Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Newport Beach Pier Sunrays

Rolled out to Balboa and paddled out to the Pier with just the cameras and tripod, and perched on the same bench as last Evening...and looked to be the same overcast, and same sunset show setting up over Newport Pier...Sunrays played on the Ocean a long while...but no luck to see the big orange ball...too many clouds...cloudy with clear spots warm light breeze...group of retired folk took an interest, and a good talkabout...Pelicans, 'hundreds', at Salton Sea...group from Palm Springs...talkabout made up for the cloudiness!...and fish gear stayed in Silver!

Newport Beach Pier Sun

Rolled out with all the gear to Balboa Pier...so taken with the Sunset pics that I'm posting them up at 12:30 am!...and didn't use the fishing gear...just the camera gear!...clear warm light breeze...brave Seagull!...missing one foot, and most the webbing on second...googled sunset pier in google images...there is a Sunset Pier in Florida...and a jillion sunset pier pics on the web...don't know but a few hundred were being taken by everyone in the Promenade on Balboa Pier this evening...and I imagine sunset piers are to photogs what old barns are to watercolorists!...had to crop the foreground too much in the Palms pic...but it was the parking lot...and tomorrowmorrow I need to take the tripod along and try for the Promenade moving, rather than still like in second pic down...the 50x picks up a fishing pole in that pic, and the surf fishermen in the other...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Seal Beach Pier Evening

Yesterday Evening, rolled out to Seal Beach Pier, with some hesitation...not sure if there would be parking...while thinking on this (I tend to worry things into the ground!), visited Bolsa Chica...new signs up...pic, and Egret pics...Terns, lots, usually are...and the usual desperated photogs...long expensive lenses with no where to go!...continued to Seal Beach, and made it there in spite of a few U-turns thinking to go back to Balboa!...over arching thought has been to visit all the Piers I visited on the Bus, at Sunset...don't know if I'll make it to Belmont and San Pedro, but all the spots between Seal Beach and San Clemente a must do...taking pics, both for the sake of getting a good photo, and getting a good reference to paint from, I'm never sure what I'll come across...evening Pelican pic at Huntington is gold...I can see all the feathers for painting, and the gold coloring in the evening sunlight is cool too!...and at Seal Beach Pier the parking was simple, metered spots right next to the Pier, much like Balboa...same cost too!...I was hungry, so before Pier, found a restaurant, Hennesey's, and fish tacos and ice tea...only two hours on the parking meter, so left the fishing gear in Silver, and joined the Promenade on the Pier...big Croakers being caught, and small Shark and Ray...sun was down, too long at the restaurant!...clear warm light breeze...I have an old frame backpack, camp trails, a treasured relic!, and spent the morning working out how to load it up with the fishing gear...got bungees and round cooler at Home Depot, little boxes at a one dollar store, blue ice thingys at Target...shoppings fun...stores are like art galleries, to my thinking!...need still to get some modeling clay...I think the clay would work to store the jigs..brb...a recent patent, 2007, for a multi hook jig storage device...looks to be a standard snap lid plastic box with a little compartment for each hook!...patent description mentions SABIKI brand jigs, which are the ones I have...there's a real artistry, and discipline, to making patents!...resembles, I'm thinking, the effort to identify a new species of fish, and have one's chosen name attached to it!...one of my marine science instructors had accomplished this, and was pleased to tell the tale when we were going over how to id fish!...oh...looked up how to store SABIKI rigs--3/4" pvc pipe, Styrofoam, wooden dowels...SABIKI even makes a pipe thingy...


The Promar Sabiki Stick Boat Rod with Storage Bag is not your typical fishing rod. This unit is designed for fishing Sabiki-style, with bait rigs. Purposely designed with only one line feeder guide and an open-ended rod tip, a bait rig can be threaded into the rod blank, eliminating the hassle of tangled rigs and dangerously exposed hooks. When not in use, reel the entire Sabiki bait rig into the rod for no-tangle storage. Since it does not get tangled, the Promar Sabiki Stick Boat Rod is easy to transport, as well. With its 3-piece section design, it's easy to break down and then reassemble for a thrilling day on the water.


well. a visit to walmart on the way!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Yesterday Evening, purchased frozen Anchovies at the Little Store on Huntington Beach Pier...behind the cashier on the wall a flyer announcing the Huck Finn fishing contest back in June...(oh!...but contest is this August 16!!...see this link:


oh again...but that was yesterday in the morning--missed it!)...thought on that a bit, how past things can carry on, and too having just finished reading Huckleberry Finn!...frozen Anchovies are mushy, and trying to put little small pieces on the little small hooks of the bait jig doomed--bait falls off a lot...everything set, line in the water, sat back and watched Sunset, and the Promenade--folk strolling out to the end of the Pier..."catch anything?"...'not yet!"...wished a lot of good luck!...but no fish...parking meter time, and picked up...clear windy warm...next bait store visit I'll have to look about for Ghost Cocoon elastic bait thread!...

