Sunday, April 30, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:4/30/17

Open To Interpretation


I ponder,
I wonder,
I regard.
'Do Not Disturb'
On my doorknob.
No time
For painting,
Or grass too long
To putt upon.
Disturbed I'll snarl,
Snap awake,
A lion protecting its prey.
Leave me be
To my Homeric similes.
They don't come easily.
Notes: oh...I was off to the movies again, and saw movie The Circle2017...and it brought to mind a poem I just posted a couple days back!
At times
My playlist partially
Is on display,
And a thought to just
Post it all up
And be complete.
...I wont spoil it...but if one has seen it, one sees the poem!...ral...too, recently I've seen Colossal2016 and The Fate of the at the laundry at the donut shop, kid there noted my little Regal membership card in my wallet...You go to the movies much?...Of late I have been....It's all I do, that, and watch youYube...Oh, me too...youTube is wild!...Simile...previous post has a deleted note...I went on about violence and such in movies...usual rant...brought on be re-reading the Iliad...the battle scenes are violent...right out of Game of Thrones...but in re-reading, I was struck by the simile's Homer uses, and looking that up, found they have a name....Homeric similes...and hence a poem!...and a facebook friend posted a link to an 'on and on' about language, and I thought, oh!...that's my poem!...ral...much has been written about Homer's similes...I thought to collect themselves they have the nature of poems of the natural world...Homer's 'close observation of Nature'...

Oh...this give me great...relief!...ral...


Figures as different as Charles Dickens, Henri Poincaré, and Ingmar Bergman, working in disparate fields in different times, all shared a passion for their work, a terrific ambition to succeed, and an almost superhuman capacity to focus. Yet when you look closely at their daily lives, they only spent a few hours a day doing what we would recognize as their most important work. The rest of the time, they were hiking mountains, taking naps, going on walks with friends, or just sitting and thinking. Their creativity and productivity, in other words, were not the result of endless hours of toil. Their towering creative achievements result from modest “working” hours.

Darwin Was a Slacker and You Should Be Too

Many famous scientists have something in common—they didn’t work long hours.
Curiously, Mae and Ty in the move The Circle. are given positions where they are permitted to do whatever they wanted in their jobs at a high tech company...Emma Watson as Mae does a very good performance!...


Thursday, April 27, 2017

OTI:four poems:4/27/17

Open To Interpretation
Beneath your Sycamore Tree,
Every journey has a destination,
Every word has a definition,
Every sweetheart has a castle moat,
Every fire has embers and smoke.
Where'd she go?!
Off the grid?
Or just my id!???
The Phaetians weren't deceived,
But swift as the long journey had been
They'd grown weary of
Greeks and Minoans
And their penchants
And glad to see them departed
To their own lands,
And looked the other way.
Daedalus had had Theseus' crew, 
King Minos' Greek crew too,
Purloin and smuggle
Black Ship harpoons,
Concealing them down their backs.
On the voyage, a truce of sorts
Had sorted things out,
Minos' hijacked Greek crew no longer his,
And the Phaetians put
Minos ashore safely at Piraeus,
And he and his wife, Pasiphae,
Retook command of the siege of Athens.
The Greeks the Phaetians
Delivered to the Greek hidden fleet
And looked the other way,
Ignoring their waddles from harpoons hidden.
Free of Greeks and Minoans,
The Phaetians sang
And King Alcinous'
Black Ship galloped,
Back across the Little Middle Sea,
Beyond the Pillars of Hercules,
Enough of me,
More of you!



