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It's Halloween...

A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

I'll put the search strings in bold, these are the beginning of a quote; and the link(s),  the ulrs, which are highlighted too, will be the quote's end(s)...

dna dreams
Directed by 25-year old Lin Lin, BGI’s cloning lab and experimental farm outside of Shenzhen produces cloned pigs at an unprecedented scale. Deeply in love with her work, Lin Lin feels ‘like a mother’ to the piglets that are conceived under her microscope. Some have been manipulated genetically to shine a fluorescent light in the dark
That's where I left off with yesterday's post...a search on youtube of 'dna dreams' will likely bring up a better running clip than that link I have up...
LinLin reminded me of bit of Cerridwen...and her pigs...and her cauldron, the ubiquitous giant black boiling pot witches stir their brews in...a fanciful correspondence to the dna processing computers...
ceridwen pigs cauldron
Cerridwen’s themes are fertility, creativity, harvest, inspiration, knowledge and luck. Her symbols are the cauldron, pigs and grain. 
And, and Cerridwen has a dark side...
cerridwen dark
The symbol of the Dark Goddess is the new moon. She is the Crone, the Great Queen, the Supreme War Goddess.
She is known to us as Kali, Hecate, Cerridwen, Lilith,
Persephone, Fata, Morgana, Ereshkigal, Arianhrod, Durga,
Inanna, Tiamat, The Morrigan, and by a million, million other names
I took only one class in writing poetry, this in contrast to the dozens in how to paint and draw, and several in how to write fiction, journalism and scripts, and on the second meeting of that class, we were situated in the student union on couches in the basement of CSF now CSUF, for each class we met in a different place, and sitting next to me in the group during our self introductions of our previous efforts, was an attractive couple who related they were studying tantric yoga...we all took this in stride...being poets we must be worldly sorts...and it was a smile, but tantric yoga has a dark side...
tantric human sacrifice
In Bulandshahr, the nearest town of any description, locals whispered darkly of happenings in Barha. Their advice was unanimous: 'Don't go. It is an evil place. The people there are cursed.'
... ... ...
She consulted a tantrik, a travelling 'holy man' who came to the village occasionally, dispensing advice and putrid medicines from the rusty amulets around his neck.
His guidance to Sumitra was to slaughter a chicken at the entrance to her home and offer the blood and remains to the goddess. She did so but the nightmares continued and she began waking up screaming in the heat of the night and returned to the priest. 'For the sake of your family,' he told her, 'you must sacrifice another, a boy from your village.'
... ... ...
The killings have focused attention on Tantrism, an amalgam of mystical practices that grew out of Hinduism. Tantrism also has adherents among Buddhists and Muslims and, increasingly, in the West, where it is associated with yoga or sexual techniques.
Indian cult kills children for goddess
Many of the famous temples with erotic statuary in India were destroyed by Muslims when they ruled parts of India, but a few that were remote in the hills escaped their attention, fell into ruins, overgrown with vegetation, and then discovered by British explorers who were a bit taken aback by what they found...since, the Temples have become world heritage sites, and much visited nowadays...
erotic temples india
The Khajuraho Group of Monuments is a group of Hindu and Jain temples in Madhya Pradesh, India. About 175 kilometres (109 mi) southeast of Jhansi, they are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.[1][2] The temples are famous for their nagara-style architectural symbolism and their erotic sculptures.[3]
kajuraho tantric yoga
The the temples of Khajuraho are famous for their sculptures, because, in our lugubrious, Western mind, they appear "erotic." The profusion of tantric images on the temples date from the times when the Indian Tantra was still influnced by women - who taught their male consorts how to dance — the images at Alchi are from the same period — and how to make love, not for purposes of procreation, but to please and gain esoteric insights in return.
Once in a creative writing class at SAC, we were given the assignment to write a Sestina...this was a bit after attending and then circumstances were such that I said to myself, 'wth, take some classes, go back to school'...and I was thinking to post it here, but it's saying 'wait on that' came to mind with the looking about for Cerridwen...
From the very first poems I wrote, I had the notion that poems are like dna...I'd seen the stories in Nat Geo, and dna was a  recent discovery, and when working with poem rhyme schemes, I could see a correspondence between rhymes and the way the molecules link in dna strands...and very early on I had the fantastic idea that dna could talk to one through a poem...dna is poetry...
dna poetry
This is the underlying truth that science historian Lily Kay elaborates when she writes: “once the genetic, cellular, organismic, and environmental complexities of DNA’s context-dependence are taken into account,” we might find that genes “read less like an instruction manual and more like poetry, in all their exquisite polysemy [multiplicity of meaning], ambiguity, and biological nuances.”

