Sunday, February 28, 2010

Backyard Flicker

After Breakfast, I came around the back of the Cabin, and sighted Northern Flicker on a slender Cedar....had the new camera able to get pretty close, using Cedar Trunks, and the Bus!, for cover....had time to even go get the mini digi and take a clip....left off after Flicker flew off, and paddled out to Bobcat Meadow, and made the routine circut...quiet...heard Redwing Blackbird by the Elms again...but couldn't locate...sunny blue with high haze, and warm....quiet at lunch time too...except for Robins, Acorn Woodpecker, Raven, Kinglet, making evening of Coyotes and Bobcat out in Two Top Pine Meadow...saw tracks myself of Coyote by Creek Bridge..two tracks actually, and the one looked to be a very small Coyote...or something!....Prehistoric LA was on Discovery Prehistoric New York...kinda cool!...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Deerhouse Hawk

Paddled out to Bobcat Meadow...turned up the Use Path along the Merced at Chapel Bridge, and when I neared the Apple Tree, saw Hawk, Cedar, perched in the other Apple Tree by the Woodpecker Tree...second time for this perch!, and set up the mini digi...clips....almost flight pics, but all blurry...Cedar picked up when tourists came along the Path, and flew to the Cottonwoods near where I was....tried for another clip, but too slow, and Cedar flew downstream just a bit to a perch in an Alder...better luck this time...and a second set of pics and clips....Cedar flew to the ground, and may have caught some critter, and flew across the Merced....started to cross Chapel Bridge to follow...but time...and returned to the Lower Falls on the way, met friend who was headed to the Bridge, and I gave them a heads up about Cedar...and they later reported Cedar flying back to the Apple Trees area....drizzly grey sky....some new snow on the rims....warm...Moon tonight glowing in thin lunch, walked back to Creek's Doe at Lodgpole Point....missed pic...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kern River Kestrel

Kestrel pics and clip from the weekend trip (my sister looking at digiscope).....paddled out to Bobcat Chapel Bridge, sighted Merganser Pair about to slide in the current under the Bridge...hurried down to Butterfly Flat and got a couple pics as they went by....followed Mergansers past Creek's End with the binocs...thought Mergansers might go into the Creek, but they continued downriver....and I continued upriver along the Merced, and sat a long while at the Woodpecker Acorn Woodpecker for company.... quiet....could hear Redwing Blackbird calling across the Meadow in the Elms....circled around, and when I got there, encountered two Bird Watchers looking for White Headed Woodpeckers.....'by the Deer House (Old House)'....apparently the Valley is where Bird Watchers come to see White Headed Woodpeckers and fill out their sighting lists...think I have clip of White at Chapel Bridge from last week...had a little bit of a red on its head, and have been meaning to check the books....time, and returned to the Cabin....on the short way to work, stopped to talk with neighbor, the conversation about another Bald Eagle Report from yesterday...'right overhead'....and to go with the talk, I looked up, and wayway high right overhead was Big Wings!!...but looks to be Redtail Hawk...have to check that too...not much to go on...cloudygrey overhead during the walk...warm...began to sprinkle at work...and rain at lunch...and 'cats and doggers' after work....but most of this storm looks to be South of the Valley...this on the the Tower with Kestrel on Top pic, it's hard to discern the drop off from the Bluff....we went to the Bluff to see the Kestrels...plural!...once Monday evening, and twice Tuesday...morning and evening....the Bluff is about a hundred fifty feet above the Kern River, and looks out over homes and an oil field and the Kern River...popular place for strolls and sister emailed me some Kestrel pics, and on the visit I was eager to seem them...took all the gear!!....have some more, though not enough time, and very difficult light, and forgetting the digi bracket, made taking the pics and clips problematic...but it was very cool to just see Kestrels...lots of them flying about and they call everytime they fly...perching in Palms and some young leafless landscape Trees...I dont know the names of Trees in city environs!....anyway, one Kestrel was perched atop the power line tower....only about a third of its height can be seen....just beyond the use trail in the pic...the brown dirt the drop off...and the Trees along the Kern below....I'm trying to explain what looks all flat, and isn't!....more pics and clips from Hawk Bluff tomorrow!!....Bird Watcher reported Red Shoulder Hawk 'at the Golf Course' is a male White Woodpecker that I have the clip of...for's link to bit on White Headed Woodpeckers:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kern River Woodducks

