Thursday, October 30, 2014

The White Dog

The White Dog prefers the neighbor's front yard for p&p, and on the course there, invariably pauses to give Silver a sniff...I sit on the front step, contemplating, and keeping an eye out for passerbys on foot--Pooch, (the White Dog doesn't have a name, so I call her Pooch, like I call all dogs without a name) is excitable, bursting into woofs that make her bounce at the approach of strangers, bounding after them with each woof...and Pooch isn't housebroken...but the small clean ups from the hard wood floors have been a minor thing...I woofed once about it, but regret it, as it's a minor thing!...anyway, the thought of carpeting the floors seems problematic...carpeting gets grungy quick too anyway...we used to joke about the carpet critters at Last seemed to think it good to get rid of it, and installed tile, which is best in a I worked in, Orange Coast's Captain's Room, carpeted the kitchen, thinking I guess the clean up would be good discipline for the cooking least two of the bedrooms need to be sanded...but I'd like to do all the floors as the stain I used before is dark, and I'd like to lighten things up a bit...the bedroom I'm working in is like ten by ten, and after having worked on one foot and a half strip, I have an is going to take 'oceans of time'!!!...if I do a strip a day, it'll take like ten days--a Ten Day Daily Quest line!...hmmph...I forgot to get paper breathing filter masks, and when I do tomorrow, I'll ask about renting a floor sander...the instruction video has it that one can just turn the hand sander on, locking the switch in on position, and let the weight of the sander do the work, sliding backward and forward with one hand holding does the work by standing on one's knees, holding the switch in on position, and pressing down with both hands, going with grain left and right sideways in front of's an awkward stance, and I need to give my muscles time to get used to started out sunny and clear, but clouds are coming on, and the Donut Shop had it 'it might rain'...'we'll see'....Pond level was down, that happens in anticipation of rain...Pond very quiet...Coots about...a curio is how in olden days wooden ships were sanded...they were a marvel of woodworking...brb...


The US Navy has it the term may have come from the fact that 'holystoning the deck' was originally done on one's knees, as in prayer...
Holystoning is referenced in Richard Henry Dana, Jr.'s diary, the 1840 classic Two Years Before the Mast, in what he calls the "Philadelphia Catechism":[9]
“Six days shalt thou labor and do all thou art able,
And on the seventh—holystone the decks and scrape the cable.”


But holystoning isn't quite sanding a floor clean and smooth, and for that old woodworkers used planes and scrapers, and the old Egyptians may have used stones...I have two planes from the stay in the Valley...I bought the second forgetting I bought the first...the Cabin was settling, or being raised up by the Cedar!, and the door frame was all out of whack...thought to take the door off the hinges and plane it down, but never got around to do the floor with a plane, I'd need the biggest sort, I think...but tomorrowmorrow will try the jack plane...leastwise it'll be quieter!...oh!...searching youtube for 'refinnishing hard wood floors', and the like, bring up some good's one:

oh!...and while editing the post, I got to thinking of the stone use...and of flint scrapers...and here is wiki's take on the first scrapers...likely the first tool! link doesn't bring up flint scraper, or maybe prehistoric technology!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Painting And Floors

"an epic game seven!"

Giants win...:)

Pic up from a couple days back...woodwork and walls done in the living room and one bedroom...tomorrowmorrow, a quick trip to home depot for ear belt sander I'll be using to do the first bedroom floor is a bit noisy...painting is nice, quiet, and I could listen to the series!...and it'll take awhile to do all the floors, I know, having done it before, but thanks to youtube instruction video, I have a better idea how to do it this time!...sunny clear, I did the bedroom closet, and the linen closet in the hall...a lot to paint, and out of sight, but, they just had that look of needing painting!...I've become a 'completionist'!


Each recipe and achievement has its own instruction for obtaining/fulfilling. There are however some key factors which all players who could be called "completionists" should possess:
  • A decent ability to solo
  • A mediocre to large sum of money (especially important for recipe-completionists, for buying stuff on the Auction House)
  • A good social network, such as many friends or a helpful guild (for helping out, alerting, etc)
  • An ocean of time (for grinding, checking the Auction House, etc)
  • Persistence and patience (what didn't happen today may happen tomorrow - or perhaps next Christmas)


along with Bumgarner!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pelican Pier Diving

"How about that Anthony Davis for the Pelicans?"

