Monday, July 29, 2013

Least Tern

Pics from Bolsa Chica Wildlife Reserve...last Friday, Midday from the Bridges...Black Tern sighted over Bobcat Meadow

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wood Ducks in Non Breeding Plummage

Pics from Irvine Regional Park...I didn't know Wood Ducks looked so different in non breeding plumage, and took a bit to id!

  Park is like the first Park of its kind in California--wonderful Old Oaks all about...

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir [Paperback]
Donald Worster

A Passion for Nature: Thomas Jefferson and Natural History (Monticello Monograph) [Paperback] Keith Thomson

Well, I went to Amazon to link the book I'm reading, bio of Muir, and there's another one with same title about Jefferson, that's now on the must read list!


Returning from Ft. Wrangle, Muir had to take leave of his small companion, never to see him again. But he went away realizing, more than ever, that being kind to animals, avoiding needless cruelty to them, was only the first step to a new ethic."


On arrival at the GG House, I used the GG Library for internet, checked the book out, and took some pics of Pond and Birds about, and surprised to see Two Night Herons! up... Pond is very nice, with a little trickling artificial Stream.

 The sound of falling and running Water is a kinda universal, and I mean in the entire universe on Planets with Atmosphere like ours, a kinda universal tone, sound, note, like middle c on the Piano. WOW has great Water sounds...hereabout, I can go to the Ocean and listen to Waves, which the Falls reminded me of--like at Huntington Beach Pier which has a shallow sloping Beach, so Waves are continuously breaking...maybe after nap I'll go there this Evening!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Reason for leaving...

Note:  Sorting things, and trying to write things out, is what any creative writer goes through, and one looks for the right words, and maybe sometimes in an unexpected way, things go down on paper, or the aether as it were nowadays!, and so it has happened in a couple personal emails to friends about matters.  One I've posted, and here is second.  And I think that will be enough by way of explanation, if only to myself , and friends reading my blog and coming from facebook link. 

Hi J.,
I'll tell the tale when next I visit you and D.  Oddly, both you and W. are minor characters in the drama...I was talking to W. one day, helping her come inside with tray, and manager came up behind, talking to back of my head, telling me there were tables to clear....I almost just put things down and walked home.  And much the same thing happened that last afternoon when I saw you at the foodcourt, I got into it with my manager you spoke to,  and the one over them, and I did walk out of a meeting about why tables weren't clear, which was the beginning of the dust up, and ended two weeks later when I walked out of meeting with union rep and same managers over same matter.  It got ugly, D. will laugh to here! 

So glad to hear W. is about, and of your hikes and Bald Eagle Sighting over Cathedral Peak!

Much to do hereabout, painting and gardening and removal of a lot stuff one tenant gathered.  

My blog continues, so have a looksee sometimes.  I'll have new stuff from SoCal, but there's a lot of Yosemite stuff I never  posted, and lots I wanted to expand and polish, and that will be posted too now and then.
I didn't really get to say so long to anyone, just my cabin neighbors when I was packing, but maybe that was best, sorta like leaving a room just like it is expecting to be back.   If in the Valley, tell any mutual friends I'm fine. 

And any pics and tales you might have that I can post to the blog, send them along!

See you,


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jumping Fish

Took a Day off, gathered the gear, and rolled out towards Irvine Park, which is in Foothills just beyond Orange...thereabout, Chapman crosses Jamboree, and I had in mind directions to Sea and Sage Audubon Duck House in Irvine--San Joaquin Reserve, and diverted, with thought to save Irvine Park for a later Bicycle visit!...and it took awhile to locate Sea and Sage, which I couldn't reach because of road work...did walkabout very briefly the Reserve, which is Land around Water Recycling Plant, I think...quiet, and thought to continue to Newport Back Bay...see pics up...there is a Visitor Center there too, I think, near the YMCA, where I used to go to swim and jog, but road work blocked easy access...I was going to make this stop on way back from Balboa Pier, as far as I journeyed...sighted Whale Spout next to Whale Watch Boat from Pier's End, but no luck for Spout pic...took Ferry to Balboa Island, snacked, good hotdogs right there where Ferry docks...often visited with my Dog, Australian Shepard Mix, Bunny, for walkabout...miss Bunny, full name Bunny Foo Foo...named after the little song, which I found charming...