Woodduck pics and clips from the weekend trip....paddled over to Bobcat Meadow after Breakfast....all the Bald Eagle reports 'made me look' a lot!....most reports are from down in the Merced Canyon, but two neighbors saw the Eagle at the top of Upper Falls....and after inquisitive questioning, they all confirm the sighting by mentioning the White Tail....a Magnificent Blue Sky Day for Big Wings...but no sightings...a quiet walk over to the Post Office, and back the same way around about the Meadow, with a looksee across Chapel Bridge...sunny blueblue with puff clouds, warm...snow getting very thin and Crane adoption papers came in the mail...will post them up tomorrow...I was at Hart Park in Bakersfield when I took the Woodduck pics and clips, the Park has a lagoon, where I took the Pics, and along it's side the River is flowing, where I took the clips--a small island thereabout...Woodducks kept to the far side....I was having trouble with the digi, as I forgot to take the new bracket along!...rigged a bracket with a piece of wood, rubberbands, and my bandana!!!....Grey Squirrel pic by the Creek Footbridge....I've seen Chickaree hunt for the grubs in the Cedars, and now Grey Squirrel too...Chickaree at the end of the Walk in the Parking lot...ran around a parked car's tire for no reason I could discern!...

Link of the Day: (Peterson Field Guides puts up clips...this one at youTub...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lunchtime Hawk

Took the BusTrain to Bakersfield Monday...(early that morning took some scenics of the Valley during walk out and back to the Village) ...lots of pics on the weekend trip...lots of Hawks!...and Woodducks! for sometime soon....came back on the TrainBus to the Valley this morning...a long day....realized at lunch that I hadn't taken a pic today....and went to the LunchSitLog at lunch (which is around dusk--dinner time for most!)...just as I rounded the Rooms, sighted Hawk, Cedar, perched high on a Snag above the Path....had the new camera with, and took some faraway pics in dim light....light rainy day hereabout...and maybe on the long TrainBus ride...cloudy whenever I looked out the windows between dozing....Snow still on the ground from Monday morning....saw Coyote, and maybe Raccoon tracks that morning by the Creek Bridge,....reports of Bald Eagle in the Merced Canyon by Savage's....and hereabout too by the Cabin, right overhead...'Ravens were terrified'....friend drives the Bus, and is from South Africa....thought to regale them with story of the Kestrels I'd seen, and was one upped with: 'I was a PhotogSafari guide for twelve years, do you know where Botswana is??"....and they told a tale of Falcons by a waterhole in the Namib desert...I was a bit flummoxed, but I think they were Pygmy's link to dream trip!:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elm Tree Hawk

Slept in until noon, and not much time for the walk....but had an errand to do in the Village, and geared up with the mini digi and new camera....paddled out to Bobcat Meadow...turned to walk along the River at Chapel Bridge, and when I reached the Appletree and Cottonwoods and Zeke's Cedar and the L Snag--this to say about midway between Chapel Bridge and Sentinel Bridge on the River's North Side!--I saw Hawk, Cedar, fly off from the Cottonwoods straight across to the Elm Tree and perch....very cool to see the long flight....some quick pics, then set up the mini digi...Cedar farfar away...but kindofa neat clip....RainSnow falling...sprinkling....battery ran down, so picked up and at the Boardwalk past the Artist's Grove stood awhile and observed Cedar....canceled the errand!....Robin's about in the Hummocks...and Blue Birds too....Cedar made a short flight from one side of the Elm to the other, and all the Robins lifted up and found perches in the Oaks' top branches, where they sat very still!...Cedar moved again to one of the Young Elms, and I could see that with all the Oaks between for cover, I might get close enough for pic....and did!...but just three of same pose before Cedar took off and flew by back towards the Boardwalk...tried to follow and locate...but the Robins flying back down to the Hummocks were an indication Cedar flew far away...much fun to circle Bobcat Meadow sighting Cedar!...rainsnow warm, some wet snow on the trees after of Hawk, Redshoulder adult, by El Cap cutoff...maybe Coop!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hawk With Gopher