Monday, April 24, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:4/24/17

Open To Interpretation
I get up early
And go to the windows
For orange hot tea,
Eggs and such,
And you all out there
Rolling, stopping along,
Casually intent looking
Through your windows
So as not to crash
On your ways.
And it's sentimental
My finding
Early morning windows
As time was
They were an everyday
And looked out
On Ponderosa Pines,
Now anytime
I take out
My pocket window phone
And wonder
What you're all doing!
Cold Reads
My browse,
The flowers I like,
You measure like a tailor,
And here and there,
I find bouquet settings,
Now and then,
Set just for me.
Here and there
My favorites!
How sweet!
Here, a tip
With my flowery purchase!
I do the same
In my pursuit of you,
Mon amour,
I have it
You like French.
Day Far Journey
I arrived
Birthday gift laden
There was no party,
I was a day early,
The sort of error
My worst terror,
And found only
One of those
Three hundred and sixty three usual nights.
I was remiss,
Out of synch,
My apology.
I'll realign!
And hopefully
Some three hundred days from now
We'll be near,
My day far journey
Aligned with yours.
Notes: the elaborate egg salad mentioned before, I need to wean myself away from eating in the Valley, the community kitchen was an impossibility...and then I was working at Last Chance (with the floor to ceiling windows I so loved!), so could have meals well as all the other Valley no great loss to not cook for myself...I can...but it's simple to eat out...and back in Town that's what I do...continuing my Valley routines...but, but, I'm just weary of took up the task of making a homemade egg salad sandwich...and do it up right, following cookbook, so, I checked online for recipes, then thought to get my own cookbook...and to the library and back with the Joy of 164...egg salad...attentive to each detail, I studied out making hard boiled pot cover 6 eggs with one inch of water...bring to boil...let cool fifteen minutes...put them in the refrigerator...a dozen eggs cost a dollar...I needed some utensils!...some I have...a small digital timer refrigerator magnet....bowl....needed a big be in style, a twelve dollar clever...measuring cups...four the recipe has it: six eggs, two tablespoons of chopped celery, two tablespoons of chopped onions, one third cup of mayonnaise...had mayonnaise...needed celery, onions...and after dismissing Target, no celery, no individual onions, I went shopping at the big Food Market where Harbor curves into Garden Grove Boulevard...if asked where I live in Town this intersection is the answer!, this Market I know from when I was a was built on our sandlot ball field...adjacent to the orange grove which was plowed under with all the others surrounding...during the construction, we would adventure when the workers were gone...shoot our arrows inside over the new cement floor, kicking up cement dust rooster tails with the target arrow heads...our bows were plum tree sucker branches...ah, the building has had three or four different it is favored by Mexican Americans...and inside is some of Mexico...and it has a lot of food on display...big shelves somewhat like Costco...stuff on pallets and such...and there, I found individual onions, but celery always comes in bunch, I, celery and onion, two dollars...and bread, and butter...six dollars....milk...two dollar...I bought a bunch of other stuff at  Target and the Market food, ice cream, an outdoor folding chair, and hundred and sixty dollars!...I try to stay out of stores...I'm susceptible...anyway...a couple days back, I boiled the eggs...and today gathered everything to make lunch...chop, peel, chop chop...mixed everything together with the mayonnaise...I didn't realize how tiny the old house's kitchen is...and how mom did without a prep table...there's hardly room to set things about!, I got it all together...visualize!...Ansel Adam's slogan!...a plate of radishes, two celery sticks, some sprinkled salt (salt and pepper in the egg salad), a Denny's coffee mug of milk, grapes, and the glorious egg salad sandwich...hmmph...if this elaboration seems tedious long, that is precisely why I eat out!...from prep to clean up it was like two hours!...back and forth, this and that...and there was the shopping...hmmph...and no big windows to look out on traffic, wondering...Oh...reference Cold Reading...


How many times have you been asked to explain cold reading? How well have you done? While most of us know what cold reading is and how it is done, it is not an easy thing to explain.

author has example of poker players' 'reading', which I thought of too...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:4/22/17

