Thursday, April 27, 2017

OTI:four poems:4/27/17

Open To Interpretation
Beneath your Sycamore Tree,
Every journey has a destination,
Every word has a definition,
Every sweetheart has a castle moat,
Every fire has embers and smoke.
Where'd she go?!
Off the grid?
Or just my id!???
The Phaetians weren't deceived,
But swift as the long journey had been
They'd grown weary of
Greeks and Minoans
And their penchants
And glad to see them departed
To their own lands,
And looked the other way.
Daedalus had had Theseus' crew, 
King Minos' Greek crew too,
Purloin and smuggle
Black Ship harpoons,
Concealing them down their backs.
On the voyage, a truce of sorts
Had sorted things out,
Minos' hijacked Greek crew no longer his,
And the Phaetians put
Minos ashore safely at Piraeus,
And he and his wife, Pasiphae,
Retook command of the siege of Athens.
The Greeks the Phaetians
Delivered to the Greek hidden fleet
And looked the other way,
Ignoring their waddles from harpoons hidden.
Free of Greeks and Minoans,
The Phaetians sang
And King Alcinous'
Black Ship galloped,
Back across the Little Middle Sea,
Beyond the Pillars of Hercules,
Enough of me,
More of you!



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