Friday, May 4, 2007

Deer and Dogwood in the Rain

I signed up for YouTube yesterday and their template isn't as nice as this one, so I started a second blog here for a video log of Tree in the Door. Tree in the Door, Fauna and Flora, might should be the title.

I have a new 12x optical digital camera, and my old 3x which I used today, It was raining and I was hesitant to use the new one. The old one has been through everything the last couple years. I'll be using them to make the videos. I have some aftereffects experience, and maybe I'll make some animations, special effects things, too.

So, I upload to YouTube, and then paste the html code they provide to embed the video here. That, that's just really neat. I dont know how much memory I get to use. All this while watching the original The Fly! Andre just realizes made in japan is backwards...

Here's yesterdays video, Robin Gets a Worm.

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