Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Owls

After Breakfast, paddled back to the Dogwoods....Redheaded Sapsucker, Flicker, Robins, and White Headed Woodpecker, and clips for sometime...heard one call from Hawk far away...left off from the Dogwoods, and paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow along the Merced...returned through the Burnt Forest...quiet...sunny magnificent blue Lunch: asked for an hour lunch, a lucky impulse, and that slow...gathered all the gear at the Cabin, and crossing the Backyard, heard hoo hooo right away...hurried back to the Creek, and out to Creek's End...Sentinel and Ponderosa were perched in two separate, but nearby, Ponderosas....actually, Sentinel was on the same Branch of another evening a few days back...lots of light left, and, oh, what can I say...I got two knockdown hd clips of both Owls!...I had along the 20x, and left the newer camera recording Ponderosa while looking for Sentinel...clip and pics with the 20x...for some reason, the 20x no longer has hd selection on the menu...20x has been dropped to often, I suspect....neither Owl seemed inclined to fly off. and both looked a bit sleepy, so I returned to the tripod, and found the camera off--card full...deleted much of the Dogwood clips and pics of the morning, and thought, 'maybe I can get hd clips of Sentinel too'....quiet as I could be, picked up, and moved to where I had the view of Sentinel....and after some pics, set the camera to video--another long clip!...and at the end, Sentinel flies off after Ponderosa, I think, as when I checked Ponderosa's Ponderosa!, Pondersoa was gone....time...and too dark to use the whole hour (used fifty minutes)...on way back to the Cabin, could hear calls from Sentinel by the Creek, and wondered where Ponderosa had flown off to....oh...Mama Doe and One Fawn in the Backyard in the morning, and Mama Doe and Two Fawns by the Tiki Temple in the

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Doe And Fawn

Morning taken up with fiddling with the computer and printer...reloaded empty inks, and made a couple prints, 8x10, 13x19, of the White Egret...and put them in the print paper box with the other room left on the Cabin Walls!...but now that I have a sorta work station with the desk top and printer together, I'll try to make more prints....there's a backlog...light rain during the night, clouds clearing during the day, cool to Lunch: picked up the tripod, and made the inside loop....Woods quiet, and along the Diversion Channel sighted Mama Doe and One Fawn...looks to be Last Chance Doe and Fawn....pic and clip...postponed the 6am Walk until Tuesday, Voting Day...good day for counting!!....checked the Dogwoods several times...quiet...and Leaves still green...hmmph...

Blog of the Day: Geotripper

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ponderosa And Nuthatch

Shuttled over to the Village after Breakfast...checked mail...and one quick last look at the Museum Show before it changes...and Shuttled Back...geared up, and paddled back to the Dogwoods..oh..checked Dogwoods before too, and then I sighted Two of only One...stood a long while, and waitedwaited...Robins about, but hidden...Robins have a berries, fly off into the Cedars and Ponderosas, return, and eat more berries...seeds look like pics...did see Flickers, and heard far away call of Pileated...returned to the Cabin and fiddled with the computer and printer, and some online errands....hazy cloudy mostly sunny..warm....late now, and still no rain, but rain Lunch: paddled back to the Diversion Channel...found a seat on a Grassy Hummock, and waitedwaited...and heard hoo hoos somewhere over by the Cattails...saw one Owl fly low to over by the Cottonwood...and called--Sentinel.....followed, and when near, Ponderosa flew to a Ponderosa opposite, perched, and began calling--Sentinel answering...took a couple blurry pics of Ponderosa, and shaky clip...missed tripod!...found a Hummock to sit on, but not much steadier for the clips, but upped the iso espocsure setting to 6400, and set shutter to 80, and got a pic, fuzzy of course....just too dark...time, and while trying to figure out how to return, Owls were over the shortest route, heard Sentinel's call way over by the Merced...Ponderosa called once more, then flew off opposite towards the Creek....I had a long clear view of the flight... very cool!...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pileated Woodpecker

