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OTI:one poem, notes:12/13/17

Open To Interpretation

Foreign Lands

I'm an unknown country
Not of your cartography,
And not likely
You'll beseech your
King and Queen
To fund some expedition,
Equip a ship,
Bring along all you need
To go far away a long while
Looking for what
You're not sure you'll find.
Of your land I know:
From when your towns
Are storm lashed,
The caravan bandits
And sea roaming pirates
Bring the horizon stories.
Would you un-trammel me,
You think,
Walk with me
My land's paths?
I could send you an invitation,
A map that suggests
Your world could be round.

'You'd civilize me!',
Was a thought,
End my languor
In this sweet time
With nary a notion
There's more than ocean,
Some far away shore,
Some far away land
With no return.

What I once was,
What you once were
Will all be gone
If you wade ashore,
Unload strange beasts
You ride astride.

So long as I breath
I still speak my old tongue
When your back is turned
Looking at that cell phone.


Notes:...hmmph...from the iPhone notepad to yahoo mail to Tablet to blog...bit of a journey in itself! editing tools on the tab to learn...maybe too many...and so sensitive...stunfortunately. ..stuff pops up like that!...bit slick to walkabout...



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OTI:20 poems, notes:12/10/17

Open To Interpretation

So, I slew the war my rival for you
And knew its end to be my end as well.
That Dragon was fire over all you loved too,
Making smoke of all that Fate can sell.

A foolish merit I had to think that
From unfolded pages dreams can come true,
And you, you twirling spinning acrobat,
Would find the time to be just me with you.

So, Dragons' spawn and wars' prosperity,
I joined the unembellished skeptical,
Hung up my armor, my naivety--
Friended Dragons whenever practical.

'You knew her too?'  A stranger familiar
Commensurates our stories' peculiar.

The Dictionary Girl
What kids would we have
Married if I with the girl
Who writes the dictionary?
Surely she would
See to their spelling correctly
Along with mine.
I can't convince anyone of anything
Least of all you,
You who have everything
And have no need of anyone
Least of all me.

Truth Be Known
We all have
A pee hole
Or a pee pole
And truth be known
It's where we all come from,
A truth the intelligent sorts
Could never come to grips with
In their gold floored
Bejeweled temples
Of philosophical facades.

I was a fellow
Looking for a girl
Looking for a fellow
Beyond that
I hadn't thought
To brighten your days.

Don't you know
Tomorrow is another
And by chance we've
Come this way...
Why delay?
So, I won't answer to anyone
Least of all you
With promises
Saying I'll be someone
Not true.

Look at me squarely
When my eyes say
I love you dearly,
Then you can look away
If your heart says you must,
That I can trust.

