Tuesday, April 24, 2012


http://youtu.be/b35SXigsgbM Pic and clip from Hite Cove walkabout, 4/2....hereabout: Paddled back to the Creek in the Afternoon...Mallards about...clip of 'waterup'...gathered up more gear at the Cabin and paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow for more Mallard pics...Redwing too at the Broken Cottonwood...and Does and Two Fawns in Owl Woods...clips too long to post up!...but maybe sometime...sunny, a few clouds, warm..Merced a little higher, reaching the Ozone Boulders....Mallard Pair clip thereabout too!

Monday, April 23, 2012


http://youtu.be/tdhJ7WriZN8 Pic and clip from on the way to Westport from Ft. Bragg, in the Morning, 3/25. It was first clip of the Day, and I didn't give the scene the attention I should have!... I thought I saw Hawks too, and kinda scurried past the BuzzBirds panning the camera...herabout: after up all Night playing wow--it's easy to do, and one wonders where the Night goes--peeked out the Window at 6am thinking it would be Dark, but very light...geared up and paddle out to Two Top Pine Meadow...Puff Clouds in the Morning pics...Meadow has flooded some, and Slough too, enough I couldn't pass the Broken Cottonwood with dry Feet... Mallards calling and about, lots and lots!!...and Birds too!...


Pics up mostly from at Lunch....at Lunch: sat awhile at the Ozone Bloulder...Log (see Raven pic) blocked to Dry Feet by High Water, which came up just to the Boulder...Deer, Merganser Pair, Juncos, White Crowned Sparrows, Mallard, Robins...last few Lunch Sits: White Headed Woodpecker, DownyOrHairy Woodpecker call, Ouzel call, Ravens, BuzzBird, maybe...sunny hot blueblue...Daffodils are blooming at the Deer House...report of Fisher by the Road in the Merced Canyon...Bear about (overheard tourists)...Boulders have been carefully placed along the Path behind the Rooms...Skiploader broke a Wheel...have a pic, but it seems cruel to post....I have some clips on the sometime list...trying to do to many things!...off to wow...hmmph...need to collect netherwing eggs like everyday...and my other toon is in the Borean Tundra, an Ice Age landscape with Mammoths and such...very cool...oh...Blue Jay Pair is dilegently building the ImpossiblePossible nest over the Entrance to Last Chance...and I had a good handheld clip, but forgot to push the record button...lost that....and miffed...Male was in the Trees, flew up with small Branch....passed it to Female that added it to Pile of Twigs...Male flew to the Ground...picked up a Giant Twig...returned, passed it on, and Female set it the Pile...tomorrowmorrow, I'll try again!...take the tripod along...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great Blue Heron and Cow


Pic and clip from a bit South of Ft. Bragg, 3/25...hereabout: sunny hazy blue warm...at Lunch: sat awhile under the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach...Robins, Mallard Pair flyover, Ravens, Kingfisher call, Phoebe call, Juncos, Blue Jays...Blue Jays are trying to build an Impossible Nest in the Beams right over the entry to Last Chance...tried for pic, but no luck...try again tomorrowmorrow...the Boulders dropped off at the Perfect Dogwood are being placed here and there along the Path to keep utility vehicles from taking short cuts...short cuts are a bane...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

California Sea Otters


Pic and clip from Point Lobos...I just finished the desultory tax task, and noted the donation check boxes on the California Tax Form...there's one for Sea Otters...looked about on the web for site, to donate, but apparently donations only go through the tax form...so, re-did the tax form last page!...dont mind taxes my own self, and the notion of state owned charities of sorts is a curio...they're not a deduction, I gather...and not charities, but rather state run pursuits that have lost, or need, someway or another, funding that the legislators cant pony up...hmmph...the federal tax form has one such box--presidential campaign...hmmph...hereabout: didn't get out and about, except to Post Office on errands, last two days...sunny hazy warm hot...some water now in the Hummocks, and Dogwoods look slow to blossom...I had to use the desktop to print out forms, and noted the blog's clips at youTube are hanging on the desktop...vista too slow, or desktop, or something...when I took web page making class at junior college, we learned to run our pages on different computers to see if they worked in different browsers and such..back then a lot of glitches...and much slower computers...pic and text seem to work fine, but clips are iffy...the blog itself is a kinda charity from google, insomuch we can post up and browse for free...a good thing when folk who can give, do..