After Breakfast, and before too!...checked the Dogwoods in the Backyard....Robins, hidden, Flickers, flew off, and Pileated Woodpecker, climbing high up a Ponderosa behind the Dogwoods...friend reported seeing Pileated in the Dogwoods..."calling, loud, while eating the berries"....try again tomorrow, hopefully Robins, Flickers, Pileated, DownyAndHairy Woodpeckers too!, will be in the Dogwoods...and the Leaves will have changed!...looking close at the Dogwoods, one can see new Bracts trying to be Flowers...Plants do that I guess...a false Spring sprouting in Fall, like the Azaleas do sometime...hazy clouds, clearer a bit in late afternoon, cool-wore two Lunch: paddled back to the Woods...thought I saw Pileated fly to a perch atop a Pine...but couldn't locate...found a Log to sit and wait, and Deer, all Does it seemed, came bounding through the Woods...something Deer do this time of Season!...Deer were chasing one another all over....and heard one hoo hooo..picked up, and looked at all the Usual Trees...quiet...and time...oh...made the Inside Loop in the morning walk...quiet...and napped until work time...Christmas Bird Count pamphlet came with brief reports, lists of unusual sightings mostly, from all over at last December's count...notable about California was the lack of enthusiasm, which I sorta noted my own self!...but a nice pamphlet, and reminder to take part this December...most mornings I see Doe and One Fawn, or Doe and Two Fawns by the Cabin, and often over in the Village, or by the Deer House...have pics...but haven't posted each sighting...kinda like Blue Jays, but today, lots and lots of Blue Jays in the Woods...heard soft Hawk call, and wondered if it was the One Blue Jay that can call like Hawk!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Rolling over to the Village on errands, and Cabin housecleaning, took up the morning...sunny blueblue cool, clouded over in the late Lunch: scurried to the Cabin for tripod and newer camera...paddled back to the Diversion Channel...quiet...but Two Ravens started up scolding...tried to see what Critter was troubling Ravens, and saw One Raven dive at the Ground...Bobcat?, Coyote?...trotted up the Diversion Bank to looksee, but no luck...almost time, and heard Owls...was able to sight Ponderosa...dark clip, and farfar away pic...missed clip recording call of Pygmy Owl joining Owls, with clip, of Bobcat around noon after Squirrel behind the Post Office...reporter delighted with clip!...and Bobcat caught Squirrel, but not on the clip...just the tail wagging crouch, and run up!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hawk And Ravens

Out and about before Sunrise with all the gear...across the Creek from the Swath, Fog all across Bobcat Meadow...and Fog over the Merced at Creek's to make this morning the Bird Count Walk (6am--Oct. 30 yesteryear)....Acorn Woodpecker, Song Sparrow, Mallard, and Pygmy Owl (?), the first calls I heard....made the Inside Loop....the Fallen Cedar is still in place, but swung more in line with the River....Young Buck back at Cottonwood Bend...clip....continued out to Two Top Pine Meadow...Fog thereabout and sleepy...Breakfast at Last Chance, and to the Cabin to nap...Bird Count for later...and Tioga for another time too...out and about again at Noon....paddled over to the Village around by Lower Falls and through Bobcat Meadow....Black Phoebe on the Woodpecker Tree...pic and clip....checked mail...wanted to get lunch in the Village, but too crowded!..Shuttled back to Last Chance...picked up lunch...roast beef, chocolate cookie, gator aid....and paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow, and sat a long while on the Burnt Log....Mallards...pic and clip...Blue Birds about, but far away on the Snag Willows....water in the Grasses between me and Blue Birds...thought to get close for pics, and was starting to unlace one Boot, and all the Blue Birds flew in a flock towards the Tree Line by the River...Hawk?...looked up, and Hawk was being chased by Two awhile longer...ate lunch...quiet...and paddled back along the River all the way to Creek's End...Ouzel thereabout...pic...back at the Cabin, watched basketball on tv....and then back out with all the gear at Dusk...heard hoo hoos from Sentinel...and almost sighted Sentinel perched, but Sentinel flew off low through the Trees upcreek...tried to follow, but no luck, and no calls to locate...bit disappointed...I had diverted from Tioga in hope of seeing the hoo hoos...light gone, and on return, when I reached the Swath, heard hoo hooo again, and close by....located Sentinel in Tall Ponderosa by the RipRap....pic and clip....Sentinel flew across the Creek...quiet....while returning along the Dirt Road, heard Pygmy Owl (?) call....and earlier in the morning I heard a call I couldn't recognize, but wondered it if was Fledgling Pygmy Owl...brb....well...I searched for call on web...and not sure, but pretty sure call is Pygmy Owl, though not sure at all what the strange call was!...oh...when I went to sit on the Burnt Log, sighted Praying Mantis next to the Log...see clip...oh!!..and in the Buck clip, right at the end, one can hear just once the strange morning call!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall High Water

