Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elephant Seal Beach

After Breakfast, paddled over to the Village...on the way back to Bobcat Meadow, a group with binocs upraised looking for Little Birds...thought to look my ownself, and sighted Yellow Rump Warblers... Mixed Flock was about near the of the group reported, with enthusiasm!, Brown Creeper, Townsend Solitare, Viero (Vireos always escape somehow my looksees), Nuthatch...was asked what Birds were about, and reported a list of possibilities: Robins, Acorn Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Northern Flicker, Ravens, Starlings, Redwings, Mallards, Kinglets--most easy to find....less easy, White Headed Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker, Great Horned Owl (only because I know where Sentinel resides!), Red Shoulder Hawk, Red Tail Hawk...and nearly impossible: Great Grey Owl (related my sighting last Fall), and Pygmy Owl (the call I heard other night--have never sighted Pygmy myself)....and of course many Birds didn't come to mind in the short talkabout, like Juncos I later saw by the Cabin, and Mountain Chickadee I heard, and DownyOrHairy Woodpeckers, which seem unusually scarce of late...did report Bandtail Pigeon I heard the other day....Black Headed Grosbeaks should arrive soon, I think....and more Mallards and Mergansers...oh...and they saw Dipper, which took me moment to realize is Ouzel!....anywayanyway, Birds are about again after all the Snowy days and what seems a long Winter!...sunny blueblue warmer, Spring!!....a few old reports: Two Coyotes at the A Rooms, Buzzbird over Church Bowl....myself, I saw Two Morning Cloak Butterflies, and one Turtle Back, and a Spider...everytime I report Flying Insects, I'm reminded how few I see...on the long weekend rollabout, very few collided with the Windshield....and only a few Butterflies, like Sulfurs, at Point Reyes, which is where the pics up are from...after visiting the Light House, one visits Elephant Seal Beach...this was apparent, as tourists I saw going up and down the Light House steps, I saw again going up and down the Seal Beach Trail! photog looked woebegone...Elephant Seals were all sleeping...myself tried for digi clip, but too windy!...dont know name of other Seals....while thereabout, I saw a Shuttle Stop, and there might be a's link:
...Shuttle might only run in Winter....near as I can tell, Shuttle is during Winter on fair days out to the Light House Peninsula...there are Backpack Camps, which I need to study out!....Reyes report to be continued....oh..and at Lunch: sat awhile at Ozone Boulder, wondering just how long it will be for Boulder to be under Water...Merced is up to the top of the Banks...Flicker, Robin, Raven, Blue Jay, and Mallard Pair at Pond beside the Path....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tomales Bay Hawk

After Breakfast, paddled over to the Village, checked mail, and paddled back to Bobcat Meadow...sat awhile by the Elm...Flicker call, Redwings, Starlings, Blue Jays, Acorn Woodpeckers, Robins, Ravens, and Mallards...and Ground Squirrels...Little Birds by the Creek Footbridge....light overcast Lunch: sat awhile at the Ozone Cottonwoods...Male Merganser, Mallards flying about, Robins, Blue Jays, Song up from Point Reyes continue: Road from Petaluma to Bodega Bay very cool...rolling Green Hills full of and there sighted Hawks...Redtail landed on a Shrub covered Hillside, and posed...farfar away pics and clip...pulled over several times for Hawks, but more often than not, Hawks fly off just as I open Silver's Door...and too sighted Two Kestrels, and One Red Shoulder Hawk on Wire at the Coast...I had thought Bodega Bay was the Long Bay I see on Maps, and remembered from long ago trip up North Coast, and when I got to Bodega Bay, the Road ended right at Cheney Creek, a little Wildlife Reserve, and I paid the Parking Fee, six dollars, but actually ten, as I didn't have change to put in the envelop for the square pipe, geared up, and after a short walk, found myself watching surfers at the Coast, with a large Oval Bay on my right, and wondering what happened to the Long Bay on the Map!....took pics and clips for sometime, and back on Hwy. 1, went North through Bodega Bay, thinking to find the Schoolhouse from the Movie, The Birds. (saw this first run in theaters, and thought it a bit fantastic!), but quickly rolled through Town, and the Roadside opened to a vista of the Rocky North a pause to wonder where to go...continue North, I had two days to travel, or South, and find the Long Bay...and I went South, and not too far along, after an inland section of Hwy 1, I reached the Long Bay--Tomales then I was hungry...had had light Breakfast at the Motel (I recommend Quality Inns!), and passed one Oyster Restaurant where one could sit at a Long Table and look out over the Bay, and reached another, where I thought I might do the same, and have lunch...but it was closed!...Tony's the name I think...but just as I was climbing back in Silver, I sighted Hawk, Redtail, darting about on the Wind above the Trees...tried for pics...flight pic up...and while taking pics, Two Ravens flew at Hawk, and Hawk did an acrobatic move to fight back...and I was lucky to get pic! be continued...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Point Reyes Redtail Hawk

