Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ben Hur Road Eagle

After late Breakfast, gathered the gear, and rolled down the hill to Ben
Hur Road....thought was to go to Eastman Lake, and find the Hiking Trail thereabout...overshot the Traihead, and made a short visit to Raymond...tinytiny Town, noted, it was reported, for quarrying Granite...anyway, backtracked, and found the Trail Head, and the Sign thereabout that said: Trail Closed...hmmph....began taking some scenic pics on return...lots of Oaks, and rolling Hills, and Digger Pines, and Cows....had sighted like Seven or so Hawks , Redtails (Redtail over powerline pic), and one Kestrel, and thought I sighted another Redtail, but second thought, wait, that's Bigger Wings with White Head!....and Bald Eagle was perched atop an Oak....pics with the newer camera...Eagle looked to be set for awhile, and I took my time setting up for digipics, but too much time, and Eagle lifted off, breaking the Perch Branch which fell to the Ground with a crash...and Eagle flew over to the Oak Covered Hills...overcast cool...most Birds along the Road just glimpsed, or briefly heard: Black Headed Grosbeak, Robins, Flickers, Three Mallard Flight, Coots (by Fairgrounds), Blue Jays, Sparrow Flights, Ravens, Phoebes, Blackbird Flights, Acorn Woodpeckers (Old Fence Posts full of holes)...I wanted to have time for the Trail, so rolled pretty much non stop thereabout, and after seeing the Sign, was disappointed, and rolled pretty much nonstop back!....sighting Eagle kinda rescued the day!...but even without sighting Eagle, glad I went for the rollabout...the Trail looked like a good walk, and dont quite understand the closure for 'environmental reasons'...

One of the area's most accessible hiking trails, the Lakeview Trail at Eastman Lake, will be closed for at least the next six months to protect a pair of nesting bald eagles.

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ah!...that explains that!!

The most outstanding features of the ranch are the fences, the old stone fence built in 1862 by Chinese coolies,

Stone Fence is in foreground of Eagle pic....and cool that folk along the road wave to one another!

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