Dream State
Poems come from the
Dream State
You know?
You get hungry
You eat
You get sleepy
You sleep
You get annoyed
You make a poem,
Usually about a girl.
What's behind you
Is in front of you.
Past It
If you can't get past it
Then let it pass you.
Stubborn sorts
Sitting in the road
Get carried away
Or run over.
Stop And Start
You think you can
Make it all stop?
Then what,
You think you can make it all start?
Mimic this
You'll mimic
Mimicking you.
Forget it
I'll forget it.
Bury it
And I'll dig it up.
This cape I wear...
You wouldn't think sorrow
Could keep one warm.
Things We Do
Things we do
Are painful
I could make a moon with you
Never a sun,
Such my preference
For night over day.
Men In Black
I could get
A black poncho
And look like Clint
With my squint,
Or a black cape
Like debonair Zorro-
My hands saw the air,
Or conceal but my
With Dracula's wardrobe-
Safely put away
In the day,
And what more magnificent
Than Darth garbed
Black head to toe
Sucking air through
A regulator-
'My harlequin mask is frightful,
I tell you,
Wheeeze wheeze,
My pupils
Are black holes-
There's no escape.'
For those of you miss fortuned,
Blind crippled broken somehow,
I hope there is some justice
For those of us who took bare notice
And you'll be whole enow.
How do I tell
If I make sense
If you don't tell me so...
This dilemma applies
To other things,
You know.
Cell Phone
I wake up
And mess with my cell phone.
Night used to be a desert,
Now it's tropical.
Notes: stuff dredged up from Doggerland...if Doggerland sunk/flooded slowly, for awhile it would have been like an archipelago--the Fortunate to thinking of Doggerland because one of the ancient mystery youtube gadabouts, the one who most fits!, went on about Alfred Watkins and his ley lines ...Watkins was a photographer, and I know of another...brb...Yosemite photog Carleton Watkins......Fortunate/Blessed Isles came from reading some in Robert Graves' Greek Myths at the laundry...the gadabout has it that the Egyptian pyramids are spaceship models and goes on about it without even a nod to's been said the Egyptian temples are stylized representations of the human body...and this conceit continues on and shows up in medieval cathedrals...maybe the pyramids represent the human the temples, the inner sanctum the seat of consciousness...and we can fly about imaginatively, so the 'spaceship' notion a fit thought I came up on is that modern churches are laid out like the interior of passenger jets...seating on either side of an aisle...the cockpits' instrumentation arrayed in the alter d├ęcor...flight attendants, pilots, etc....they're all Starship Enterprise...and the 'why' explanation for the pyramids being built is that the astronomer priests were keeping a memory flame alive...memories of old time flying about in spaceships...themselves not even certain what they were about...traditions can be like that...their original meaning being forgotten...don't know...another thought is that all those grand buildings and traditions are an intuition...a 'memory' of future times...I predicted once to my friends there would be a hand held computer for all my photos, this in 2003...and it made sense...the new digital cameras had come out with led screens in the back, and it quickly became popular to just share your photos on those screens...things have gone a pace, and I came home this evening with Samsung's Galaxy Tab A...I found a really neat travel tells one how to actually get from a to b on public transport, and with real time arrival and departures...but I couldn't download iphone 4 too old, again...annoyed, I thought, I'll just get another up to date cell phone but use it without a cell phone contract...studying this out, I found that can be has to bypass the simm card prompt, or, with the iphones, fake the phone into thinking it has one...then, I was thinking, one has like a little tablet computer...'why, DavidDavid, don't you just get a handheld tablet?...'...and that I was on sale...a lucky break...Best Buy forgot to take the sale price off after their big cyber week sales...99 dollars...and I'm a happy just does everything...and is fast...I owe ATT maybe an apology...I've gone on, back and forth, many times about how slow their service is, and the lag, and drops, and, I realized now it's the age of my lap has plenty of memory, but the software is out of synch with the newer it lags...they could have told me that...get a new back, they ran fiber optic between the poles...said in a few months they'd come around to connect to the houses...been like six...and I can put Microsoft Word on the pad...ATT did try to sell me a new iphone...but this pad fixes all my plays television, youtubes, movies, just fine...and with removable storage, I can back up my poems and posts...and with Word do almost to completion what before I had to do in steps...uploading from the notepad to my email, from my email to the blog or Word...well, it's a computer after all, entire...need to rig small bungees like I do for small paintings to hold it...just a bit too wide, big, and heavy, but okay hand held...

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OTI:one pic, one poem, notes:12/5/17

Open To Interpretation

We Should

We should wear melancholia capes
To remind us of sadness, always,
After all,
Doesn't the Moon emblazon Night
With the color of bone,
Doesn't the wind ruffle curtains
Even when the window is shut?


Notes: rolled out to Gypsy Den last night, and tonight...last night open mic for the guitarists...sat and listened...tonight open mic for the out sonnets Dark Lady and What's Next?...and listened...small bunch...promised that next time a larger gathering--OCPC poetry slam contest Tuesday two weeks from now...



