Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Brazen Bull

A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

I'll put the search strings in bold, these are the beginning of a quote, and the link(s), the ulr(s), which are highlighted too, will be the quote(s) end(s)...

This post is an update of yesterday's post...I need to give the "Biblical Alarmists", those who see signs of the end times in every tree and bush of the dark forest, their due...much like the ufologists that scan ancient medieval paintings for things depicting alien spacecraft, the Alarmists have gone through the stories of ancient history with a flea comb, as it were, and they find things, things they shoehorn into their end time narrative, but things nonetheless!...having seen the story of the Brazen Bull in two old stories, of the Christian martyrs Antipas and Eustace, I thought to do a google search of the Bull...

brazen bull furnace

The bull was made entirely of bronze, hollow, with a door in one side.[3] The bull was in the form and size of an actual bull and had an acoustic apparatus that converted screams into the sound of a bull. The condemned were locked in the device, and a fire was set under it, heating the metal until the person inside roasted to death.

Brazen bull

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
Hard to tell, maybe the Bull was just a story, or maybe in the ancient world it was a common means of execution, like the Cross...what seems certain, is that when ancient cultures clashed, such things were the means of persuasion...the 700 Club has the story of Pergamon, and the Altar of Pergamon, and it is a copy/paste tale that is lensed through the end time narrative...
altar of satan pergamon
At the end of the first century, Pergamum  was a thriving city. So why does the book of Revelation call it the dwelling place of Satan? The answer lies in the ruins of the city's temples.“On one side, it was a very beautiful city,” says Renner. “But on the flip side, it was one of the darkest, eeriest cities in the whole Roman Empire.”

The Seat of Satan: Ancient Pergamum

700 Club take has it the Brazen Bull was at the Altar...and thereabout Antipas met his end...then there is this the 19th Century the Altar is carted off to Germany by a German's still there, and it was there when the Nazi's came to power...Hitler used it as a showpiece in  Germany's bid for the Olympics...insomuch as the Book of Revelation branded Pergamon as Satan's abode, where ever the Altar is, or any similar looking thing, it's regarded as Satanic...Obama used a stage prop at the Democratic convention that looks a bit like it, looks a bit like the Capital Building in Washington too, but that isn't noted in the Alarmists' alarms...because of the prop, Obama is correlated with Satan, as is Hitler and the Germans for having the Altar in a German museum, and building a huge replica for their the Jews were beset by Hitler, much as the Christians were by the Pagan priests at Pergamon, there's this dovetail now in the end time narrative that the Altar is a focus of the persecution of Jews and, it's just an old Temple displayed in a museum, but narratives like the 700 Club's can put a cast to things that is trouble trouble trouble....

In World War 2, after Pearl Harbor, a scheme was hatched to launch bombers from an aircraft carrier and bomb was a tit for tat...Japan came across the Pacific and bombed Pearl Harbor, America would return the gesture...a show of our strength....that was America's narrative, and it was heroically accomplished...Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo...once having passed over Tokyo, the bombers flew on to China, where the planes were ditched, and the Crews sought refuge and rescue with the Chinese...Japan by then had defeated and occupied much of China, and some doubts were raised about what would happen to the Chinese that helped the pilots...these doubts didn't deter the bombing...and the resultant terror released on the Chinese by the Japanese was horrific...they took things out on the Chinese...

doolittle raid chinese casualties

The Untold Story of the Vengeful Japanese Attack After the Doolittle Raid
That generosity shown by the Chinese would trigger a horrific retaliation by the Japanese that claimed an estimated quarter-million lives and would prompt comparisons to the 1937-38 Rape of Nanking. American military authorities, cognizant that a raid on Tokyo would result in a vicious counterattack upon free China, saw the mission through regardless, even keeping the operation a secret from their Pacific theater allies. This chapter of the Doolittle Raid has largely gone unreported—until now.

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The Alarmists are myopic, anyone with 'normal vision' can see that...and wherever they are, under whatever banner, they are all alike in being like bulls in a china shop...


