Thursday, June 29, 2017

OTI:four poems and notes:6/29/17

Open To Interpretation
Just Me
When we
I'm just me
It's not
Entirely true
To you.

On Flying Horses

Tender foots
Tender hearts
Other pursuits
Seldom master.
Their own they ride
As horseman
With lances and banners.

Romantic Moon

The residencies
Of the Romantic Moon
Haven't my telescopic
Vantage to map
Their cratered landscape.
I spy on them
And report


Attack of the Killer Ice Bergs
A giant comet strikes the earth, its remains spread across the Pacific Ocean.  Navy ships sent to investigate report giant ice bergs, then disappear.

We Did
You Didn't
One boy in the neighborhood doesn't like cats, doesn't have a cat, and survives, sorta.

Invasion Of The Foam Beasts
An inventor discovers how to instantaneously make fire suppressant foam from thin air
and can't shut it off--New York is covered to the tip of its skyscrapers,
and things are moving in the foam...

Inside the Nut Shell
Nicknamed the Nut Shell, Silicone Valley finds itself  being hacked by a poet with a sense of humor.

Oemor and Teiluj
A boy who can only speak and text words backwards, finds his sweetheart, only to lose her to Forwards.

Too Much Information
Gigantic beings land on the Moon, nude, and have sex every night...well, all the time really...
Nations of the Earth mount a space expedition to shoo them away.


Notes:...Oh, I missed the 4th street OCPC readings which are in some kind of hiatus looking for a venue, and rolled over to the Ugly Mug in's an ugly venue, nothing to compare with 4th street...they have once a Wednesdays readings's inside an old house...many old houses along Glassell in Old Orange have been converted into shops, restaurants, and such...this one has coffees and teas and non alcoholic drinks, with some homey seating inside...actually, it is a very odd interior...a film crew was about by the Traffic Circle just down the street, making a horror movie, and I thought, they missed this old house!...anyway, there were folding chairs in rows, and I sat...I wanted to read out Today is Now (posted back a couple days)...I started a string at OPCP...readout four weeks poems in all...and wanted to keep it going, regardless...but there was to be a featured singer/guitarist, and while there was an invite for open reading before her performance, I thought to pass...and just listen...and then afterwards, another invite to sign up for more open thought to...signed up...and somehow got pushed to very last, and many had picked up, so, a bit miffed, read out On Flying Horses...which actually kind of fit as a closure to the evening...whole thing reminded me of trying to join a World of Warcraft guild and run a dungeon...being new, and feeling out of place, I just tagged along...even felt like I stepped in stuff, fell in a hole, locked out by a closing door, and somehow missed the Boss and loot...readings have like Guild Masters...OCPC has one, but his effort, and the openness of the venue, never seemed the Ugly Mug I felt eves dropping on some off shoot religious group...hmmph...there are other readings about Town to explore, and further afield, far as LA and even San Diego...maybe a Quest Line to visit them...see what dungeons they are!...On facebook was a remarkable photo of an iceberg just offshore with a plain looking suburban house in the foreground...thinking on that, I put into the reply box...'oh, I can see the movie, Attack of the Monster Iceberg'...and from going through the synopsis for hundreds of movie listed year by year by IMDb, I have these things in my head...and learn they are called 'Loglines'...and I made up some...usually, I think, stories are truly made from some theme that the author feels keen about...rather than filling out something made up by free association, spitballing, stream of consciousness...hmmph...something to think an author's themes will tend to pull things to them, however random or far out they are to begin...MidnightMovie: oh, I submitted to watching a movie on amazon prime from the Zombie Apocalypse starts right off going on about the myth of Epimetheus and Pandora...Prometheus again, I thought, and so stuck it out...these zombie movies all tap into 'as flies to wanton boys'...that grim trait in people and critters to just slaughter...oh...and afterwards I studied out how a zombie spreading peril is made a actually has a real world analog...zombie fans!...the rest of us tidy up with napkins...



Tuesday, June 27, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:6/27/17

Open To Interpretation
 Idioms And Such

An idiot's idiom.
Puns are punny.
One bat's roof
Is another owl's floor.
What can be done
Can be undone
If you start early.
Tender foot
Tender hearted.
One way or another
It's just a matter of time.
Different drum.
A blind man is wise
To walk slowly.
What one hears
They all hear.

Today Is Now

"Today is now
Borrowed from yesterday
To be lent tomorrow."
Said the Talking Plank
From the Oaks of Dodona
In the prow of Black Ship Argo.
Poe's favorite Raven
Turned its head this way and that,
Listened, thought long,
And flew off to whisper to a Seagull,
And the Seagull flew off
And came to rest on the waves
And whispered to a juvenile
Black Ship,
And the tiny Black Ship
Dove down deep into the
Deep blue sea
And found a Black Rose,
And Bumped to
Another when another where,
Found the Giant Black Squid
And displayed in
Pearlescent colors,
As Black Ships and Cephalopods do
When talking,
And the Giant Black Squid listened,
Thought long,
And swam away to the coast of Sierra Leon
To find the Indie Ship, Red Dragon,
This thenabout September 5, 1607.


Note: Idioms And's a can of worms!...all these short things...idioms, puns, sayings, adages, clichés, maxims, hackneyed phrases, stock responses, and so on...I was hopping about looking at each and trying to recall ones I've made, or make up one, or just state ones I've heard, and was branching out...sound bites, talking points, slogans...when I happened on 'slogans'...seeing wiki's take...I thought...oh oh...I just saw this in yesterday's Keats quotes...brb...


One of these is the idea that large theoretical concerns will only be comprehensible to people if they are rehearsed in very physical language. ‘Axioms in philosophy’ he says, using an image that refers back to his medical days, ‘are not axioms unless they are proved upon our pulses’

see yesterday's post


so, so, so immersed am I, are we, in advertising slogans, we hardly notice the effort to make them...or the cost...millions spent...which I find hard to imagine imagining geeky sorts about a table bantering and coming up with the likes of 'just do it'...hmmph...and getting paid...but, but, this is serious stuff...last night I finished up the ten episode documentary about WW1 available on, it was desultory viewing, and certainly brought home what modern military strategists all know...battles are won with artillery, and ground is taken and held with troops...and that's about it...anyway, my attention perked up when it went on about how Lenin came to be in charge in Russia...for all appearances, he's a fug head, but, he had a gift for slogans, and could shout out to a crowd and rile them up...