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OTI:one pic, two poems, notes:12/3/17

Open To Interpretation

"Our White Whale is lost!"
Said Dana.
"Just so."
Said Petra.
"What to do?"
Asked Cerulean.
"Our Black Ship-let's
Black Deck can
Show the ways.
Our hands together here."
Explained Petra.
And while with one hand
She gripped the
Whale tether reins,
With her other together
With Dana's and Cerulean's
She pressed the small Ship's surface
And the Deck flashed geometries,
And then the many ways
To ascend the Pinnacle.
Petra studied.
"The way through the
Furnace Canyon is lost to us,
Our Whale too fearful now."
She said.
The three of them
Despaired awhile
Gazing into the tangled images
Of the undersea mountain's
"Time abates."
Said Dana.
"Yes," said Petra.
"Now our only race
Is to find the surface of the sea
And live.
And the Deck's map
Has no certain way
Only some more likely
To welcome our guess."
The racing pod shook,
Bumped by a passing black
Swimming form glimpsed
In the glow from the Deck.
The three held to
One another tight.
Bump! bump!
The pod pushed,
Swung this side to that
At the tether's end
By some daring darting creatures
In the darkness.
"Black Whales."
Said Petra.
"They have us now,
And our White Whale."
"What of us?"
Asked Cerulean.
"We're snacks!"
Smiled Dana.
"Unless we sing a tune."
Laughed Petra.

Pinocchio's Tune

And when you thought
To devour me whole
With your Leviathan appetite,
What fate had I
But to acquiesce?
So stomached,
Awaiting your digestion,
We sat by my campfire,
Its smoke evoking
An unexpected sneeze.

Notes: more B'mor..."Any comments on this case going forward will come from the FBI." --T. J. Smith spokesperson for the in Baltimore are a bellwether for everyone, so now and then search: Baltimore news



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OTI:one pic, one poem, notes:11/29/17

Open To Interpretation
Tic Tac Toe
Are you up against
The sidewalk, the curb,
The street?
Do your homes' front steps
Drop you down
Like from a cement wharf
Into a busy watery bay,
That constant swirling noise
Night and day?

Those metal doors close,
The glass windows roll up,
The keys turn
And the engines rumble
Forward our submarines
Propelling by those
Odd fish with legs walking.

The tic tac toe
Is tied in stasis:
Row on row
Floor on floor
Neighbor above
Neighbor below
Neighbor beside
We don't know
How to play outside.

You have bare dirt
All around your walls
And you never plant flowers.
The bees know
One from another's.
Notes: the mid-Atlantic states had an earthquake!...4.2...hardly worth the mention, but on the East coast such are unusual...I continue to google search the B'mor tale (see previous posts)...sometimes the Baltimore Sun's paywall delays long enough for the goes on, how an illegal arrest that resulted in a car chase fatality happened...this in 2010...drugs planted in the suspects car...suspect served time for the fatality, but released for false drug Los Angeles, a police captain is pleading innocent to owning an industrial neighborhood warehouse being used to grow drugs...maybe he didn't and poem Tic Tac Toe reference the Baltimore Row Houses...searching those, I happen on the stories of tenants' troubles with the managers of low income housing apartments...these units are bought up by investors, and the new owners take on the out standing debts of tenants who had payment troubles with old owners...they are ruthlessly pursuing the debts, and any new current debts as well...and these managers are being taken to task...for their tactics, and too for not maintaining their of the Presidents relatives owned one of these management companies...since divested, but still has stock...somewhat murkey the whole thing...but a lot of management companies are finding using the courts to collect debts, even to the point of arrests. to their liking...I don't know who 'owns' the old row houses...but the city has plans to level them with eminent domain and re can pick one up for less than 20,000 dollars, but these are fixer uppers...otherwise, home prices in Baltimore look to be the same as all over the country, which is remarkably similar...and high...modern high density housing is doomed to decay over decades...from roofs to sewer lines, the materials wont last long...the row houses were made of brick...clear everything out from the interior to the brick walls, and one has like a new structure to begin again with...trouble with brick walls, they don't give in an earthquake, though there must be some way around this, as I see modern ones in So Cal...

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OTI:two pics, notes:11/28/17

Notes: photo is from two summers tonight's score, but backwards...visitors won 25-23...tournament at Bolsa Grande...some of us run funny...

