Monday, May 27, 2013

Cottonwood Bend Deer

Paddled to Ozone Beach after an Afternoon snack at Last Chance...potato cheddar soup, garden salad, corn in hand, heard Blackheaded Grosbeak Chic peeping by the Use Path, but couldn't sight...and at the Fallen Cedar, sighted Deer crossing Merced at Cottonwood Bend..see clip!..continued on the Inside Loop counterclockwise...Mama Merganser and Three near Chapel Bridge, and Mama Mallard and Three at Creek's End...clips for sometime...Azaleas Blooming at Azalea Bluff, but already very Bug nibbled on (an Azalea is by the Fallen Cedar too)...Ground Squirrel pic a couple Days ago...kinda hazy, even a sprinkle, warm...Deer flapping Ears to ward off  Mosquito of Bear at Glacier Pont, and Wood Duck Pair report bit beyond Mirror Lake, with pics, very good pics!, which I'm waiting for copies to post...and the Falls are going to be a trickle soon, like by next week or two I'd say...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Point Lobos Quail
Clip, and pic from clip, from visit to Point Lobos...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Warbler, maybe...

update:  Male Yellow Rump Warbler with White Wing Bar Springtime Enhancement...hmmph...thought maybe a new bird, for me...

Ar Lunch, sighted a flash of red on Little Bird hopping about the Willow...tried to follow, and finally got pic posted up, but I dont think it's same Bird...and I can't find id, yet...Dogwood flash pic taken back at Creek's End Dogwood at Dusk yesterday...and on web was report of Beaver Knawings at Mirror Lake...paddled out that way Tuesday to looksee...lots of Dogwood pics...and lots of knawed down Cottonwoods...pic up is by the Cube...sunnyblueblue a few hazy clouds warm...two Afternoons ago, while at work, it RainedandRainedandHailed, and flooded under three tables in Last Chance...very unusual short heavy rainfall that even old timers hereabout said was unique in their experience...and the Rain knocked a lot of Petals off the Dogwoods, but they are still okay scenic!...I think I might know where Beaver might be...thought before was that Beaver came upriver from the Merced Canyon, but with knawing sightings now at El Cap, Rocky Point, Housekeeping Bend, this over several years!, and now at Mirror Lake, I'm thinking Beaver is upriver somewhere between Mirror Lake and Hidden Falls...

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Door in the Tree

For awhile now, I've been able to direct friends to the blog by telling them to just google tree in the door...and I was trying that tonight with a friend, and couldn't find it, but was bringing up the story of the little door in the tree in Golden Gate Park, which I had seen a few days ago, and remember  thinking, how charming!, a door in a tree rather than a tree in a door!   See link.  Very cool.


They took all the trees
And put them in a tree museum
Then they charged the people
A dollar and a half just to see 'em

Read more:
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Before coming to the Valley, I went back to communty college and took some art classes, and for one assignment, I illustrated Joni Mitchell's song, one illustration  being a Redwood Tree made into a little house and gift shop--Tree Museum.   When housing dropped me off at the Cabin, my first thought after sidling by the Cedar to get in the Door, was, well, I can hang my hat here! 


Saturday, May 4, 2013


Rafting has begun...Glacier Point Road has opened...Tioga next week...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I paddled along the Pony Path from Happy Isles to the Big Rock...Tuesday...checking for Ouzel Nests, but no luck...didn't see Ouzel either, though maybe one call...One Blue Jay Nest over the Ice Machine at the Rooms, but will likely be knocked down by housekeeping, like the one under the Umbrella...Impossible Nest Time again for Blue chance at all under the Busport for awhile...Jack Hammering with a Back Hoe--Sidewalk replacement...rubble ends up in the Backyard, where the Fenced Equipment blocks out maybe the best Dogwoods in the the Perfect Dogwood filled in with Green Leaves, and is...perfect...stopping the touirsts on the way to see the Falls, coming in view just thereabout for tourists coming off the Buses....oh, it's been hot and crowded almost like Midsummer! Lunch: Merganser Pair resting at Cottenwood Bend, Violet Green Swallows dipping into the Merced for Bugs, Sandpiper, Mallards circling now and then...Black Headed Grosbeak flyby, Deer resting on the Grasses in evening at Cottonwood Bend, Song Sparrow, and fishermen, with no luck, but some memorable almosts...there are some Big Trout in the Merced hereabout, but very hard to catch, and few of Bald Eagle seen often on Snag in Merced Canyon just downriver from the Rockslide and Temporary? Bridges...headsup for photogs: the warm days, light breeze, no rain or snow, have made for a very good Dogwood Bloom...