The uprising has begun. Force against Force. Street fighting is raging, barricades are being thrown up, rifles are cracking, guns are booming. Rivers of blood are flowing, the civil war for freedom is blazing up. Moscow and the South, the Caucasus and Poland are ready to join the proletariat of St. Petersburg. The slogan of the workers has become: Death or Freedom!

hmmph...I didn't know 'Bolshevik' is Russian for simply 'majority'...and "Menshevik' for simply minority...and in reading wiki's take...brb...


Lenin's supporters were in the majority, and Lenin termed them the "majoritarians" (bol'sheviki in Russian; thus Bolsheviks); in response, Martov termed his followers the "minoritarians" (men'sheviki in Russian; thus Mensheviks).


and wiki has it these were characterized as:

The second RSDLP Congress was held in London in July 1903.[68] At the conference, a schism emerged between Lenin's supporters and those of Julius Martov. Martov argued that party members should be able to express themselves independently of the party leadership; Lenin disagreed, emphasising the need for a strong leadership with complete control over the party.[69] Lenin's supporters were in the majority, and Lenin termed them the "majoritarians" (bol'sheviki in Russian; thus Bolsheviks); in response, Martov termed his followers the "minoritarians" (men'sheviki in Russian; thus Mensheviks).[70] Arguments between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks continued after the conference; the Bolsheviks accused their rivals of being opportunists and reformists who lacked discipline, while the Mensheviks, accused Lenin of being a despot and autocrat.[71] Enraged at the Mensheviks, Lenin resigned from the Iskra editorial board and in May 1904 published the anti-Menshevik tract One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.[72] The stress made Lenin ill, and to recuperate he went on a hiking holiday in rural Switzerland.[73] The Bolshevik faction grew in strength; by the spring, the whole RSDLP Central Committee was Bolshevik,[74] and in December they founded the newspaper Vpered (Forward).


oh, I quoted out the context of the quote...sometimes things are in a 'nut shell' and what current context suggests is that Bolshevik is another term for Republican/conservative and Menshevik another term for Democrat/liberal...things 'shake out' pretty much all the same world over as 'people are people' everywhere...I wonder sometimes if these two sides are a manifestation of the two hemispheres of our brains!...which indeed look like the insides of a walnut!...anyway, nowadays we are all being bedeviled by short succinct things--TWEETS...I don't tweet, and I rued the day when I saw them started up...


Work on the project started on March 21, 2006, when Dorsey published the first Twitter message at 9:50 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST): "just setting up my twttr".[1] Dorsey has explained the origin of the "Twitter" title:
...we came across the word 'twitter', and it was just perfect. The definition was 'a short burst of inconsequential information,' and 'chirps from birds'. And that's exactly what the product was.


hmmph...I knew of these things from history of Japan...a form of haiku became so popular that 'no one could get enough of it'... " 'a short burst of inconsequential information,'"...'one can hope'...Today Is Now...all along in the Black Deck Tales, the Talking Plank from the Oaks of Dodona starts out messaging with a 'Tweet'...usually cryptic...this one is an adaption from yesterday's Today is Zero Minus Yesterday Plus Tomorrow...which I 'just can't get enough of'...hmmph...anyway, it's the beginning of a Black Deck Tale...I was studying out the East India Company, again, or maybe it was a Red Dragon search, and happened on the charming story of the play Hamlet being performed shipboard the Red Dragon in 1607, the first recorded mention of the play (first performance?)...seems the Red Dragon was becalmed, the crew scurvy ridden, and in need of distracting entertainment!


But, again: Hamlet? It is long, awash in puns and philosophical speculation, even inappropriate: Why remind sailors facing an 85% mortality rate of graveyards? Why parade leaders who are smiling serpents (Claudius), blowhards (Polonius) and power-fools (Fortinbras)? Why, near the start of an unpredictable and interminable voyage into a real "undiscover'd country," even whisper the famous doubts:
    ...And thus the native hue of resolution
    Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
    And enterprises of great pitch and moment
    With this regard their currents turn awry
    And lose the name of action.



Sunday, June 25, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:6/25/17

Open To Interpretation


You're messed up
I'm messed up
Everyone is messed up
In a theoretical mathematical
Contextual equation totally all
Equally mashed up.

Context is a god.

Belief is a prophecy.

Love is the sum
Of every one.

Hate takes.

Today is zero
Minus yesterday
Plus tomorrow.

Hope is indiscriminate.

You can never love too many.

Too many
Is infinity.

Too few
Is you.

Dogs bark
Cats meow
Everyone farts.

Turtles slow
Rabbits fast
Death always last.

Birds sing
Bells ring.

Riches are the poor's

Poverty is the wealthy's

Air is everywhere
Too high too thin to breath.

One breath follows another.

Sleep is forgotten dreams.

Books have covers
You have books.

However quickly
Reading is one word at a time.

Music is love notes blended.

Exchanging love notes
Is time honored.

Things add up
Or don't.

A flower's petals
Are illustrated numbers.

Plants have roots.
Animals have mouths.
Thought has curiosity.

You thought
You were the 'less than nothing'
Until you met me.

We are the same
More than nothing.

If you find nothing
Show it to me tomorrow.

We'll both pee.


Notes: what I had in mind to begin was to make some 'equations' songs often have what I think of as equations in them, like math things become song things...brb...heck...and off hand I can't think of a good example (here's one)...some of these things are clichés...Different Drum by Linda Ronstadt is full of them...and as I was spinning them out, I thought, wth are these?...and the word 'axioms' came to the title...and I searched axioms, read wiki's take, then searched 'axiom poems' hoping to find short succinct things, but that search turned up whole poems!...and one by Emily Dickenson I like very mind doesn't think in abstract words very well...did poorly in math...and from the start of OTI I've been puzzled by the new penchant by me to include like little logic puzzles in the poems...I just don't know where those are coming from!...but they can be jewel like at times!...and I've never been one to fashion things into quotables...but that seems to be happening searched axiom quotes...some of these are very cool...