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gates to Hell

A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

I'll put the search strings in bold, these are the beginning of a quote, and the link(s), the ulr(s), which are highlighted too, will be the quote(s) end(s)...

hmmph...well, this is an 'on the fly' post...I'm not sure where it's going!...I read some of the gesta romanorum stories after doing yesterday's post, and was taken aback right away by the first...the first tale is called The Eight Pennies, and it starts out by explaining that the Emperor declares a special holiday for his first born son's birthday, and everyone must honor it, and to ensure this he asks Virgil, his court magician it seems, to fashion a Statue that stands in the City square, and this Statue can see and report everything the citizens are doing, and when they break the Emperor's rules, like honoring his son, they are put to death...well, I thought, on reading that, that is my favorite cbs tv show, Person of that show, computers, first The Machine, and then a rival called Samaritan, observe everyone, and report potential threats, much like the Statue in this ancient tale!...the Statue appears to even have a text screen...a message appears on its forehead...

"“Friends, look up; what see ye written upon my forehead?” They looked, and beheld three sentences which ran thus: “TIMES ARE ALTERED. MEN GROW WORSE. HE WHO SPEAKS TRUTH HAS HIS HEAD BROKEN.” “GO,” said the statue, “declare to his majesty what you have seen and read.” The messengers obeyed, and detailed the cir­cumstances as they had happened. "

a common thing ufologists do is go through old medieval paintings and find things that look like aliens and ufos!...pretty simple...and I wondered if they had gone through the old medieval tales looking for examples of modern technology...what comes to mind here is the robots depicted in ancient greek stories...

ancient greek robots

Many ancient mythologies included artificial people, such as the talking mechanical handmaidens built by the Greek god Hephaestus (Vulcan to the Romans) out of gold,[1] the clay golems of Jewish legend and clay giants of Norse legend. Chinese legend relates that in the 10th century BC, Yan Shi made an automaton resembling a human in an account from the Lie Zi text.

History of robots

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and, thinking on this, I thought to web search for modern technologies found in ancient stories, and that wasn't going well, and then I remembered the Altar of Pergamon...I've been wanting to do a post about's another ancient Temple with a story...decorating it were all the Greek gods and goddesses with their various attributes and weapons...they remind me very much of modern comic book heroes...and that is what my Pergamon Altar post would be about, a comparison of the ancient heroes and modern ones...and I was on youtube looking for clip of Pergamon, and found a fringe one...this I didn't know, but apparently the altar is well known among the Armageddon Revelation Doomsday set...a Christian saint named Antipas was martyred there...and in curious fashion, as it is the same way Palcidus/Eustace and his family are martyred...inside a furnace inside a brazen bull.... 

antipas saint

According to Christian tradition, John the Apostle ordained Antipas as bishop of Pergamon during the reign of the Roman emperor Domitian. The traditional account goes on to say Antipas was martyred in ca. 92 AD by burning in a brazen bull-shaped altar for casting out demons worshiped by the local population.

Antipas of Pergamum

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
placidus furnace 
The emperor then has a large bronze furnace constructed in the shape of a bull in which Eustace and his family are burnt to death. When the furnace is opened it is discovered that their bodies have been miraculously unharmed by the flames.
Plácidus saga, edited by John Tucker.
The gesta romanorum stories are all broken up and disjointed, and the author of Placidus must have thought of the furnace bull of Antipas, and that, is just that, a curio...but the Greek Altar of Pergamon was in Turkey, and today the news is about Turkey, Turkey shot down one of the Russian's frog feet jet fighters over the Syrian Turkey, so, I am standing with one foot on the shore, and one in the row boat...what in the world is afoot in Turkey?
news turkey
Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger
news turkey pergamon
Is this the Gate of Hell
Speaking to Discovery TV channel he gave a fascinating description of what life might have been like around the cave in ancient times.
He said: 'People could watch the sacred rites from these steps, but they could not get to the area near the opening. Only the priests could stand in front of the portal.
According to the archaeologist, pilgrims arriving at the site were given small birds to test the deadly effects of the cave, while priests sacrificed bulls to Pluto hallucinating madly from the toxic fumes.