Open To Interpretation
First Song
The Southern Flight had been
Out and about
Springtime adventuring
And the arrival of
The Northern Flight
Beneath Volcano Never
Save by the townsfolk of Harbor
Who could only watch.
The battle had been quick,
The Kalodones,
Being automatons,
Couldn't guide the Harpoons
To defend Black Ship Medea
And Captain Calypso could only watch
As Black Dragon Onyx
And Dragons from
The Northern Flight overwhelmed
Medea's natural defenses.
And now,
Subdued by Medea's return,
Medea's true Captain,
The Dragons were permitted
To board Medea.
"Where is your father?"
Asked Medea.
"Where is Nemo?"
Chimed in Onyx.
Calypso smiled, said,
"You just missed him."
Out in the middle of the Bay,
A glimpse of Nautilus submerging,
Pursued by Black Ship Argo.
Nautilus had been beside Medea,
Nemo supervising the
Beginning of the conversion
Of Medea into a sister ship of Nautilus.
"And Petra?  Where is she?"
Asked Onyx.
"Why should I tell you?"
Asked Calypso.
"I would see my grandson,
Said Onyx.
"I would see my son,
Said Medea.
"Just so,
I would be with my father."
Said Calypso.
Asked Calypso.
"We don't need this," said Onyx,
The Flight can search
And find them."
"Not so easily,"
Said Medea,
"The Southern Dragons
Surprised by us
Will war with us.
Petra must tell them
The why of our visit."
"Which is?"
Asked Calypso.
"To gather up all the singing
Lyres Hephaestus and Nemo have made
And persuade Nemo
To forget he ever knew of them."
Said Medea.
"And for that we have you."
Said Onyx.
"He has none."
Said Calypso
"Your easy capture of Medea
Onyx considered, and said,
"Just so.
But what of his knowledge?"
"Petra persuaded him,"
Said Calypso,
"To forget."
Moving closer to Onyx,
Arms akimbo,
"Have you forgotten?"
Calypso asked.
"How so?"
Said Onyx.
"Gather your Dragons near,"
Said Calypso,
"And spread their wings
To darken the Black Deck
And I will show you
And your Dragons
A song you've forgotten."
Calypso touched the Deck.
Onyx and the Dragons
Watched intent.
The Black Deck, pearlescent,
Showed the Tale
Of the Cataclysm,
And the Turmoil
At Crater Origin,
Finishing with the Dragons then
Building the First Nests
Over the singing Lyres.
"Hmmph!" said Onyx, snorting smoke,
The Dragons folding their wings.
"We know of this."
Onyx said.
"After awhile the Lyres would
No longer sing
And decayed away.
The corridors of Nests
On the approaches of Southern and Northern
Crater Origin
Commemorate them.
We've traded with Nemo for generations.
Dragons don't forget.
What we didn't know is Black Ships
Dream Dragon Dreams
On command of a Humankind's touch.
Onyx left off, lost in thought.
Medea asked.
Said Onyx,
"Take us to her and you are free, Calypso.
Said Calypso.
"We go to the Rocky Slope
Behind Ishi's Village,
Whereabout Pet's Nest."
With fondness and love in his heart,
Onyx held his head next to
Infant Dragon Ametrine.
Both listened to the Toy Lyre
Held by infant Benetoite
Held in Medea's arms.
"The First Song."
Said Onyx.
"A pleasant tune." said Petra.
Ishi, the Villagers,
Southern and Northern Black Dragons,
Gathered around listening,
Petra, Medea, Calypso,
Sang along.
Blind Black Dragon Pet roared
Belching flame and smoke.
Notes: There is in this a blatant lift, though I didn't see it until editing, from movie I just saw, Beauty and the Beast2017...the scene where Belle is transported to the attic of the old windmill, and sees the travail when her mother was dying...and, a curio, the conceit of Belle being an avid reader, and so set apart from the Villagers, and then finding Beast reads too, Beast giving her the run of his library...where did that come from?'s in B&B1991 too...brb...yarn spinners could do well to see how the Disney's B&B Tale evolved from the old, old one in The Golden Ass, through Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve's take, and so on! Game of Thrones, Sam is an avid bookworm, and a touching scene when he is reading at one table, and Gilly his sweetheart, at another is learning the first word of the alphabet, and Gilly voices her fear that Sam thinks her unlettered...and Sam goes into an awkward, 'not so' did that get in there?...and later Sam is escorted into the giant library to take up his new position, Gilly in did that get into GOT!...oh, likely from B&B1991...GOT may well be fashioned on purpose to be an Easter Egg hunt of references to other works!...browsing the Library in Eternity, one catches on to these things! awkwardness with Medea having her Black Ship named "Medea' resorted in using italics for the Ship, and then Nautilus, and now should I edit all the Ships to italic???...No!...Black Deck Tales are meant to be able to stand alone, as well as link to one word 'iridescent!...had been struggling in many places to use verb form of 'pearlescent'...hmmph...of course, knew of 'iridescent'...oh wait, that's not a verb either!!!...changed it back...'pearlescent' works...was just hung up on pearlescing or something like...and now I get a rhyme out of it with 'intent'!...ral...oh!...Happy Earth Day!