Little bunny Foo Foo
Went hopping through the forest
Scooping up the field mice
And bashing them on the head
Down came the Good Fairy, and she said
"Little bunny Foo Foo
I don't want to see you
Scooping up the field mice
And bashing them on the head." etc.

Tenants have a with my own Backyard, I  have thought to get Dog, maybe Chinese Foo Dog...or another Australian Shepard...Dogs are big and poop and visits to the vet, and that dread of  fast passing dog years...but my being at 65,  New Dog and I would be even-steven!...Bunny loved to chase Rabbits...

It's taking a good while just to get around background of Fish pics is Three Story Apartment Complex, and it's new, and new complexes are everywhere, and many are four and five story, which is giving a very different look and feel to Town--cityish...Newport and Balboa haven't changed, thankfully, and where I can still go for walkabouts...but everywhere much traffic and parked cars, even by GG House--Streets all lined with Cars at Night...

Turret Shells in the Bay Shore pic...Egrets and Seabirds I've yet to become familiar with on the far side of the Bay where I sat a long while trying to get pics of  Jumping Fish, which were lots!...

Here's blog I found last Night with much of Local Wildlife:

It is the silvery mullet that is frequently seen jumping from the water into the air.
end quote

Jumping Fish looked a bit bigger than Mullet, which I haven't seen, but web says Mullet are twelve inches...and Fish I watched were dark on top, white beneath....

Monday, July 15, 2013

There To Here

Well, when I arrived in Town, on 5 near Euclid, the Park's fireworks show was in progress, as now it is as I type, ninethirtyish....that was a couple days back... Nat Geo was in the email inbox, announcing another enter-your-photos assignment, this subject: 'travel'...hmmph... Hereabout, Mocking Birds chase Squirrels, and sing all Night...saw Hawk at Last Light...rolling out to Micky Dees, and just a few Houses away, Hawk flew to TV aerial, and away before id...but auspicious to see Hawk! the center of my pic wall is Bobcat with Eyes Closed at Trunk of Owl Oak, which that Snowy Day had two toned Bark from snowstorm moisture, my Buddha Bobcat pic...and to the right facing wall is my tenants' little Home Shrine to Buddha...kinda cool, I'd say!..I don't know what the cactus fruit is called, but has very refreshing taste, especially after battling the garden hose bib by the front porch....thought was to replace all the garden hose bibs, leaking and no water pressure, the later not helping in giving Silver a bath...shut the water off to the house, and replaced first one, and on to the next by the porch step, and forgot pop connected this directly to the main water line for sprinklers--no shut off!...old bib in hand, water pouring out, what to do!...and worse, new bib wrong size, only three quarter...looked over what I had, and had just inch female to three quarter female couple...three quarter male to one half female...and one half male bib, meant for side of house....I put everything together, opened the bib so water could get through and lower push back, and braced my elbow against the step, which gave me enough push to get the coupling to thread against the water pouring out, down the sidewalk to the drive to the street and all over me, head to toe! is not supposed to be able to do this!...ask any plumber, but I got purchase with the thread, tightened all, and all okay...a near run thing!...not quite Muir on the Glacier, but hopefully the last of a spate of near run things over the last two weeks!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Rolled out of Marina, Hawk, Redshoulder, Cedar Hawk!, looking on....pic up...Sunday Morning...Silver okay until Pinnacles exit, where I got gas...stall and trouble light back on...with a full tank, I thought, I can make it all the way on speed, Silver doesn't often!...but very sleepy when I reached Ventura, and ahead Saturday Fourth of July traffic in LA, so, so, got a room, napped, and walked about a bit...even saw movie..."sometime good men wear mask"...and rolled out in the grey overcast morning, that cleared inland....sighted Nuttal's Woodpecker at rest stop in Sycamore Tree...and reached my house in Garden Grove around, Silver one last stall!,  11am...a no mean feat!...anyway, tenants not home, and couldn't reach on phone, so sat on porch, surrounded by memories, most all day, with pick ups for lunch and such...saw Posey throw out Puig trying to steal third while snacking on enchiladas...and tenant finally arrived, and after some talk, we realized we were in same boat, and the boat is the house, so we'll be roommates...myself glad of that, as it was the top scenario I kept rehearsing...motel in Orange last night...made an evening rollabout to Silverado Canyon...while on the Porch, Mocking Birds singing constantly, Pigeons, Morning Doves, Finches, I think, and Squirrel (Rat?) crossing on Power Lines above Backyards across the Street...see pic...I've never seen before Squirrel in Orange County!...I return from Valley with different eyes and ears!...tenant's Cat came around the Ficus to looksee...very shy Cat...pohono...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Salinas River Wildlife Reserve

