Monday, September 15, 2014

Wide Mouth Bass

Young fisherman, politely oblidging my request to take pic, displayed Little Wide Mouth Bass exactly right, grabbing Bass by lower lip, and never touching the scales...Fish have a protective slimy layer, and once handled, rubbing the protective covering off, and tossed back, Fishes' skin become susceptible to infection and fish protective slime...after pic, kid released Little Bass...his courtesy and skill took me aback, as earlier I had heard him talking with his friend, a conversation like all the kids' conversation nowadays, especially in the rpgs, laced with profanities!...but that's the thing, these kids are all remarkably bright and skilled, but talk like sailors!...I'd gone to Mile Square park with the blue chair and beach towel, and tried to find a cool shady tree to sit quiet's really hot!...also had gear, radio, and Call of the Wild Along--Buck wins the 1000lb sled bet!...too, took a nap...tenants wound me up to where I missed yesterday, no rollabout, and little sleep!...too hot to sleep really...some Admiral Butterflies about, maybe Monarchs too, in the Eucy's attracting strollers attention...sun moved and I lost my shade, so I moved over to sit by the Pond...Ducks, Geese, Cormorants, Egrets, and Phoebe...Humming Birds and Carpenter Bees in the Eucy Canopy overhead...tried to draw a is very hard to draw trees if one tries to stay true to how the branches are...most just stylize...sunny hot, later by pier light breeze...rolled out to Balboa Pier, picked up Subway Tuna and Orange Juice and Dark Cookies, set up, and sat on the sand just south of Pier...pop with kids, all with bodyboards and wetsuits, surfing by the Pier after dark...water lit up from Pier Lights...waves like a foot, but kids only like three, so, that makes waves like five for them!...I seemed to have motivated the tenants to do some things, not sure how much, stayed out all day to stay out of their way!...a wait and see...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sand On My Nose


If Puppy was mine, I'd call 'm 'Sand'...Puppy looked to have very good home with the Volley Ball Players....

Rolled out early, wanted to get some newsprint pads at Michaels in Costa Mesa...on 19th street, I think...didn't have big size, so got like six small pads for five bucks--some kinda sale...continued to 39's the Snack Stand got a chili dog and gator aid, and seemed to have survived the chili dog...paddled over to, and out along, the Pier...sat a long while, watching the stand up paddleboard surfers, and waiting to get sunset up from along the way, forth and back...clear warm windy...a new type of surfboard has come along called a 'foamy'...very light, very buoyant, and some very big, big enough to stand on and just paddle along on with a long oar like being in a rowboat...the innovative now surf on them, and do well catching smaller waves...saw a clip of this board riding those big waves in Tahiti they are the equal, I guess, of the small surf boards, and the old long boards...I think they are a fad, and can't see the sense of paddling about the harbor standing up...or waiting for waves to come in standing up...don't know, but I imagine one could take one to Catalina...brb...yes, charities and races to Catalina...the foamys also make a very good beginner surfing board, so good I guess, meaning one can stand up and ride okay soon, one quickly out grows them and wants a more conventional fiberglass board...don't know if this is so...have to get one to see...they're cheap...a hot dogger at the Big Wedge day took one with him along with his fiberglass short board and transferred from the foamy to the fiberglass while on a large wave...I have the still pics of this, and  it's in the jillion little movies of that day being posted to youtube, and as it happens, he's one of the surfing world's elite, and that world regards the transfer ride as 'sick' which is the new parlance for 'bitch'n'! was fun to see, but what I really admire about that day, was the decorum of the surfers, they just went about things, and too the decorum of the onlookers, which was very appreciative--and there weren't any vendors, or tents, or loud speakers, or overhead cameras on wires (just wireless drones!), or jesus people with posters howling at everyone about doomsday...the photogs were even polite, 'cept one that crowded in front of me with tripod and all..."Hey dude, wth!"..."Oh, come stand beside me..."..."It's not just me, these two guys (who were short) are blocked out too!"...Photog quickly chatted it up with the two guys and they all became fast crowd friends, regaled by his relating his usc photo education and gear lore regarding drones!..."I'm not getting one yet...waiting for legal decisions..."..hmmph...start carrying a slingshot myself...oh...there is a Volley Ball tournament this coming weekend by Huntington Beach Pier...if  I go, I'm not sure what subject matter I'll photo eyeball more, the athleticism, or the teeny bikinis!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Crystal Cove Cottages