Early Breakfast, but not early enough, like daybreak, to see how high High Water was this morning! mid morning, Creek and River looked to have gone down like three or four feet, but Ozone Boulder was still under water--see pic.....Shuttled over to the Village...title for Silver came in mail, which I've been looking forward to!...paddled back through the Oak Grove...batteries in waterproof low, and returned to the Cabin to charge them.....put the 18-55mm lens on the new camera, and back to the Creek for pics...Creek wide, slow, and brown with mud.... when the water goes down, I'm curious to see what's gotten moved around! Ozone Beach, it looks like the Fallen Cedar has been swept away, something even the highest Spring High Water didn't do...continued to Two Top Pine in the morning that one could go 'rafting' thereabout, and it looked to be so--mud and debris on the Path....oh!...back by Ozone, near the Path, sighted Coyote on the Path...went ahead a bit, and pre focused on Fire Hydrant...and Coyote came along and looked the CoyoteLook my way!...pic a bit blurry--settings wrong....and same time about, heard Hawk, Redshoulder (couldn't locate), and sighted Hawk, Redtail, soaring along the up...continued on the Outside Loop counterclockwise....scenics...much fun to take hd clips with the newer camera...switched lenses with the new camera to take advantage of the wide angle 18mm....Maple lost it's leaves....pic....across Chapel Bridge, around Bobcat Meadow, back again through the Oak Grove...late Lunch at Last Chance, and at the Cabin, Bones episodes on tv, and a nap...too long a nap...missed the hoo hoos....I took a lot of Falls hd clips!....and a splendid walkabout! a Springtime Day in October!....and Tioga road is open...Snow level above the Pass...and maybe tomorrow another rollabout thataway!....while napping, did dream of Owls, and Bobcat, and Blue Grouse!...dont know if dream sightings count!...and the dream camera pics hard to upload!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Day

Well, tried to upload little clip of the Falls, which are at the moment roaring...but getting error message.....try again in a bit....this morning: slept in, and watched a little football on tv before work...too rainy out! Lunch: still rainy, and thought to go to the Cabin and get the tripod and waterproof for clip of the Falls....for sometime!....checked, it was yesteryear, Oct. 14. that the Valley had its first big rain of the season...Falls After Rain....Falls will be at least that full tomorrow!

Another note: The clinic hereabout, come Jan. 1, will be run by government health services--San Francisco Chronicle Article.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tree Top Hawk