The rental office for the apts. of interest wont be open until the eleventh.  Agents gone fishing I guess.

Tow truck driver yesterday gave me heads up that there's wildlife to see, and good fishing, where the Salinas River meets the ocean.  Hadn't planed to go there, but on Del Monte Road, where the apt. complex was, there were more complexes, one after another until ending at open fields, pastures, where I sighted Hawk soaring.  Knocked on rental office at last complex, a wan hope, as sign there said closed for holidays too, but a stirring inside, and eventual unlocking of door, and I met the rental agent.  'I'd like one on the end row, overlooking the fields."  "Oh, the nature available maybe in August."  Agent too busy today, but come back Monday with application filled in, he offered.  He took an interest in that I related that I take Critter pics..."Eagles, Hawks, Skunks, ... come around."

Would be cool to sit out on the little patio and see Hawk.  But rent isn't in my modest range, and I thought of this much at Taco Bell.  After soft tacos, rolled back to the field and parked awhile.   The fogs and overcasts hereabout in the Summer make it a kinda Winter!  And the apt. complexes are modest,  out of sorts with the rents, which, actually, compared with Southern California near beach rentals, are cheap. Anyway, I rolled out along the fields on Del Monte, Hwy 1 in the distance on the left.  I think this is some of the Ft. Ord property that is in dispute at moment, weather to develop or restore to Nature.  Vote is coming up, I took note of last visit.  And I continued until Del Monte ended at dirt and agriculture field, and there was sign announcing Salinas River Wildlife Reserve ahead one half mile on dirt road.  Walked about to the River edge, which was a Lagoon I guess.  A very large area, and critters too far away. 

First thing in the morning, I walked over to garage near Micky Dees, and after breakfast, talked to mechanic.  "I'll call you."  Then about, I walked over to the apts. and discovered the delay to the eleventh.  And with that puzzle, went back to the motel room, and sorta napped.  Finally, the call, and another walk to the garage..."give it a test drive, changed the sensor but not sure", so, off I rolled to Monterey thinking to find auto club office to change addresses.  Silver okay, until I reached backed up traffic, and stopped, and stalled.  Everyone going slow, so no distress, and got Silver going again.   Traffic  really slow, so u turned, and made it back to garage..."stalled it once, but the trouble light is on now"  Mechanic hadn't had this to go on, so plugged in computer sensor, and got read out for air intake valve.  "Yes", I said, "that's what the Valley garage said too to check."  Mechanic looked it over, "it's expensive to replace"...."yes, I know"...."I'll try cleaning"....And he undid the connecting hose, sprayed cleaner in the opening, and immediately Silver began to idle smoother.   And with trepidation I rolled off with much thanks to apt. hunt, and visit Moss Landing Sea Otters, which were right at home.  Pics and clips for sometime!