Logic, DNA, and Poetry 



hmmph...that search reminded me of what I already know...something you come up with is original until you google it...but even knowing that, it's annoying to find one's treasured thought coins to be common as pennies!


Sestinas have a complicated chooses six words and uses them to end each line with...and each stanza begins with the line ending of the previous my sestina, I added the complication of rhyming the six words, and using ten syllable lines, sometimes iambic...I like Shakespeare...oh...I'll post it by itself, so it will be free somewhat of all this clutter (it follows this post, see Subien) the end of a Sestina is a three line envoy that uses all six words...




Graphical representation of the algorithm for ordering the end-words in a sestina



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
well, there I find if mathematical algorithms correspond to poetic rhyme schemes, my apologies for ignorance of what algorithms are is disingenuous!...I've known about them all along!
There was an interruption in my class taking at CSF, and in desultory fashion, I went back to make up, and take one class to have enough units for a BA in was a drama literature class, and on the first day we took our seats in one of those cubicle classrooms with the heavy doors with tiny  long rectangular windows,  I took note of another student who took his seat with a copy of Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yoga under his arm...under mine was Graves' The White Goddess...







The waves crashed unheeded by Subien.
Solitary, he walked near the Ocean.
Swimming in the surf was the guide, Khidir,
Working to shore in his form as Dolphin.
Both of them thought of the girl, Cerridwen,
Now lost to sight as the cloud covered Moon.

The clouds parted like mountains and the Moon
Shown in a sky canyon above Subien.
He saw a stranger who said, "Cerridwen
"Is close, double locked within the Ocean
"And the mind and body of a Dolphin.
"I know this to be true, I am Khidir."

"How is it that you tell me this, Khidir?"
Mountainous shapes rejoined over the Moon.
"The villain forced her to be a Dolphin.
"You remember his evil well, Subien.
"To part you, he drowned her in the Ocean,
"Or so he thought.  One gift for Cerridwen

"I possessed.  In her peril, Cerridwen
Asked for life.  I gladly gave."  "Where, Khidir,
"Where is she now?!"  "There, in the dark Ocean."
High cloud chasms, stars, and glow of the Moon.
"She is there waiting for you, Subien,
"Under sea swells, an impatient Dolphin."

"Then I too must be a sleek finned Dolphin!"
"Will I have the gift you gave Cerridwen?"
"Close your eyes, turn away from me, Subien."
When he dared open them again, Khidir
Was gone, and in a clear sky the full Moon
Sheened a shimmering path on the Ocean.

Solitary, each night by the Ocean,
He walks and sometimes sees breaching Dolphins.
Always the months are measured by the Moon,
His thoughts with the 'membrance of Cerridwen.
Never yet has from the waves come Khidir
To fulfill the old hope of Subien.

Ocean, deep and wide, locked in Cerridwen,
Dolphin, changed forever by guide Khidir.
Moon above her saltwater, and her love, Subien.


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A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

I'll put the search strings in bold, these are the beginning of a quote; and the link(s),  the ulrs, which are highlighted too, will be the quote's end(s)...


Poems are like cats' paws,
Soft and cuddly to begin,
Until when the claws come out,
And the yowling under the Moon
Of a scudding Storm Cloud Night.



