Monday, February 17, 2014

Egyptian Goose

It was believed that Geb laid the egg from which the sun was hatched. His laugh was also known to create earthquakes.

 Papyrus Painting - Nile Geese

Egyptian Geese (new, sorta!, Bird, to me) pics from rollabout Mile Square Park...sunny hazy warm...


Friday, February 14, 2014

Sting Ray

Everytime I go to Bolsa Chica Bridge, I look over the Railing for Rays...finally sighted Spotted Ray...Ducks about...this Yesterday...bottom Hawk pic from previous Day's post...Bolsa quietquiet...suspect a lot of Migrant Birds have left...Rabbit, and Goose? at GG Library Pond...

 (update: Goose is too small for Snow Goose, and it's a Ross's Goose!...a new Bird, for me!...

A tiny white goose with black wingtips, the Ross's Goose is like a miniature version of the more abundant Snow Goose. It breeds in the central Arctic and winters primarily in central California, but it is becoming more frequent farther east.
from Cornell's site
very cool, as I almost didn't take pic as lots of farmyard Geese at the Pond!)

...sunny blue warm...checked Osprey Nest..quiet...Nest can be seen from Mile 0 Coast Highway Bridge...found good place to park thereabout, so's to make some rollabouts along the Coast Hwy Bike Paths...lots of Long Lens photogs about, again, at the Bridge...Wildlife photogs hereabout a bit desperate for locations, I'd least this one is!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mussels and Tube Worms

Rollabout Yesterday Late Afternoon from Mile 6 to Mile 0 and return...One Edge Hawk, Reddish Heron, Ibis, Merlin, Pipers, Kite, and Kingfisher way high on Pole near Ospreys' Nest...Ospreys not, took note of Osprey pic in Today's Register Newspaper. and visited Centennial Park to check for Osprey, but no luck...Tide was out, and sat and snacked at Mile O and contemplated the Mussels and Tube Worms...not much moving, or even looking very alive! pic is Rock Wren perched on Fence next to the Garage at Home...sunny bit breezy yesterday, same today but a little cloudier, cool Breakfast, at Denny's, this Morning, where I saw Osprey pic, sighted Hawk again perched on Light Post Arm near the Freeway...pic for sometime...and thought on this over Breakfast...alongside the Freeways, somewhat like alongside the River, there is Landscaping, or just Wild Weeds, a kinda very long interwoven network of narrownarrow Wilderness, something I've noted on the Long Rollabouts all over the State...that Light Pole might be Denny's Hawk's perch to find Freeway Squirrels and Mice and such...I have book about the Fauna and Flora of Vacant Lots in Southern California (

Natural History of Vacant Lots (California Natural History Guides) by Matthew F. Vessel and Herbert H. Wong (Apr 20, 1989) )

...brings back memories of Bugs I collected in Apple Sauce Bottles!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Striped Shore Crab

Rolled out to Upper Newport Bay Nature Center...really nice in theater one of best I've seen of that sort (here's link to filmmaker Lance Milbrand)...paddled about a short while...Harrier, Kestrel, Hummingbird, Duck...and then off to find Pachy...rolled all the way to Dana Point, thinking lots of Breakwater Boulders thereabout...and looked on the Ocean side first..Tide too high...but another pretty girl modeling for photogs, other was at Little Corona being buzzed by the drone!...late afternoon by Ocean has very good light for modeling...anyway, walked along the Harbor side, and no luck, until I made the turn where the Pilgrim replica is docked, and sighted a few Pachys...sigh...success of a sort...class was in progress for the kids on the Pilgrim...Captain in old time clothes takes them back to the 19th century sailing world...Visitor Marine Center here is very nice too, but it was late, and I returned, the long drive mellowed out by the Rain...cloudy rainy cool...note Silver in Pilgrim pic!...Hummingbird at Dana too...Gold Ghosts are Garibaldis...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In search of pachygrapsus crassipes...

Rolled out to Corona del Mar with the thought to find Pachys...and no luck!...checked the Breakwater of Big Corona, and paddled over to the Tide Pools of Little Corona...and not one...hmmph...checked around the web, and there are recent pics and clips up with Pachys, some from exactly where I was, so...I dunno...I have memories of Big and Little Corona going back to like 1955...wish I'd kept photo journal!...I had a marine biology teacher, Prof. Resnick, think that's the spelling, who lamented that he had the idea back then to do a species base line count all up and down the California Coast, but couldn't find funding, and the idea much cold shouldered...took his class in free diving spear fishing too...he was one of the first blue ocean free diving spear fishermen...I've never been a very good student, but I latch on to things, much of the blog has about it that lament that there's no base line count of fauna and flora...though of late I took note when reading literature I got with my fishing license, that Fish and Game has a good handle on Fish populations...and why in the world the Speaker of the House has to come to the Central Valley and poke his political nose into things I can't fathom...hmmmph...sunny cloudy cool....fellow had a drone at Little Corona with gopro camera...impressive how well it flies even in breeze...another fellow was raking the beach into design, the latest fad...oh...the little green dot (has a number and epoxyed to the stone) is a part of some study, I think...