Checked the Dogwoods in the Backyard...Robins and Flickers, but too high up, and hidden in the Branches...Robins calling, talking--sounded a bit like pics....crossed the Creek, through Bobcat Meadow as far as Sentinel Bridge, and heard Hawk, Redshoulder, somewhere far away towards A Meadow....followed call, and found myself looking at Pine Tree Tops in Day Use Parking, and dodging Cars looking for parking!...Hawk was up there, somewhere, and I finally found an angle and located and clips....Coop flew off towards the Village and I lost sight....picked up SD card came, and it works-hd video okay now in the newer camera....was out early, and Shuttled back to Lower Falls, and back across the Creek to the Cabin...dropped off tripod, and on way to Last Chance, sighted Robins in the Dogwoods by the up...after Breakfast, a nap....cloudy along the Walls, and overhead...light rain all day off and Lunch: paddled quick to the Cabin...just too dark from Clouds for hand held pics, and wanted the the Cabin could hear Owls....hurried back on the Dirt Road, but Owls too high and hidden....sighted Sentinel flying towards the Deer House, and heard Ponderosa go there too....and located Sentinel from the Swath...pic...Owls hadn't crossed the Creek yet, and for a moment, I thought Owls would perch together, and I was fumbling with the camera for a clip...and off Owls went, calls now from almost Flicker Grove...time, and so couldn't follow that far....tourists asks us questions: "What kind of reptiles were in the Valley in 1941?" "Well, I, I guess Rattlesnakes, Lizards..." "I sat on an alligator in the Valley in 1941!!" I was incredulous, and the tourist very sweet in insisting that it was so, in spite of my doubts. "Anything hereabout is possible, I guess!" And they smiled and went to the cashiers with their dinner. And then I caught myself, back then the Zoo was maybe hereabout. I hurried over, and explained the Zoo, and the tourist was pleased to hear this, and after dinner, returned from their room with photo from 1941 of the alligator, and the tourist, a little girl then, perched on top. Very cool. I explained to everyone at her table, at her urging, about the Zoo, and how online the story of it might be in the Nature Notes. Dont know if I was convincing, but she had convinced me, and was delighted!....brb....well, the little Zoo closed in 1931 0r so but here again is link to bit about the Zoo (note reply to comment post I made!...hmmph!) Truth is, tourists have about as much chance of seeing wildlife hereabout, as tourists at the Coast of seeing underwater marine life.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Owl On Ponderosa Branch

After Breakfast, rolled over to the Village in Silver...wanted to get the errands out of the way...and back to the Cabin to go on line and update work insurance, but date for that begins next a lot of fuss for nothing...hmmph..anyway, checked the Dogwoods in the Backyard..quiet...but when I got back to Creek's End, Three or Four Flickers were in the DogwoodPonderosa...but too high in the Branches...blurry pics....time...and back to the Cabin...still quiet in the Backyard Dogwoods...and Leaves still haven't reached full colors....sunny blue cool, clouded over in Lunch: picked up Gear at the Cabin, and at the Ponderosa just beyond the DogwoodPonderosa, sighted Owl, Sentinel...hoo hooos led me...clip is dark again...editing program on the PC, Premier, has an exposure control, and can rework these dark clips....should order macs more extensive video editing program(used mac for upload)...Sentinel and Ponderosa flew over to the Deer House....hoo hoos all the way...could still hear calls when I dropped off Gear at the Cabin...and right on time back to work!

Blog of the Day: Optics4Birding

I have some vacation time coming, still, in December, and may have time to go 'home', Orange County in Southern California, and visit. And with my new found interest in critter pics, I was curious where to lookabout thereabout for critters--this blog has some sites. And an interesting note, that hereabout, farmers in the Central Valley put up boxes to attract Barn Owls--Barn Owls catch rodent pests.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunset From Owl Woods

After Breakfast, paddled across the Creek, through Bobcat Meadow, to the Village...picked up mail...quiet...Shuttled back...oh...stood a long while in the Backyard by the Dogwoods...Robins, Flickers, and DownyOrHairy Woodpecker about...but hidden in Leaves, which really haven't changed yet, and no pics....try again tomorrow....Nat Geo came...and back at the Cabin, read for the remaining time...sunny with some clouds, Lunch: thought to go sit by the Cottonwood, and wait...times I've seen Owls, it's often been of Golden Eagle flyover near Catheys Valley...reporter on bicycle...a thought to try peddleabouts in the Foothills....heard Owls, but at the other end of the pics...oh...Clouds went pink, and I trotted out to an open Grassy Spot for Sunset pic..

Muir sees an Eagle at Twenty Hill Hollow:


The eagle does not dwell in the Hollow; he only floats there to hunt the long-eared hare. One day I saw a fine specimen alight upon a hillside. I was at first puzzled to know what power could fetch the sky-king down into the grass with the larks. Watching him attentively, I soon discovered the cause of his earthiness. He was hungry and stood watching a long-eared hare, which stood erect at the door of his burrow, staring his winged fellow mortal full in the face. They were about ten feet apart. Should the eagle attempt to snatch the hare, he would instantly disappear in the ground. Should long-ears, tired of inaction, venture to skim the hill to some neighboring burrow, the eagle would swoop above him and strike him dead with a blow of his pinions, bear him to some favorite rock table, satisfy his hunger, wipe off all marks of grossness, and go again to the sky.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Owls Calling