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OTI:one pic, notes:11/28/17

One day I was doodling, and drew a verticle squiggily line, and then thought, as a drawing exercise, to draw a mirror image of it...then, seeing how it was starting to look like something, I joined the lines at top and bottom, and then, added eyes nose, mouth, hands, shoelaces...sometimes one is at a loss as to what to draw, or even doodle, so at times I just draw a quick squiggly line...and so forth, and for certain a smile...midnightMovie...rolled over to amc bloc in Orange, and saw movieRomanIsraelesq.2017...good movie...



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OTI:one pic, notes:11/27/17

If you believe in coincidence, you haven't looked hard enough.--Joe Leaphorn/Tony Hillerman

Notes: more B'mor...see previous post...there are different kinds of being orphaned, and not enough words to describe them...those five children of the police officer lost their father, that's one sort...just didn't have a word for that category, so used 'orphaned'...I found some more follow up stories, and some stories leading up to it...I could link them...and they are difficult to say just a little about them makes the imagination run amok...the seven officers, then eight, then nine, caught up in the racketeering had their capture announced by the attorney general of Maryland, who shortly afterwards became the second in command attorney general of the United States...these officers worked side by side for years beside many other officers, so the investigation has a sprawl...many of their cases now are in a gathering in Chicago, the attorney general grandstanded a bit, and made mention of the Baltimore shooting...a few new curios about the shooting have come out, like the officer had his radio in his hand during the whole altercation, and detective story fans antennae go all aquiver at these things...but it's not a fiction story, so speculations are off base..."Omar is my favorite character."--Barak Obama in video discussion with David Simon, producer/writer of HBO series The Wire...this clip is on of my pet peeves is that famous authors and such stay away from the comment sections in stories about their to describe this...oh, rock and roll youtubes have long comment lists, but the performers rarely post to them....related, is that professional journalists, writers, and such, rarely jump into comment sections...all the strange mystery science ufo stuff is without any professional commentary or criticism...generally speaking, performers don't deign to discuss things with their fans...well, unless your President...then the likes of Simon is glad to wax philosophical with you...their clip on youtube is a gawdawful back and forth by a politician who knows well the exploits of politicians, and a writer who knows well how to play the Hollywood 'game'...pertinent to such a thought is that a friend and production employee of Simon got arrested for moving a body, a girl brought to a party that overdosed...Simon's friend panicked and moved her into the lobby...Simon has written to the judge asking for's no crime to move a body, re deceased detectives on the pool table in The Wire, unless it's part of a crime...which is the issue...a larger issue is to just make drug use legal, so all these questions can fall into a new category, which is the theme of one of the Wire episodes, and sort of the theme of the back and forth between Obama and Simon...some msc. that came up in the B'mor searches: two New York police detective are on trial for hauling a young girl into their van and having non consensual of the racketeering officers was a suspect in the death of a three year old hit by an errant bullet during a shootout, but now they have a new more certain suspect...there are, on youtube, a category of youtubes about big city neighborhoods...rollabouts visiting notorious neighborhoods...there are neighborhoods in Baltimore burnt to the ground during the Martin Luther King shooting aftermath riots that have never been re built...there's a stupid spooky youtube about Baltimore's Lichen Park, a dumping ground for bodies...that was a scene too in The's what the web has become...



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OTI:one pic, five poems, notes:11/25/17

Open To Interpretation
Baltimore: Five children were orphaned when their father, a Baltimore policeman, was gun downed while investigating a year old homicide case  on Tuesday, November 15.  There is no known suspect for the shooting, or motive, but coincidentally, the officer was scheduled to testify before the Grand Jury the next day regarding the bribery investigation of eight Baltimore police officers.  Consequential to the shooting,  the neighborhood of the crime scene has been cordoned off by the police.  Residents only are permitted to enter and exit, and they must present identification. 
A Lot
There's a lot going on
Without you.
Oh, there's aliens out there
On other worlds, no doubt,
Who can read minds,
Mine even,
But what thought can I mine,
What glittering gem,
What immortal gold,
Dig up
To pique their interest,
To lure their greed.
Some infancy of Cicero
We reside in
Maybe they recall,
Having moved on.
Maybe I could tell
If they do listen,
"Come back, visit,
This knowing you're there
And not here
Is unbearable,
A solitude of mind
Empty as stopped time."