Shuttled over to the Post Office...paddled back to Bobcat I rounded the Path through the Artist's Grove, sighted Hawk, Cedar, perched in the Appletree just past the Woodpecker Tree....some quick pics, just the new camera with, and then tried to decide what to do...I could go from Pine to Pine to the Woodpecker Tree, and stay hidden.... I'd lose sight, but I did try to Indian Sneak, and just when I peeked out from the Second Pine, Cedar flew to the Ground, and caught Gopher.... no chance for pics...Cedar flew up to an Alder near the Appletree by the some faraway pics...and flight pics as Cedar flew across the River to a Tall Ponderosa...more pics....Blue Jay was scolding, and I crossed Sentinel Bridge for a looksee, maybe another Hawk....Blue Jay's calls must have been for Cedar....could see Cedar perched through the Pines...some last pics...and then made the Outside Loop...quiet...some scenic pics of Falls and Two Top Pine Meadow....wish I'd had the digi with for Cedar!...and too, I should have gone back to the Tree area, and observed Cedar with the walk time remaining....sprinkle showers, sometime clearing, with clouds about the I was reviewing the pics during break at work, I showed them to a friend who said Hawks used to often be seen, "Pergrines too"....this awhile back, friend has worked here a long time....and it's a report by someone who wasn't likely looking for Hawk like I have been, more by someone like everyone hereabout who might just notice....which reminds me of yesterday, when Cedar was calling--no one looked around to see....and Cedar's call was loud!...but it was like Cedar didn't register (to have some effect, make some impression)....poor Gopher looked pretty sad being ferried across the River, fast in Cedar's claws....

Our experienc with the Harlequins met an end on the
afternoon of May 9. We were in the tent when we heard the loud
dear call-note of the male bird. When we got to the river-bank
both birds were coming down stream. The female came and ate
at the feeding tray while the male stood guard a few' feet away.
After eating the female worked along the edge of the stream among
the stones and roots. The male kept close to her, alert and nervous
all the while uttering his low chatty notes, his sole idea being
apparently to guard the female. The female ate again at the tray,
bathed and dove a number of times and then both birds started to
drift down stream on the swift current. When about one hundred
yards below' camp they rose from the water and flew down
stream. They were last seen going under the Sentinel Bridge.
The Auk archive:
The Michaels were good at telling where in the Valley they saw critters...this tale about two Harlequin Ducks in the Spring of 1921 in the vicinity of Sentinel Bridge...where I was today viewing Cedar--charming!!
and the page that comes up when 'yosemite' is put in the search box!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Appletree Hawk

Paddled out to Bobcat Chapel Bridge, turned to the Use Path along the Merced, and when I reached the L Snag, saw Hawk, Cedar, perched on a Cottonwood Branch just in front of the Appletree....had the mini digi all set, did an Ouzel clip on Lodgpole Point just before, and got a long clip...took out the new camera for pics, then focused a bigger magnification for a closer clip....the new bracket on the mini digi is really solid!!...very pleased with it!...and happy to see Cedar and have clips...followed Cedar over to the Artist's Grove....Cedar Hawks do this to declare territory, and Cedar is in Coop's turf!....just a guess though, lot I dont know about Hawks' behavior....for certain, Cedar is the Hawk I saw yesterday....lost sight after a couple Tree to Trees....checked for mail at the Post Office, and returned through the Oak Grove...sunny with high Clouds and puff Clouds, and a little Rain at lunch time, warm....quiet at the lunch sit, listened to the Rain and watched Clouds move across Sentinel...Rain not much more than sprinkles....Ravens eating Orange pic and clip at the beginning of the walk...wish they'd take away the plastic orange fence!!...and for a departure, put a brace around the base of the Woodpecker Tree!!!

