Thursday, January 19, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:1/19/17

Open To Interpretation


I am where I am
Where you are,
Let's not go on
About my unnamed stars.
Are my stars the less
Unnamed as theirs are named?
I could study
And travel each name's
Bridge to each thing
And my night mapped,
Arrayed like a lighted city,
And I would know each lamp's
Address colossally.
I could deliver mail in starships,
Or message out
Faster than light warnings
For unpaid bills,
Or write elucidating labels
For fauna and flora
Brought back by stellar adventurers.
I am where I am
Near where you are,
This black ceiling we know
Above our dancing
Once decorated with faux clouds
And sparkly rhinestone stars.


"Greeks have put ashore
From a Black Ship."
Whispered the fisherman in Pausias' ear.
Pausias brush stroke paused
In depicting a Black Dragon
In flight among dark
Lightning streaked clouds.
Black Dragon Onyx, quiet, looked on,
As the artists worked on the mural,
The Battle With The Black Ship,
But took note.
"A Black Ship along our shores,"
Onyx said,
"Is not unusual.
It's winter, and Dragons dream."
Pausias set his brush down,
"Tell Onyx too what you know."
Said Pausias.
"Armed with harpoons they come."
Said the fisherman,
"And one with a lyre,
Out front, in the lead."
Said Pausias.
"Yes, with Creon, Glauce,
And Jason in tow."
Said the fisherman.
Onyx snorted smoke,
"I know them."
Said Onyx,
"What do they want?"
"Medea and the Golden Fleece."
Said the fisherman.
Onyx closed his eyes
And across the Northern Reach
On all the Towers
Black Dragons left off
From the Dream,
Returning to What Seems.


Notes: hmmph...studying the Iliad and the Odyssey, I find epics have 24 books...not just twelve...hmmph...and I tried to fathom dactylic hexameter...apparently, the old poets were so familiar with the form that it came naturally, and likely they learned it 'by ear', much as musicians pick up music...if nothing else, maybe I can learn the old Greek alphabet, and be able to sound out words, and sentences/lines...I thought to write some 'fragments' in lines rhymed and with syllable counts...dactylic hexameter...the rhetoricians have an elaborate vocabulary for each things, much as dictionary definitions begin with notations on how to pronounce a word...I don't know the notation!...and a bit fearful if I study it out, the study will turn me into a fughead!...hence 'Colossally'...a contemplation...



Saturday, January 14, 2017

OTI:one poem:1/14/17

Open To Interpretation


Minos called to his men
As they ran along the quay
Passed the Piraeus Lions
In the fog with their armor
Swords and spears
Like rattling ghosts
And loud they sounded
When they reached inside
The sheltering ship sheds.
There, scrambling to get
Theseus' ship underway
The Athenian crew surrendered
Overwhelmed quickly
To their dismay.
"Where is Theseus?"
Minos questioned,
Answered cryptically,
"Theseus some days gone
With Daedalus
Aboard a Black Ship
Crewed by Crones."
The Athenian fleet had
Scattered and fled
Before the sudden arrival
Of Minos, fog shrouded.
Citizens of Athens hid
Behind their walls
Absent their king, Theseus.
"And where bound the
Black Ship?"
Minos informed,
"Beyond the Pillars of Hercules
Crewed by Crones,
One named Ariadne."
"Minos come see!"
His men implored,
And Minos left off
And returned to the quay
And saw before the Lions,
The fog now lifting,
A Black Ship.
"Husband!  Come aboard!
Poseidon has provided means
For our pursuit,
We can catch them,
Theseus and Ariadne,
With Daedalus too,
With Theseus' ship's crew
Aboard this Black Ship!"
"Why crew with Greeks?"
Minos asked.
"Athens can be yours by
Greeks against Greeks,
So this Raven tells me."
Said Pasiphae.
The Greeks brought aboard,
Set to scrubbing,
Pasiphae commanding,
And the Black Sails set,
And the Black Ship leapt,
And Minos called out
To his astonished men
On the quay beneath the Lions.
"Maintain the siege,
I'll be back,
By what happenstance
My wife possess
Through gossip with a Raven!"
And his men cheered,
The Black Ship galloping
Away from the quay
And the Lions.