So, Fish,
You haven't wings,
And you, Bird,
Haven't fins.
So sea is you,
And air is you.
What haven't I
Without you?

Visa Versa
I was made
To run towards you,
And you from me,
And visa versa.

Notes: B'mor references a real story that is unfolding in Baltimore...I found it having taken an interest in Baltimore having finished up watching amazon channel HBO movieseriesThe Wire2003-2008...a refrain in the movie is the murder rate count...the mayor and other politicians want the rate to go down, for altruistic reasons, and too to get elected and stay in office...their target is like 275 or so, but in the progress of the show, it keeps creeping up...the show is a Pilgrims Progress mixed in with Dante in Hell and the usual cable-free-of-censorship stuff...I thought the other day to google Baltimore's murder rate just to see how things are now, and it is over 300...that was the other day, then I thought of the vacant row houses depicted, and how they came about, and looking that up, found the murder could be right out of The Wire...the row houses are interesting...they started in Europe like in the thirteenth century...but thinking on this, in early times, like ancient Rome, dwellings in crowded towns had adjoining walls, which is what distinguishes a row house...what distinguishes apartments is that they are stacked...Rome had those too...I have this simple minded theory that city dwellers are victims of their architecture...or some such...I've looked, but can't re-find the bit I found about ancient India when and where a king insisted each house have a garden and space around it..."One with a garden and a library has everything."--Cicero...One should get some sort of civic service award for sitting through the 60 hours of The Wire...I feel like I've been to Baltimore, and it's a place I hadn't a clue about earlier...I've never been to the mid-Atlantic area...closest would be New Jersey...I'm trying to think if I got all six journalism things in B'mor...B'mor is the town's dwellers own nickname...when where what how...brb...why...just five...I took one class...the last episode of The Wire brings in a journalism theme...the setting the newsroom of the Baltimore Sun...brb...

What we know: a rundown of police accounts of Detective Sean Suiter's killing

The killing of Baltimore homicide Det. Sean Suiter on Nov. 15 remains unsolved, and police have yet to identify a suspect. Here is a rundown of information released by police. • Suiter and another homicide detective, whom police have declined to identify, visited the 900 block of Bennett Place...
I was taught, or figured it out from book study, that a newspaper story has an upside down format...everything that can be is jammed into the first sentence, and so on in the first paragraph, which is brief as possible...the following paragraphs, brief units in themselves, fill the first out in descending order...the descending order is the 'algorithm' of journalism...and it happens because of limited space and the speed with which things are done...editors are never sure what will make the paper, and its layout, and they want to be able to trim stories from the bottom up if need be...hmmph...'trim this, mthrfkr!' --Omar from The Wire paraphrased...

well, I've done my daily ink early, and have time to catch up some on the notes...brb...currently, a google search of  'Pylos Combat Agate' runs over 14 google pages...and all clustered around early November when the story came out, and when I did my post about it...I went through a lot of them trying to see if anyone in the stories, or in the comments, found like I did the cylinder seal from grave three at Mycenae with an image just like luck at all, and the search a very much in-ones-face of how one story is replicated around the world...this is happening to all news stores, the Baltimore one too, which doesn't have anything like 14 or more google pages...brb...from search: Baltimore murder


Top stories


The B'mor story doesn't have a distinctive tag for searching, so after a couple google pages it blends into things, diffuses...a few more days and it will be gone entirely, or very difficult to dig out of the web...'drilling down' is a common term for trying to get at things with web searches...Cicero mentions that citizens without history are like children...brb..."To ignore what occurred before you is to always remain a child."...a corollary might be: "To keep someone an infant, take away history."--me...Cicero's quotes are spot on...H.L. Mencken is a hack..."On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."...most all he goes on about is tweaking someone's nose...and The Wire dotes on him, and has the self same literary airs. and ends with a quote emblazoned on the Sun's newsroom's wall...brb...


“ I look back over a misspent life, I find myself more and more convinced that I had more fun doing news reporting than in any other enterprise. It is really the life of kings.”

(see that link for how "The Wire" came to be...)


anyway, where was I, oh!, I found another seal that looks like the battle agate (search that too!)...maybe I still have link...brb...