There are a few things I know, and those who might know a few things too, on reading that poem, might say, 'oh, he knows that too', but I don't know anything about kundalini yoga, or dna for that matter...just conjecture...maybe when cats arch their back it's kundalini racing through their spine...but to continue

kundalini yoga dna spine

They had come to the planet Earth to escape their enemy. The creatures then showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence. Before me, the magnificence of plant and animal creation and speciation - hundreds of millions of years of activity - took place on a scale and with a vividness impossible to describe.


I learned that the dragon-like creatures were thus inside all forms of life, including man."

At this point in his account, Harner writes in a footnote at the bottom of the page:

"In retrospect one could say they were almost like DNA, although at that time, 1961, I knew nothing of DNA."

The Cosmic Serpent--DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

When DNA was discovered, first depicted as like two snakes coiled around one another, I imagine it is when it started, the finding of correspondences in art, religion, story telling, and such, between snakes and dna...more simply, between religion and science...

dna religion

Although it is always difficult to determine the many interacting functions of a gene, VMAT2 appears to be involved in the transport of monoamine neurotransmitters across the synapses of the brain. PZ Myers argues: "It's a pump. A teeny-tiny pump responsible for packaging a neurotransmitter for export during brain activity. Yes, it's important, and it may even be active and necessary during higher order processing, like religious thought. But one thing it isn't is a 'god gene.

God gene

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DNA has much to do with cell division and cell growth, in fact, everything...Nature's great adventure is to transport and join male dna with female dna...
Because DNA collects mutations over time, which are then inherited, it contains historical information, and, by comparing DNA sequences, geneticists can infer the evolutionary history of organisms, their phylogeny.[
Evolution is a process whereby populations are altered over time and may split into separate branches, hybridize together, or terminate by extinction. The evolutionary branching process may be depicted as a phylogenetic tree
DNA is so small, that it too is buffeted about by Brownian motion...I left off with the thought that cell molecules may 'ignore' Brownian motion, or incorporate it somehow in their manifestations...and the fringe scientists are all over this, this being the interface between atoms and cell molecules...
scaler waves dna
The DNA antenna in our cells’ energy production centers (mitochondria) assumes the shape of what is called a super-coil. Supercoil DNA look like a series of möbius coils. These möbius supercoil DNA are hypothetically able to generate scalar waves. Most cells in the body contain thousands of these möbius supercoils, which are generating scalar waves throughout the cell and throughout the body.
Supercoil DNA
 If a DNA segment under twist strain were closed into a circle by joining its two ends and then allowed to move freely, the circular DNA would contort into a new shape, such as a simple figure-eight. Such a contortion is a supercoil.
DNA will coil if you twist it, just like a rubber hose or a rope will, and that is why biomathematicians use the quantity of writhe to describe the amount a piece of DNA is deformed as a result of this torsional stress. In general, this phenomenon of forming coils due to writhe is referred to as DNA supercoiling and is quite commonplace, and in fact in most organisms DNA is negatively supercoiled.
hmmph...along with DNA looking like the famous twinned snakes of the caduceus, now I have the 'figure eight', the symbol of infinity...
twinned snakes
Smooth, glossy, and slender, the snake has a uniformly brown back with a streak of darker color behind the eyes. The snake's belly is yellowish or whitish and has ridged scales that catch easily on rough surfaces, making it especially adapted for climbing trees. Scientific classification: The Aesculapian snake belongs to the family Colubridae. It is classified as Elaphe longissima.
... ... ...
 Harmless Aesculapian snakes were kept in the combination hospital-temples built by the ancient Greeks and, later, by the Romans in honor of the god. The snakes are found not only in their original range of southern Europe, but also in the various places in Germany and Austria where Roman temples had been established. Escaped snakes survived and flourished.
The Caduceus vs the Staff of Asclepius (Asklepian 03)
Keith Blayney Sept 2002, revised Oct 2005
Elaphe longissima
The common name of the species — "Aesculape" in French and its equivalents in other languages — refers to the classical god of healing (Greek Asclepius and later Roman Aesculapius) whose temples the snake was encouraged around. It is surmised that the typical depiction of the god with his snake-entwined staff features the species.
Greek physicians would diagnose their patients through dreams, and one can conjure up the image of patients in these hospitals sleeping with the snakes slithering about!
The staff with the coiled snake was carried by Hermes too...
The caduceus (☤; /kəˈdsəs/ or /kəˈdjʃəs/; from Greek κηρύκειον kērukeion "herald's staff"[2] ) is the staff carried by Hermes Trismegistus in Egyptian mythology and Hermes in Greek mythology. The same staff was also borne by heralds in general, for example by Iris, the messenger of Hera. It is a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings. In Roman iconography, it was often depicted being carried in the left hand of Mercury, the messenger of the gods, guide of the dead and protector of merchants, shepherds, gamblers, liars, and thieves.
greek battlefield staff messages
In cryptography, a scytale (/ˈskɪtəl/, rhymes approximately with Italy; also transliterated skytale, Greek σκυτάλη "baton") is a tool used to perform a transposition cipher, consisting of a cylinder with a strip of parchment wound around it on which is written a message. The ancient Greeks, and the Spartans in particular, are said to have used this cipher to communicate during military campaigns.
dna dreams
Directed by 25-year old Lin Lin, BGI’s cloning lab and experimental farm outside of Shenzhen produces cloned pigs at an unprecedented scale. Deeply in love with her work, Lin Lin feels ‘like a mother’ to the piglets that are conceived under her microscope. Some have been manipulated genetically to shine a fluorescent light in the dark
One wonders how soon such glowings will find their way into Halloween celebrations!