Thursday, January 12, 2017

OTI:cement river:1 poem:3 pics and note:1/12/17

Returning to my neighborhood after breakfast at Denny's, the cat under the shopping cart caught my 'photog' eye...reached home and got my canon D-20 and went back...usually, the fellow who camps here is about, often curled up sleeping, sometimes in a little camping tent, and if he had been, I would have tipped him...and not just for this photo, but too the long poem I posted up awhile back in OTI that he configured in(Bookends)...I did tip the fellow who sells flowers under the freeway bridge by the Sycamore, this by Denny's...he had been in a couple OTI poems too(Flowers For Sale, Radial Way)...took the flowers to the aboveandbelow...anyway, taking the cat pic, reminded me I wanted to take a pic of the water in the Santa Ana River, and too the growing sprawling campout on the river bank nearabout the Big A and Honda Center...thereabout is a real whipsaw contemplation...California just surpassed France as the worlds sixth largest economy...there's a kind of gated community mentality that prevents reaching out to campers, somewhat like that 'the poor are always with us' some picnic tables, barbecue stands, fire rings, campground shower and toilet facilities, a ranger patrol, and the entire length of the Santa Ana river could be a rescue for the growing overboard crowd...Los Angeles has the San Gabriel River, and I imagine other cities have self similar campgroundable locales...but that would make failing, losing, too comfortable, to some...I've seen medical bills wipe co workers out in a day...if one thinks the hard ground under an open sky is far away, think again...then again, Sierra sorts kind of prefer it!
Beat Poem
I'd link,
But you can dig,
Dig it?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

OTI:one poem and note:1/11/17

Open To Interpretation

Lion Gate
There still remain, however, parts of the city wall,
including the gate, upon which stand lions. --Pausinias 2.16.4

I pass distantly through,
Not so close as you did,
The Lion Gate,
A family heirloom,
But not my family,
Don't have one
To pass heirlooms through,
Or had one that did;
Is it any wonder,
Orphan like,
I find your far away passage?

Note: reference Pausinias: Description of Greece

Sunday, January 8, 2017

OTI:four poems and notes:1/8/17

Open To Interpretation

Two Left Feet

Two left feet?
:) more like
Two right brains.
What's that?
Oh, and two left sharks.

Plot Holes

Plot holes
Pot holes
They'll jostle
Your suspension
Of disbelief!

Old And Young

Easy enough to see
Old in old,
Young in young,
Not so easy,
Young in old,
Old in young.


"I've made light of it,
Glauce," said Jason,
"But my time inside Medea's
Helios' Chariot Dragon's gullet
Was a terror.
My knees weaken to
See this northern land's
Array of  Black Dragon Towers."
"Is Athena with us?" said Glauce,
"As when she tickled that
Dragon's throat, fearless,
And the Dragon up chucked you?"
"I don't know," said Jason,
"Far away from everywhere
We seem,
And Orpheus has no songs
For this remote peradventure."
"Medea dead,
My father will be satisfied."
Said Glauce,
"We've dragged the
Golden Fleece about
For Medea, and Athena,
For a witch and a goddess."
"Who some purpose had. "
Said Jason.
"My father wants only revenge."
Said Glauce,
"Would we have it
Medea's head wrapped in the Fleece?
An echo of Medusa?
Is that our song?
Another "Perseus?""
"We haven't shaken Medea's
Gaze," said Jason,
"But we live
And not as Dragon gullet stones.
Orpheus, help us arouse
The talking plank in the Argo's prow
And bring Athena's attention."
Orpheus played his lyre
And the Dodona plank awoke,
"Much I can,
But two places at once
Are too nearly distant."
"We would that Creon's heart
Would soften," said Jason,
"Hardened as it was by Medea.
He drags us along,
And we no longer sing with him."
"I sent you not," said Athena,
"But now that you are there,
It importunes;
The Sword and Sandals
Now your purposed care.
Old men rail to the end
With child's fists.
Creon cannot strike you all
Standing together.
Seen once,
Terrors fear mirror,
Seen twice,
Terrors fear shatter."


Notes: Plot Holes!...I didn't know the name for such, though as often as all I've bumped along over in around them!...this is too funny...brb...


Gary Larson discussed the question with regard to his comic strip, The Far Side; he noted that readers wrote him to complain that a male mosquito referred to his job sucking blood when it is in fact the females that drain blood, but that the same readers accepted that the mosquitoes live in houses, wear clothes, and speak English.



While many stories have unanswered questions, unlikely events or chance occurrences, a plot hole is one that is essential to the story's outcome. Plot holes are usually seen as weaknesses or flaws in a story. However, certain genres (and some media) that require or allow suspension of disbelief—especially action, comedy, fantasy, and horror—are more tolerant towards plot holes.


I see the 'lifts' as I go along, but often unsure where they came from...a dim suspicion made me cross reference Onyx and Petra meeting at the Dragon Tower Door with the scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc when Indiana Jones walks into Miriam's tavern...just so...and Miriam running around the streets of Cairo in pantaloons and Captain's garb just so too! prime has available now Raiders, so I watched it last night...I knew when I saw first the movie that Spielberg was 'lifting' from all over...Indie and Miriam tied to the pole with their eye's shut, lifted from Odysseus tied to the mast with his ears plugged...which I lifted, and noted, with Creon/Tutor and Glauce/Nurse holding fast to one another, like 'Odysseus to the mast' when the angry throng descends on them...Indie and Miriam closing their eyes is a 'plot hole' a snippet of a deleted portion of scene, when the soothsayer is eyeing and explaining the brass medallion, he adds to keep ones eyes closed when opening the Arc...the hole is how did Indie know to tell Miriam?, which  the deleted scene explained...a google search brings up all kinds of plot holes...I've gone over such inconsistencies and head scratchers in Midnight Movie posts, as in Hitchcock's movies...and just generally, rail against plot holes all the time, unavoidable as they are in 'some media'!...oh, 'Athene' can be spelled with 'e' for ending, I think, but in keeping with the spellcheckers red line, I've begun ending Athena with 'a'...spelling is like spackling...some sharp eyes always pick out where the picture hung...