Image result for pylos battle agate

...these ancient miniatures gave the artists a kind of freedom from the artistic conventions of their times...they had to come up with different depictions to make things read at such a small scale...and that scale lends itself to abstraction as a consequence...look at what happens to the warrior's gear, especially the belt...these seals are an ongoing thoughtHobby of mine...have been for years...Robert Graves goes on about the ancient iconography...myth has categories...too...want to do a post up about the gold rings they are finding...for sometime...this post has gotten too long!



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OTI:one pic, notes:11/20/17

Notes: It's a scratchboard drawing (Least Tern--sorta, bill too big, eyes where?)on Clayboard...Clayboard had just come out when I was taking art classes at Palomar...we were introduced to a lot of media in some of the classes...instructor noted that when we went in Barnes and Noble Bookstore, all those portraits of writers were done with scratchboard(Mark Summers)'s like scrimshaw, etching, woodblock, etc...and one has to work making a negative...made this positive in Photoshop Elements, which I always use for upload prep...hmmph...not my thing, but it might lend itself to some things, like feathers and fur...I went to Michael's and got some ceramic pointy tools, along with a hand and a figure manikin, and some nib pens with points, and ten 8x10 canvases for ten bucks...eighty bucks all together...Clayboard is expensive, but the old paper sheet scractchboard not so much...and one can make something of ones own...drawing can be tiny as the ground holds a line perfectly...signature and date are like half an inch each...



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OTI:one pic, one poem, notes:11/17/17

Open To Interpretation

Furnace Canyon

Racing White Whales
Know the route
Quickest up the Pinnacle
But hesitate at the Furnace Canyon
Unless hurried on by their crews.
Thereabout, Petra's
White Whale pulled up short...
"Scootch over!" she said to Cerulean.
"I'll take the reins. 
Our Whale is thinking for itself!"
'Forward!' thought Petra,
But the Whale still paused...
"GO!!!" she shouted aloud.
"It's getting warm!" said Cerulean.
"We're all going to broil!" said Petra,
"If our Whale doesn't hurry along."


Notes: puzzling over the Pinnacle Race at the laundry mat...late Saturday night...have kept on watching amazon HBO channel movieTheWire...I mouse clic skip past a's more than a bit me nightmares...highly un recommended!...but the scripting and dialog is fascinating...plots are the same old things...but the actors doing their characters do very well...there's something to be said to give over a whole year/season to just one story...and then intertwine it into the following ones...epic...



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OTI:one pic, notes:11/15/17

Notes: rolled out to Huntington State Beach in the early afternoon with the thought to peddle over to the Cement River and check the Osprey tires low on air, so walked...the nest is still there, sorta...hard to tell if it is in use...bumped my head going under Highway One...a desultory walk what with all the traffic noise, and scattered overcast, the Sun low even around three...avoided the head bump hazard on the way back...heard Kingfisher laughing, and sighted faraway flying over the pond in the South East area there...and stopped at the Market by the traffic light, and over the road crosswalk...serves food, sandwiches and such...very nice...grilled cheese and cranberry grape drink...a wonder if anyone makes bike tire tubes, or basketballs, that don't go flat after a few days...should have had a pump was up a bit, and kids, boards under arm, trotting out...this at the River...



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OTI:one pic, notes:11/14/17

Notes: hmmph...Puffins have Jennifer Lawrence cheeks...and I didn't get the roundness right...a quick ink...came home late from movieMurderOnTheOrientExpress...the scenics were wonderful to begin...then the train gets stuck in one place...still, a good movie...and in dialog so entirely different from the HBO series, TheWire, which I stayed up all last night watching and finished season one...that's the trouble when these series become available all in one batch!...contemplating daring to begin season two...oh, after awhile, I entirely forget how mysteries I have this kind of ground hog day read/view of old movies...why was Poirot laughing while reading a Tale of Two Cities?...brb...can't find it...but diverted reading the reviews...Christie's favorite author was Dickens...