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A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

I'll put the search strings in bold, these are the beginning of a quote; and the link(s),  the ulrs, which are highlighted too, will be the quote's end(s)...bit weary of quote/unquote!...sheesh...I tried to use a semi colon!

Brownian motion interaction dna

1) Hard wind a-gonna blow
The world of molecules is in constant motion. Indeed, temperature is a measure of the amount of molecular motion. Only at Absolute Zero does all motion cease, and room temperature is +300 degrees centigrade on the absolute scale--so things are really hopping!  The technical term for this energetic molecular movement is "Brownian Motion."

,,, ,,, ,,,

However, the motion of individual molecules at the molecular level is random, rather than oriented as wind is. The life of a large molecule, such as a strand of DNA is much more akin to a ping pong ball placed in a popcorn popper than it is to the placid and majestic helix we often depict!

... ... ...

There's no "smelling" or "seeing" for molecules independent of binding interactions! When thinking about how a cellular machine works, ask not 'why doesn't it do this or 'know' that, but rather how can a machine be made to function using the limited information available to it via bonding interactions.         

Life & Times at the Molecular Level
The University of Arizona Bruce Patterson

That looks to be a professor writing about a lesson to his students, hence the chattiness!

Science gives the sense that cells go about what they go about much as atoms and molecules do in chemistry...things mix together without any knowing or sensing of what they are about, in the sense that we know we are hungry and choose to go to Denny's for a snack, which I'll do shortly!

And it's a fundamental irony that my body cells, who are the ones really hungry, tell me I need to eat without really knowing the feeling themselves...or so science would have it...what happens is more like a water duck one sees at the fair...

water dipping bird toy

Drinking birds, also known as insatiable birdies or dipping birds,[1][2] are toy heat engines that mimic the motions of a bird drinking from a water source.

When I go along with science's thinking, I think of cellular interaction as an elaborate array of dead man switches...when I worked with stand up forklifts, the accelerator pedal was rigged in such a way that if I put my foot on it, the forklift would go forward, but if my foot left the pedal, the forklift would stop immediately...this was a safety didn't want these things coasting about when one got off to adjust a load!

cells interaction pachinko

Illustrative examples in human societies include games such as chess. Chess pieces on a chess board structure the actions of chess players who interact with each other by changing the locations of the pieces. Stigmergy-based games have been a human passtime for millenia.