It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important. Arthur Conan Doyle
Read more at:

When Keats says: 'Axioms in philosophy are not axioms until they are proved upon our pulses', what he means is that we don't necessarily believe what a poem is saying if it comes out and tells us in an absolutely head-on, in-your-face way; we only believe it to be true if we feel it to be true. Andrew Motion
Read more at:



At the same time as he was producing these great poems, Keats was also writing letters to friends and loved ones that clarify the theoretical thinking that lay behind them. They cover an extraordinary amount of ground, and show an equally extraordinary amount of wisdom, but they converge on a few central convictions. One of these is the idea that large theoretical concerns will only be comprehensible to people if they are rehearsed in very physical language. ‘Axioms in philosophy’ he says, using an image that refers back to his medical days, ‘are not axioms unless they are proved upon our pulses’ (3 May, 1818). This is where the sensuality of his writing is so important. It is not merely a form of delighted and delightful engagement with things-in-themselves, but a way of thinking. His ‘life of sensation’ is also a ‘life of thoughts’.

'Proved upon our pulses': Keats in context
Andrew Motion


hmmph...anyway...quotable quotes are very much like axioms...and it's a challenge to make them...they don't stay still!...

Perhaps the truest axiom in baseball is that the toughest thing to do is repeat. Walt Alston
Read more at:


It ain't over till it's over
Yogi Berra

...:)...done is done...

And of course it is the context that makes an axiom...Yogi's saying's context is of course  known to every baseball fan...your home team is behind four runs and it's the beginning of the bottom of the ninth inning...'done is done' might be someone's!...brb...


One of the first-recorded uses of this phrase was by the character Lady Macbeth in the tragedy play Macbeth (early 17th century), by the English playwright William Shakespeare, who said: "Things without all remedy Should be without regard: what's done, is done"[2] and "Give me your hand. What's done cannot be undone. – To bed, to bed, to bed!"[3]


hmmph...and 'done is done' is thought of as an 'idiom'...brb...


Categorized as formulaic language, an idiom's figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning.[1] There are thousands of idioms, occurring frequently in all languages. It is estimated that there are at least twenty-five thousand idiomatic expressions in the English language.


hmmph...axioms are quotable quotes are clichés are idioms are...formulaic language?...brb...well, that's getting 'too far afield'...oh, here's Emily's poem...oh!...wait...some more Keats:


 In Poetry I have a few Axioins, and you will see how far I am from their Centre. 1st. I think Poetry should surprise by a fine excess and not by Singularity-it should strike the Reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts and appear almost a Remembrance-2nd. Its touches of Beauty should never be half way ther[e]by making the reader breathless instead of content: the rise, the progress, the setting of imagery should like the Sun come natural natural too him-shine over him and set soberly although in magnificence leaving him in the Luxury of twilight-but it is easier to think what Poetry should be than to write it and this leads me on to another axiom. That if Poetry comes not as naturally as the Leaves to a tree it had better not come at all.

hmmph...Emily's poem...


The Skies can't keep their secret!

The Skies can't keep their secret!

They tell it to the Hills –
The Hills just tell the Orchards –
And they—the Daffodils!

A Bird – by chance – that goes that way – 

Soft overhears the whole – 

If I should bribe the little Bird – 

Who knows but she would tell?

I think I won't – however – 

It's finer – not to know –

If Summer were an Axiom – 

What sorcery had snow?

So keep your secret – Father!
I would not – if I could – 

Know what the Sapphire Fellows, do,

In your new-fashioned world!
hmmph...awhile back, I set myself the task of reading all of Emily's poems, which I've yet to do, and the blogger whose blog I snagged the poem from set themselves the task too, with the added effort to make a blog with notes to each poem!...nice...Emily's poems are kind of like the Yangtze River is to landscape painters...time was they set themselves the task of painting the whole thing...and there are centuries worth of paintings!...Sapphire Fellows is a to plow through HBO's documentary on amazon of is grim...war to end all wars...hmmph...
(Chapter One says to love her)
(You love her with all your heart)
(Chapter Two you tell her you're)
(Never, never, never, never, never gonna part)
(In Chapter Three remember the meaning of romance)
(In Chapter Four you break up
(But you give her just one more chance)


Saturday, June 24, 2017

OTI:six poems and notes:6/24/17

Open To Interpretation
Bulwer-Lytton's Lament

Oh, satiric
I was I was as
A dark and stormy night
And it is it is
And there's no
Other way to express it!

Lear's Lament

Never being sure,
I begin every reading
Thinking it's all parody
And indeed it brings a laugh
This mirrored hearing
Of my own words.
And yours?
My ears become eyes
Unsure you are serious
Or in love.

Hamlet's Lament

A purple pomp
I am
Alliterated illiterate
To be
Considered or
Not to be.

Ophelia's Lament

This is how someone
Becomes no one
Becomes someone
Becomes no one
Trying to be your
Someone again

Beast's Lament

And return
To my already
Dystopian realm.
So fated,
It is done with me
Without you,
Only standing awhile
Awaiting ruin.

Macbeth's Lament

Out of doors, allusions are okay,
Their apparitions harmless sorts.
Inhabitants of imagination's forests
Are the frightful ghosts
Too real to decay from these pages.