Read more:
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Story has mention of another site...
Darvasa gas crater in Derweze, Turkmenistan
The Derweze area is rich in natural gas. While drilling in 1971, Soviet geologists tapped into a cavern filled with natural gas.[1] The ground beneath the drilling rig collapsed, leaving a large hole with a diameter of 70 metres (230 ft) at
40°15′10″N 58°26′22″E / 40.25264°N 58.43941°E / 40.25264; 58.43941 (The Gates of Hell). To avoid poisonous gas discharge, it was decided the best solution was to burn it off.[2] Geologists had hoped the fire would use all the fuel in a matter of days, but the gas is still burning today. Locals have dubbed the cavern "The Door to Hell".[3]


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While Biblical alarmists might point to the “Door of Hell” as yet another sign of a coming apocalypse, the phenomenon apparently has a scientific explanation.

Turkmenistan’s “Door to Hell”


Monday, November 23, 2015

City Girl

a poem...

City Girl

Forgotten by the city girl, somehow,
A need for wild life.
A boy with the voice of the deer and dolphin
Lived in her city, quietly.
She found him, and thought to civilize him.
The tone of intelligent men who wrote books
Was in her voice when she spoke to him.
He learned her older name, Little Bear,
And loved her when she remembered.
She needed him, as teachers need students,
A turned around need of the forgotten one.
The voice of the deer and the dolphin
Sounded foreign to the girl who talked city.
A time came when she forgot his whereabouts,
And their conversations.


that one is from the early seventies...and has a lot of interior, that is to say, personal, things in it!...anyway, it has notions that interweave through many of my posts, and the boy with the voice of the deer and dolphin became DolphinDeer, or of my thoughtHobby collection of characters, toons and avatars as it were, that inhabit my imagination...I've named one of my World of Warcraft toons DeerDolphin, and for years I tried to imagine how to illustrate DeerDolphin, how to make a drawing of a character that is a Deer and a Dolphin, or somehow has the two combined, and found on WOW a WOW one can have 'pets', little monsters and such that follow your toon around like, a pet!...and one of these is called 'Fishy'...Fishy is a little fish, gold colored if I remember, that resides in a globe of water that floats in the air, and follows one's toon about...recently, another pet like this was added, Left Shark, and Left Shark is a little shark that is in a globe of water too...and, and, all I needed for my illustration is this idea, a dolphin in a globe of water that floats and follows, or even rides, a deer...and I have in mind to make the illustration, and when I have it drawn out, I'll post it, and more about DolphinDeer!...oh...but let me explain more of how this will look! Last Chance one day, in the beverage refrigerator, appeared a special beer brew with a label that depicted a Buck, a male deer with antlers, just the head looking forward, and between the antlers was a cross...Jergermeister or something it is called..brb...

deer antlers with cross beer label

The label on Jägermeister bottles features a glowing Christian cross seen between the antlers of a stag.[10][11] This image is a reference to the two Christian patron saints of hunters, Saint Hubertus and Saint Eustace, both of whom converted to Christianity after experiencing a vision in which they saw a Christian cross between the antlers of a stag.[

So, for the DolphinDeer illustration I have in mind to have the forward looking Buck with antlers, and resting, floating, between the antlers, my Dolphin in a globe of seawater!'s take on the origin of the story of the vision changes from time to time...and I've tried to study out the tale on the web several times...and there is a remarkable medieval story in one of those links...lemeesee if I can find it...

Saint Eustace

A series of calamities followed to test his faith: his wealth was stolen; his servants died of a plague; when the family took a sea-voyage, the ship's captain kidnapped Eustace's wife Theopista; and as Eustace crossed a river with his two sons Agapius and Theopistus, the children were taken away by a wolf and a lion. Like Job, Eustace lamented but did not lose his faith.