Link of the Day: (Siberian Cranes in peril)
This critically endangered species is now only found in two populations, the eastern and western. A central population of Siberian Cranes once nested in western Siberia and wintered in India. The last documented sighting of Siberian Cranes in India during the winter months was in 2002. There is a high probability this population has been recently extirpated. All but a few existing birds belong to the eastern population, which breed in northeastern Siberia and winter along the middle Yangtze River in China. The western population winters at a single site along the south coast of the Caspian Sea in Iran and breeds just south of the Ob River east of the Ural Mountains in Russia.
well...I'm tempted to adopt-a-crane...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boardwalk Hawk

Paddled over to the Post Office...and back to Bobcat Meadow...when I got to the start of the
Boardwalk, Hawk flew down to the Hummocks from the Oak with the Branch that Arcs Over Half Dome....had the mini digi with, and the new camera...debated a moment which to try to use, and went ahead with the new camera, which was just as well, as Hawk flew up and away to the Tall Snag across the Meadow...followed, but lost sight...but pics! first I thought Hawk was Coop, but reviewing the pics, I think Hawk is Cedar....but not sure...just sure Hawk is Red that I saw Hawk, as a moment earlier I had report of Hawk at the Woodpecker Tree, seen in the morning photo class walk...and was a bit envious!....other Birds reported too...Chickadee I noted...and later in the walk, I saw several myself by Chapel the Woodpecker Tree, I tried out the mini digi with the new bracket, and it worked very well...clips of Acorn Woodpecker, Raven atop the Tree; and at the Bridge, clips of HairyOrDowny Woodpecker (I can't keep straight which is which...long bill this time!), and White Headed Woodecker with a touch of red on top....think it was a White....I dont look at the books so much any more!...those clips for sometime....wanted to post up Merganser at the Bridge from a few days ago...sunny warm hazy blue....a the dusk lunch sit, lots of Robins about, and saw a Mallard or Merganser flying high headed East...oh...saw Yellow Rump Warbler yesterday...blurry pic...and the Blue Jays are active...all the Birds are in fact...curious each day now to see which Birds are arriving....

Web Page of the Day:
During a decade-long study, Canadian biologists found that red squirrels in the Yukon seem to be evolving to give birth earlier, possibly in response to a warmer climate. The scientists also discovered that sister squirrels have slumber parties on cold nights and mother squirrels plan ahead for their pups' future.
Alaska Science Forum March 20, 2003
The Secret Life of Red Squirrels
Article #1638
by Ned Rozell

I was looking for another story about Squirrel in Alsaka...friend at work cured me to it...see if I can find it..brb...

Arctic ground squirrels are one species scientists have been following at Toolik. The squirrels depend on a brief spring breeding period after their eight months of hibernation underground. But climate warming is producing unfavorable spring conditions, so the squirrels are in decline.
(Scientific American Frontiers at PBS site)
from above
Like the guillemots studied by George Divoky on Cooper Island, it's not clear whether, or how, any of these tundra inhabitants will adapt to changing conditions.
Guillemots!! is link...clips and pics and interview:

and I sent them a token.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diversion Channel Deer

Shuttled over to the Post Office...paddled back through Bobcat Meadow...Downy...think it's Downy..little bill...Woodpecker by Chapel Bridge...pic for the flight collection...crossed the Bridge...Blue Birds by the Two Ponderosas....far away pics of male and femaler Bluebirds together....will have to have a Bluebird post night!...saw two Mallards in flight at the Bridge, then saw them afloat by Half Stump...continued around on the Big Loop...near the Rooms, on the Bike Path, tourists cued me to Deer in the time in a long while I've seen Deer back in the Diversion Channel....sunny blueblue with one cloud...whereelse?...over Clouds in newspaper of Brown Pelicans in peril...brb....
Severe storms pounded the Californian coast in late-January literally battering pelicans and other seabirds. Compounding the effects of the storms there has been mass pollution caused by run-off which has washed toxins and rubbish into the sea through storm-drains, off coastal roads, and from agriculture alongside the Pacific Ocean. Seabirds have been poisoned, hurt, exhausted, and killed in huge numbers.
Here's link, from link above, to group in Orange County (home!)...and a token donation on the way....
Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chickaree And Hawk