Here's link to pics from the Merced Canyon...knockdown Bald Eagle pic!...at another blog...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ravens' Recycle

Well, what's a Backyard without a few old Paint Buckets and Chairs?....one thought is to do a sometime photo study of Backyard Dishevelments!...pics up from the Backyard hereabout about a week ago...have a clip too, shaky handheld, but I'll add it sometime...hereabout today: snowrain, and for a little while big snow flakes, cool...hours at work lengthened, tourist lines too...coming to the Valley on vacation has a lot of logistical ins and outs, and those who seem to figure them out, keep coming back...I often have conversation with tourists about their visit last year...'we were snowed in!...had to caravan out!'...if these Spring Storms keep coming, the High Country Snowpack might approach a kinda normal...Merced a little higher today....Robins about piping in the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach at Lunch...I take along a plastic trash bag to sit on the Snow on the Log...have some pics and clip of Snow today...for sometime...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Canada Geese


Pic and clip from Point Lobos walkabout...very cool place...hereabout, rain rainsnow cool...saw friend's Bobcat pic...Bobcat brings a smile!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coots and Grebe


Pic and clip from Ten Mile River by the Bridge....hereabout, report of Bobcat, with pics by two friends...and Bear somewhere over in Siberia...sunny cloudy warm, storm on way....yesterday, the Merced Canyon was Flower Spectacular...too intent my ownself on errand to stop for pics, and on evening return, Poppies were closing up...best time for flower fans is midday on a blueblue day!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Before rolling down the hill to have another looksee at the Trailer For Rent, I paddled back to the Creek...Mallard Pair at Duck Harbor...rolled down the hill, and after sitting at the Trailer awhile, considering the fine Backyard, and adding things up, I realized things weren't adding up, so passed...hmmph...Trailer Backyard is like a hundred mile round trip...hmmph...I dont know how those who commute from Mid Pines, and even Mariposa, to the Valley, manage!...anywayanyway, while mulling things, rolled out Osprey Road...reviewing Hawk on Nest pic, I found Little Hawk...very cool...and sighted Ospreys together!....sunny hazy warm...a pile of Boulders is now by the Perfect Dogwood, and Ribbons around all the Elms in Bobcat Meadow, and the Fence is still in the Backyard...not my purview, but one wonders what's afoot, or not!....oh...Mallard pics from at Lunch the other day at Ozone Beach...and on return, Coyote beside Road just before Pohono Bridge...I often hear reports of Coyote going near traffic expectant of handout, though Coyote is sorta aloof in manner...this first time I've seen this, and Coyote looked all out of sorts....had camera set wrong, so too dark pics...maybe I can fix them, or get better ones sometime.. Coyote fidgets and looks uncomfortable....

Ten Mile Dunes


Pics up from Ten Mile Dunes...clip too...need to id second Two Birds in clip...first is Surf Scooter...hereabout today, sunny blueblue warm...Happy Easter!...oh...last pic, Sunset across the Road from mcyds in Ft. Bragg...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Seal Sleeping


Harbor Seal, I think...pic and clip from Mackerricher State Park, which is really cool, and next time in Ft. Bragg I can overnight camp....at Lunch: sat awhile under the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach...Does and Fawns about...at least One Doe pregnant...after work, Raccoon crossing the Road...sunny blue warm...Merced is not anywhere near going over the Banks and flooding the Meadows, but Falls are loud...more Rain in forecasts, so maybe enough for a highhigh water to come...

Friday, April 6, 2012


"I'm a warrior for light," Kinkade, a self-described devout Christian, told the San Jose Mercury News in 2002, a reference to the medieval practice of using light to symbolize the divine. "With whatever talent and resources I have, I'm trying to bring light to penetrate the darkness many people feel."

I wandered into a Kinkade Shop once in a Mall, and thought, 'well, this whole artists' thing does work once in awhile!', and much later, while taking art classes, and looking for Valley references on the web (one such search located a job app...) I happened on the story of this painting....it was entered in a National Park Painting contest, not government sponsored, and Kinkade won, which set his career going, or at least encouraged it....mabye I can find that...brb...yes...he was just thirty when he painted it, so his career arcs for a short 24 years...good for him, and everyone with a fondness for his work...one of the attractions I find about wow (world of warcraft), is its kinkade style--there are little cottages all over, along with grand landscapes...curiously, one doesn't find kinkades in the Valley, or even in outlying gift shops, though Placerville, which I think is nearby, has, according to wiki, 'omniprescent' kinkades everywhere...this Valley painting by Kinkade is right in line with the small list of Valley artists, though I think, this one painting is about all there is of his hereabout...somewhere I saw some of his plene air early work, and it was fine....and the quote above, about 'medievel practice' caught my eye....that notion is in Muir's 'range of light', in AA's photos....my friend has a photo of the Sunlight in Valley forest on a Misty Morning that he can't get enough of showing me!...and it's like that hereabout...and whereverabout in wow!!