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OTI:one pic, two poems, notes:11/14/17

Open To Interpretation

Black Dolphins

Ariadne and her Amazons
Are with Jason and Glauce
Aboard Black Ship Argo,
To answer your question.
Said Pausinias.
And how is that working out?
Said Euripides.
And the Homeridae
Gathered under the Dodona Oak
All smiled.
Theseus, you know,
Had the thought to
Leave her at Naxos
But it wasn't his.
How so?
Dionysus made him think the thought,
He desired Ariadne for himself.
Oh, an out of plot plot turn.
What will he do with that?
Cadmus and Hermione are in the mix.
You know what he's thinking...
Dana Petra Cerulean...
How is that working out?
And the gathered under the oak laughed,
Save for Melville,
Who looked at Dana,
And thought long.
He's made you into a champion.
Dana shrugged.
And so Ishmael the same of you.
He mines a quartz seam in granite.
Said Twain.
Just so too, with my Nemo.
Said Verne.
Is Nemo or Ned your avatar?
Asked Twain.
Dicken's Scrooge, whose to know
You're Tom or Huck?
We wander...
The Tales fog bound...
Atop an undersea Pinnacle...
Volcano Never is the same...
Sides like hollow roots...
A tree grown atop a boulder...
Lifted to the sky...
When the land rose above the ocean...
Harbor Home for Pirates...
For Black Dolphins to frolic...
In the wine dark sea...


I dreamed of someone like you,
I stopped in a roadside place
On the east side of the mountains
To watch a basketball game
At the bar
And have a snack
And you took my order
And brought first a beer
In like a water glass
Thick sided smooth
And I said
That's no good
I don't like its look
And you laughed
And began to bring a bottle
Like someone else was drinking from
Tall like triple normal size
And I asked
Is it the same beer brand
As in the glass
And Yes you said
I'm done I said forget it
I'll pay for everything I ordered
And gave you my
Credit card
That you chewed on a bit
To see if it was real I guess
And brought back cash
Fifty eight dollars
And I left enough
And for a tip too
And you began to sing to me
You have a good voice I said
And looked over
To another singer
Singing to someone
And you say to me
I love you
Oh I say
It's that sorta place
And say
I love you too, sweetie
And walk outside to my truck
And you followed me
And spoke of wrecks on that Road you knew
And I'm dream sobering up
And ramble on about wrecks
At special dangerous places
On that road too I know well
Bragging like
And think of the pencil
In my coat pocket
And to give you my number
Is this your orchard I ask
Where we're standing beside
The road in plowed up dirt
Under fruit trees
And in warning you point to my hip--
And I saw her face close
And I woke up.
She looked a little like you.


Notes: reference movie preview out for new movie about how Dickens wrote 'A Christmas Carol'...for him his characters were 'real'...reference a Greek vase showing the Tyrrynnean Pirates turning into dolphins...I hadn't seen this, but found it looking up Dionysus, and now find Dionysus has an interest in Ariadne in wiki's Dionysus take...checking, I find wiki's Ariadne take now has the Dionysus stuff...that wasn't there before...I think...before no reason was given for Theseus leaving Ariadne on Naxos...hence 'Theseus the fug head' in my Tales...but now he may have an excuse...Dionysus messed with Theseus head...and Ariadne is related to Cadmus and Hermione...who Dionysus, now I learn, changed into Dragons...that is something new takes can always be updated, so there a little like news reports that can always be 'newed'...hmmph...ran out of detective movies, sorta, but now on my amazon HBO channel they have up an old series movieThe Wire2002-2008...I had heard Hollywood was using street folk for actors...and this must be one of those examples of that...and the dialog is so filled with profanities and locker room back and forths that one needs a brain wash to un brain's a bit has some actors that have gone on to other more recent parts...the Lieutenant was in of the Tower gang went on to King's Tower movie...and in Thor:Raganorok...Bubbles steals the show...and I had one (assigned)roommate with that manner of rap...and it just drove me up the wall...brb...


