Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Osprey Road Eagle

Rain again returning back to the Valley from the rollabout down and back Osprey Road..it Rained last evening too....daytime was overcast and t shirt warm along the Road....report for sometime soon...and more Flowers too....dont like dark rainy roads that have lost their striping, bumpitybump reflectors, post reflectors, and have oncoming cars with high beams!!!(this in the Park!!)...Eagle pic has a dust spec I need to fix...tomorrow...and I gotta remember to be Tic Aware when puttering around the Foothills--did remember to be Snake aware! Look before you sit!

Yesterday's Flowers: (top down) Butter and Eggs, Blue Dick, Varied Leaf Nemophila, Bird's Eye Gilla, unknown(to me!, but looked a lot at Nettles!), Poppy

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