Sunday, March 31, 2013



Sighted Gadwalls at the Pond below Buzzard Bluff on the rollabout (previous post), and a new bird, for me...Bull raised the Challange Flag...see clip!...hereabout a little rain, and a little rockslide at Camp 4...lunch sits have been quiet...Does and Fawns, Song Sparrows, Mallard Pair, Juncos, Bats. Flicker calls, Robins, Acorn Woodpeckers, Acorns always last to call at Last Light...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

White Breasted Nuthatch

Rolled down the hill in the Afternoon...back too late and too sleepy to sort and crop and post and report...all for Tomorrowmorrow...White Breasted Nuthatch sighted near Hornitos...and a new bird, for me....sunny hazy warm, cloudy in the Valley this morning...sighted Male Merganzer flying by at Lake McSwain with Fishing Lne and Bobber dangling from Bill...hmmph...and sighted Bobcat at Mount Bullion, but too slow getting gear together and out of Silver for pics... was trying to be carefull--rolled forward to pullout rather than just stop in my tracks!...for the most part on Osprey Road (saw all Ospreys on Nests!) one can go slow, and even stop...but maniac eighteen wheelers, I dont know where they come from!, and bat motorcyclists, give one pause...but then I give them pause even up!

Happy Birthday Robert Frost!

Blog Post of the Day:

(journalists end their news stories with '30', or did...have no idea now rollabouts end with crossing Pohono Bridge, and a kinda sigh of 'homeagain homeagain', something pop would say after long day, and pulling into the driveway....)


Monday, March 25, 2013


Made the Outside Loop clockwise at Last hear Owl, but no luck...and near CAD Beach, thought to do clip of Frogs Singing, and Mallard calling flyover...see clip...Falls pic from this Morning...Deer by Cabin two Days ago...same Does and Fawn near the Cottonwoods this Evening...and Song and clips for sometime...returned to the Cabin as it looked like a Moonbow Night, and gathered the Raincoat, but at Lower Falls Crosswalk, Clouds came Moonbow luck, but tried for Moon and Cloud pics with the waterproof camera...used a lot of settings, and mixed has a night shot setting that takes a quick series of pics that the computer in the camera manipulates into a up were taken this way...only way to avoid the overexposure brightness of the Moon was to wait for the Clouds to cover...a ring of color was around the Moon, which I think is like a Sundevil around the Sun, same phenomena...but pics didn't get capture the colors well...hazy sunny of Bobcat by the Cabin, by the Canoe!, and almost catching Squirrel...

Monday, March 18, 2013


Sighted Two Bobcats on walk to pic is Mama Bobcat, and second, Papa Bobcat, I think!...and following pics, Mama Bobcat...first part of clip is Papa Bobcat, sighted first, and not for long!...tried to follow, but no luck...paddled out to Bobcat Meadow and sat awhile under Bobcat's Oak...hope was Papa Bobcat would come out of Woods by the Deer luck, but walking back to Path, sighted tourists sighting Mama Bobcat, and followed to the Deer House!...clips and pics along the way...sunny blue hazy windy and evening of Bobcat Kitten with Mama Bobcat and Papa Bobcat at Lower Falls yesterday 'for hours'...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bobcat's Meadow

Pic is still from clip...which is over eleven minutes long...the little clip posted earlier of Bobcat being chased by Coyote happened while taking these Lunch sighted Merganser Pair paddling passed the Cottonwoods...farfar away clip...sunny hazy warm...jillions of Frogs singing of Bobcat by the Rooms catching of Bobcat catching Squirrel and running over my neighbor's foot while doing so! of Bobcat with Kittens crossing Road in Siberia near Stoneman Bridge...the morning I took the Bobcat clips, I set out to see if Owl was luck...but Bobcat was on the list to see too, and after doing an Ouzel clip from Chapel Bridge, I sighted tourist taking Half Dome pics, and they were pointing right at Bobcat...I dont know if they, or anyone else saw Bobcat as I was! is a very cool clip, a mustsee for Bobcat fans...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mayan Flute

Usually Julia is in the Museum, but this afternoon Sheldon was in her spot with his flutes... When 'the flute plays the the flute player'... see clip link above! I was thereabout to visit the Art Show. which is very good this Season...sunny blueblue of Nuthatch on Oak outside the Museum...paddled about my own self to Siberia, Bobcat Meadow (lunch on the Long Fallen Cedar)), and Ozone Beach after a nap...quietquiet, but a fine Spring Day!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bobcat at the Cottonwoods

At Lunch, (Time has changed!, so still Light!), paddled back to the Cottonwoods, and just as I got there, sighted Bobcat!...flopped on the Sand, set coffee down, and pushed a few wrong buttons on the d10 camera, but got a clip, see link...very cool!...sunny cool...One Bat about...had been wondering if Bats come out this Time of Season...Redwing Blackbirds arrived about three weeks ago, when still very cold...and Robins everywhere now...and another dry Winter...Snow from December has kept Badger going for skiers because so cold...some Snow that high up last week...but not much Rain or Snow in January or February...

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Avocet a new Bird for me, I think...pic from rollabout the Wildlife Refuges...looped down the hill on 140 and back through Hornitos...snow a bit hereabout this morning...see Deer pic...have a backlog of pics and clips...harddisc was filled up, and took a bit of doing to backup to external drive, and clear space!