After late Breakfast, Shuttled over to the Village...paddled back through the Oak Grove....Bobcat fresh track thereabout...checked for Bear track behind the Cabin...maybe Coyote...or neighbor's playful Pup!...quiet walk...Redwing Flock, Blue Jays, Ravens, Acorn Woodpeckers, Little Birds...sunny hazy overcast....oh...napped until three thirty, and watched tv rest of the and clips up from Point continue: rolling back from the Light House, I sighted Hawk, Redtail, floating on the Wind....earlier, I'd seen Northern Harrier Hawk doing same, and tried for pics, but Harrier too far away, and too being harrier!...what Hawk's are doing over the Bluffs, is ride the Wind as it is funneled up the Gullies...on the web, I've seen a clip of Hawk riding the Wind above the Ocean at the Presidio's Cliffs, and had thought to roll down thataway to try to get such a clip my ownself! good luck to see Redtail!...I imagine Hawk's all along the Coast do this, or where ever a steady Wind....more clips and pics from Coast for sometime...oh!...heard Pygmy Owl calls on way back to Cabin tonight after dinner--this right amidst the Rooms....

Point Reyes Light House

From Petaluma to Point Reyes Light House, and back to the Valley--a longlong day, I'd say!....but when I got back, the Cabin's Porch Light was on, and I have all the gear back inside, and the Heater is on, the tv, and things are just finally in their proper routine!...reports, pics, and clips, for tomorrow....sunnyblueblue, knockdown, blue day....think I startled Bear unloading...check for tracks in the morning before Breakfast, after which, I'll sleep 'till three!....oh! that one of the news shows had a short clip of my Saturday walkabout!...'dee...the actor's life'....

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well, well, the power came back on last night, for everyone but the neighborhood of the Cabin....another two sleeping bag night...and this morning I learned that some of my neighbors have been hold up in the Rooms across the Road on generator power, for days!....I related this to my friend I visited in Groveland...'do you think the power to the Cabin will be back tonight?'...'can't say', I answered, 'I'm on my way to Point Reyes!'...and at the moment, 'am cozy in motel in shower, tv, wifi, and lights!....tomorrowmorow, Bodega Bay, and rolldown the Coast to Point Reyes.....rolled down the hill on Osprey Road (more reports still to come--four rollabouts!)....paused at Buzzard Cliff Pond, Hawk on Nest (with Ladder Back Woodpecker), and at the Bridge, Ospreys on Nest....sighted with binocs and scope, Ospreys on Nests at Reservoir, and Intersection....continued to Coulterville, diverted to Coarsegold to see friends, back down to China Camp, and Copperopolis (which is an odd name, and an odd sprawled out community by Lake Turlock)...found my way to Route 12 (Wind Farm is a marvel!), and 80, and to 37 (heavy rain along the narrow part along water), and up 101 to Petaluma at Last Light...missed pic of Cows all spread out over the Green Hills and lit up by Late Light, and the Light on the Wind Farm was very cool, but couldn't stop!....sighted two Kestrels, walked along the Road a bit (this between Merced Falls and Moccasin) to get close, which is kinda neat to can hear, smell, and more or less feel underfoot, the Rolling the Valley, frozen ground and overcast, overcast with clear hazy sky here and there on the roll, which got rained on at the end!, maybe that's all the rain for awhile...I stuffed myself with a vegy omelet and hash browns at ihop!...oops...forgot clip...up now, I think== 3/28