The show received average Nielsen ratings throughout its run and won no major television awards. However, it is regarded by many critics as one of the greatest television series of all time


Royo is mostly known for his starring role on the HBO crime-drama series The Wire as the drug addict and confidential informant Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins, a regular character since the show's first season. Royo's portrayal of this character was so convincing that, during on-location filming, he was once approached by a Baltimore resident and given a small package of heroin, with the man saying to the in-character Royo: "Man, you need a fix more than I do." Royo has called this incident his "street Oscar."[

from wiki...


It, and all these modern detective shows, are hard to watch, and I think they lean to 'buffing up' the stories and the people in them...kind of like the Spartan's six packs...but that's movies...if I wrote like that I'd be hard to 'watch' too...and make the relatives even more nervous than I do!



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OTI:one pic, notes:11/10/17

Notes: found finally, and bought a bag of walnuts at Vons...couldn't figure out how to split one in half...brb..."Using a dull table knife, carefully pry open each walnut so you have two intact halves. The trick to doing this without cracking the shell is to insert the knife into the seam at the back where there is often a tiny opening. Be very careful not to slip and cut your hand!"...well, it was a very sharp knife, and after pieces of walnut flew all over the kitchen, I set that idea aside...unscathed...making little walnut boats may not be such a good idea for kids, what between the sharp tooth pick mast, flame for melting the wax to poke the mast into, and splitting the walnuts...searching out the Mycenaen seals (see today's preceding post), I diverted to ancient Greek ships, again, and gathered up some more lore...I have a sail boat...but have no idea how, or when, I'll use it...waiting on funds...looking at the evolution of the old ships was a study in the evolution of depicting those ships too...many of the early drawings are very simple, and stylized...a few even look like they had walnuts for hulls!...looked to youtube for what kind of sail boat I might have...Norska is the brand, but I can't find it...and I gather it is a 'cat boat'...studied how these are's big, big enough, sixteen feet, and the sail I think is what's called a 'lanteen' sail...brb...maybe...I've never tried to put it all together...everything stored in the bottom just like I got it at the auction...came with a nice compass which I seem to have lost...and it's double ended open hulled, a real movieCaptainsCorageus1937 sort of boat...and it has a well, a squared opening to the water, towards the back to put a small outdoor motor...and a trailer, which needs some unbending...well, everything needs work...but the hull is fiberglass which is near indestructable...daydreamed watching youtubes...small boat sailors seem a dreamy lot!



OTI:two pics, not mine, notes:11/10/17


Notes: A curio!!!  Not my pen and inks!(actually. I learn, they're pencil...the best way to render these tiny scenes, I gather)...the second one is a seal that can be found in google images, search: mycenean seals...and I'm off searching to find where that one was found and where it is now...the top one is in all the news!...Update: I found it...the second on is from Grave Shaft 3...the Grave Shafts are tombs dug up in the ruins of Mycenea, where the Lions Gate is...the top one is from the Griffen Warrior shaft tomb, which is at Pylos...brb...


Shaft Grave III, the so-called 'Grave of the Women,' contained three female and two infant interments. The women were literally covered in gold jewelry and wore massive gold diadems, while the infants were overlaid with gold foil. A great number of gold roundels and other gold cut-out foils in various shapes with repousse decoration were initially embroidered onto, either the deceased's clothes, or their shrouds. The jewelry included large silver and bronze pins with rock crystal heads or with gold ornaments and sheething, a necklace of amber beads, gold earrings, and gold seals engraved with hunting or dueling scenes. Miniature gold vessels, faience vessels and gold scales were also found.


here's link to news story:


Fritz Blakolmer, an expert on Aegean art at the University of Vienna, argues that the seal stone is a miniature copy of a much larger original, probably a stucco-embellished wall painting like those found at the Palace of Knossos on Crete. He said the seal must have been engraved by someone with a magnifying glass, even though none has been found, and dismissed the possibility that people of that era had sharper eyesight than today.


brb...I happened on this site,
awhile back when I was referencing King Minos for my Black Deck Tales...and went to it today just thinking to find again the bits about ship design I'd studied, and this from the interest in the seals, and to my surprise, this site has both the seals on that page about swords...but doesn't link them...but did put up where they came maybe I am about much to do about not much!...but I think it all charming...and wonder if the women buried in Mycenae knew the warrior buried in Pylos...