Laker game had started up while I started working on post, and announcer was going on about a player for the Pelicans, who won this evening...Laker's lost, and while listening now, have lost a new rookie player to serious injury...not a good Laker night!...'as bad as opener as you can have'...yep...Giants lost too...started the rollabout to Balboa Pier when World Series game began..and...usually two innings gets me to the parking lot...this time two innings got me around and about the Pier, with pics and all! zip at the end of two in favor of the Royals...ten to zip when that game finished up...hmmph...Two Pelicans were diving from the Pier Railings...kept trying for pics, but Pelicans out of frames...and slide show pics up, while framed, were very dark, and had to over process to lighten...maybe Pelicans will be diving next time...I could get really close, like right next to Pelican...Pelican has bands on each leg...Pier quiet...fishermen about quiet...made the Bay circuit and really quiet...kinda fall winter no crowds dog soda chips snack, and returned, still listening to Giants game...sunny clear warm...Sun setting over Catalina now...lens flare in pics...for sometime...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Election Day

Changing California voter registration from one county to another...

The answer how to do this, is to just re-register once you've moved, and here is one site for that:
and avoid the rigmarole I went through in the lengthy tale below!!


Voters who have moved within their county without re-registering to vote. The voter's name is not on the polling place roster because they moved within the county but did not re-register to vote. This also happens when a voter updates their driver's license with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) but the DMV's computer system doesn't update the voter's registration information, as it is required to do by law. In either instance, the voter is entitled to vote a provisional ballot at the polling place based on their current address. The elections official is required to count the ballot if the voter's signature on the provisional ballot envelope matches the signature on the voter's prior registration form. The elections official is then required to re-register the voter at their new address for all future elections. (Elections Code sections 14310, 14311, 15350, 15100 et seq.)