After Breakfast, Shuttled over to the Village.... Mama Doe and Two Fawns about that I haven't seen for sometime...watercolor and gauche painting of the Falls, found on
ebay, came...unsigned, but it looks familiar, and a project to compare and maybe find the artist...Shuttled back to Cabin...dropped off the painting, and walkedabout in the Backyard...diverted by tourists at Creek's End, and ended up by the Fallen Cedar...Phoebe perched...Blue Jay in the Willow...quiet...sunny blueblue Lunch:...well, everything went according to plan!...hurried to the Cabin, picked up gear including tripod...heard Owl, Sentinel, when I reached Creek's End...but Owl up the Diversion Channel somewhere...followed Owl's call, getting closer, and stood a long while under an Oak listening for the next call...and thought, 'Owl is right above me, huh?"....looked up, and there was Sentinel!....see pic and clips....Sentinel started the calling, then Ponderosa began answering....Sentinel flew to another Perch, then back to the Oak, but on the Oak's far side...picked up and went to look for Ponderosa, call somewhere by the Cottonwood...couldn't locate, and nearly time...but walking up the Channel Bank, I looked back, and Sentinel was on the Cottonwood...Ponderosa must have been just on the far side of the Cottonwood ...calls were almost simultaneous...but hardly any light, and last section of posted up clip is very dark...but the sounds are very cool!....Acorn Woodpeckers woken up again!!!
Link of the Day: Quote Garden

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tioga Ducks

After Breakfast, heard Hawk's call somewhere over by the Train Wreck...yesterday, Hawk was thereabout too, but the Tour Buses idling engines made Hawk hard to locate, and no luck,.... but this morning, sighted Hawk, Redshoulder, maybe Coop--call sounded more like Cedar, and I wonder if Cedar has returned with Feathers changed to adult orange--Cedar had a soft call...trying to keep track of the Valley Critters is all guesswork, of back to the Cabin to gather gear for a rollabout to Mono Lake....Silver made some clunking noises just pulling away from the Cabin...friend and I tried to locate...noise somewhere in the right front tire luck, and finally I rolled a bit faster, and the noise repeatedrepeated, and then stopped...dont know if whatever it was just broke altogether, or fixed itself...I suspect the gears for the front wheel I went...and a scenic drive through Tuolumne, down Tioga Pass, and to the County Park beside the North End of Mono Lake...scenic pics along the way...and at the Tioga Ranger Station, in one of the Tarn Ponds, I spotted, looks to be, Eared Grebe...see the Lake just before Elery Lake, sighted Ducks, new to me!,... Rudy and Buffleheads, I think...stopped here and there going down the Pass for pics of the Fall Colors...look to be Cottonwoods and Aspens mostly....and at the Lake, just after I parked, there was ruckus in a Stand of Cottonwoods....Magpies, a first sighting...this just behind the Parking Lot...thought maybe Hawk was about, and Hawk did flyover....messed up, didn't have exposure set....but I got a second chance after going to the Lake Shore when Hawk flew over again...but messed up again...but not my fault! the hurry to raise and turn the camera on, my thumb bumped the live view button so all I saw was a dark view, and my other thumb, switching the on off lever, nudged the program dial, which is serrated and caught on my thumbnail...really miffed that I missed the pics...with some editing, see pic, I think Hawk is Northern Harrier...anywayanyway, at the Lake Shore, I was disappointed...hardly any Birds, nothing like last visit when Seagull, Sandpiper, and such, were Osprey either...thought I was seeing maybe a few Grebes, and when I sighted through the binocs, I was surprised to see that the whole Lake was covered with Grebes, but Grebes all spread out...(click and click and zoom in on pic)....all too far away for pics...One Seagull, Coots, a few Grebes, were near enough for pics...picked up, other tourists arriving and the view site is small....and I went back to the Cottonwoods where the Magpies were...scenic pics...sat awhile...quiet...Flicker and DownyOrHairy at the Lot, sighted Two Rabbits on the Lawn (saw Rabbit too from Boardwalk) and clips...time...on the way back up Tioga, all the turn outs are on the Down Leg, so I didn't stop...something to keep in mind, as there were scenics I missed...clouds and colors and snow on the peaks!! the Meadows, sighted a Flock of Bluebirds...parked and followed, but Bluebirds stayed too far ahead...settled for some Crane Flat, went out into the Meadow for looksee...quiet..Ravens, Nuthatch, Pileated about....and back at the Cabin in time for dinner and tv...and post up!