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snowy Day Walk

Bobcat pic from yesterday....Lilypad "Lake" from walkabout today....after Breakfast, and after checking the Road Board (140 open, sorta), I thought to stay in the Valley, and paddled over to the Village...and took pics along the way with the waterproof..slide show clip up....checked mail, and back to Bobcat Meadow...Deer about...and over Chapel Bridge...and made the Outside Loop clockwise...quiet...Ravens, Blue Jay, Acorn Woodpecker, Juncos, Little Birds...rainysnowy cool...Bobcat Meadow has so much water, the Lily Pad Pond as large as during Spring Runoff...and it's a curio, as the Meadow is several feet above the Merced, but it doesn't look to be draining into the River at all...that might be by design...Meadow has had some help to stay a Meadow!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunny Day (almost) Bobcat

Sunny BlueBlue when I stepped out of the Cabin, and I thought to go to the Village and check Road conditions...Shuttled over and discovered 140 R4, so, so, paddled back towards Bobcat Meadow, and sighted work truck parked awhile at the intersection...'oh', I thought, 'they're watching Bobcat!'.....but truck rolled away, and I wasn't sure where to look...but Providence smiled again, and I sighted Bobcat between the Roads....Bobcat settled into wait by some Fallen Branches, and I waited too across the Road, careful not to be under a Black Oak!....Bobcat picked up, and I followed....Bobcat took the usual route, crossed the Road to the Oaks by the Meadow, back across to the Oak Grove, and down the Path, diverted by some tourists, and lost to sight in the Lower Falls and clips...and that was today's adventure!...sunnyblueblue to overcast cloudy, cool....Bandtail Pigeon call by the Club House, lots of Blue Jays, Mallards on the Ponds, Acorn Woodpeckers, Little Birds....'hi diddle dee, you sleep 'till after three!' (reminiscing in progress with friend about childhood movies and tv shows)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snowy Day Bobcat

Out and about a little earlier, and just outside the Cabin Door, looking forward to being on time for eggs, potatoes and bacon, I heard Ravens scolding over at Lower Falls Crosswalk...told my neighbor, 'I have to go check!'....found fresh track, looked like Coyote, and may have been, but when I reached the Creek Footbridge, told approaching friend, 'following Coyote, I think'....and they answered, 'saw Bobcat on the left'....I continued, wondering whose left, but happened on Bobcat near the Shuttle and shaky clip...this makes the third time I've crouched down at the Circle of Benches at Lower Falls Stop and Bobcat has walked right by me!...very cool...followed through the Oak Grove...kept my distance, as Bobcat missed catching Grey Squirrel a moment before...not due to me, Squirrel just scurried up the Tree too quick!....Ducks were out in the Hummock Ponds...pic...and an Elm pic...and that diversion made me lose track...Bobcat got way ahead, and startled Deer...Deer all ran after Bobcat to looksee--not unlike the tourists!, and a cool shaky clip...Bobcat still too far ahead...and at the Club House intersection, Bobcat's track, on the wet road going toward the Suburbs, was lost when cars and snow plow came along...looked about some, but no luck...checked mail, and returned the way I came to the Cabin...geared up with the Snowshoes and tripod, and snowshoe paddled back to Creek's and clips along the way, and in the Little Meadow, heard Owl....looked and looked, but only one call to go on, and no Heron Point, sat awhile...Merced is rising, and looks to have made a new Shingle just upriver from Creek's End...and Merganser came from the Creek, and floated by cool!....snowy all day, cool, well, cold actually, cant seem to get warm completely!...heat is on inside Last Chance, but not real high...Rangers at the Visitor Center said the Road was open to Merced, and I almost, almost rolled down the hill, and by the time I got back to the Cabin, it was R2, and looking to be another Road Closed day, so, so I stayed...Monday, the reports say, everything back in order...we'll see...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


After Breakfast, late!, Shuttled over to the Village...and by the Visitor Center, and clips...paddled back to the Cabin...dropped off purchases (a lantern), and spent the afternoon at Last Chance, one of the few places with generator electricity....this has happened before, power down, but, a first in my eight years about, the tourists are down the hill too!...Valley seems a bit lonely without the employees have the Valley to ourselves, but snowy rainy again today, and everyone pretty much inisde, with laptops online!, as I was, and have been...and charging the battery again after watching dvds last night (animated StarWars CloneWars), and watched too the new Tron (not as good as the first), but this on screen at Last Chance meeting room....curled up in two sleeping bags, one inside the other, last night...rainysnowycloudy, and now late afternoon, snowyflakes.....Little Birds outside the Windows of Last Chance...on the Walk: Blue Jays, Redwings, Acorn Woodpeckers, Ravens (pic up), Flicker call...

Birds flying about
And calling, thinking it's Spring!!
Deer nibbling twigs

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Slept in until noon...bit chilly in the Cabin, and warm in the blue sleeping bag!....all afternoon couldn't decide to stay in the Valley, or go down the hill...'caravan at 6:30'....put decision off, and paddled out to Bobcat Meadow...SnowWoman pic...and Meadow quietquiet, except for the mini snow plows...checked mail, just to see if it's true....and paddled back along, sometimes on, the Road...Little Birds about...Golden Crowned Kinglets, Mountain Chickadee, and Brown Creeper--a mixed flock....lots of pics, and all blurry, or wrong end forward!...Deer at the Oak Grove...Doe pic....returned to the Cabin and re arranged the dishevelment...did some laundry...snacked....and finally loaded up Silver, and rolled as far as the Gates of the Valley...pic up....and rolled a little further....and turned around!....sunny puff cloudy cool to from Joshua Tree...lots of Birds, and Hummingbirds, and Plants the evening: Mallards, all Eleven at least, in Bobcat Meadow....Redwing calls, Ravens, Blackbird Flock...and DownyOrHairy Woodpecker peeping by the Cabin...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Road Closed

Well...hooey...I was about to go on a week's vacation...even a thought to leave Sunday night after work, and be at Eagle Road in the morning!....but all those daydreams dissolved sitting in the dark at work with the power out, and hearing reports of Fallen Trees, and Rock Slides, and SnowSnow of course, blocking all the Roads!...hmmph.....coolish in the Cabin, and watched dvd on the computer until sleeptime...should have been out and about at daybreak...geared up at my more usual time after Breakfast, and sighted Deer right behind the Cabin...clips...missed clip of Deer walking right past Silver...followed over to Rocky Slope, but Snow too deep, and left off...paddled over to Bobcat Meadow and the Hummock Ponds...scenic pics...One Mallard, calling, flyby...and then, and then I just walked down the middle of the Road to the Village...seemed the thing to do, Snow too deep on the Paths, and the Road empty because all the tourists have been sent down the hill!...power is likely to be out for days, and all the Roads messed up...'caravan at two'....a few tourists have of course remained, but it's not pleasant in the lights, no hot water...walking on the Road past the Oaks, sighted Hawk way high soaring....thought at first, Redshoulder, but looks to be Redtail...and Hawk soared by Lost Arrow and the the Village, hopped on the Shuttle and made the snowed all day yesterday, from night to night, cleared some this afternoon, then clouded over, and this late afternoon, light snow, I haven't been looking at weather reports, been following all the other reports!, but this snowy weather might go on for days too!....Black Birds, Little Birds, Ravens, Blue Jays, another Deer in the A Meadow, where a Tall Oak in Oak Row has fallen--but didn't see many fallen Trees...Snow is very wet, and has compressed or melted...Last Chance has power, so post up from thereabout, and it's dinner time....