Notes: oh, they didn't start out to be anyone else's laments, but I got to tinkering...and could do a bunch more!...but I wanted to do a note about just one scene in a movieAppleseedAlpha2014 there's a moment when the heroine Deunan just sits downs in the post apocalyptic ruins of New York (another Last Town) and despairs of anything ever being right again...and, I thought, I see folk like that everyday...the dystopian worlds of these dystopian films is already here...minus the bombs having dropped, sure, (except in Syria!) but  Roosevelt put it, 'there's nothing to fear but fear itself'...and that's the pre bomb dystopian fear ruins before post bomb dystopian feared ruins we live in...if that seems too grim, prove me wrong...Appleseed is a fine movie, and how I found it, a curio!...for a moment, I took myself serious, and remembered I had posted that I would get up to date and current with all the movies!, I movies 2014 and such, and landed on IMDb sites for such, and discovered that just for 2014 there are like...brb...9,259 Titles!...sheesh...fascinated, I went through the listing, and around 400 noted Appleseed, and the synopses mentioned it was by the same author of Ghost in the House, the manga tales and movies...I went through 1954, curious, as this is when my 'Movie Time' began...about 1,900 listings...noted there around 400 movieDevilGirlFromMars1954...


An uptight, leather-clad female alien, armed with a ray gun and accompanied by a menacing robot, comes to Earth to collect Earth's men as breeding stock.


amazon lists it but doesn't have it...youTube has it but one must subscribe to the someones who have snatched up old movies...disappointed not to see it!...but there are some trailer clips on youTube...coincidentally, Deunan is paired with a cyborg sorta robo cop robot in Appleseed...Appleseed has a terrific funkiness too it, a sound track that doesn't over power, and some hip back and forth dialog...sure it's cartoonish...and lifts from the genre...the spider like weapon of mass destruction looks to be right out of movieWildWildWest1999...I...I can't imagine how all these movies get seen in the theaters...and in truth, they must not be, and find their viewing venue in dvds and's become a study to scroll through the lists, considering the synopsis...synopsi?...feel a bit like Rod Taylor in movieTheTimeMachine1960 when he discovers the table with the spinning discs...IMDb''s lists are present world already past...referencing the purple prose line A Dark and Stormy Night, I found there was a move parody made, movieDarkAndStormyNight2009...rented it from amazon, but left off...many many of these movies, like this one, are so low budget as to be un-viewable! they ever come to be made a wonder...of late, Devil Girls abound, and us fellows happily sit harvested with popcorn and soda!...last night caught up some and saw the first movieGuardiansOfTheGalaxy2014...same cast as the second, and again a very good movie...plot is sorta like Appleseed...what!, overall, there's like nine plots, I've!...well, the playing fields are changeless...the playing is the thing!'s not purple, it's parody through and through...sorta...




Thursday, June 22, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:6/22/17

Open To Interpretation
BlackSpace Ships
from Black Dragon Lore

BlackSpace Ships
Are much to large to be
If such,
They look out of place.
They are the last
Metamorphosis of Black Ships.
Once upon another Time,
Captain Nemo stole one
During the rescue
Of the Last Town
From the Automatons
And brought it Home.

A Ride To A Star

Petra's small
Black Ship navy
Was all docked at the
Wharves of Harbor
Beneath Volcano Never,
Returned from Nemo's adventure.
And in the center
Of the circular crater bay
Lay a new island,
Or so the
BlackSpace Ship seemed.
"When can we go
For a ride to a Star?"
Asked Petra of Nemo.
"Soon enough,"
Said Nemo,
"Soon enough."
And the crews looked out on
The BlackSpace Ship with wonder.
"Has it a name?"
Asked Petra.
"For you to christen,
It waits."
Said Nemo.
Said Petra.
"BlackSpace Ship Wonder."
And over the Black Ships
Storm Clouds gathered
Struck through with
Lightning filigrees
Colored corposants
Flung skyward
From the Black Ships' masts,
Wind filling the Black Sails,
Tugging the Black Ships at their anchorage.
'They salute!"
Said Ishmael.
"Just so."
Said Petra.
"Soon enough
BlackSpace Ship Wonder
Will gallop to a Star!"


Notes: well, I wrote those up on the iphone notepad, and set them aside, thinking there might be something more...and indeed there was!...I rolled over to AMC movie theaters to see movieTransformerLastKnight, and as I was getting my ticket, noted above and behind the cashier a poster with one word at the was a movieWonderWoman poster, as the text at the bottom explained...brb...there's a couple with just one word 'wonder'...can't find the one I saw...and during Transformers there were enough kid fans about with the enthusiasm to cheer at moments like when Optimus Prime comes to his is a rolling lyrical mash up...I remember buying as xmas present for my nephew a transformer toy a foot and half tall...I was a bit impressed by it my own self...this in the 70's...for awhile around Glen Aulin in Yosemite, there was a blond bear nicknamed favorite part was when Anthony Hopkins goes on and on about the 'Homeridae'...about famous sorts who have been aware of the Transformers hidden on Earth over the centuries...a curious conceit...this was before, I watched back a ways on amazon prime video watched movieAeon Flux2005...this movie stars Charlize Theron, who I keep seeing in preview for movieAtomicBlonde2017...last couple movie visits, this preview hasn't shown...cycled out I guess...kind of miss it!...I'd seen this movieAeon a long time back, and thought it discomforting...another tale about a last stand city...and started to watch an amazon series...brb....Charlie Jade Season 1...another dystopian tale with a last stand town, St. Louis this time...hmmph...left off...a few left off from Transformers was very long...and cartoonish...took some fiddling to come up with BlackSpace Ship...just that phrase...which I like...oh...OCPC has lost its venue, and on the hunt for a new one...readout there Doorways last Wednesday...poets that night who read, and sang, were very good, from very first timers to the one who sang a cappella an old spiritual very very well...the venue there is unique and ideally suited...hope sometime they can get it back for readings...evening to be used for 'family evening movies' now...there's just too many 'movie evenings'...



Monday, June 19, 2017

OTI:eight poems and notes:6/19/17

Open To Interpretation

Sometimes all I want
Is a peanut butter
And jelly sandwich
With a glass of milk.