Friday, April 21, 2017

OTI:eight poems and notes:4/21/17

Open To Interpretation
At times
My playlist partially
Is on display,
And a thought to just
Post it all up
And be complete.
On  A Wire
Birds on a wire
Having lost their balance
But not their grip.
Round Stone
A round stone
Rolled over on
Snake's tail.
Last Puppy
One last puppy
Window shopping.
Feathers ruffled
Cotton candied.
Bees hum
Hummingbirds thrum
Moths drum
Spiders strum
Black Phoebe
Black Phoebe
On my mailbox
Six white threads
Make a single
Thin white cloud
Over Town
From horizon west
Overhead headed east,
Its silver head
A silent swept wing
Something new.
The roar follows behind.
Does it carry
A full deck of 52?
Fated cards?
Some for two? four? eight?
Jack? Queen? King?
And the Aces?
Clotho, Atropos, Lachesis,
The Black Deck rides
With their young crew,
Dragons never fall.
Notes: I could have been a commercial jet, or one of those big military batteries all dead of I'd have a pic...a first sighting for me...they've been around awhile...Midnight Movie: went and saw Beauty and the Beast...much fun...there's a Twistum Wood Toy Giraffe on the work table in Belle's Pop's studio...


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:4/19/19

Open To Interpretation
An eternal echo,
A cross on a hill,
A daffodil by a creek.
What grateful thanks you hear from them
So long as you show promise to them.
To your bunk you retire,
Their smiles and fond looks
Last seen as eyelids close.
And the night anxious
Shadows return,
And you get up,
Lock the gates.
One Fell Swoop
What's Zeus to do?
In one fell swoop,
Orpheus flew off
With Hephaestus, Hermes,
Prometheus, Epimetheus,
And Eurydice too,
All on the backs
Of Dragon Cadmus
And Dragon Harmonia!
Beyond the Pillars,
His wrath can't reach them.
Zeus will deliver 
Lightning blasts
Where he can.
So ever mortals
Have been hen pecked
By Zeus' silver pin pricks.
Athena was set
To constrain Hephaestus,
And have Jason and
Black Ship Argo
With the Northern
Black Dragon Flight
Retrieve the lyres
And stifle Nemo.
Hades sees an opportunity
To un-throne Zeus.
Poseidon too
Dreams of Oceans to take
Beyond the Pillars.
Minos and Theseus,
Dropped off home
By King Alcinous Black Ship,
Regroup at Piraeus,
Athens' siege returning,
Athena's and Poseidon's
And what of our hero?
Who is the Tales' hero?
Some Greek?
Mortals join
The Titanomachy renewed
And now decide the fate of gods.
Notes: Egg...reference the crossword puzzle clues like riddles of the Song of Amergin...which I'm not very good at!...Bunk...hmmph...checking on spelling for Titanomachy, I happened on:
The Bloodbath of B-R5RB or the Battle of B-R5RB was a massive-scale virtual battle fought in the MMORPG space game Eve Online, and was possibly the largest player versus player battle in history.
... ... ...
To commemorate the sheer size and cost of the battle, the game's creators, CCP Games, erected a permanent monument in the system B-R5RB named "The Titanomachy", consisting of non-salvageable capital ship wrecks.
OTI is one year old...I'm nearly done watching the Game of Thrones episodes...there's some overlaps, similarities...the phrase 'Open to Interpretation' is bandied about during some discussions while on horses...the fencing instructor is fond of saying 'just so', somewhere on the map is 'Reach'; to name a few of many...both the Tales and GOT are pastiche's...I have not lifted from GOT, and now have to be on guard for such, having watched it...GOT is cliff hanger soap opera fare...hopefully, similarities end there!...update: changed doors to gates...and finished the episodes...and now in anticipation of Season 7 with everyone else!


Sunday, April 16, 2017

OTI: three poems and notes:4/16/17

Open To Interpretation

A Second Attempt

Setting: Mt. Caucasus where Prometheus is chained up. Nighttime, the Eagle sleeping. Epimetheus and Eurydice beside Prometheus.

Eagle likes you, brother.
Grateful, I'd say.  'Eagle' my finest gift.
Once before,
You tried to help me, brother
Hindsight would have it,
Pandora was a mistake.
Foresight has it Orpheus
Will succeed with your scheme
And they will all return
With Hephaestus,
Master of chains.
My scheme depends
On Orpheus' song.
And when has Orpheus missed
A note?