Near the South end of Crystal Cove State Beach are the Old Cottages, and on the Bluff thereabout is the Shake Shack run by Ruby's...the Shake Shack was once an Orange Juice Stand, and for years, decades, driving by, I always wanted to stop and get an Orange Juice...the Orange Juice stand owners re-opened another one in Laguna (I think, I see one there with similar décor, but maybe not) when the State took over everything...sometime I might stop in there!...but it was my intention after rolling out to the Coast with no certain intention, to park at the State Beach lots (nearest one is on the inland side of PCH), and walk over and have lunch at the Shack...walking over, daydreaming I may have seen Osprey, crowd noises were coming up from below the Bluff, by the Beach...a wedding I thought, or something, but broke loose from my revery, and peered down...oh, the Cottages, forgot about them, and a Café crowded with raucous beach goers...I paddled down for a looksee, and being hungry, asked to be seated in the curious Café...lots of guests and a busy crew...I'm always amazed how many servers and cooks small restaurants have, having worked in a very large and busy one that always had what amounted to a skeleton crew...looked at the menu..I'm in the wrong place...when entrees are over thirty dollars, I'm in the wrong place!...but ordered a salad and ice tea, fifteen, seventeen with tip, dollars...hmmph...but worth it to experience the must have been fun to live here when it was just fun...further south were once a row of ramshackle trailer homes tucked in a cove right on the beach, this below the first prominence of Laguna...but they're gone too, and the fun that was there...the Cottages now are fun I guess, but it's Disney fun with Disney prices!...I did walk back up to the Shack and get a soda...two ice teas in two different small glasses wasn't enough...or the salad, but real food waited until I got home and had a baloney sandwich, where I belong!...lot of daylight left, and I rolled to Dana Point, took the radio and blue chair, tide was out, sat on the sand, and listened to the game, and took pics...pre-wedding photogs were busy, and the groom came over to chat..."I really like this beach, didn't know it was here!"...wife to be and kids were goofing and playing by the surf..."Yes" I said, and related the story of Richard Henry Dana..."I'll have to read that book!"...I wanted to tell him what Dana wrote of the Beach where we were, 'the one true place' he had found on coast of California...but that's poet stuff which I often let go by the wayside as being too quaint!...clear warm blue...oh...the fishermen in the little boat looked sure to drown...they were way out, almost as far as the Fishingboats and Sailboat...that's a 200x magnification pic...have clip too...for sometime...there was a low L shaped wall back by the sunset viewing benches...Husky was on the long arm of the L, and owners on the short arm...Husky was backing up to be near them like a circus dog!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I looked all over Target, and Best Buy, and even on the web there wasn't much to find--the transistor radio seems to have gone extinct!...  at least the ones that use the little square batteries...finally ordered up from amazon a small one that uses aaa batteries...pic gets both am and mp3 players, Samsung and ipod, get fm radio, though I've never figured out how, which was from being in the Mountains where there wasn't any fm reception...and there's a lot of rigmarole to using an mp3 too!...wanted much the simplicity of the old little radios...I try to keep up with progress ("America's religion"--Laura Riding), and bought a Walkman once, and I have somewhere a cd player radio combo, but just a radio I want to listen to the ballgames while I fish on the Pier!...Pier's End crowded, and Mackerels being caught last evening...rolled out near sunset, so, dark when I arrived...snacked on hotdog and soda on the Plaza low wall decorated with metal starfish, which are firmly attached enough not to be stolen, so far...a lot of the newer decorative low walls along sidewalks in Newport have small metal accents, which is nice...I await the day when american culture begins to do decorative, rather than just functional, architecture!...clear warm light breeze...I keep my shoes on the back porch, and when I gear up, I put them
on while sitting on the back step, contemplating the patio...the old patio is full of my tenants' accumulation...I don't know when the engine block first arrived, and if it ever will exit, and finally this morning, I finally just lost it and told the kid, 'everything has to go, the backyard, the garage, all the stored stuff'...'everything?'...'yes, everything' wont happen, Asians, even American Asians, are inscrutable...I cant get a dog because the dog door is blocked by stored stuff, and the  backyard filled with hazardous to dogs' health stuff...and if I keep reading Call of the Wild, I'm gonna start growling...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I leaned over to look into another white five gallon bucket, expectant as most always to see suffocating Mackerels, and sure enough, more Mackerels, but too, Octopus!...I joined a couple other photogs, and took a pic, and as I was, overheard the fisherman explain his and his friends plight to the photogs moving off, and ask for a donation, 'for a motel'...'good luck with that in Balboa!', I thought, things are a bit pricey...the two fishermen were vagabonds, I gathered, though they had good gear, and even a hoop net, which had brought up Octopus, and one small Crab, 'so far'...I continued to Pier's End, more buckets, more Mackerels, with the contemplation of Octopus...'well' I thought, 'I'll ransom Octopus'....'five bucks if you toss Octopus back'...fisherman thought...'ten'...'nonono...its a five dollar octopus'...thought came of somewhere where people pay to have caged pigeons released for good luck...'ok'....fisherman was afraid of Octopus, first he'd seen live, and I didn't help...'they bite, have a sorta beak' he figured to take all the Mackerel out, and toss Octopus and all the seawater in the bucket over...he actually had to work a bit to catch all the Mackerel, and even the dead ones were slipping out of his hands...but that done, he lifted the bucket up and over the rail...'Oh!'...he exclaimed and kept the bucket at arms length...Octopus was glued to the bottom...I took the bucket, and thought, 'now I'll see myself if Octopus bites!'...the Tentacles were like living Velcro, and I was afraid the Tentacles would rip off, but finally most of them wrapped around my hand, and I persuaded Octopus to let loose, and splash into the sea below...'is that blood?'...'no, just ink'...and Octopus swam down below the ink cloud, none the worse...I didn't get bit, so I don't know if Octopi bite or not!...(they do)... further along returning, I heard a big splash, kid had leaped from the Pier...I was in time with the D20 to take clip of the second kid leaping...they had duck feet fins, and joined two other body surfers at the wave break, and those two each had go pro was small, but surfers regard small surf as a pleasant enough pursuit between days when it's big!...kinda like photogs taking seagull and sunset pics while waiting for something more uncommon!.... Seagulls are so common, and are all over Town...and Seagulls just look common, like the common denominator of all birds...Seagulls were about while I snacked on cheese enchiladas sitting on the Beach Berm, watching two big girls, one introducing her child to the surf...Picasso did some line drawings of big girls on a beach..brb...nope, cant find them, just the famous painting of two running... clear warm light breeze... Flag pic is from evening before on 39...have that pic now!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Evening Huntington Beach