Sink Hole

Around the Bubble
Around the Last Town
The land was devastated,
Covered with what looked like
So many giant gopher hole
Entry mounds being pushed
Up with earth and stony rubble.
The Automatons were busy
Intent on making a giant void
Beneath the Last Town,
Collapsing it into a giant sink hole, 
And took little notice
Of the arrival of Shades
Orpheus and Eurydice
Riding Dragons Cadmus
And Harmonia.
In concealment among
The thrown up earth mounds
Harmonia and Cadmus
Waited beside the Bubble's
Transparent wall,
A barrier to them
And anyone and everything
Except the Dead.
Orpheus and Eurydice easily
Had walked right through it
To make a reconnoiter,
Listening in invisibly
On the Council's discussions.
But small buzzing Automaton
Scouts sighted
Cadmus and Harmonia,
And Automatons emerged
From the earth to give chase
As Orpheus and Eurydice
Rejoined Dragons
Harmonia and Cadmus.


"Earthbound, the Automatons
Chased us until
We reached the Sea's edge,
Thousands of tiny buzzing flying
Things bedeviling
Harmonia and Cadmus,
Their white armor shielding them.
They left off at the shoreline as well."
Said Orpheus.
Nemo, with his
And Petra's and Jason's crews
Astride their Black Dragons
Astride the gathered White Whales
And Nemo made a wan smile, said,
"They fear the Seas
Tinted with tinctures of
All manner of things
From the wars."
With this
The White Whales agreed
In the tinted swells
Unhappily miserably swimming.
"Patience, "
Nemo said to the Whales.
"This shouldn't take long.
Hephaestus studies a captive
Automaton, and may,
When he stops going on
About their wonders,
Find a way to counter them."
"Just so." said Hephaestus, smiling.
"King Benitoite and the Council
Came up with an idea."
Said Orpheus
"We overheard, but made
No interruption.
Their idea brought to mind
Hephaestus' lyres
That sang my tune
And so entranced the
Black Dragons.
They have the idea
To make the Automatons
And so divert them
And make escape aboard
The Black Spaceships."
"Automatons are a humorless lot."
Said Hephaestus.
"A good laugh may do the trick."
"Yes, but a Stone
Is the real trick they need."
Said Cadmus.
"Just so." said Jason.
Nemo considered,
"A Laugh will do.
The Automatons have work to do
To restore the Earth.
To the limits of knowing
They arrived too quickly,
Something different,
A simple laugh
Can make all the difference
And suffice a quarrel.
Medea, have you a spell?"
Medea astride Black Dragon Onyx
Was blended in with the crews,
Avoiding Jason and Glauce.
Glauce looked to Jason.
"A joke for Hepaestus to fashion
An Automaton laugh?"
Asked Medea of Nemo.
"Just so." said Nemo.
Medea thought,
Looked long at Hephaestus,
And said,
"I love you, Hephaestus."
Hephaestus didn't know
Whether to laugh or weep.
Orpheus picked up.
"I have your tune, Hephaestus!"
Orpheus said.
"Just so." said Hephaestus,
"We will all sing it to the
Captive Automaton.
What one hears
They all hear."


While the Automatons
Laughed themselves silly,
The Black Spaceships descended,
Gathered aboard
All the Seeds and Books
From the Vaults,
And the last of Humankind
From the Last Town
Inside the Bubble,
And followed Nemo
And all the crews
Astride the White Whales
Diving deep within
The deep blue sea
To find a Black Rose
And another when
Another ware
Prometheus and Epimetheus made
Free from Zeus.

Beside The Creek

"You are beautiful, Petra."
Said Dana.
Ishmael tilted his gaze
To see Petra's reflection
In the slow streaming water.
"Like a blue sky day."
Said Ishmael.
Petra seated between them,
Beside the Creek,
Smiled and laughed,
"Where did that come from?"

Done Is Done

Aboard Black Ship Argo
Before Medea and Hephaestus
Astride Black Dragon Onyx
Jason held Glauce close.
"Done is done".
Said Jason and Glauce.
And Medea laughed.


"I saw Black Dragon Ametrine."
Said Black Dragon Onyx
To Infant Black Dragon Ametrine.
"And King Benitoite was riding him."
Said Medea to infant Benitoite.
And the infants laughed and laughed
Together hearing the Tale.


I imagine
A hacker
With the moniker


Notes: oh, to escape the heat, I rolled over to Regal and saw is just as entertaining a second time!...both times I thought on the odd décor of Pirate Barbarossa's Pirate Ship...the deck is awash with treasures, his cabin all gold decorated...he's clearly in Pirate heaven, with a fleet of ships bringing him loot...there is such a place, I learn. land bound as it were, inside a protective alliance, a bubble!, of priests, nobility, royalty, and an agreeing population...agreeing in that they just don't storm the place and take the treasures, which have been protected for centuries by tradition and religious awe...its vaults may contain golden artifacts going back to the ancient Greeks...all in all, this 'ship' carries treasure valued in the trillions...and historical things of interest even more valuable...I'd never heard of it before, but following along the youTube 'ancient mystery' clips, happened upon it...the constellation in Pirates is the Southern Cross, I think...which appears on New Zealand's find things one needs a treasure map...the 'Dragon's Tooth' I'm thinking of may have just been a stone...that part where Jason throws something on the ground to set the risen skeletons upon one was a stone...and Cadmus threw it, and Jason too I think...brb...oh...Cadmus confronted half of the dragon's teeth, Jason the other half in his adventure...both threw a stone...that is curious!...a parallel overlap!...anyway, by Dragon Tooth, I mean these 'stones'...and just changed 'dragon tooth' to 'stone'...a reach! tall should a step be?...I ellipsed out a whole 'fragment' that went on and on with the Homeridae discussing under the Bubble the conflict with the Automatons, and how the Automatons were burrowing under them to drop them into a sink hole...thinking on this while reading yet another dire report about the nuclear power plant disaster at Fukishima, I thought, maybe they could rescue matters by dropping the whole mess into just a fashioned sink hole, and covering it up!...a bit overboard, and then scared myself thinking they might use an underground nuclear explosion to make the sink hole!...Michael Crichton left behind a new novel that just came out called the Dragon's Teeth based on the Old West Bone Wars, a time when paleontologists were fiercely competing, and burrowing, to find dinosaurs!...


the omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues.
  • a set of dots indicating an ellipsis.



