Monday, April 24, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:4/24/17

Open To Interpretation
I get up early
And go to the windows
For orange hot tea,
Eggs and such,
And you all out there
Rolling, stopping along,
Casually intent looking
Through your windows
So as not to crash
On your ways.
And it's sentimental
My finding
Early morning windows
As time was
They were an everyday
And looked out
On Ponderosa Pines,
Now anytime
I take out
My pocket window phone
And wonder
What you're all doing!
Cold Reads
My browse,
The flowers I like,
You measure like a tailor,
And here and there,
I find bouquet settings,
Now and then,
Set just for me.
Here and there
My favorites!
How sweet!
Here, a tip
With my flowery purchase!
I do the same
In my pursuit of you,
Mon amour,
I have it
You like French.
Day Far Journey
I arrived
Birthday gift laden
There was no party,
I was a day early,
The sort of error
My worst terror,
And found only
One of those
Three hundred and sixty three usual nights.
I was remiss,
Out of synch,
My apology.
I'll realign!
And hopefully
Some three hundred days from now
We'll be near,
My day far journey
Aligned with yours.
Notes: the elaborate egg salad mentioned before, I need to wean myself away from eating in the Valley, the community kitchen was an impossibility...and then I was working at Last Chance (with the floor to ceiling windows I so loved!), so could have meals well as all the other Valley no great loss to not cook for myself...I can...but it's simple to eat out...and back in Town that's what I do...continuing my Valley routines...but, but, I'm just weary of took up the task of making a homemade egg salad sandwich...and do it up right, following cookbook, so, I checked online for recipes, then thought to get my own cookbook...and to the library and back with the Joy of 164...egg salad...attentive to each detail, I studied out making hard boiled pot cover 6 eggs with one inch of water...bring to boil...let cool fifteen minutes...put them in the refrigerator...a dozen eggs cost a dollar...I needed some utensils!...some I have...a small digital timer refrigerator magnet....bowl....needed a big be in style, a twelve dollar clever...measuring cups...four the recipe has it: six eggs, two tablespoons of chopped celery, two tablespoons of chopped onions, one third cup of mayonnaise...had mayonnaise...needed celery, onions...and after dismissing Target, no celery, no individual onions, I went shopping at the big Food Market where Harbor curves into Garden Grove Boulevard...if asked where I live in Town this intersection is the answer!, this Market I know from when I was a was built on our sandlot ball field...adjacent to the orange grove which was plowed under with all the others surrounding...during the construction, we would adventure when the workers were gone...shoot our arrows inside over the new cement floor, kicking up cement dust rooster tails with the target arrow heads...our bows were plum tree sucker branches...ah, the building has had three or four different it is favored by Mexican Americans...and inside is some of Mexico...and it has a lot of food on display...big shelves somewhat like Costco...stuff on pallets and such...and there, I found individual onions, but celery always comes in bunch, I, celery and onion, two dollars...and bread, and butter...six dollars....milk...two dollar...I bought a bunch of other stuff at  Target and the Market food, ice cream, an outdoor folding chair, and hundred and sixty dollars!...I try to stay out of stores...I'm susceptible...anyway...a couple days back, I boiled the eggs...and today gathered everything to make lunch...chop, peel, chop chop...mixed everything together with the mayonnaise...I didn't realize how tiny the old house's kitchen is...and how mom did without a prep table...there's hardly room to set things about!, I got it all together...visualize!...Ansel Adam's slogan!...a plate of radishes, two celery sticks, some sprinkled salt (salt and pepper in the egg salad), a Denny's coffee mug of milk, grapes, and the glorious egg salad sandwich...hmmph...if this elaboration seems tedious long, that is precisely why I eat out!...from prep to clean up it was like two hours!...back and forth, this and that...and there was the shopping...hmmph...and no big windows to look out on traffic, wondering...Oh...reference Cold Reading...


How many times have you been asked to explain cold reading? How well have you done? While most of us know what cold reading is and how it is done, it is not an easy thing to explain.

author has example of poker players' 'reading', which I thought of too...

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