Eurydice smiles wanly.

Tell me about it.
Oh, aside from that,
Not to worry!
They will succeed!  I see it!

Setting: Dawn is breaking on Mt Olympus, sunlight pouring through
the great windows of the Hall of Justice forecourt.

If it would please the court,
I would bring forth my witnesses
For the defense of Hephaestus.

The courtroom is spacious with tall entry doors, and from the forecourt enters Hermes, Dragon Cadmus, and Dragon Harmonia. Orpheus begins to sing and Zeus falls asleep.  Everyone in attendance is shocked and surprised to see Dragon Cadmus grab with his claws and lift up Hephaestus, stone and chains and all. Hades begins to laugh.

Where will you go,
Beyond the Pillars,
Beyond Zeus' reach.
Orpheus and Hermes hop aboard Dragon Harmonia.
From Hell, and me,
You would just leave off?
My messages are sacrosanct,
Between earth heaven and hell
I carry them freely.
Orpheus is my message!
Hades continues to laugh.
Just so. 
You have my dispensation as well,
And no longer hell bound.
A shadow though you remain to mortals.

They will hear me sing?

After a fashion,
They will call you Inspiration.
Hurry, before Zeus awakens.
He will be furious,
You've stolen Hephaestus!
Are you off to steal Prometheus?
Just so.
Hades laughs louder.

Zeus will be doubly furious!
With Out A Hitch

Scene: All returned to Prometheus.

Back without a hitch.
My friend Eagle slept in
This morning.
We must hurry
Before Eagle awakens
Least we become ozone
From a lightning blast!
Been there.

Eurydice now joins Hermes and Orpheus on Dragon Harmonia. Prometheus, Epimetheus and Hephaestus on Dragon Cadmus. Up they fly, free, all singing along with Orpheus. And Eagle sleeps on, dreaming Eagle Dreams, his daily prey stolen.

Notes: ral...I began making a list of witnesses for Orpheus, other gift givers to mortals that ran afoul of Zeus...and it grew and grew...tried to fit in the  Nine Muses, but the spacious Hall was filling...and becoming confusing!..for sometime, a play, Orpheus Defends Prometheus...or some such! eyes got big when I learned Cadmus, gift giver of the alphabet, was made into a dragon, along with Harmonia...and that Prometheus had a brother, Epimetheus, who messed up with Pandora...and their names mean Foresight and Hindsight, the two most fundamental gifts that mortals have!...Prometheus too can mean 'thief'...going into a rage when something, or someone, is stolen from him, seems to be Zeus' 'gift'!
Happy Easter!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:4/15/17

Open To Interpretation
Measure Measure

To let understanding stop at what cannot be understood is a high attainment. Those who cannot do it will be destroyed on the lathe of heaven. (知止乎其所不能知,至矣。若有不即是者,天鈞敗之。)
Setting: Mt. Olympus' Judgment Hall.  Seated on a stone and chained is Hephaestus.  Above in the Upper Gallery is Hades with his entourage of Shades, including Orpheus.  Zeus is seated on a stone bench on a platform.  Athena and the gods are in attendance in the Lower Gallery.   
Are your chains comfortable?
I made these chains.
Are they too tight?
I made you.
How so?
You're an automaton,
Made to examine and measure.
That is what I do.
What I am is irrelevant.
Is my judge just so?
Zeus? He is immortal
And beyond measure.
I am immortal as well.
You are what you are.
It is what you have done
I assess.
Zeus will judge.
Athena has it
You gave to mortals
Beyond the Pillars
The means to record, store,
And replay songs
With a device in semblance
To the golden lyre of Orpheus.
I befriended them,
And related how
As one would tell of
Catching a great whale.
It was for their enjoyment?
Yes.  By your simple measure.
It was music.
I've made automatons like you,
That sing and entertain the gods,
And record and store and play
Music as you do Measures.
Can you sing?
The songs you recorded,
Who gave them to you?
You see him here?
Yes, beside Hades he sits,
Shade made by Zeus
With lightning bolt.
And now I sit in
Zeus' forge
And await his hammer's thunder.
Have you a Defender?
Another Automaton to parry with you?
So Measures are arrived at here.
I will defend Hephaestus!