... ... ...

Other ancient games used markers that evolved into dice, or cards, In recent centuries they also included mechanical devices such as roulette and pachinko and then electrical devices such as pin-ball machines and now computerized video games.

Stigmergy enables complex self organization in Multicellular Organisms


Stigmergy is a form of self-organization. It produces complex, seemingly intelligent structures, without need for any planning, control, or even direct communication between the agents. As such it supports efficient collaboration between extremely simple agents, who lack any memory, intelligence or even individual awareness of each other.

... ... ...

On the Internet there are many collective projects where users interact only by modifying local parts of their shared virtual environment. Wikipedia is an example of this.[9] The massive structure of information available in a wiki,[10] or an open source software project such as the FreeBSD kernel[10] could be compared to a termite nest;


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
hmmph...that last bit has completely knocked me off stride!
termite poetry publishing 

The Termite

Some primal termite knocked on wood
And tasted it, and found it good!
And that is why your Cousin May
Fell through the parlor floor today.
Unpublished poets are sometimes referred to as termites...
tomorrowmorrow...kundalini dna

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Morphogens, Brownian Motion, Koch Snowflakes, and such...

A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

"Every cell, every particle of matter in the world requires a Captain to steer it into place."

John Muir
in book: John Muir and the Ice that started the Fire....
by Kim Heacox


I tried to acquire a part time job once delivering morning newspaper in the hill community of De Luz, which is between Temecula and Fallbrook, route instructor was annoyed when I turned the job down, as she had put much effort into driving me about in the before dawn hours, but after doing the job on my own, I considered the costs to my vehicle, and there was no profit in it for me...I felt bad saying no, she had been sympathetic to my getting car sick, and spending much of the training time stretched out in the car's back seat bemoaning my circumstance...the twists and turns, and visually bouncing my eyes around trying to note this and that, had been too much for my equilibrium!...but I learned something from the adventure...when I went out on my own, I was given a left right map...

My left right map wasn't really a map...I had with a road map...the left right map was a list...turn left at....turn right at...turn...and so on...since, I write down directions this way, when I write down directions!...
So, so, I was charmed when looking into cell growth, Morphogens, Brownian motion, Koch snowflakes, and such, when I happened on L-systems...
A variant of the Koch curve which uses only right angles.
variables : F
constants : + −
start  : F
rules  : (F → F+F−F−F+F)
Here, F means "draw forward", + means "turn left 90°", and − means "turn right 90°" (see turtle graphics).


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
L-system is a kind of math notation turned into language like notation...there was a computer language that did this, Macintosh's took computer code and made it into familiar words...
HyperTalk is verbose, hence its ease of use and readability. HyperTalk code segments are referred to as "scripts", a term that was considered less daunting to beginning programmers.
Comparing L-system to my right and left map is over simplification...L-system is daunting!...but I get the idea of it...a right and left map is scripted, and run, and makes things like fractal Koch snowflakes...
Watching a clip of the fly egg cell growth, things immediately come to looks like a choreographed dance there's something like music, a score with notes and time...I'm looking about for more on this, remembering the efforts to play music to plants and help them grow!, and  find that cells do make a noise...vibrations...
Do Cells Make Noise?
You have to listen very, very closely, but yes, cells produce a symphony of sounds. Although they won't win a Grammy anytime soon, the various audio blips produced by cells are giving scientists insight into cellular biomechanics and could even be used to help detect cancer.
... ... ...
Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles studying baker's yeast cells discovered that the cell walls vibrate 1,000 times per second. These motions are too slight and fast to be caught on video, but when converted into sound, they create what the scientists describe as a high-pitched scream. (It's about the same frequency as two octaves above middle C on a piano, but not loud enough to hear with the naked ear.) "I think if you listened to it for too long, you would go mad,"
I have this suspicion that cells have a full array of senses...even those 360 super ones!...but I don't know, or if they can hear one another's vibrations...
And in reading, I learn of Brownian gases and liquids the atoms are all vibrating, the frequency according to the temperature, and this was discovered by Brown when he noticed that dust inside pollen voids was jittering took Einstien to explain atoms were pushing the dust about...and this had been seen, but not explained, before both Brown and Einstein...
The Roman Lucretius's scientific poem "On the Nature of Things" (c. 60 BC) has a remarkable description of Brownian motion of dust particles in verses 113 - 140 from Book II. He uses this as a proof of the existence of atoms:
"Observe what happens when sunbeams are admitted into a building and shed light on its shadowy places. You will see a multitude of tiny particles mingling in a multitude of ways... their dancing is an actual indication of underlying movements of matter that are hidden from our sight...