Saturday, January 7, 2017

OTI:five poems and notes:1/7/17

Open To Interpretation

from Black Dragon Lore

The points of Black Ship Harpoons
Are sharp as a needle
And numerous as a Porcupine's spines.
The Harpoons are held flat
Along the hull, across the sails,
And during a Black Dragon attack
They extend with such speed
As to become airborne,
Striking Dragons.
Not to be deterred
In their harvest of
Black Ship Lanterns,
Black Dragons are adept
At dodging Black Ship Harpoons.
Now, Black Ships seek human crews
With Harpoon skills.
Minds combined,
Air and Sea together,
A Harpoon thrown by humans
Doesn't miss its mark.
Black Dragons avoid
Crewed Black Ships
In their pursuit
Of Corposant Lanterns.

from Black Dragon Lore

Black Ship Sails
Are like crepe
Strung with neon rigging
Like open to the wind filigree
On masts like stems
Of black thistles.

from Black Dragon lore

Black Ship Corposants
Shoot out from the Masts
And can devastate Black Dragons
And are a Black Ship's truest defense.
Lesser corposants held in Lanterns
Bejewel a Black Ship with
Warm and colorful illumination.
Corposant Lanterns
Are sought after treasures
By Black Dragons to light their Towers and Nests.


Sing to a Black Dragon
And Dragon be still
Sing on a Black Ship
And gallop it will!

White Marble

White marble is beautiful
And fundamental
Like bone:
Athena's tall columned temple
On the Acropolis,
The storied colors
Long ago
Wind and rain washed away.


Notes: reference Scottish Thistle...reference 3-D Graphene!...ral...



Thursday, January 5, 2017

OTI:eight poems and notes:1/5/17

Open To Interpretation

I'll Not Ask

I'll not ask you
To follow on
On a fallen dream,
But these roads ahead
We're made a long way back
For our travel.
I maintained some,
Traveled one,
Wondered where the others went.
How you choose
Is yours,
The roads are theirs
Left behind.
We just walked one.

My Where

Here's my where,
I don't move about:
I love you to Pluto and back
And if you show up
All clean and shiny
Or all grime and dirty
I love you to Pluto and back.


I'd like to come home at night
And while waiting for sleep
Talk with you about stuff,
It can be any old stuff
So long as it's a wonder.


I like wonders
And you're wonderful.


For gawd's sakes,
I'm not going to hold you up
In the aether
Like some blue ribbon
Prize at the Fair.

Cats And Doggers

I'm superstitious.
It's raining cats and doggers
In the Sierra.
Any day now the Governor
Will announce the drought
Is abated, for now.
Did you do that?
Or was it Aphrodite!?


How he
Of all the Greeks
Couldn't make it home
Through all Poseidon's
How he who made it so
For the Greeks to reach home,
Wandered homeless.


I too
Need that superglue
To stick to you.


Notes: Midnight Movies: back a week or so, I went and saw Rogue One...they lifted Ichi out of the Zatoichi movies...insomuch as I've done that my own self in BDT, I found it amusing...there are a lot of things in BDT that are lifted, and they're common liftings!...I have amazon prime and watched the first season of The Expanse...first episode was titled 'Dulcinea', and later on the heroes name their stolen Martian Navy Frigate, the 'Rocinante' (after Don Quixote's horse)...there must be some import to the Cervantes references, but I haven't fathomed it yet...maybe in season 2, when I have access to that...I'm gonna cave and get pay tv...att has allied with directTV, which is a dish I can put on the roof, and I think that will side step the slow phone line connection I have which precluded hooking up to time warner...maybe internet can come through direct...miss playing wow...still can, but when I'm in a crowd, there's too much lag...oh, and they're going to remake Charmed...set in 1978?...first time I saw the little saying, 'to Pluto and back' was in a linked Alyssa Milano post for her kids...I thought to google 'to Pluto and back', and the crowd sourcers cover it...crowd sourcing may be the only thing the web is good for!...doing BDT I'm beginning to have a sense of how narratives, novels, screenplays, work...never gave much thought to the behind the scenes stuff...reference, again, Plutarch, or was it Euripides? going on about Aphrodite and rain...brb...Euripides, though Plutarch too!