Slept in until noon...sleep debt was getting too big!...croissant, fruit cup and coffee at Last Chance..and Shuttled over to the Post Office...had thought to walkabout with just the new camera and binocs, but the new digi bracket put it together and was eager to try it's made by Bushnell, and has a three clamp ring with a small arm for the camera...very compact and light and inexpensive!...hopeful to take it on backpack trips...back at the Cabin, geared up with everything, and at the Last Chance Store, picked up tuna, cliff bar, goldfish, and water...and paddled out towards El Cap with the whole afternoon ahead...Juncos along the Bike Path...tried the new bracket, and it works fine...more digi clips and pics by Beaver Bend....two Male Mallards and three females....stayed on the Trail beside the River awhile, then crossed the Road for an exploration of the Rocky Slope just beyond the Three Brothers...on my previous walks out to Horsetail Falls, I've seen on my right the Canyon before El Cap, and the Rock Outcrop with the Tree on Top, which must have a name...the Canyon too, and the Creek coming down...the Canyon is a very Wild Defile with a kinda Sirens call!...and I even found a very seldom traveled use Trail starting up....on the Trail, the usual expected bootprints from recent passage of previous hikers in the morning or yesterday...just remarkable that so out of the way Canyon would be visited in mid-February...but there's a real crowd at El Cap Picnic for the Horsetail Firefall, and maybe they came from I climbed higher, it was Boulders only to clamber over beside the Creek...and looking up, I sighted Big Wings hovering perfectly stationary near a Pine's Top on the Lowest Brother's Ridge Line...tried to get the new camera out quick, but the tripod with the digi wouldn't set down steady, and I missed a great scene of the Hawk hovering by the Pine...oh..I was all thumbs!...but did get pics...and it's the Red Tail Hawk with the Missing Feathers!!!...extraordinary!!!!...and very cool...Hawk flew around behind the Ridge...and will henceforth be called 'Cap'!!....I went up the Canyon far enough to see around to its upper resembles Indian Canyon, and can, it looks, be climbed all the way to the Rim...maybe the El Cap climbers come down it....will have to research this a bit!....paddled back down to the Road and crossed to the Trail by the River again....and sat awhile to rest and eat late lunch where one can look back up the River and see the Iconic View of Sentinel.....a view spot nearby too of Horsetail, which wasn't flowing very much..and Sky kinda shadows on El Cap....forgot to take a headlamp with, and with only an hour of sunlight left, decided to pick up, Horsetail Firefall for sometime, and return...hazy sunlight, was quiet out and back to El Cap...only heard a few Juncos...and maybe Pileated Woodpecker by the River....when I got back to Beaver Bend, I turned out to Two Top Pine Meadow, and there began to hear Robins piping in the Scorched Forest, and across the River...and heard them here and there all the way back to the Cabin...oh!...Chickaree was in the Cedar right outside the Store at the a good clip...for sometime!!...and too!..when I reached the Meadow, the Sun broke through, and violet alpinglow on Sentinel and Clouds Rest...and likely Horsetail Firefall did show!!
Bells and Whistles
Tonight's post is number 1000 in Fauna and Flora!....when I passed a year and a day, my origninal goal, by quite a bit, I thought to continue to have a second year to compare with the first...and after passing that...I realized the blog had become a 'Scheherazade'....a thousand and one tales!


"[Shahrazad] had perused the books, annals and legends of preceding Kings, and the stories, examples and instances of by gone men and things; indeed it was said that she had collected a thousand books of histories relating to antique races and departed rulers. She had perused the works of the poets and knew them by heart; she had studied philosophy and the sciences, arts and accomplishments; and she was pleasant and polite, wise and witty, well read and well bred."

The Creek is called Eagle Creek...
Eagle Creek cascades down from the valley rim between El Cap's Southeast Face and the Three Brothers. It offers a more interesting route than the Falls Trail to reach the summit of El Cap, but it involves a good deal of steep bushwhacking
and I think I have the name of the Rock is Split Pinnacle...and while mentioned in web sites...couldn't find a quotable!!...oh...first climbed in 1938...