Brownian motion

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
In its way, Brownian motion is a 'left right map' is completely random, and if one records the track a dust mote travels being bounced about, it does so in a self similar way to every dust mote being bounced about...experimenters are able to mimic Brownian motion, and with much the same L-system like scripting, make fractals that look like roots, algaes, dendric branchings, and such...and even mountains...
A Brownian tree is built with these steps: first, a "seed" is placed somewhere on the screen. Then, a particle is placed in a random position of the screen, and moved randomly until it bumps against the seed. The particle is left there, and another particle is placed in a random position and moved until it bumps against the seed or any previous particle, and so on.

Brownian tree

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Many natural phenomena exhibit some form of statistical self-similarity that can be modeled by fractal surfaces.[2] Moreover, variations in surface texture provide important visual cues to the orientation and slopes of surfaces, and the use of almost self-similar fractal patterns can help create natural looking visual effects.[3] The modeling of the Earth's rough surfaces via fractional Brownian motion was first proposed by Benoît Mandelbrot.

Fractal landscape

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Well, one can't help wonder here, if a yeast cell is vibrating, screaming, what is the Brownian motion jittering doing?
The graphic representation of the sound signal mimics a Brownian pattern. Its spectral density is inversely proportional to f², meaning it has more energy at lower frequencies, even more so than pink noise. It decreases in power by 6 dB per octave (20 dB per decade) and, when heard, has a "damped" or "soft" quality compared to white and pink noise. The sound is a low roar resembling a waterfall or heavy rainfall. See also violet noise, which is a 6 dB increase per octave.

Brownian noise

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oh, a remarkable curio...the Falls self similarity to the sound of surf, Huntington Beach surf in particular, I noted in posts, and I think speculated the sound of falling water was the famous universal "Om" chant...
There's a lot on the web about 'om''s one:
I'd leave off the 'm', and that about has it!
The Sun has an atmosphere, and within this atmosphere there is sound...there are ways to interpret what these sounds are like...spectral colors of the gasses I think's clip with the Sun's sound...
Fiery Looping Plasma Rain - Sound of the the Sun
and this:
10 Hours of Brown Noise (Brownian Noise) for Relaxation, Meditation, Tinnitus Relief, Sound Therapy
One of the best night's sleeps I ever had was on a sandy beach along the Tuolumne River just down trail from Glen Aulin, last night of my long hike from Lake Tahoe...this in 1973 or so, when one could still pitch camp next to Sierra streams, rivers, and lakes, and such!
one can still camp close enough to hear, of course...I could hear the Falls from Tree in the Door much of the year...
The Brownian atomic motion is affecting the molecules of the fly egg cells...I don't know if they just ignore it, or incorporate it in their growth, 'Brownian motion dna' a place to start!...a lookabout search for tomorrowmorrow!

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Silver Bullets

A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...


Silver bullets also act as a calling card for The Lone Ranger in his adventures. The masked man decided to use bullets forged from the precious metal as a symbol of justice, law and order, and to remind himself and others that life, like silver, has value and is not to be wasted or thrown away.


