Saturday, April 8, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:4/8/17

Open To Interpretation
Birds And Frogs
"They're industrious."
Said Jason.
"They're Amazons."
Said Ariadne, smiling.
Ariadne's girls were foraging
For supplies on the strand.
Fresh water easily found.
Fish caught, smoked and dried.
The Black Dragons left the Argo
Pale and barren.
Black Dragons can fly
Quiet as Owls,
And Onyx arrived behind them.
"Maybe we can help."
Jason, Glauce, and Ariadne,
Turned to see who spoke.
"Medea!" Said Jason,
And put his arm around Glauce,
The Amazons left off
And came close
With the few Harpoons
Pale Black Ship Argo still had.
Medea hopped off Onyx to the beach.
More Dragons descended,
Each carrying the self same
Corposants and supplies
The Dragons had taken.
"A trade," said Onyx,
"For that golden lyre."
"Orpheus is gone."
Said Jason,
"As we would be too,
Save we diverted to salvage
The talking plank.
The lyre sings
For Orpheus
As any lyre can.
Itself, it is nothing,
And Orpheus is gone."
"Are there more of these?"
Said Medea,
Holding up the bent lyre
Petra had kicked.
"Hephaestus made that,"
Said Jason,
"And recorded the
Dragon paralyzing tune
Orpheus played.
We had but one,
That one."
Onyx lowered his head
To be
Nose to nose with Jason.
"You are lying, Greek."
Said Onyx.
"No, we had but one,"
Said Jason,
"But there could be more.
Hephaestus shared his
Lyre plans with Nemo."
"Where is Nemo?"
Asked Medea.
Jason hesitated,
Ariadne's crew now had no
Nor Jason and Glauce,
Save to Athena,
And Jason wanted no enemies,
Nor again Medea's
Wrath and terror.
"I don't know."
Said Jason.
Glauce said,
"I would consider,
Nemo went South with Petra's crew,
Though we cannot witness to it."
"That much we can discern ourselves."
Said Onyx.
"You have nothing to trade."
"They have Amazons
And a Black Ship."
Said Medea, and asked,
"Where is Hephaestus?"
From the bow of the Argo
A voice answered,
And they all gathered
Closer under the Argo's
Prow to hear.
"Birds sing
The morning's chorus,
Frogs sing
The evening's serenade."
Said the talking plank.
"I have Hephaestus in tow,"
Said Athena.
"And would as well this Nemo
With those borrowed plans
So lyres will be silent to Dragons.
Orpheus soon sings again
To his wife in Hades
And grateful for it,
And the Earth the less
For it."
"These mechanical things,"
Said Onyx,
"Dragon's bane,
Scar our future,
Make us prefer deafness
Than some enslavement
To enchaining melodies.
We go South
And ferret out Nemo
And his designs."
"Jason will follow."
Said Athena.
"Hmmph!" said Onyx,
Snorting smoke.
"So be it,
So long as wood only talks.
Leave the Greek
His Black Ship's things."
Lifting off with Medea,
The Dragon Flight began South.
"You will see Ametrine."
Said Medea.
"And you will be again
With Benitoite,"
Said Onyx,
"The Southern Flight permitting."
"Black Dragons of the Southern Reach will have no love
For Nemo's lyres."
Said Medea.
"But still, "
"We may have need of a Black Ship."
Onyx commanded the Flight to circle,
"Wait for us."
And flew back to the Argo,
But the Argo was already nearby,
The Amazons had made quick work,
And Black Ship Argo, with Black Dragon escort,
Amazons singing,
The Ravens and Gulls raucous,
The storm squall scudding,
South proceeded.
Notes: hmmph...I'm at episode five of season 3 (season 6 I've seen all of), of Game of Thrones (HBO subscription by way of Amazon)...I watch them two at a time...and a bit jealous...take away the gratuities and Game of Thrones theme parks would likely spring up, along with all manner of toys and such...and it could have been made without the, a mystery that...oh, jealous of the Dragon's has very good 'flips'...and they all have very good filmography and acting, and that quality makes the 'lifts' their own, like the 'wogs' lifted from Beastmaster, and the Whitewalkers like from everywhere!...hmmph...hereabout, end of book three of the Black Deck Tales, Back Before Now...

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