Wednesday, June 14, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:6/14/17

Open To Interpretation

I can make
Megalithic words
Polygonal vowels
Joined together with
Alliterated tight consonants
Stacked mortarless 
Walled up on a white page
To defy all logic
And mystify the ages
As to their
Monolithic construct
Carved or melted
Concrete or clay
Too heavy to move
Or remove from a history
Moving on
Levered or levitated
Dragged or teleported
However moreover
There they are
Unspoken spoken
Somethings or nothings
Intelligible or a foreign babble
Reasoned or hallucinated
From this world
Or the next
Known or unbeknownst
O'r grown with tropical forests
Or high mountain lichens
Rain and snow
Heat and frost
Earthquake shaken
Landslide lost
Meteor hammered
Tsunami flooded
Glacially moved
Poems I can
Make them
Linteled doorways
False or True
Shut or Open


Notes:...oh I wanted to do a Note all day about movieSnowWhiteTheHuntsman2016, but didn't have a poem to post...can't do a note without a poem...the notes are silly...kinda like the construction crew of a house leaving behind explanatory transcripts of what they were about and what they talked about at lunch! homeowner just wants a house, after midnight, I was about to go to sleep, having set aside looking at youTubes about ancient mysteries, and out popped this poem...hmmph...a bit megalomaniacacal I'd say...but it came from contemplating those polygonal Inca stone walls, specifically the one in Cuzco...and I thought, I wonder if the shapes, the polygon joints, could be words, and telling or announcing one clip, a local points out that the stones in places depict abstract lizards, birds...a condor...but what if it is more, I thought, and each corner, angle, and such of the joints...hence 'polygonal vowels'...and the poem tumbled out...False or True is a reference to some of the old lintel dooraways being 'false' doors...their walled up, or inexplicable just blanks entrances in rock faces and such...both the Egyptians and the Inca have them...


 false door is an artistic representation of a door which does not function like a real door. They can be carved in a wall or painted on it. They are a common architectural element in the tombs of Ancient Egypt and Pre-Nuragic Sardinia. Later they also occur in Etruscan tombs and in the time of Ancient Rome they were used in the interiors of both houses and tombs.

unquote take authors don't mention the Incas'...brb...casting about, there are others, in other places, notable Turkey/King Midas...I'd link, but so many ads...ancient mysteries are like penultimate clic bait!...I'm trying to collect similarities and so a 'clip art book'...(see previous post) I found the bumps/knobs on the big stones...common in Peru...and found so far one place other...Menkaure  Pyramid, left off there before it was finished, and at the base one can see their unfinished work on the casing stones...some of them have those distinctive knobs...too, they have the butterfly clamp niches between these were metal clamps...Egypt and the ruins around Lake Titicaca have these...oh, I think lots of places have these...too, the Inca walls (which may be pre-Inca) are made of casings stones, the polygonals, over a rubble/everydaystones interior...I wonder if the Egyptian pyramids are like this too...first they are a step pyramid just made of dirt and retaining walls around each terrace step...see the agricultural terraces of the Incas! that...then the rough limestone blocks were levered up each terrace, and 'dressed' the narrow edges of each terrace...and then casing stones were put on top of them...I think it's thought that the Great Pyramid is limestone blocks all the way through set atop an outcrop, and then the casing stones were added...the Arabs pilfered all the casing stones to build would have to take it apart to get to the bottom of things...the Arab's tried to take apart Menkaure's pyramid, but it was too much work!, so...three things...the knobs, the butterfly clamps, the false's odd how the Menkaure casing stones 'dress' up...some are finished, some partly, some very rough...and next to one another, so one can see the process...apparently, they started dressing from the bottom...the rough stones look to have gaps between them, but then in the transition to be finished, the gaps close to those famous 'can't put a piece of paper' between them...forgot Joseph Davidovits...he's famously conjectured the Egyptians had cement technology...don't know what he thought of the Inca's...brb...


Our research is focusing on ancient ceramics, mortars, cements, concretes, synthetic (man made) stone, building arts representative of ancient civilizations like: pharaonic Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome empire, precolumbian America, as well as stone age artefacts from Europe and Asia).


wonder if they have tried the bag wall is overwhelming to think that back then they all had a technological clip art book...and worse, the outlandish things they did with it!...oh, but no less than the modern movie makers graphic animation clip art book! Snow White: The Huntsman, the menacing Ravens make yet another appearance...(what did Hitchcock begin!)...Ravenna can transform into a flock of Ravens, or de-transform...see the movie! too I like very much like it's Prequel, Winter, so, Ravens in Game of Thrones, Insurgent Trilogy, The Mummy2017, and Snow White: The Huntsman...the black ooze/slime is in Snow White too, and in too many others to list, and for that list, see youTube!...if it seems I'm on a double track here, that might be an describe an ancient clip art book, along side a modern movie animated graphic clip art book the movie makers draw from!...oh, by 'graphic animated clip art' I mean the underlying, what to call it, 'filter' that makes things, and become a both The Mummy2017 and Snow White: The Huntsman, the villainesses inhale the life out of their victims to make themselves young...the victims becoming old, most times dried up all together!...did they add that theme to Snow White?...the old trying to hang on to youth, and cruelly so, and youth's review has it scholars from colleges helped out making that film, which may be where it gets its depth...oh, there are Ravens too in the movieAmityville Horror...Poe looks on, non-committal...




Sunday, June 11, 2017

OTI:four poems and notes:6/11/17

Open To Interpretation
Come Back

Some days
You can come back
From the end of the Pier
With bucket loads of fish,
More than enough to eat
So some for the cats
And food for the flower beds.
Some few
From the Flowery Wars
Come back with bouquets,
Buckets full to sell by the roadside,
Some for you and yours,
Some for the above and below.

Clock Tic

Who's to know
If we're here or there?
Time only remembers
Who the nameless applauded,
And Time is but a clock tic.
So nameless you and I
Enjoy our freedom
Away from loud Time
In our here and now
Timeless quietness.

Poems Have Minds

Poems have minds
Of their own
You know?
They're like mountains
Looking down on you
You didn't make me!
Dismissing all your
Auto biographical delusions
That they have
Anything to do with you,
You with your vanity
To climb them
Name them
Sign them.