I like Johnny Depp in that recent movie of The Lone Ranger...did a post a (even saw movie..."sometime good men wear mask")...but apparently the critics think it not one of his best performances...anyway...

Insomuch as I have been going on about werewolves and vampires and biting, and going on about how vampires and werewolves becoming a metaphor for the back and forth of warfare, snarling and biting and scratching and such, I find myself bemused every time  I see the writeabouts go on about silver bullets!

Some searches and what they brought up from the benthic...


silver bullet republican

Is Trump, the Silver Bullet For The Zombie Republican Party?

silver bullet Obama

Obama: there is no ‘silver bullet’ to end gun ‘violence’

Obama: Marijuana Legalization Not a Silver Bullet

Obama: There's No Silver Bullet on Debt Limit

silver bullet Greece

No Silver Bullets for Greece

silver bullet Israel

A Silver Bullet for the Perplexed

silver bullet Afghanistan

No silver bullet for Afghanistan

silver bullet Guatemala

The introduction of this new technological solution is unlikely to be a silver bullet that eradicates Guatemala’s extortion problem.

(I thought to do this search because of the sad story of the boy who refused to bend to a gang's demands and was tossed from a bridge, which is here:


silver bullet Syria

No silver bullet for Syria

silver bullet boots on the ground

Fire retardant paints landscape red, no silver bullet...

You always have to follow up with boots on the ground,” Lund said. “It doesn’t put the fire out. If you don’t follow it up, and just drop retardant, that is when it is not effective.”

"The president is fond of the truism that there is no military solution to ISIL or any other problem," he said. "What he has so often failed to realize is that there is sometimes a major military dimension to achieving a political solution."
That would require a reversal of Obama's promises not to put "boots on the ground" in the fight, but the move wasn't completely ruled out by Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey.
But Dempsey emphasized that while additional American military power might produce some short-term success, "the silver bullet is to get the Iraqis to fight."

enough of that!...sheesh...

end quotes more...

No silver bullet for shark encounters


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A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

a poem (these tide pool poems date from the early 1970s when I was taking Marine Science classes at Orange Coast College, and working as a porter at the Sandpiper Inn in Corona Del Mar)


The tips of my fingers hurt from the rasp
Of the rock I pulled over.
For a moment the sun warmed water
Of the tide pool wavered.
It cleared and I steadied my gaze.
A limpet released its hold on the rock
And fell to the clutter of broken shells.
A dark spot moved, abalone, baby abalone,
Seeking the new underside of the rock.
I tugged, gradually, until abalone relinquished.
The flesh of my hand white and clean in the clear water.
Abalone, the size of my thumb's end,
Took hold of my skin, extended two black antennae,
And I felt abalone walk.

Among the shells, two tiny unbroken abalone,
A row of small holes, pink and silver green.


So, so, last night I'm waiting for the cbs show, The Good Wife (I've been a fan since the first episode!) to show up on their web page...I don't have cable tv, so see the delayed showing on the web...and to pass the time I watched 60 minutes...skipped the first story, Biden going on about things, and watched with incredulity the second story about the US command center for the war plane flights over Syria and Iraq...Hollywood has portrayed these command centers, so I'm familiar with what they look like, but it all looked a bit much, even for Hollywood...the story followed the flight of a bomber's scary when they take off because of the bomb load weight, and the thin hot desert air doesn't provide much lift...and after seeing on the giant tv screens bombs hitting their targets, the story narrates how the bomber goes after a second target...a sniper on a roof...but the sniper disappears, and another target is hit...a tunnel system in a village...the newsman asks the obvious question in the command center...'a bomber goes after one sniper?'...and the explanation is that no target is too small...and about here, I flap my arms, and say, 'I suppose so, but you dumb bunnies, don't you see that that one sniper wants to engage as much of our resources as he can, and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams!'...

well, lemmee go looksee what the web chatted up about this episode...brb...