A note about taking pics: The second pic from top, overlook of Tioga Pass, was taken from a turnout that has a sign, with some nice quotes, and the same scene--a kinda Kodak Photo Spot...most of the pics I take are of this sort...I mean, if Bear ambles out of the Woods, I take a pic, same as may be a unique art, in that most pics are pics everyone would take if thereabout thenabout with a camera! take pics that are unique and characteristic of one's singular vision is rare--I dont know if many even consciously pursue that, or if it is even possible, but the pic of the Trees and Grasses and Clouds, the one just beneath the Magpie, is maybe of this sort...I was drawn to take the pic, because I knew it was a place birds will perch, the cottonwoods too....they're not great pics, but they have a content that someone who follows birds would appreciate!....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Deer House Fawns

After Breakfast, Shuttled over to the Village...Deer about, and photo tours too!...paddled back along the Road under the Oaks, and out the Path to Chapel Bridge....Two Fawns
pronging through the Grasses....Fawns settled down and joined Mama Doe on the and clips....crossed the Creek back to the Cabin...picked up lunch to go...ham sandwich, chips, apple juice....and paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow....sat a long while on the Burnt Log....quiet....when I picked up, Bird flew up from the Grasses and perched in the Cottonwoods...and not sure of id, and looks me!...pic too far away..back to the Cabin and watched tv, munched late lunch, and napped....rain clouds cleared mid afternoon, sunny, Dusk, paddled back to the Woods...quiet...pic of Half Dome...both the Two Top Meadow Fawns are Bucks, and cool to see by the Deer House eating Acorns...

Link of the Day: State of the Birds 2009

I cant figure out quite who all is involved in these reports, it looks to be under the aegis of the government, but the activity mostly by the nonprofits. Here's link that explains some.

3 May 2010

Report Urges Action to Protect North American Birds

Canada, Mexico, United States announce joint avian conservation assessment

Read more:

Word I'm looking for in all this, is 'genuine', and the one I find, is 'nebulous'. hnmmph...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oak Owl

On the way to Breakfast, talked with friend about the Valley residents and employees art show, and with their encouragement, after Breakfast, hopped in Silver and took two of my Kodak framed pics, Bobcat with Ground Squirrel, and one of Owl in Owl Woods, over to the Art Activity Center....little show is put on by the Yosemite Conservancy (the old Fund and Association combined), with a lot of effort by another friend's wife, a YC's informal, which I like, and hope it will be a good presentation this November at the Center....back at the Cabin, still some time, and crossed the Creek and sat on a Deer House Picnic Bench awhile...quietquiet....sighted Mama Doe and Two Fawns, both Fawns nursing, at the Library earlier, and sighted One Fawn alone by the Deer House...overcast, a few thunder claps, and rain Lunch: was anxious to get out to the Woods....during and after Rain, the Mists and Clouds and Fall Colors make it a magical place. and Owls the Starst.....picked up the gear at the Cabin....bit of time lost, but I wanted the tripod along...and heard and located Sentinel and Ponderosa....but Owls hidden in Cottonwood Branches....Owls flew off two directions...was able to follow Owl to the right....and sighted Owl perched on Oak sorta clear pic, the one up...and tried for clip, but too dark...Owl flew out to Ozone Beach about, and I was hopeful Owl would perch in the Cottonwoods I'm familiar with, but no luck...time...and back to of Hawk, Redshoulder, Coop, by Lower Falls across the Road--likely in Flicker Grove...and Coyote in Siberia...and report of not much to report from friend returning from one week vacation on the East Side...'hot'...'yes, I know, I stayed hereabout'....Screech Owl in headlights, and Tarantula, and Leaves not turning until last day...tomorrow, for me, a two day rollabout in Silver...hope to report of much to report!!!...well...rollabout will be nearby, too rainy for long trip!