Easy To Say

Easy to say you believe in Jesus
And once said
Your on your way
Heaven bound.
And it's easy to say
You're a poet
Your words sublime
Your verse immortal.
Is easier said than done.
Stick with Jesus,
I'd say.


Notes:...MidnightMovie:...movieTheMummy2017...critics all say it's too...wanted to get up and was something to endure like the long previews always...we pay and are reluctant to throw it away and so keep our seats...I learned a new word...mash urban slang meaning much the same as pastiche!...hmmph...somehow Jeckyll and Hyde got in with the Mummy...and poor Russell Crowe...oh!...the movie has the menacing Crows/Ravens as does movieInsurgentTrilogy, and seriesmovieGameOfThrones...clearly the Ravens/Crows are in the animated 'clip art' book the movie makers are all Ravens in the BlackDeckTales are from my fondness for the Valley Town here there are lots of Crows, and favorites the wild Parrots...the Mummy movie was obviously drawn from the animation clip art book...and then a script was added to kind of join together the vignettes...and the script is the gawdawful...and the vignettes we've all seen...and seen first and better in the other recent movieMummy1999 starring Brendan Frazer, which was a lot of fun, and re-watchable, hence the follow ons...


The box-office success led to a 2001 sequel, The Mummy Returns, as well as The Mummy: The Animated Series, and the prequel/spin-off film The Scorpion King. Seven years later, the third installment, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, opened on August 1, 2008. Universal Pictures also opened a roller coaster, Revenge of the Mummy, in 2004. Novelizations of the film and its sequels were written by Max Allan Collins.


hmmph....good luck making a sequel, Tom Cruise...always find his acting annoying!...about the animated clip art book...this is just my conjecture that there is one...but I'm sure the computer graphics gurus will own up to there being one...and a clip art book is a curio, insomuch as I'm on about Egypt...the ancient Egyptians had a clip art book...the scholars know this as for centuries the Egyptian artists drew the wall paintings to a set grid pattern of proportions...and then, for some reason, they changed the proportions of the grid, and for centuries after drew from the new design...towards the end of Egyptian culture, the paintings began to look like 'mash-ups' images were being used willy-nilly, the artists not having the same understanding as earlier ones...notion is the 'clip art' books got lost...which segues me into last night's romp!...ancient polygonal walls!...all over the world are these ancient polygonal, there are polygonal walls and there are polygonal walls!...the simplest sort are when you just stack stones together...stacking them in a fashion to fill all the voids the irregular shapes leave wall building developed, stones were cut to size, made into blocks and such...and stacked...Egypt's Pyramids famously so...a curio is that the Egyptians would build their temples and pyramids out of stone, but their dwellings, forts, palaces, out of mud bricks...this is a reflection of the power of their clip book art...everything in Egypt came out of the clip that I think about it, likely even the is very hard to fathom now what all they were about...the clip art books are lost, as is the culture/ isn't like the Egyptians disappeared...their clip art got subsided into modern clip art books...which is what is seen when scholars note the similarities between modern religious regalia and scripts, and ancient ones...back to the polygonal walls!...I like, you know, I follow along the wild tales, which are now all over youTube...and during any night I wake up a few times. and before going back to sleep, I check 'the mail' iphone mailbox...then I check the news, to see if it's okay to go back to sleep!...and I might browse a bit facebook or google some idea...checking for mail was always a singular and important event of the, we all check nearly moment to moment!...anyway, I've been thinking how to find an hypothesized ancient clip art book that at some point was known on all continents...'ancient polygonal walls' seemed a search that might do this...related to polygonal stones, are the Herodian Stones...these are the big stones used in the building of the Second Temple in Jerusalem...famously they can be seen at the Wailing Wall...not so famously, I discovered, they can be seen at a place on the Golan Heights called Nimrod's Castle...Herodian Stones are from King Herod's time, the ancient Roman ruler of Israel and  famous for his building projects...these stones are huge, and something of a mystery how they were fashioned and put into place...which of course is what befuddles everyone about the ancient polygonal stones, the most famous being the ones in Peru...the Incas left no writing, what ever clip art book they had, is lost...they did a lot with knots and string to record things, but that's another mystery!, so, I'm watching yet another youTube about the polygonals, and the clip author has come up with the notion that the stones are made from concrete...this is not is often conjectured the ancient Egyptians made things with concrete...and it's well know the Romans made the Pantheon, and much else, with concrete...even King Herod made underwater harbor works at Caesarea with concrete that could harden underwater...the clip art book for concrete was lost until like the 1700s, and then gradually developed into what we know today...a concrete expert in the White House!...anyway...the youTube author has a new take on the concrete notion...the concrete was put into bags...and the bags stacked and held in place with forms...or some such...he admits himself he hasn't the details, or how it is all worked out....and he's come up with this just viewing youTubes and web pics...which is all I have too!...anyway, the thought is the concrete was poured into bags...and I thought...wait...I have one of these polygonal the back of my pick up under the camper shell, I had left a bag of concrete set all winter...and the camper shells windows were open, so a lot of dampness got into the back of the camper, and the concrete 'set' in another fashion...I have a block of concrete in the shape of the bag!...recalling that, and looking at the polygonal walls in Peru, I can see how it might be that a concrete mix was bagged, and the bags set on top of one another, and then allowed to get damp...and the dampness set the concrete...wala...a wall...I've got to try and make one of these on a small would be remarkably a bunch of bags in the polygonal style, fill them with concrete, stack them, and mist them somehow to let dampness gradually set the concrete...while they are still damp, but nearly set, one could cut away the bags from the surface, and do things to the surface...and right here is a curio that brings doubt to the whole one, I would think, could resist putting their handprint in wet concrete, and there's no evidence of this fooling fact, the ancients didn't seem to fool around at all...there's very little graffiti or capricious stuff...I don't know if doing such just didn't occur to them, or the sacredness of their endeavors proscribed any such...when graffiti and capriciousness does begin to appear in art, it's like the time of 'mash ups'...the ancient clip art artisans' discipline lost!...the ancients seemed to have 'grown' their artistries and cultures the way trees grow's all organic, and very mysterious!...people have so much fun wondering about these mysteries, it would be a shame, the thought comes, to solve them!...those Herodian stones might be concrete too...set in wooden forms...
and in a second clip, the youTube author considers that the polygonals are a façade, like a stucco, like the casing stones on the great pyramid...which is curious!...just such are the polygonal stones on the old bridges in Yosemite Valley!