Camera Visions to Share

Camera Visions to Share

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pileated Woodpecker Pair

Out and about early...sunlight halfway down Upper Falls...about seven thirty!....started out the Path to Last Chance for Breakfast...Robins calling talking...and heard Hawk back at the Cabin...retraced my steps....and looked about the Backyard....sounded like luck, and thought to make the Inside Loop, so back to Creek's End...heard Brown Creeper at Creek's End....Kinglet calls too...and Junco...and Ouzel...went out the Diversion Channel to Ozone Beach...more Robins....and to Breakfast...went back to the Path and to the Cabin for the Utility Pole beside the Path near the Cabin,, a dozen or so Robins turning over fallen Oak Leaves...a half dozen or so Blue Jays too...sometimes they dash at one another!...otherwise Blue Jay and Robin looked to get along in the same pursuit--whatever is under the Oak Leaves!..took a nap until noontime, and geared up and went out to Bobcat Meadow by the Elm....sat a long while, not sure where to the Elm, more Robins...and Acorn Woodpeckers about....there were tourists and cars everywhere!...and the Post Office closed....forgot a piece of paddled over to the Village to purchase one.....picked up lunch to take along...egg salad, cran grape, hershys...and paddled back to the Meadow...sighted Blue Birds in the Hummock Ponds...deliberated a bit...and decided to brave the Hummocks...was heading into the sunlight, and the Blue Birds kept going further ahead....finally I just sat awhile...took two scenics...for sometime!...angled around the Elm, where some Blue Birds were perching, set up the digi, and made half a dozen desultory efforts...there were a lot of Blue Birds...but few would stay perched...lots of dizzy clips with blurry Blue Birds!...did get one clear short one, and a couple pics, for sometime...stumbled through the Hummocks back to the Boardwalk, and round to the Artist's Grove...where there were more Blue Birds, and another effort...tourists walking by, especially with pooches, made things problematic!!...sometimes they'd push the Bluebird Flock my way....there's something of an art to anticipating what critters will do when tourists happen along!...oh!...back at the Village beside the Road, Three Does resting...pic of just one....Acorn Woodpecker at the Woodpecker Tree...missed digi pic...could have kept trying, but went ahead and crossed Chapel Bridge...sighted Duck upstream from the Bridge...not sure which, but with binocs saw Duck was female Merganser!!...digi was set up, so sighted in...clips for sometime...happy to see Merganser!!...was soon surrounded by curious photogs..."it's a digital camera attached to a spotting scope, a digiscope"....picked up, footsteps make the Bridge bounce, and paddled up the south side of the River aways...more Merganser clips...and the Bluebirds were congregating on the opposite bank by the L Snag...tried for clips, but too far away...continued along the River downstream, past the Bridge all the way to Creek's End... quiet along the River...dont know where Merganser got to....turned at the Cottonwood Grove, and as I neared the Big Oak by CAD Beach, more Blue a good clip...Flock moved over to the Boardwalk...just in time to scatter from approaching tourists....I walked between everyone, and continued along the River past the Boardwalks to a favorite lunch sit spot on the Bank...just around the Bend a bit, where I can look back at Cloud's Rest...and ate lunch...two Fish jumps startled enough to frighten....couldn't figure out what was making the noise so close!...I think they were Fish jumps!....hugged the River all the way around to Swinging Bridge...getting late, and I wanted to get to the Broken Cottonwood in Two Top Pine Meadow...Bluebirds are often there in late evening...when Bluebirds are around!...quiet in Chapel Swinging Bridge, sunlight splashing on leafless Young Cottonwood upstream, with a darkdark background, and reflection in the River...pic, which I like...for sometime!....another photog on the Bridge cued me to the Tree, and I had the best angle...which I think they picked up on, and the photog behind, the photog behind the photog behind!...photogs all over...I thought Horsetail Falls gathering was over...hmmph!...anyway, made it to the Broken Cottonwood for about five minutes of sunlight on the Snag Branches...good place for Little Bird pics...but no luck...sat awhile in the fading light...two tourists came by from along the River, photog came by from the Path, chasing a pic of the the light behind the Three Brothers was a great day for scenics!....and then...and then I heard Pileated Woodpecker...I'd heard one call back by the Bridge, but now I heard two calls from the Scorched Forest...and the calls repeated....and I sighted two Pileateds fly to Two Top Pine!....oh!...I want to be over there, I thought, but was where I was...couldn't sight, and picked up...some light still on the Cottonwoods, and I sighted Bluebirds flying to perch high in the Branches, what I had expected...and joining the Bluebirds, was one Pileated from Two Top!...very cool...clip with 20x....and then I heard a loud hollow taptap from a newly broken Cottonwood...and sighted the second Pileated...was able to sight the digi from where I was...scenic pic up....and took some clips...didn't know that in one, until review, I captured the arrival of the first Pileated...but did notice while in the 'tunnel' (eyes right up to the lcd screen!) a second bill while doing the clips...and so was able to take clips of both...have more clips than those up!...was very fortunate...and it was very Providential for the Two to be on the Cottonwood in the Terrific Light!...while doing the clips, the Bluebirds and a DownyOrHairy Woodpecker were overhead..tried for clip, but elevation too steep...and went back to the by one the Pileateds flew off upriver, calling....have the makings of a very good long clip!...picked up, and on the Path, sighted the Bluebirds perched, and got silhouette clips...light last pic of the Bluebirds with Upper Falls background...for sometime....nearing the Rooms along the Path, lots of Robins calling and talking and flying many Robins and Bluejays did I see today?...lots and lots!...and they broke the quiet spell over the Valley...that and the warmwarmtshirtwarm....sunny blueblue with sometimes hazy the fiberfill coat all day, but only needed it in the early morning and late the Poppies are budding along the Lower Merced...tried to keep count of the Birds...sorta...recollect hearing Northern Flicker call...and of course, Ravens everywhere...and another Ouzel by Swinging Bridge...a fine day!...oh, while doing the Pair clips, I heard yet another Pileated call over by Swinging Bridge.... Three Pileateds!...and email pics report from Andrew and Cathy in Texas...(my nephew's family)...their kids playing in the Snow...very was seventy today in the Meadow...sighted another Turtleback Butterfly...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Grey Squirrel

