Whales
Know the route
Quickest up the Pinnacle
But hesitate at the Furnace Canyon
Unless hurried on by their crews.
Thereabout, Petra's
White Whale pulled up short...
"Scootch over!" she said to Cerulean.
"I'll take the reins. 
Our Whale is thinking for itself!"
'Forward!' thought Petra,
But the Whale still paused...
"GO!!!" she shouted aloud.
"It's getting warm!" said Cerulean.
"We're all going to broil!" said Petra,
"If our Whale doesn't hurry along."


Notes: puzzling over the Pinnacle Race at the laundry mat...late Saturday night...have kept on watching amazon HBO channel movieTheWire...I mouse clic skip past a's more than a bit me nightmares...highly un recommended!...but the scripting and dialog is fascinating...plots are the same old things...but the actors doing their characters do very well...there's something to be said to give over a whole year/season to just one story...and then intertwine it into the following ones...epic...



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OTI:one pic, notes:11/15/17

Notes: rolled out to Huntington State Beach in the early afternoon with the thought to peddle over to the Cement River and check the Osprey tires low on air, so walked...the nest is still there, sorta...hard to tell if it is in use...bumped my head going under Highway One...a desultory walk what with all the traffic noise, and scattered overcast, the Sun low even around three...avoided the head bump hazard on the way back...heard Kingfisher laughing, and sighted faraway flying over the pond in the South East area there...and stopped at the Market by the traffic light, and over the road crosswalk...serves food, sandwiches and such...very nice...grilled cheese and cranberry grape drink...a wonder if anyone makes bike tire tubes, or basketballs, that don't go flat after a few days...should have had a pump was up a bit, and kids, boards under arm, trotting out...this at the River...



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OTI:one pic, notes:11/14/17

Notes: hmmph...Puffins have Jennifer Lawrence cheeks...and I didn't get the roundness right...a quick ink...came home late from movieMurderOnTheOrientExpress...the scenics were wonderful to begin...then the train gets stuck in one place...still, a good movie...and in dialog so entirely different from the HBO series, TheWire, which I stayed up all last night watching and finished season one...that's the trouble when these series become available all in one batch!...contemplating daring to begin season two...oh, after awhile, I entirely forget how mysteries I have this kind of ground hog day read/view of old movies...why was Poirot laughing while reading a Tale of Two Cities?...brb...can't find it...but diverted reading the reviews...Christie's favorite author was Dickens...



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OTI:one pic, two poems, notes:11/14/17

Open To Interpretation

Black Dolphins

Ariadne and her Amazons
Are with Jason and Glauce
Aboard Black Ship Argo,
To answer your question.
Said Pausinias.
And how is that working out?
Said Euripides.
And the Homeridae
Gathered under the Dodona Oak
All smiled.
Theseus, you know,
Had the thought to
Leave her at Naxos
But it wasn't his.
How so?
Dionysus made him think the thought,
He desired Ariadne for himself.
Oh, an out of plot plot turn.
What will he do with that?
Cadmus and Hermione are in the mix.
You know what he's thinking...
Dana Petra Cerulean...
How is that working out?
And the gathered under the oak laughed,
Save for Melville,
Who looked at Dana,
And thought long.
He's made you into a champion.
Dana shrugged.
And so Ishmael the same of you.
He mines a quartz seam in granite.
Said Twain.
Just so too, with my Nemo.
Said Verne.
Is Nemo or Ned your avatar?
Asked Twain.
Dicken's Scrooge, whose to know
You're Tom or Huck?
We wander...
The Tales fog bound...
Atop an undersea Pinnacle...
Volcano Never is the same...
Sides like hollow roots...
A tree grown atop a boulder...
Lifted to the sky...
When the land rose above the ocean...
Harbor Home for Pirates...
For Black Dolphins to frolic...
In the wine dark sea...


I dreamed of someone like you,
I stopped in a roadside place
On the east side of the mountains
To watch a basketball game
At the bar
And have a snack
And you took my order
And brought first a beer
In like a water glass
Thick sided smooth
And I said
That's no good
I don't like its look
And you laughed
And began to bring a bottle
Like someone else was drinking from
Tall like triple normal size
And I asked
Is it the same beer brand
As in the glass
And Yes you said
I'm done I said forget it
I'll pay for everything I ordered
And gave you my
Credit card
That you chewed on a bit
To see if it was real I guess
And brought back cash
Fifty eight dollars
And I left enough
And for a tip too
And you began to sing to me
You have a good voice I said
And looked over
To another singer
Singing to someone
And you say to me
I love you
Oh I say
It's that sorta place
And say
I love you too, sweetie
And walk outside to my truck
And you followed me
And spoke of wrecks on that Road you knew
And I'm dream sobering up
And ramble on about wrecks
At special dangerous places
On that road too I know well
Bragging like
And think of the pencil
In my coat pocket
And to give you my number
Is this your orchard I ask
Where we're standing beside
The road in plowed up dirt
Under fruit trees
And in warning you point to my hip--
And I saw her face close
And I woke up.
She looked a little like you.


Notes: reference movie preview out for new movie about how Dickens wrote 'A Christmas Carol'...for him his characters were 'real'...reference a Greek vase showing the Tyrrynnean Pirates turning into dolphins...I hadn't seen this, but found it looking up Dionysus, and now find Dionysus has an interest in Ariadne in wiki's Dionysus take...checking, I find wiki's Ariadne take now has the Dionysus stuff...that wasn't there before...I think...before no reason was given for Theseus leaving Ariadne on Naxos...hence 'Theseus the fug head' in my Tales...but now he may have an excuse...Dionysus messed with Theseus head...and Ariadne is related to Cadmus and Hermione...who Dionysus, now I learn, changed into Dragons...that is something new takes can always be updated, so there a little like news reports that can always be 'newed'...hmmph...ran out of detective movies, sorta, but now on my amazon HBO channel they have up an old series movieThe Wire2002-2008...I had heard Hollywood was using street folk for actors...and this must be one of those examples of that...and the dialog is so filled with profanities and locker room back and forths that one needs a brain wash to un brain's a bit has some actors that have gone on to other more recent parts...the Lieutenant was in of the Tower gang went on to King's Tower movie...and in Thor:Raganorok...Bubbles steals the show...and I had one (assigned)roommate with that manner of rap...and it just drove me up the wall...brb...


The show received average Nielsen ratings throughout its run and won no major television awards. However, it is regarded by many critics as one of the greatest television series of all time


Royo is mostly known for his starring role on the HBO crime-drama series The Wire as the drug addict and confidential informant Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins, a regular character since the show's first season. Royo's portrayal of this character was so convincing that, during on-location filming, he was once approached by a Baltimore resident and given a small package of heroin, with the man saying to the in-character Royo: "Man, you need a fix more than I do." Royo has called this incident his "street Oscar."[

from wiki...


It, and all these modern detective shows, are hard to watch, and I think they lean to 'buffing up' the stories and the people in them...kind of like the Spartan's six packs...but that's movies...if I wrote like that I'd be hard to 'watch' too...and make the relatives even more nervous than I do!