Coolest thing of the day was able to watch over the mechanics shoulder, and have conversation!  Impossible to happen at dealer's garage...

Web surf a bit now, maybe craigs list and such....:)



The girl at the desk here recommended the Marina Beach Apts. just nearby near Walmart and the Library.  I'm superstitious, a bit, and last visit here I went tree to tree with Hawk, Redshoulder, in Walmart's parking lot!  So,so, I went to office but found it closed until the eleventh.  Silver is in the shop by MickyDees, trouble light stranded me in Castroville yesterday on way to Moss Landing Otters--used auto club tow to return to motel!

Trouble light very nearly stranded me in Bakersfield on Monday, on Union St., on return to Merced to rent U Haul.   That, and the DW acting up going over roadwork bumpity bumps on 99 nearly put me in that roadside ditch mum always feared I'd end up in!  But, a series of serendipities have been steppingstones to nowabout: waiting for call at my motel room from mechanic.  Alls well, but wont be completely so until I have own place to hang my hat!

Yesterday, while waiting for tow, on 183 just west of Espinosa Road (I had gotten off  Hwy 1 and took surface roads least I stall and be hazard!), Avocets were in the irrigation canals, piping at me all the while Silver was being hoisted onto the tow truck's bed. Pics for sometime...

Actually, this is great fun...and I get to chat with the locals.  Time was I used to do a lot of this, rambling with no set plans.  It's a bigbig world, and the Valley a bit walled in!


Oh, I did see fireworks, walked out to the beach, and looked back from dunes vantage--a few backyard shows had rockets and the starbursts.  Time was, at Disney, maintenance took a break at the evening fireworks show.  We'd play cards, or chess, or watch.  I'd often go out in the park and watch the electric parade.  Hereabout, the fire trucks were out and about--driver waved going by...very cool.

 Redahoulders, CedarHawks, call every morning in the windswept pines hereabout.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Down the Hill

Hi Sandy,

Oh, I've quit my job.  (:  During management meeting with my union rep beside me, I just got frustrated and flustered, and walked out.  This last Saturday.  Next time we visit, I'll share the story, and all about blogs too!

I'm in Marina, near Monterey, today, the Fourth, and hope there's a firework show somewhere to see, and take pics.  I like it here, and it is the first place I'm looking for a little place to rent. 

Do you know Wolfi?  She's my friend, and many other's too.  She's like 83, and spends the summers in Tuolumne.  I know in Spring she volunteers for Le Conte Sierra Club.  She's like the Birds, migrates to the Valley from Klamath Falls in the Spring, and back there again in the Fall.  She wears all green, a bit disheveled, as I am often too!, and is sometimes by the store for food and mail.

If you see her, say hello for me, and share some stories. 

I went down to my sisters in Bakersfield Sunday, I worry about her health, and may move there if that becomes problem.  Some reluctance to be there on my part, and it's Bakersfield!

Tomorrow, I'll start going to rental offices, and I have no idea where I'll perch.  All my things, my photos, your photos, my friends phot0s, that I've collected, are all in Merced storage unit.  For 89 dollars I got a 12x15 unit with second month for one dollar--a promotion!  After living for almost ten years in a 12x10 cabin, the storage unit looked spacious.

I have a home in Garden Grove, which I inherited, and have rented to a Vietnamese family for almost twenty years.  I haven't the heart to boot them out because of my travails!  The rent they pay is modest, and I hope to  use it for a modest place of my own.  I can get social security now too, and that will replace my job income.

On vacations I've been making a big loop. I roll north to Tule Lake, Klamath Falls, west along the Rogue River to Crescent City, South to Fort Bragg and to Marina, and back to the Valley.  Looking for places beginning here in Marina, I may perch anywhere along that route!

A bit of a long email!  But I'll post it to Tree in the Door and link to my facebook, so as to continue the effort!

See you,


Wednesday, July 3, 2013