Started to paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow, and make the Loop, but during the looksee at Ozone Beach, took note of all the tourists over by the South Road, and thought just to make the Little Loop...sat awhile a the Erosion Fallen Cedar and Cottonwoods...Blue Birds were about...missed getting pic of male Bluebird, which I dont think I have...saw a Robin...and Junco taking bath...White Headed Woodpecker came by...all blurry or farfar away pics...picked up and walked along the River to Creek's End...sat awhile at Owl Log...then walked back to the Cabin along the Creek...harmony of the Creek is kinda in disarray with the fallen Oaks...dont know quite how to explain it...I dont think the Oaks have been so broken up by a Storm in a long time, as their branches were all balanced...and that's how the Creek looked too...balanced...maybe the Spring high water will put things back in order!....Grey Squirrel pic at the walks end in the Backyard....quiet sits and walk otherwise!...sunny blue hazy sky...and warmwarmtshirtwarm!....hmmph...knats are about in the Woods....Ants all over the Cabin's Tiki facilities...a small Bee hovered in front of my eyes yesterday...and by Ozone, saw a Turtleback Butterfly...Robins calling and talking at dusk at lunch...and Acorn Woodpeckers talking too, as they often do at last light..

Well..there is something in progress called the Great Backyard Bird Count!


January 26, 2010—Bird watchers coast to coast are invited to take part in the 13th annual Great Backyard Bird Count, Friday, February 12, through Monday, February 15, 2010. Participants in the free event will join tens of thousands of volunteers counting birds in their own backyards, local parks or wildlife refuges.


only one day left, tomorrow...Bird counts often leave out just whereabout a Bird was seen...I mean like what Branch on which Tree!!....but nothing planned for tomorrow, so will count...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Woods Pileated Woopeckers

Shuttled over to the Post Office...paddled back through Bobcat Meadow...oh...bought a book at the Bookstore about Shrubs for sometime....quiet in the Meadow...crossed Chapel Bridge and went out along the Merced to opposite Creek's End...thought I saw Big Wings...once just a glimpse...second time in the Cottonwood Grove--three Ravens...paddled back the way I came to Lower Falls and around to the Cabin...did hear Brown Creeper by the River...sunny hazy clouds warm...on the way to work, heard Pileated Woodpecker Pair by the Cattails....had some time, and was able to Robin at the LunchSitLog...warm still walking back to the Cabin after work, which was holiday hectic!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oak Flicker

