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OTI:one poem and notes:4/22/17

Open To Interpretation
First Song
The Southern Flight had been
Out and about
Springtime adventuring
And the arrival of
The Northern Flight
Beneath Volcano Never
Save by the townsfolk of Harbor
Who could only watch.
The battle had been quick,
The Kalodones,
Being automatons,
Couldn't guide the Harpoons
To defend Black Ship Medea
And Captain Calypso could only watch
As Black Dragon Onyx
And Dragons from
The Northern Flight overwhelmed
Medea's natural defenses.
And now,
Subdued by Medea's return,
Medea's true Captain,
The Dragons were permitted
To board Medea.
"Where is your father?"
Asked Medea.
"Where is Nemo?"
Chimed in Onyx.
Calypso smiled, said,
"You just missed him."
Out in the middle of the Bay,
A glimpse of Nautilus submerging,
Pursued by Black Ship Argo.
Nautilus had been beside Medea,
Nemo supervising the
Beginning of the conversion
Of Medea into a sister ship of Nautilus.
"And Petra?  Where is she?"
Asked Onyx.
"Why should I tell you?"
Asked Calypso.
"I would see my grandson,
Said Onyx.
"I would see my son,
Said Medea.
"Just so,
I would be with my father."
Said Calypso.
Asked Calypso.
"We don't need this," said Onyx,
The Flight can search
And find them."
"Not so easily,"
Said Medea,
"The Southern Dragons
Surprised by us
Will war with us.
Petra must tell them
The why of our visit."
"Which is?"
Asked Calypso.
"To gather up all the singing
Lyres Hephaestus and Nemo have made
And persuade Nemo
To forget he ever knew of them."
Said Medea.
"And for that we have you."
Said Onyx.
"He has none."
Said Calypso
"Your easy capture of Medea
Onyx considered, and said,
"Just so.
But what of his knowledge?"
"Petra persuaded him,"
Said Calypso,
"To forget."
Moving closer to Onyx,
Arms akimbo,
"Have you forgotten?"
Calypso asked.
"How so?"
Said Onyx.
"Gather your Dragons near,"
Said Calypso,
"And spread their wings
To darken the Black Deck
And I will show you
And your Dragons
A song you've forgotten."
Calypso touched the Deck.
Onyx and the Dragons
Watched intent.
The Black Deck, pearlescent,
Showed the Tale
Of the Cataclysm,
And the Turmoil
At Crater Origin,
Finishing with the Dragons then
Building the First Nests
Over the singing Lyres.
"Hmmph!" said Onyx, snorting smoke,
The Dragons folding their wings.
"We know of this."
Onyx said.
"After awhile the Lyres would
No longer sing
And decayed away.
The corridors of Nests
On the approaches of Southern and Northern
Crater Origin
Commemorate them.
We've traded with Nemo for generations.
Dragons don't forget.
What we didn't know is Black Ships
Dream Dragon Dreams
On command of a Humankind's touch.
Onyx left off, lost in thought.
Medea asked.
Said Onyx,
"Take us to her and you are free, Calypso.
Said Calypso.
"We go to the Rocky Slope
Behind Ishi's Village,
Whereabout Pet's Nest."
With fondness and love in his heart,
Onyx held his head next to
Infant Dragon Ametrine.
Both listened to the Toy Lyre
Held by infant Benetoite
Held in Medea's arms.
"The First Song."
Said Onyx.
"A pleasant tune." said Petra.
Ishi, the Villagers,
Southern and Northern Black Dragons,
Gathered around listening,
Petra, Medea, Calypso,
Sang along.
Blind Black Dragon Pet roared
Belching flame and smoke.
Notes: There is in this a blatant lift, though I didn't see it until editing, from movie I just saw, Beauty and the Beast2017...the scene where Belle is transported to the attic of the old windmill, and sees the travail when her mother was dying...and, a curio, the conceit of Belle being an avid reader, and so set apart from the Villagers, and then finding Beast reads too, Beast giving her the run of his library...where did that come from?'s in B&B1991 too...brb...yarn spinners could do well to see how the Disney's B&B Tale evolved from the old, old one in The Golden Ass, through Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve's take, and so on! Game of Thrones, Sam is an avid bookworm, and a touching scene when he is reading at one table, and Gilly his sweetheart, at another is learning the first word of the alphabet, and Gilly voices her fear that Sam thinks her unlettered...and Sam goes into an awkward, 'not so' did that get in there?...and later Sam is escorted into the giant library to take up his new position, Gilly in did that get into GOT!...oh, likely from B&B1991...GOT may well be fashioned on purpose to be an Easter Egg hunt of references to other works!...browsing the Library in Eternity, one catches on to these things! awkwardness with Medea having her Black Ship named "Medea' resorted in using italics for the Ship, and then Nautilus, and now should I edit all the Ships to italic???...No!...Black Deck Tales are meant to be able to stand alone, as well as link to one word 'iridescent!...had been struggling in many places to use verb form of 'pearlescent'...hmmph...of course, knew of 'iridescent'...oh wait, that's not a verb either!!!...changed it back...'pearlescent' works...was just hung up on pearlescing or something like...and now I get a rhyme out of it with 'intent'!...ral...oh!...Happy Earth Day!

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