Running Y Hawk


Going to Klamath Falls was problematic because of the Weather, or so I thought, as it was it was okay and fine, but I had sent a postcard to my Tuolumne Friend, who winters in Klamath, that maybe I would be thereabout thenabout arriving on the Train...vacation approval came so late, I couldn't send off in time an update...so when I did divert to Klamath because of traffic to San Francisco, and continued to Klamath in spite of the Rain in Shasta, I was kinda glad, as I could maybe find my friend, who, I suspected, may have thought I would be coming, which indeed was the case!...'I checked the train last few days...'...hmmph...'oh, it was okay, as I go by there everyday!'...on hearing that, the day began, and we rolled to a destination I had studied out the night before I left--the Canoe Trail at the North Klamth Wildlife Refuge..from the web report, I pictured a Visitor Center with a Canoe Rental Place beside..after some determined looking up 140 on the West Side of Klamath Lake, there seemed to be a place...a Bread and Breakfast Resort beside the Lake where there was a Marsh...'wait here in the car, I'll go check'...and I Paddled up the Dirt Drive to a Large House, and thinking it a Hotel of sorts, opened the Door, and caught my self, as it looked like a private Home!...and a big Dog came woofing up, with a fellow following...'pardon me, I didn't mean to intrude!'...but he smiled and explained it was the B&B....I returned to my friend...'I almost got eaten...place to go, I've learned, is the next house...wait here'...and I paddled up a second drive, and knocked on the Door, which was opened by  the B@B manager being followed by a horde of Dogs...and I learned that I had indeed found the Refuge, but it has no facilities, it's just a 'wildlife area', and one brings one's own Canoe, as the Canoe Trail ends thereabout, and begins a bit further South...with much thanks, and thoughts for a sometime, I returned to my friend, 'I almost got eaten'...'yes, they have a sled dog trailer'....and we rolled back to Klamath with a stop to looksee at the Running Y Resort, where Hawk post and clip were taken...hereabout today: sat awhile under the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach...Two Sets of Mallard Pairs about...Male Mallards squared off for a 'water up'...pics for sometime...yesterday, Does with Fawns about...and Birds are returning...Blackbirds, Redwings, Male Merganser flyby, Robins, Song Sparrows, Blue Jay, Nuthatch (maybe Nest in Tall Cottonwood), Pileated, Chicadee with an added note to the call: 'dee da da da....sunny cloudy warm, full moon tonight and puff clouds...good night for Moonbow maybe....two tired from work to set up camera...hmmph...report of Bald Eagle on Snag (pic taken) in Merced Canyon...the Running Y Resort, when planning the rollabout, I had thought to stay at, and if more Birds had been at Tule Lake, I may have for the whole vacation, but Tule was quiet, and I was really curious to explore the Ten Mile Dunes....the afternoon was spent with my friend at the Klamath Museum, and it was a fine day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sandhill Cranes and White Pelicans


Pics (stills) and clip from Tule Lake...Tule Lake pics and clips all taken from inside Silver...I've been dismantling the tripod and shoving the middle post inside the Handholds on the Doors, which sorta works if I jam some cloth, like my Bandanna, between the Post and the Door...forward, I use the Steering Wheel, and my forehead!, to brace the camera on the tripod post, which sorta works...I've yet to go 'full out' with Silver, and take the top off, and mount the camera, or cameras, on the Roll Bars and such!...sunny blue warm, I think...stayed indoors all day...almost Shuttled over to the Village, but Shuttle packed, so diverted to the Cabin, and wow...friend has Trailer for rent on his property in Midpines, and I've rented it!...a kinda extravagant weekend getaway place, but it will give me the opportunity to mess about with my paints on my weekends, and it has a coolcool backyard with critters...in fact, the trailer is sorta in my friend's backyard, so the view and such thereabout is a backyard's backyard!!!...brb...getting pic...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Shovel Nose Ducks


At Tule Lake, Shovelnose Ducks were sheltering from the Wind next to the Levi Road...there were knockdown pics and clips to take, but no sooner than I would roll forward in Silver, than the Shovelnoses would take flight, or paddle out...I tried for pics a lot, like a mile of Shovelnoses!...but not much luck, and on return, (I only went out into the Refuge a little way, by the Tiki Hut) the Shovelnoses flying up was back lit by the Setting Sun, and too the Water coming off the Shovelnoses' Wings--pics and clips for another visit!...not many other Waterbirds about, and just one Eagle, and maybe Two Harrier Hawks...Refuge was windy quiet, but for tomorrowmorrow are pics and clip of  Tule Lake White Pelicans...today: a late Afternoon down the hill to Hites Cove and the Poppies...pics and clips for sometime...sunny cloudy warm...Chickaree by the Cabin, Grey Squirrels and Ground Squirrels out and about and entertaining the tourists too...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mt. Shasta Hawk


Nearing Shasta Lake, it began to Rain..a lot...and I thought to turn back to Redding, and from there to the Coast, but recalled that last January, when it was Snowing near Shasta Lake, it was clear at Weed on my way to Tule Lake...so, continuing, it was clear at Weed, and Mt. Shasta putting on a show...pic taken from the Dirt Road that goes to the Trail Heads...a bit further along, sighted Three Lenticlular Clouds, and while taking pic, sighted Hawk fly to the Fence Posts...clip up a bit of very long clip....tomorrowmorrow, Shovelnoses of Tule Lake....hereabout: clouds moving through in the morning, snow melting, clear blue in afternoon...guitar player at Ozone Beach, so diverted at Lunch to Cabin--watched a bit of Toy Story..Two?...Hollywood's magic with film...