Friday, March 4, 2011

Yellow Rump Warbler

And Eleven Mallards...after Breakfast, Shuttled over to the Village, and paddled back to Bobcat Meadow and out to the Hummock's being noticed that the Ponds are very full, and I've been wondering if the Meadow's hydrology has changed...usually the Ponds flood, and then drain back into the Merced--just where I haven't been able to ascertain...but it's like for awhile now the Ponds aren't draining back into the Merced...Snow Melt could be keeping the Ponds high...let me think: water from the River enters at the Lily Pad Pond, without an obvious channel, (I've thought there's an underground link), and the River is high, but it doesn't seem like that high!...a puzzle...anyway, sat awhile propped up against an Oak, observing Flicker Grove (usually, I look out over the Meadow towards Half Dome)...most times this Winter, I've had this spot to myself, but it's a popular spot, and before long, like Ozone Beach--tourists!...anywayanyway, Two Black Phoebes, Two Robins, One Blue Jay, One Yellow Rump (pic up), Eleven Mallards, maybe Two or Three Acorn Woodpeckers overhead, Kinglets, and Ravens flying about....sunny hazy Lunch: sat awhile at the Ozone Beach Cottonwoods...Robins here and there yesterday too of Thee Ospreys, and Nests, at Merced Falls..'one caught a fish!'....and the Deer: I've been forgetting to report the Deer I see on forays out of the Valley on my Weekends...Deer are often about at Cascade Falls and by the Kiosk...and I saw Two like Eight Point Bucks from the Shuttle yesterday in the Oak Grove...Bucks I haven't seen before...I think!...oh, and on the Pond there are Knats (pursued by Phoebes), and Frog was croaking...

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