It is a remarkable story, in fact, in looking about to re-find it, the whole group of medieval stories surrounding it are remarkable, and remarkably forgotten!...

gesta romance

As he was one day following the chase, Placidus dis­covered a herd of deer, amongst which was one remarkable for size and beauty. Separating itself from the rest, it plunged into the thickest part of the brake. While the hunters, therefore, occupied themselves with the remainder of the herd, Placidus swiftly followed this deer’s track. The stag scaled a lofty precipice, and Placidus, approaching as near as he could, considered how it might be followed yet. But as he regarded it with fixed attention, there appeared upon the centre of the brow, the form of the cross, which glittered with more splendour than the noonday sun. Upon this cross an image of Jesus Christ was suspended; and the stag thus addressed the hunter: “Why dost thou persecute me, Placidus? For thy sake have I assumed the shape of this animal. I am Christ, whom thou ignorantly worshippest. Thine alms have gone up before me, and therefore I come; but as thou hast hunted this stag, so will I hunt thee.”



Friday, November 20, 2015


It was a thought to put the 2x4 stringers between the posts, but for simplicities' sake, we mounted them flush to the posts...should have used cedar 2x4s...too expensive...posts are cedar...

Hi working on the gate...

Evening of third day from start, all the slats up, and gate too...

Open gate...with three hinges and nice latch...and the surf board, though damaged, is a long board from a famous maker hereabout...if sold, it might pay for the fence!...traded a dart board for it at a swap meet...

Hi and Hanh haven't been able to tend to their plants since the arrival of Maya, my the area behind the garage is fenced off from Maya, and we can all have gardens and such here now...

Hi and Hanh...much fun making the fence with them!

I still have one little section of cinder block next to the house to raise in height...some holes I found already drilled through the blocks, and tried to do it quick using them...but after three trips to home depot, a back and forth because I just eyeballed things, I still don't have the right bolt lengths...just trying to attach a 1x12 pine board crossways, and then add slats to raise do it right, I should attach two crossways 2x4s, then the slats to them...I have concrete drill bits, and wood drill bits, and left over bolts and screws and such, but nothing comes to mind to make a clean job of it...standing on her hind legs, Maya's, my dog's, nose just reaches the top of this section of cinder block wall...that's too, Maya is still confined to the porch...and currently thrashing around the plastic boxes. full of stuff for weight, I use to block the holes she's eating through the porch walls!...a nightly routine...and she ate through another harness...that's like the fifth...hmmph


Monday, November 16, 2015

A Doe

a poem...

A Doe

At the edge of my eyes,
Movement, a doe...
I glance and see her.

I hike on the trail
Burdened by my orange pack.

The rubbing waist belt
And shoulder straps
Make a strained noise.

Eye-rings, gently, rhythmically
Tap the aluminum frame.

Her small feet make high steps
In the long grass.

The trail is flat beside the meadow
Where the stream that fell rushing over the rocks
Meanders slowly.

She keeps pace with me.

The pines thin beside the meadow.
I walk on the damp packed earth over their roots.

She follows, ears perked to my sound.

I dare only glance
From the corners of my eyes.


Well, that one has a date...and was likely in Idyllwild up at the meadows reached by Devil's Slide trail...and, knowing does as I do now, I was probably being followed for a snack!...anyway...

Much progress with the fence!...all the poles set in drying cement...the anchor boards on the garage and back wall attached...all the material, so, tomorrowmorrow, after putting up the slats and gate, Maya, my dog, should be able to romp about the backyard again, and play with her favorite toy, my expensive push broom!...there are weak points maybe around the other fences...never a problem before, but now she knows other side of the fence is outside!, and she'll likely test things....even an eight foot fence is no deterrent to a dog that knows how to take a running leap, catch their paws on the top, and chin up themselves over...most of the fence is eight feet or more...this new section will be six...and after watching youtubes of dogs jumping fences, I have concerns!...Hanh and Hi helped all day...I just let Hi take over, as I thought he might...


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beach Ball

a poem...