Zeus and Hades exchange hard looks.

He has the right to choose his defender.
Just so.
I request time to prepare.
You are content with Orpheus?
Tomorrow then.
Notes: reference my play Women Can Do No Wrong for this setting and trial procedures!...ral...I may have to nestle that into the Tales...reference Kaledones...oh!...they had the appearance of Wrynecks!...Riordan in his saga has a Hall...Hall of Ma'at?...and there are a Hall of Two Truths, and the White Hall of Heaven...probably more...oh!...this study out of Halls has been a major diversion!...much stuck as to where early folk met to dispense justice...unstuck with the word 'basilica', 'stoa (stoic), 'comitium', 'Bouleuterion', Stoa Basileios !...the Ronald Reagan Federal Building hereabout in Santa Ana is sheathed in white stone, maybe marble...I can't tell...beautiful building...Zeus' 'forge' reference The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula Le Guin...



Tuesday, April 11, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:4/11/17

Open To Interpretation
Have you come
To sing to me, Orpheus?
To commensurate,
Though I have nothing to compare,
Only my quick lightning end
At Zeus's hand.
If you can,
Serenade the Eagle to leave off,
And awhile we can talk.
Orpheus sings. The Eagle perches, listens, falls asleep.
I gave them Fire,
And much else.
I gave them Song.
More than I.
Zeus would end them?
Once living,
That can't be done,
So Zeus is bound
And has but hell and suffering
To wield. 
Now, just so,
Shade bound I am,
A commoner of Hades,
One of Life's eternal echoes.
Yes, they remember us and...
Orpheus and Prometheus speak together smiling.
Reach them Orpheus,
Find a way,
And with their Genius
My chains flay
Rather than that Eagle
My every day.
Notes: Zeus, in some accounts, or maybe just one, kills Orpheus with a lightning bolt for bringing music to humanity, (I'm guessing, and making this up!, sorta :), for the same reason he chained up Prometheus and had an eagle eat Prometheus' liver everyday--at night, the wound, and liver, would heal and sources this version of Orpheus's death to this author, and it's somewhere in his book...
Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers (Greek: Βίοι καὶ γνῶμαι τῶν ἐν φιλοσοφίᾳ εὐδοκιμησάντων) is a biography of the Greek philosophers by Diogenes Laërtius, written in Greek, perhaps in the first half of the third century AD.
hmmph...Game of Thrones is beyond...
Others are less certain of a specific setting, however. For example, Jonathan Bate has pointed out that the play begins with Titus returning from a successful ten-year campaign against the Goths, as if at the height of the Roman Empire, but ends with Goths invading Rome, as if at its death.[6] Similarly, T. J. B. Spencer argues that "the play does not assume a political situation known to Roman history; it is, rather a summary of Roman politics. It is not so much that any particular set of political institutions is assumed in Titus, but rather that it includes all the political institutions that Rome ever had."[7]
Titus' setting?...Westeros amd Essos...and the Game of Throne's lifts from Titus, after noting them myself, I find much noted on the web!