It takes about two innings of Baseball on the Radio to get to the Beach...listened to the Angels on the way to 39's Beach...parked, and peddled the drop handle over to the's nice to be able to peddle easily into the Wind, and go fast...but the drop handle is a lot of rigmarole...tough to stop and take pics...peddle clips to deal with...and tough to just leave bike locked in bike rack, or on Silver's rack...I've seen how efficient bike thieves are!...and maybe I can raise the handle bars, as for now I'm too dropped over to even see the passing scenes!...passed a few on the short peddle about...parasail kite sailing on the sand...metal detecting sand...sand volleyball...I think a tournament is coming up...brb...nope...guess not, but always something doing by the Pier!...clear warm breezy...Duke's is a huge restaurant right at the base of the Pier...always crowded, and kinda upscale...sometime maybe...


Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku (August 24, 1890 – January 22, 1968) was a Hawaiian competition swimmer who was also known as an actor, lawman, early beach volleyball player and businessman credited with spreading the sport of surfing.[2] Kahanamoku was a five-time Olympic medalist in swimming.

end quote

don't know, but have the thought that the movie Endless Summer may have copyrighted surfer sunset pics...

oh...and this is in the wiki...


While living in Newport Beach, California on June 14, 1925, Kahanamoku rescued eight men from a fishing vessel that capsized in heavy surf while attempting to enter the city's harbor.[9] 29 fishermen went into the water and 17 perished. Using his surfboard, he was able to make quick trips back and forth to shore to increase the number of sailors rescued.[10] Two other surfers saved four more fishermen. Newport's police chief at the time called Duke's efforts "the most superhuman surfboard rescue act the world has ever seen."

end quote

very cool...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Least Tern Beach

The Wide Sidewalk does go all the way from Huntington Beach Pier to the Santa Ana River Jetty...I took the beach cruiser along last evening, and peddled to the Jetty from Magnolia Beach...there's another Jetty outlet just before the River confluence, and it's where water from the Water Treatment Plant flows out, I think...I cant recall just how it all works...when I took Marine Science courses at Orange Coast, we took a tour of the Plant...anyway, just North of this second jetty is a fenced in area set aside for Least Terns to have a nesting up...Plovers have an area at Bolsa Chica Reserve like this too...Rain a bit far out over the Ocean, and I tried for some pics... passerby asked if I was getting a good pic, and I thought not, but on review, it has a kinda interest...and too I was asked if I was going to take pics of the Harvest Moon..."Yes!"...and that was the thought, peddle to Newport Pier, and maybe get pic of Moon nearabout Balboa on the horizon...but no luck...clouds on the horizon...did take some sunset pics...and a coffee chocolate croissant snack...when I got back to Silver, it was dark, and I thought to walk out to the surf line, and at least see the Moon, which was still cloud hidden...Moon peeked out a bit, and I tried for pics with iphone...on return, grocery shopped at Target, tried again for Moon pic with iphone...and when I reached home, tried again with iphone, and it got the Palm Tree and Moon, but I took out the 50x and got a little better pic...pic up...iphone did take a nice video clip of Moon still cloud hidden at the Beach with the surf sounding...for sometime...scattered cloudy warm light breeze...found my bicycle pump while room cleaning, so maybe this evening I'll ride the drop handle...