Beach Ball

Green white yellow red,
Like the slices of an orange,
Color bands on a beach ball
That the wind took away
From a child's hands
On to the Sea.
And their mother ran
Into the lapping waves
To her waist, reaching,
But the ball moved too fast,
She couldn't swim,
And her child cried,
Great tears, bawling,
Her child's little face anguished.
Two small mountains,
One to the North,
One to the South,
On the arms of the bay.
The distant fishnet boats,
Their bows to the shore,
Had swung around their anchors,
And disappeared behind clouds of dust.
The hot desert Sun, the dusty blue sky,
The wind gusting
Quartz and feldspar sand grains by my eyes.
I could barely see with just one,
And watched the ball,
So filled with air it barely touched the Sea,
Bobbing, dancing away, far away.


Back when I was taking Marine Science classes in early seventies at Orange Coast College, I needed to do a field trip report, so rolled off in my just purchased Chevy LUV truck to San Felipe, which is about 200 miles down the Baja Peninsula on the Gulf has terrific tides...the tide goes so far out that your can hardly see the Ocean from the Town...and it comes back in right up to the edge of Town, popular with off roaders.  I took some pics for the desultory report.   Stayed one night in my tent in a crowded RV campground...went out in a rental guided fishing boat...caught giant croakers, and gave them away to the RVers...with no rule on mufflers, it was loud, just loud loud loud all the time with the bike and 4 wheeling potatopotatopotatos!!!  My "Ed Rickett's in Baja" adventure...this one an uneventful one of two such...the other, the road's washed away from a Hurricane...a tale for sometime...


Friday, November 13, 2015

Blue Jay

a poem...

Blue Jay

Talk like a parakeet
Talking to itself
Above my head
From the dropping Pine Boughs.
I looked up and saw Blue Jay.
Blue Jay looked back,
Hopped to another branch,
Looked down,
"Chaahh!  Chaahh!"
"Okay!" I said.
"Chaahh!  Chaahh!"
And tossed some peanuts.
Blue Jay hesitated for safety,
Then dropped, hopped,
Took a peanut, saw another,
Dropped the one, hefted the other.
I admired the blue iridescent tail feathers.
Blue Jay leapt, and flew
Over Strawberry Creek into the Forest.


Strawberry Creek in Idyllwild, CA...which reminds me, I have a little one about Strawberry Creek...

Strawberry Creek

Strawberry Creek almost dry,
And Yellow Tiger Swallowtails,
Butterflies, singly,
Sometimes briefly two,
Wander over the grey boulders
Among the White Alders
Full of new green leaves.


Since I've been back in Town, three Halloweens, I haven't been to favorite place...

San Jacinto

Along the curving climbing highway
When the Pines altitude is reached
And they begin to appear beside the road
The road whitened by granite sand
Eroded from the mountain and mixed into the asphalt
The mental conflicts of the City will begin to lessen
As the coastal overcasts are gone
Revealing the blue, the bluest sky
Over Idyllwild, and the mountain, San Jacinto.


Yes, they are simple, I know, I've been told that, and wince a bit at that, but, but, I would explain, though I never will to that sincere assessment...and remain appreciative, quiet. 

I don't know what to do with 'full of new green leaves'...try not to draw attention to it, and hope it doesn't get noticed!

And I can't remember if it is "overcast is gone", or "overcasts are gone"..
these poems from early's the ear tells me...

And when they repaved 120 to Tuolumne in places, I took notice over the years how it would whiten...the Sierra is so much larger than San Jacinto, which is thought of as a miniature Sierra, and explains part of my fondness for Idyllwild...

Progress!...with Maya's fence...Hanh's husband Hi was about, and I asked if he'd like to help, and together we went to Home Depot and gathered materials...4x4s, concrete, and such, for the posts...I'm digging the holes, three dug...working on one that is problematically full of roots...finish that tomorrow....just need five holes two feet deep...then Monday, Hi and I will set the posts...from there I can continue alone, but Hi and Hanh are so happy to help, I'm happy with that too!