Morning started out routine enough (Morning starts for me like after Noon!), showered shaved brushed the teeth, and was sitting on the back porch step, contemplating the Backyard after tying my hiking boots...and Brown Squirrel showed the long lens, but Squirrel gone...took a seat in the yard awhile, maybe Squirrel would re-appear...took Sparrow pic...and sighted Hawk, Donut Pond's Cooper's Hawk, I'd say...high up faraway pics...something for the blog, I thought, seeing how I'd be about the day interior wall painting, again, and no rollabout...I really don't like house painting...anyway, before picking up the paint roller, I thought to call up and find out why I haven't got any voter info in the mail for the upcoming election...I suspected something happened in the change of address from Mariposa County to Orange County...and I thought this had been taken care of when I did my change of address send in forms at the Post Office in the Valley...but no, I was told over the phone by Orange record of me...'that can't be!' I protested, 'after all, I should be on a State list'...'we don't have that list, just our County's' the response...'let me talk to supervisor'...same response...and I learn that the 20th has passed, and I can't register (in time for 11/4 election)...'but I am registered!' I kept saying...'we have no record' they kept saying...'I can't vote Nov. 4?'...'you're not registered, we have no record'...a co-worker at Last Chance, from the Deep South, once said on review of a dust up with the boss, 'they were making me hot!' with a for me treasured memory of the intonation on the word 'hot'...I was getting hot...and layed out that I was a US Citizen, and have the right to vote...'we have no record'...I left off, and thought a bit, and then called the California Secretary of State number...'we have no record'...nearly an identical conversation!...'I'm a US Citizen, and I hope to hell this conversation is recorded'...'you can fill out a complaint form...we have no record of your changing counties'...I left off, and thought..and called Mariposa County...'we removed you from the rolls when you moved'...repeatedly to all I tried to explain the cards I filled out when I changed address...'so you know I moved, didn't you inform Orange County?'...'we don't do that'...'isn't that supposed to happen, like the card said?'...'card specified that you must tell the new county of your move and re-register'...'that's not what it said, as I recall, but if so, it's my can I correct it, how can I vote?'...'register in your county'...'I cant, it's too late for this election, why didn't you tell them?'....'it's like registering a car at dmv, it's up to you to tell dmv when you move'...'no it's not, I protested, that's apples and oranges...this is about my voting right, I'm a US Citizen, I carry that where ever I go, and the State should have a list!'...'we only have our county's records...'...'I can't vote..,I'm disappointed in all this...'...'I'm sure you are...'...and I left off for the third time, and thought...DMV...I changed my voter registration location at DMV too, I I called DMV...fifteen minute wait...'do you have record of my changing my voter registration address?'...'let me check...(this took awhile and the DMV gal went out of her way!)...yes, Feb. 2014'...'Orange County was informed?'...'yes'...this made sense, as Mariposa knew I had moved, but why Orange County didn't I hadn't fathomed yet...'thanks so much!'...'you're welcome'...left off, and called back Orange County...'we have no record'...'DMV says Feb. 2014'...'we have no record'...'let me talk to supervisor'...'I have it that DMV informed Orange County of my move in Feb. 2014'...'we have no record'...supervisor answers...'but sometimes things get lost', with the talk of the Post Office notification, it always came back that I was to blame somehow, or the Post Office lost the mail, somehow, and my only recourse was to re-register in Orange County, with the implication that I'd miss this election...'you can vote with a provisional ballot in this coming election' supervisor, so, now that I inform Orange County that the ball was dropped between them and DMV, and likely dropped form Orange County's hands, somehow, I am given the provisional one previous had said anything about a provisional ballot...and there was a lot of talk back and forth about how I could vote...but at the mention of 'provisional ballot' I cooled off immediately...and so supervisor gave me polling place address, and apologized!!...remarkable...somethings to note:  the quote above, found when martialing arguments from the web...and the fact that there is a state wide list of registered voters, and why the counties didn't acknowledged this, and the Secretary of State's office, I don't know! should be the simplest of things to look up one's voting history and counties of residence...and once you register to vote, you carry that where ever you go, that isn't something you need to re-new when you move in Califronia, and if you have done everything you can to tell California of your move with in California, you should be re-registered in the new thought I had when talking to Sacremento: 'can I go to Mariposa and vote?'...this before calling Mariposa...'no, that would be illegal, you are not living in that county'...'so you know I'm in Orange County, why haven't they registered me?'...'you can fill out a complaint form....'....and that is the crux of the matter, why didn't Orange County know I live now in Orange County?...both the Post Office notification, and the DMV, said to them as much...I cant fathom that both these sources were 'lost'...sunny clear warm...I find, that I can do like one thing a day...this is my one thing today!...and like Curly said...'just one thing...' now....I should add, the quote above is about 'in county' moves...but if one reads the DMV form it tells of between county county, between county, is a quibble...I'm a US Citizen!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Laundry Day