Paddled over to the Post Office...lookedabout awhile in Bobcat Meadow...quiet...on the Path at the Post Office, glimpsed Grey Wings on the other side of an Oak Trunk...peeked around, and there was Northern Flicker busy at a small Oak and clips.. really like the pics!...paddled back the way I came, but quiet in the Meadow...maybe saw Song Sparrow at the Boardwalk Azaleas...blurry pic...sunny blueblue with some hazy clouds...and warmwarm....thought I saw Hawk across the Road outside the Big Windows at Break...hurried out and luck...and paddled about Owl Woods at Lunch...quiet Hawks today...just Ravens seen soaring in the Magnificent Blue of Blue Heron at Clark's Bridge...heard Brown Creeper at the Creek Footbridge...almost got pic of Little Bird before the Flicker pics....I was trying to see the Little Birds when I sighted Flicker...Kinglets, I think...

Blog of the Day

Christine, or Edie, mentioned that Michael Frye has a colletion of wildlife pics from his early beginnings of photo taking in the Valley...this Post Up has Coyotes...I saw myself more Coyotes in 2003 than now, and each year it seems like fewer...I can't even imagine seeing them often enough now for names!... Coyote was calling behind the Cabin about three days ago...forgot report!...likely Coyote population fluxuates with the Little Critters', like Squirrels...Snow is melting away fast everywhere, so tracking any Critter is becoming problematic! There are a lot of Grey Squirrels about the Rooms...

Link to Bloggers Blog on problems...I cant see other blog videos either, and I suspect it has to do with the new editing tools...I think they are working on it...'video' is in the 'outstanding' tray!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Contrails And Hawks

OutAndAbout a bit earlier....Hawk, Coop, was in the Big Oak just to the Deer House side of the Path by Flicker Grove....and this time I startled Hawk...Hawk was making an odd call high in the Oak, and then flew to the Pines back by the Creek....followed, but not much luck...did get a pic!...which kept the string going, but not much of a pic, I thought...disappointed, I hung around Bobcat Meadow awhile, then went to the Post Office...Deer were about by the Elm...pic...counted nine....picked up mail, and when I started back to the Meadow, the Deer from the Meadow showed up, and congregated in front of the some kinda cool pics, and took lots clips...other photogs with the Gallery in background making them so...for sometime...paddled back to the Cabin after a sit awhile at the Long Fallen Ponderosa...quiet...dressed for work, and when I started out the Cabin's Door...Door's actually...spent much time this morning fixing the inner one...anyway...I sighted Hawk, Cedar, flying over the Swimming Pool across the Road....trotted over to the Room's Sidewalks...and with Bobcat in pursuit behind, I tried to reach Cedar before Bobcat did...not the critter sorta Bobcat, the mechanical miniature skip was huffing and puffing and bangitybanging clearing Snow...thought sure Cedar would fly off...but the Bobcat turned....and I was able to Indian Sneak from Tree Trunk to Tree Trunk, and got some pics of Cedar I like, making the string more defined!...Cedar was right next to the Bar and Big Windows, which are a concern...dont know, but I think Cedar was the 'falcon' that was seen hitting the windows and recovering awhile back....the Contrails pic was taken when I was first out in the Meadow...the Trails show up in certain types of weather...want to say 'high sky' weather...there was high overcast, cerulean blue, warm, with a light breeze...the ghostly breeze has been about most of unidentifiable critter in the middle of the night over at the Train Wreck...'like a poodle, or small sheep'...'lots of fur'...'pale in color'....sounds like a Bear Cub...but will have to get more info....and report from the photo walk class of Blue Heron 'rusty color' at Lower Falls...'great pics'...this yesterday, and student had downloaded and deleted from camera, so no looksee...hmmph, to both reports!...oh, while I was by the Woodpecker Tree, Coop came flying by on my right over the River, and banked into the Artist's Grove...but couldn't locate...photogs walk along the Meadow Path watching the Falls...I watch the Tree Line along the Merced!