Friday, June 9, 2017

OTI:four poems and notes:6/9/17

Open To Interpretation

No one ever comes here,
Just you and I
And the other feathered creatures.
Where I am you are they are
Sky bound.
The earth bound
Have their own where.
There are worlds.

Over around even through
Every fence and wall
We fly and find
Some high leaf hidden perch
Together to cuddle and coo
And be obscenely rude
To prying earth bound
Jealous eyes.
There are worlds.

Once I found your where
No earth bound there
Dare follow.
You and I
And the other feathered creatures
Our wide sky share.
There are worlds.

Skin Deep

Now we all have it
Through the looking glass
Gazing with Mirrormirror
Beside us,
Your delicate ordeal shared,
Each lash exquisitely
Delineated with the tiny black brush,
Your eyes like
Frightened does'.
Made up make up
Makes us look
How we now know,
And still we believe.

Eternal Optimism

There is always
Some quintessential doubt,
You know?
Of course you do,
Sweet Torment,
You made it.


I should have jumped away
When the iron teethed jaws
Didn't snap shut
From some delay.
I left my leg in limping's peril
Waiting for the should response.
Still I wait,
And limp anyway.
So your crew
Are known by.


Notes:...on youTube from last night, and on through today, and maybe still, haven't looked yet tonight, Katy Perry's every movement is being video streamed...much like movieTheCircle2017...Carah Faye did a little bit of this...what happens is short twitter like messages are sent, and whoever is being streamed reads them and answers some...much like a call in radio show...that's how Carah's interview was...Katy's is like over the top elaborate...something like the reality shows, which I don't watch...and her facial features are so fetching, that viewers are taken with just how lovely she is...I love you Katy...I love you Carah...often posted...and from all genders...anyway, one camera was in the mirror Katy was looking into while she and her cosmologist were doing her eye make up...once I took a curious interest in the pallets and unusual brushes that go with make up...somehow, these might be useful in doing pastel portraits, I thought...charcoal and pastel are like my favorite things to mess with...anyway, viewers were treated to just how artistic Katy is with her make up...and I have it on good account, that girls in general, all do this with the same flare!...Katy Perry sited Tammy Fay Bakker as an inspiration!...and there you have 'there are worlds'...and unbeknownst ones to us fellows with shaggy eyebrows, and nose hairs...a cursory shave and teeth brushing in the morning, and I'm done...wonder what she is up to now...brb...she and a friend at the long buffet table looking at things on a cell phone...posts, pics?...on the right of the scene are the scrolling posts of viewers...brief one liner two liners and'm not going to stream...bad enough I blog...'Trap'...there's probably more puns here than I want...generally, that's so!...but Graves' goes on about the 'limping king', and gathers in his fashion from everywhere and when, noting that the Amazons to maintain their all girl dominance, and have men about who wouldn't use their natural physical strength to rule, would lame them...break a leg, dislocate a hip...seems cruel, but it's exactly what they do!...with little more than a mascara brush!




Thursday, June 8, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:6/8/17

Open To Interpretation

No One Listens

In the story
(been said there's only one)
You can tell the future
But no one will listen.
Your storyteller has it,
And his listeners
See right away
What he says you mean,
Your fellow characters
Not in the know.
Listened to with
A knowing smile,
Without a storyteller
What hope have you?
You babble on
About the phases of the Moon.


Notes: hmmph...happened on movieDivergent2014, and so on to movieInsurgent2015...I thought the third part of the trilogy was in the works, but find it, movieAllegiant2016, is available too...and some TV sequels?...didn't read close, don't want to spoil seeing the third(update: watched Allegiant too now after posting:))...they're about a city in a 'bubble'...see previous post...hmmph...go's about a dystopian future Earth, set in a ruined Chicago which is behind a tall odd looking wall, keeping the inhabitants safe, or some such...except they find ways to menace one another...Kate Winslet being a fine villainess!...the trilogy should maybe in the credits reference Robert Graves'  bookSevenDaysInNew Crete1949...


The book is narrated by a mid-20th century poet, Edward Venn-Thomas, who is transported forward in time by the New Cretans. Society is organised into five "estates" or social groups: captains, recorders (scribes), commons (by far the most numerous), servants, and magicians or poets (the least numerous), which are analogised to the five fingers of a hand.


...missing from wiki's take are the intervening nuclear wars Graves' describes, and his tale is how the survivors react to them, in fact, his whole oeuvre is a kind of prequel on how to survive annihilating oft time dystopian theme, as in the Insurgent Trilogy...hmmph...'Cassandra'...reference Cassandra at Troy during the Trojan War..'one story' reference Robert Graves 'To Juan At The Winter Solstice'...'storyteller' Homer...'babble on', Babylon...'what hope have you' I thought first to be 'what hope have I?'...oh, a tvmovieAlasBabylon1960 is about...I don't know if I saw me, the best, my favorite, dystopian story, Star Man's Son by Andre Norton!...don't panic...this quote is from wiki's take on shortstoryAlasBabylon1959


Randy (Randolph) Bragg lives in the small Central Florida town of Fort Repose and appears to be drifting down a somewhat aimless path in life when his older brother, Colonel Mark Bragg, an Air Force Intelligence officer, sends a telegram ending in the words, "Alas, Babylon", a pre-established code between the brothers warning of impending disaster. Mark is flying his family down to Fort Repose for their protection while he stays at Strategic Air Command headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska.
Soon afterward, an American fighter pilot, attempting to intercept an enemy plane over the Mediterranean, inadvertently fires an AIM-9 Sidewinder heat-seeking missile that goes off course and hits an ammunition depot in Latakia, Syria,,_Babylon