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Yesterday Late Afternoon, rolled out to Newport Pier, and thinking there are stores right there, to purchase Bait...and at the Pier, I joined the circling throng of Cars trying to find a metered parking spot, and only went around once, and so diverted to Balboa Pier, where I was certain there was metered parking like Evening before, and every visit I've made there really...free parking along the streets at either Pier is all taken up, and I wonder how residents park!...there is a stretch of street sides mid-way between the Piers that had open free space slots, and lots of metered slots, but it's a long walk from thereabout!...once parked at Balboa, I learned there was Bait for sale at Davey's Locker, and paddled there, small ice chest in hand...$5 dollars for a small box of Squid, which I put in the chest, where it even looked smaller...hmmph...thought to get a hot dog at my favorite vendor, the little window store where the car ferry docks at the Island...dollar to ride across...and the store was closed, it being near Sunset now...Kayakers pic thereabout on return to Peninsula...another dollar...and a hot dog at the corn dog store where the Ferry docks thereabout!...well, by now the impulse to put line in the water was fading with the fading light, but I did walk out to Pier's End to looksee...a real crowd thereabout!...one fisherman's wife all tangled up in his jig while she was unhooking his fish--Mackerel...dodging this, I stepped on another's Pole just laying on the cement...many Mackerel being caught, and a festive atmosphere!...this too all along the Pier, and back at the Balboa Fun Zone--couples and families strolling, buying tickets for the evening Harbor Cruise...the Peninsula is kind of unique, restaurants and bars all crowded, everyone walking, and on one side is the open expanse of the Bay, and on the other the very big open expanse of the Ocean--Nature on either side...sunny blue warm...adding up the expenses, I've gathered that just getting a line into the water is expensive!...Squids still frozen when I got home, and on reading the packaging, I surmise one can eat "bait" Squids...stored bait Squids in the freezer...and I realize the fishermen saving little fish caught, rather than being tossed back, are being saved for bait...and for sometime a report on the web reading I did on baits this Morning!

Friday, August 15, 2014


Tried to put everything I could think of in Silver, and rolled out to Balboa Pier in the Late Afternoon Yesterday...while trying to figure out the Toll Parking Dispenser, which was trying me much as the MetroLink Ticket Dispenser, a fellow stumbled past me with a large bag..."oh....you're from the Boat!"...he had his poles in one hand, and Big Fishes in the bag...solved the parking ticket riddle--$4.50 for three hours--and went back to Silver and gathered the gear...found a spot along the Pier Railing far from everyone as I could...all the new gear made me self conscious, and I was trying to avoid attention!...and failed, thrice folk interrogated me, and I had to just own up and say, "I haven't fished off the Pier since I was a kid...gear is all new, see?!"....my fingers aren't nimble, threading needles, and tying knots in monofilament, are problematic...just cutting the filet knife out of its package with a pocket knife was an adventure...wonder how many wounds occur just from opening vacuum formed plastic packaging?!...everything unpackaged, set up the folding Big 5 chair, tied nylon rope to the five gallon Home Depot Orange Bucket, and tossed it over and brought it back up half filled with salt water, put the spinning reel on the lower pole section, and used the pocket knife to pry off the packaging around the reel, and knicked the monofilament!...unreeled a lot of line until the knicked section was off, and cut that away, rolled the useless line into a bird's nest, and threaded new line out through pole's eyes...and tied on the bait catching jig with the one knot I know from tying down underwater in SCUBA gear hundreds of plastic seaweeds in the Submarine Lagoon (a task during Sub rehab at Disney)...all set, I thought, and put the rig over the rail, and it plummeted to the bottom..."oh"...I forgot to flip the Spinning Reel before I threaded out the line through the pole's eyes...not sure what that thingamagig is called...brb.."Bail"...it's a half circular wire ring that flips from casting position to reeling in position...in reeling in position it rotates and catches the line, wrapping it around the spool the line is on, which is spinning...hence, Spinning Reel!...hmmph...lifted all the line back up by hand, cut it all away again as it tangled all up, and tied another knot...line over the rail again into the Ocean...success!...jigs work by lifting and dropping them, and intent on this, one of  the thrice said, "You look so intent!  What are you catching?"...maybe they intuited there was more to my effort than met the eye!...I self depreciated a bit and..."We caught Swordfish and MahiMahi!"...hmmph..."I'll likely have some such dinner too..."...but I was a content and happy clam!...a beautiful evening, photogs about taking sunset pics, and iphonetogs taking selfies and groupies with sunset backdrops...it was warm until Sunset, and then the Ocean breeze was cool, too cool for just my tshirt and light longsleeve...the Valley winter jacket I had unpacked looking for things, I hadn't thought to bring with, but it will serve well next time!...picked up and returned, checking Silver's milage to gauge the cost of such a foray...and Big Mac meal at Micky D's...sunny warm blueblue cool at sunset...oh, no Fish caught, no one else catching Fish either!...too much Wind and Wave Chop, I think...and I had no bait, no razor clams or anchovies...or ice chest...but pretty much all I needed...including a book and my hiking head lamp!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Month And A Day

Out and about before Sunrise, and after hopping on Bus Route 43, my Bus Pass wouldn't pass...the robot female voice spoke, "Your pass is invalid" or some such...usually a little green light flashes and a friendly sounding "beep"...but no, I'd suddenly joined the ranks of the drivers' annoyances!..."it's good 'til the 14th", I said showing the pass, this after several repeated passes through the slot, and one down the down slot, and the driver shrugged, and I took a seat...I worried over this all the way down Harbor, 'the pass must work until it expires!'...when one first uses a monthly pass, the machine stamps a beginning day, and an expiration day...my beginning day was July 14, 2014, and I thought I'd seen the expiration day as August 14, 2014...'today's the 13th" I'd said to the driver...for sure it should be okay...I wasn't sure about the 14th, if it ended then, or went through the 14th...I was turning these thoughts over in my head, and finally had a look at the pass...oh, expiration on the 12th, which was yesterday (and indicates pass is good through the expiration day!)...I'm a fool...figured this out (oh many times I've figured this out!) waiting on the bench for 47 or 55, the next link to the Beach...I could see my mistake...there were two 14s above and below, the years which I had thought the days, and predisposed to a count of 30 days, picturing months as equal, like 10 20 30 etc., which of course they're not, but thinking the bus system did, and went from same day one month to same day next month, but no, that wasn't it at all, it expired the 12th, and, so, so, my quest line finished yesterday, which is okay! as it was a fine day to end the quests on!...I even brought home yesterday some fine "achievement" loot, the mentioned Kingfisher photo print, and the Dolphins tile, and too, a small plush toy Seal! "Quest Line?!" one might ask here, "what's that?!" Oh, I didn't explain this back at the start, didn't want to jinx the whole effort...the Bus Pass lay in my mail inbox for a long while, and I never had used it, and I thought it was no good, but in studying it one day, realized it just needed to be activated, and it would be good for thirty days...so, so, I thought to make a quest line of it, and ride the Buses for thirty consecutive days!...thought was to go all over Town, all the compass points, but on the first trip to Balboa Pier I was charmed by the pic of fisherman holding a fish, and thought, "I'll add that, everyday get a pic of a fisherman holding a fish. It's like the dream." "Dream!!?" one asks.  I dreamed of a fish awhile back, one that looked sorta like the one in the Doheny clip, Perch like fish, and over its head was a yellow explanation point!   In World of Warcraft the Quest Givers have Yellow Explanation Points over their heads.  Clicking on them, they speak up with a window telling of the task(s), and one accepts, and off one goes! So I made a quest, actually two quests, or tasks: ride the bus for thirty days, and get the fishermen with fish pic, and actually these are like two Dailys, Daily Quests, they're Blue Explanation Points, and, well, one gets the notion...and it was all foolish, but, but, actually kinda worked out!...much fun...scary sad and a lot of other things too...I'm wondering if I gained any rep with a faction!...I'm sure Nat Pagle didn't give a hoot...but heck with his hat, I'd say!...having sorted this all out, and sitting on the Bench waiting for 47 or 55, I got five bucks ready for a day pass, and 55 came and I paddled out to Crystal Cove...hoped much to see Osprey, but there weren't even many Seagulls or Pelicans...just a few, and usual Pipers...Phoebe about, clip for sometime, and on approach, Rabbit pic...Tide was out, tried for Tide Pool pics, but only tried...cant get a handle on how to take them yet...cloudy overcast warm clearing when I got home...oh, Dolphins far out, second visit too, last two times too far out for pics or clip...I need a leaping Dolphin pic, Dolphin vertical out of the water...:)