"Hello Pooch..." I said, side stepping through the open glass window door...Pooch had the disposition of a front porch pooch, sprawled across the laundry's linoleum tile floor, and wasn't inclined to lift an eyebrow at my managing my laundry baskets...not many launderers about, could have my pick of wash machines...more often moms have taken all of them, and I'm left with the choice of the over size more expensive ones...quarters dropped, buttons pushed, I took a seat in Silver to wait, and listen to sports talk radio...oh, it's a yawn how they go on and on, and I daydream a call in to the show, berating them for the ragging on the Lakers all the time--you all are like republicans ragging on democrats! of the talkative admitted as much--being republican...they've become negative adjectives, the words, clock indicated 27 minutes had passed...Pooch hadn't moved, and is a big dog...trying to think of adjective for Pooch's looks, I think up "beautiful-ugly"...should be a word that is a combination of beautiful and ugly!...clothes in the dryer, quarters dropped, buttons pushed...time for 36 minutes of pool...just the propieter and friend about in the pool hall, watching the giant tv...same brand as mine, Toshiba, but like three times bigger, and mine is big!...pool hall is about three fourths billiard tables, which I've never played, and it's unusual when three ball billiards is being played around town...but Mexico must play it...hall is a Mexican reads a pool hall like a quarterback reads the defense, or a poker player looking for tells in their opponents...a sleepy hall on a laundry day afternoon...I usually just poke the balls about without much intent...overhead lights were out...saving electricity...and I took a pocket pool table near the open entry glass door and windows for light, but the proprietor came over and turned the table lights on...poke poke poke...a ragamuffin comes through the door while I'm sighting..."How much?" he asks...I consider...a wager?...or a table price?...thinking the latter, I point to the proprietor with friend over by the tv...but the ragamuffin pauses to watch my shot...the eight ball is in the middle of the table, about a foot from the bottom rail...the cue is near the side pocket, a foot off the rail...other balls block out, and all I've got is a straight bank off the far rail...if it works, the cue will bounce off the rail, come back, and hit the eight in the center, and the eight will go into the corner to my left...wth...I poke, and it works..."Nice shot..." the ragamuffin says..."Pure luck..." I say...and he goes over to the tv to be with his friends...the old guy may have lifted an eyebrow at the shot...I've yet to see any players of the sort I've seen else ware hereabout...afternoon workaday players for the most part...36 minutes up...I fold the clothes, discover a hole torn in one of my hiking pants...while playing pool, I bumped my iphone and the itune player started up...Dolly Parton and Linda Rondstadt and Emmylou Harris singing...'there were trumpets playing, and the archer split the tree..."...don't know how that could happen, and it took a bit to turn it off...'stick to fauna and flora' the thought, pool cue in my hands...clothes all folded and stacked in the baskets in my arms...going out the door opposite Pooch, I see Pooch's owner finishing up a conversation with a policeman with a billy club...having learned Pooch's disposition, policeman returned to his patrol car, and Pooch's owner sat patient at  one of the little blue picnic-like tables for seating, waiting for his laundry...sunny scattered high clouds warm...oh!...I forgot the girl in black felt ankle high low heel boots, black short shorts, sleeveless t-shirt. flipping a coin outside the laundry door while on her cell phone!...coin got away over the parking lot asphalt, and she had to chase it down...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beach Combing

I finished rehabing the utility room, for a long time before I get washer and dryer as they're a bit expensive!...but in the meantime, utility room is perfect for a little painting studio, watercolor and acrylic...I could even do an old time photo darkroom...utility sink is like the key to everything! to clean up while I rehab the house...utility room floor needs new lineoleum tiles, but that'll get done when I do the kithchen's...and that after all the awhile! the living room walls now...took down my photo wall, and moved the little bookshelves into my bunkroom...glad to have the books where I can glance over and see them!...and while moving the books, I found Power of Limits, and the pic I referenced in the Scalloped Seashore post...drawing is of Point Reyes...and under book Power of Limits when I picked it up, was the old auto club Via issue...oh, I thought, that's Point Reyes too!...and I have that pic from my first visit to Point Reyes, but it's on the mac...but in an old post is a bit of the Beach...
...Elephant Seals thereabout...some morning clouds clearing sunny warm light breeze...didn't get out, nor yesterday...last visit to Beach, I thought about Beachcombing, even thought to make blog called: Beach Combing Orange County's Coast With A was the camera part I was thinking of...appropriate pursuit for a beach bum would of course be beachcombing!...brb...


The first appearance of the word "beachcombers" in print was in Herman Melville's Omoo (1847).[1] It described a population of Europeans who lived in South Pacific islands, "combing" the beach and nearby water for flotsam, jetsam, or anything else they could use or trade.

from wiki


... thought to search 'beachcombing'...and this bit of jetsam at wiki's take too!


Whippy deserted his ship in 1820 and lived among the cannibal Fijis for the rest of his life.[4] The Fijis would sometimes capture the crew of a stranded ship for ransom, and eat them if they resisted. Whippy would try to rescue them but sometimes found only roasted bones. Ultimately he became American Consul to Fiji, and left many descendants among the islands.[5]


...not sure which is the best curio...'roasted bones' or 'many descendants'!!

...Oh!...and from the Via article (took magazine along to Mickey Dee's for reading while snacking) a link to Beach Combers Alert ...and a book:


Friday, October 17, 2014