60 Minutes films live bombing of ISIS target

Correspondent David Martin gets an unprecedented look inside the command center where the U.S. is conducting its air war against ISIS
One can find in the comments, which are the usual!, the self same reaction to the sniper story I had...but consider...
The Arab Bureau of Britain's Foreign Office conceived a campaign of internal insurgency against the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East. The Arab Bureau had long felt it likely that a campaign instigated and financed by outside powers, supporting the breakaway-minded tribes and regional challengers to the Turkish government's centralised rule of their empire, would pay great dividends in the diversion of effort that would be needed to meet such a challenge. The Arab Bureau had recognised the strategic value of what is today called the "asymmetry" of such conflict. The Ottoman authorities would have to devote from a hundred to a thousand times the resources to contain the threat of such an internal rebellion compared to the Allies' cost of sponsoring it.

T. E. Lawrence

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Here's  Bill Moyer's take, standard fare from him...

And here's Glenn Beck's take, which annoys his chatting followers, but looks to be spot on...

hmmph...I had thought to go on about morphogens, Koch snowflakes, Brownian motion, L-systems, and such...:)...but got diverted...those things, for tomorrowmorrow...tic tic tic tic tic...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Poles, Backboards, Hoops, and such...

A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...


Towards the end of his life, Turing turned to mathematical biology, publishing the "The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis" in 1952. He was interested in morphogenesis, the development of patterns and shapes in biological organisms. His central interest in the field was understanding Fibonacci phyllotaxis, the existence of Fibonacci numbers in plant structures.[99] He suggested that a system of chemicals reacting with each other and diffusing across space, termed a reaction-diffusion system, could account for "the main phenomena of morphogenesis."



There is a similarity in the timbre and rhythm of their voices, but it comes down to the roles they play in scenes. Like The Big Bang Theory, a lot of The Imitation Game is scenes where a genius treats a bunch of lesser geniuses like they're dummies. There are many scenes in which the other code-breakers ping-pong ideas back and forth, just for Turing to come over the top to say everything they're saying is stupid. Conversely, there are the scenes where the greater genius fails to comprehend the normal behavior of the lesser geniuses as they do things like flirt and tell jokes. Seriously, is that not every single Big Bang Theory scene?

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Alan Turing Is Basically Just Sheldon From The Big Bang Theory


Cells have this duality, they are one thing, a wing cell or a beak cell or a feather cell, and they are also everything a cell can be...the dna in a cell, the blueprint, is the blueprint for the whole body...but cells just use one particular part of the dna, one part of the blueprint, to occupy their niche while doing their occupation in the day to day....

I'm not a scientist with an experimental laboratory and microscopes, and it's not my occupation, which must annoy those for whom science is their occupation, but I wonder about things from what I can observe in the everyday...I just came back from a basketball meeting, a training and a review meeting, and one administrator spoke to us about it's best not be a ref for the money, there's not much money, and one should have an interest  to ref, like contributing to the community, enjoyment of the game, and such...and I was thinking of the duality of cells, how they become this or that, but have the potential to be every this and that...and clearly people have this duality...they take on one occupation, but they have the potential to be any occupation...and a lot of the things we do have little to do with money, which one would think would be the one thing to determine our occupations...from a sports talk on the radio I have it that there are 350 million basketball players in China...


Since Yao Ming's 2002 arrival in the NBA, basketball has become increasingly more popular. The NBA and the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) are widely followed and more than 400 million people regularly play basketball for leisure.


I could post it, it's a pic...but let me just describe it (it used to be at the Library of Congress American Memory site, which disappointingly, has never amounted to anything), it's a panorama picture of graduation day at Nanking University sometime in the 1920's, and in the far right lower corner is a basketball hoop...pole, backboard, ring...


The game was introduced to China by American YMCA workers in 1896, just five years after Canadian-American James Naismith invented basketball in 1891 while working for the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts.[11

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I found the panorama photo, it's on wiki here:

and here I think is the same school:

Poles, backboards, hoops, and such...