How Shakespeare Explains Game of Thrones

Saturday, April 8, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:4/8/17

Open To Interpretation
Birds And Frogs
"They're industrious."
Said Jason.
"They're Amazons."
Said Ariadne, smiling.
Ariadne's girls were foraging
For supplies on the strand.
Fresh water easily found.
Fish caught, smoked and dried.
The Black Dragons left the Argo
Pale and barren.
Black Dragons can fly
Quiet as Owls,
And Onyx arrived behind them.
"Maybe we can help."
Jason, Glauce, and Ariadne,
Turned to see who spoke.
"Medea!" Said Jason,
And put his arm around Glauce,
The Amazons left off
And came close
With the few Harpoons
Pale Black Ship Argo still had.
Medea hopped off Onyx to the beach.
More Dragons descended,
Each carrying the self same
Corposants and supplies
The Dragons had taken.
"A trade," said Onyx,
"For that golden lyre."
"Orpheus is gone."
Said Jason,
"As we would be too,
Save we diverted to salvage
The talking plank.
The lyre sings
For Orpheus
As any lyre can.
Itself, it is nothing,
And Orpheus is gone."
"Are there more of these?"
Said Medea,
Holding up the bent lyre
Petra had kicked.
"Hephaestus made that,"
Said Jason,
"And recorded the
Dragon paralyzing tune
Orpheus played.
We had but one,
That one."
Onyx lowered his head
To be
Nose to nose with Jason.
"You are lying, Greek."
Said Onyx.
"No, we had but one,"
Said Jason,
"But there could be more.
Hephaestus shared his
Lyre plans with Nemo."
"Where is Nemo?"
Asked Medea.
Jason hesitated,
Ariadne's crew now had no
Nor Jason and Glauce,
Save to Athena,
And Jason wanted no enemies,
Nor again Medea's
Wrath and terror.
"I don't know."
Said Jason.
Glauce said,
"I would consider,
Nemo went South with Petra's crew,
Though we cannot witness to it."
"That much we can discern ourselves."
Said Onyx.
"You have nothing to trade."
"They have Amazons
And a Black Ship."
Said Medea, and asked,
"Where is Hephaestus?"
From the bow of the Argo
A voice answered,
And they all gathered
Closer under the Argo's
Prow to hear.
"Birds sing
The morning's chorus,
Frogs sing
The evening's serenade."
Said the talking plank.
"I have Hephaestus in tow,"
Said Athena.
"And would as well this Nemo
With those borrowed plans
So lyres will be silent to Dragons.
Orpheus soon sings again
To his wife in Hades
And grateful for it,
And the Earth the less
For it."
"These mechanical things,"
Said Onyx,
"Dragon's bane,
Scar our future,
Make us prefer deafness
Than some enslavement
To enchaining melodies.
We go South
And ferret out Nemo
And his designs."
"Jason will follow."
Said Athena.
"Hmmph!" said Onyx,
Snorting smoke.
"So be it,
So long as wood only talks.
Leave the Greek
His Black Ship's things."
Lifting off with Medea,
The Dragon Flight began South.
"You will see Ametrine."
Said Medea.
"And you will be again
With Benitoite,"
Said Onyx,
"The Southern Flight permitting."
"Black Dragons of the Southern Reach will have no love
For Nemo's lyres."
Said Medea.
"But still, "
"We may have need of a Black Ship."
Onyx commanded the Flight to circle,
"Wait for us."
And flew back to the Argo,
But the Argo was already nearby,
The Amazons had made quick work,
And Black Ship Argo, with Black Dragon escort,
Amazons singing,
The Ravens and Gulls raucous,
The storm squall scudding,
South proceeded.
Notes: hmmph...I'm at episode five of season 3 (season 6 I've seen all of), of Game of Thrones (HBO subscription by way of Amazon)...I watch them two at a time...and a bit jealous...take away the gratuities and Game of Thrones theme parks would likely spring up, along with all manner of toys and such...and it could have been made without the, a mystery that...oh, jealous of the Dragon's has very good 'flips'...and they all have very good filmography and acting, and that quality makes the 'lifts' their own, like the 'wogs' lifted from Beastmaster, and the Whitewalkers like from everywhere!...hmmph...hereabout, end of book three of the Black Deck Tales, Back Before Now...

Saturday, April 1, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:4/1/17

 Open To Interpretation

Back Before Now

"The bipeds...their teeth...
I saw them eat!"
Said Petra.
"And to ride across the hills
As one with them!"
"Might and Violence,"
Said Ishmael,
"It was the worst of things,
It was the best of things."
"How can such be so?"
Asked Petra.
"Beauty and Truth,"
Said Dana.
"Always our challenge."
Dana looked at Petra,
Saw Ishmael on her
Other side,
And quickly returned his gaze
To the flowing Creek.
A murmuring duck swam by
With her ducklings in tow.
Petra examined the toy lyre,
Nemo's souvenir gift
Of their adventure,
Resting in her palm,
And it played a tune.
"Minuet in G."
Said Dana.
"An oft time tune of my crew."
Said Petra,
One arm around each,
Ishmael and Dana,
She stood.
"I must be off to tell
Black Dragon Pet,
Benitoite and Ametrine will love this!"


Notes: reference Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus, Might and Violence... Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...John Keats Ode to a Grecian Urn, Truth is Beauty, Beauty Truth...oh, and The Toys Lovers Concerto...and wiki's take: