Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elephant Seal Beach

After Breakfast, paddled over to the Village...on the way back to Bobcat Meadow, a group with binocs upraised looking for Little Birds...thought to look my ownself, and sighted Yellow Rump Warblers... Mixed Flock was about near the of the group reported, with enthusiasm!, Brown Creeper, Townsend Solitare, Viero (Vireos always escape somehow my looksees), Nuthatch...was asked what Birds were about, and reported a list of possibilities: Robins, Acorn Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Northern Flicker, Ravens, Starlings, Redwings, Mallards, Kinglets--most easy to find....less easy, White Headed Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker, Great Horned Owl (only because I know where Sentinel resides!), Red Shoulder Hawk, Red Tail Hawk...and nearly impossible: Great Grey Owl (related my sighting last Fall), and Pygmy Owl (the call I heard other night--have never sighted Pygmy myself)....and of course many Birds didn't come to mind in the short talkabout, like Juncos I later saw by the Cabin, and Mountain Chickadee I heard, and DownyOrHairy Woodpeckers, which seem unusually scarce of late...did report Bandtail Pigeon I heard the other day....Black Headed Grosbeaks should arrive soon, I think....and more Mallards and Mergansers...oh...and they saw Dipper, which took me moment to realize is Ouzel!....anywayanyway, Birds are about again after all the Snowy days and what seems a long Winter!...sunny blueblue warmer, Spring!!....a few old reports: Two Coyotes at the A Rooms, Buzzbird over Church Bowl....myself, I saw Two Morning Cloak Butterflies, and one Turtle Back, and a Spider...everytime I report Flying Insects, I'm reminded how few I see...on the long weekend rollabout, very few collided with the Windshield....and only a few Butterflies, like Sulfurs, at Point Reyes, which is where the pics up are from...after visiting the Light House, one visits Elephant Seal Beach...this was apparent, as tourists I saw going up and down the Light House steps, I saw again going up and down the Seal Beach Trail! photog looked woebegone...Elephant Seals were all sleeping...myself tried for digi clip, but too windy!...dont know name of other Seals....while thereabout, I saw a Shuttle Stop, and there might be a's link:
...Shuttle might only run in Winter....near as I can tell, Shuttle is during Winter on fair days out to the Light House Peninsula...there are Backpack Camps, which I need to study out!....Reyes report to be continued....oh..and at Lunch: sat awhile at Ozone Boulder, wondering just how long it will be for Boulder to be under Water...Merced is up to the top of the Banks...Flicker, Robin, Raven, Blue Jay, and Mallard Pair at Pond beside the Path....

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