... ... ...
Before recollection collects too much dust, a report of Osprey Road (written up on 3/21 while the Cabin power is out, and I'm trying to charge up the computer at Last Chance!): After errand in Mariposa, rolled out 49 to Bear Valley, and made a left on Bear Valley Road...Hawks, Redtails, here and there, and knockdown scenic, rolling Oak Hills all green (Oaks not in leaf yet)....nearing Hornitos, began sighting Hawks on Nests, and just traffic, so could stop...along the Road is a seasonal Creek, and in one place it emptied into a Pond...and across the Road from the Pond was an exposed Rock Bluff in the Hill, and there was enough roadside room to pull over, and I saw New Ducks (pics for sometime) on the Pond, so pulled over....while I was taking pics, a car passed, slowed, backed up, went forward, backed up, parked, and out hopped a fellow who started right in talking about Hawks and Eagles...reminded me a bit of that scene in Jeremy Johnson...anyway, my first impression was the fellow was a local, he knew the Pond like the back of his hand--'Hawk on Nest in the Cottonwood, Two Canada Geese across the Pond, Ducks dont stay long..."....and he explained where the Ospreys and Eagles were at Merced Falls, and Lake McSwain, where I was headed....I tried to keep up, and reported the Hawk's Nest I'd just passed, and showed pic on the lcd screen of the newer camera....."Oh, he said, "let me show you my Eagle pic!"....and I followed over to his car, and watched him take a camera with lens from the front seat--a camera set the envy of every photog on my budget!....Eagle pic was cool, kinda the same pose of my Eagle pic from Tule Lake--(mine's better, I thought, hmmph..)...and we talked and talked, swapping critter stories...and I asked for a pencil and paper to write my email on, and my like minded new friend opened the car's trunk, and rummaged through every camera and lens known to man looking for a piece of paper!...and gave me his phone number, and a guide to every National Wildlife Refuge in the Country, which he has apparently been too!...'I grabbed a handful of pamphlets last stop...'....'thanks!'....a bit flummoxed, I went my way, and he his, his to the Valley for Snow pics....'there's a little Snow left', I counseled....and with promises to get together for critter pics sometime....before leaving, I sighted Turkey Vultures on the hence the name, Buzzard Cliff Pond.....oh, the little light on the charger is green....more of this report for sometime!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bobcat Crosses The Road

After Breakfast, knocked the Snow off Silver, about six inches fell overnight, and...took a nap...cloudy overcast cool, rain to snow tonight Lunch: at the Casual Pond behind the Rooms where both the Old Acorn Woodpecker Snag, and a Tall Cedar have fallen over beside the Path this Winter, I sighted Phoebe flycatching....thought to take a pic, and while thinking, thought I heard Owl....paddled over to the Owl Woods Fallen Log where I sometime, though not for a long time, sit awhile at Lunch, and did hear Owl!!...hooo hooo hoo hoo hoo hoooooo...and the low call sure to be Sentinel's....followed the Diversion Channel to Creek's End, which I've been neglecting in the routines!, and Frazzle thereabout, but Owl quiet...and no luck...but very cool just to hear Owl!..pic and clip up are from yesterday--Bobcat report continued: After Bobcat walked right past me, Bobcat then sat down pretty much right next to me!...all thumbs, I fiddled with the newer camera, and did manage to get pics and clip...once Bobcat crossed the Road, I relaxed, and changed the sd card--wanted an empty card as I didn't know what to expect when I followed across the Road...Bobcat, I think, I cant be sure, had sighted a Squirrel, as when I relocated Bobcat, Bobcat was by the Oak...see clip...and more tomorrow!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bobcat Meadow Bobcat

After Breakfast, paddled out to Bobcat Meadow, and picked up the tripod on the way...always have a camera or two, but sometimes not the tripod, and sometimes I take the Shuttle to the Village, but between Shuttles, rather than wait, I walk...and after visiting the Hummock Ponds--Mallards about--I was walking under the Oaks beside the Road on the Meadow side, and as I neared the Elms, sighted Tail twitching at the base of an Oak...Oh, Bobcat!, I thought...and without setting the legs out on the tripod, set it down, and then set myself down on the Path, and by then Bobcat came from behind the Oak, and was crouched and listening for Squirrel (see Squirrel's close call in clip!) on a Fallen Oak Limb...took some pics first, and with the video already set to 'avi crop', took a clip...wanted a dvd clip, and with the anxiety that Bobcat would move off, adjusted the newer camera...but Bobcat was content to stay put awhile, which made the hd clip quiet, and I went back to avi, for some reason..oh, now I remember, avis I can post up easy, so I've been taking both avi and hd...anyway, Bobcat started to move, and I caught a knockdown clip!...pic and clip up...there's more to tell, and pics and clips, for sometime soon!....overcast cool, light snow Lunch: sat awhile at the Ozone Beach Cottonwoods, until Raindrops sent me back to Last Chance....Song Sparrows, Ravens, Blue Jay, Robins, lots of the morning, Two Redtail Hawks soaring above the Visitor Center and calling...Mama Doe and One Fawn thereabout too...Three Deer at the Oaks, schoolyard side, and Three More Deer at Last Chance Rooms...Fawns are getting big, and I cant tell Deer apart from a distance...One Doe at the Rooms looked pregnant...