Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunny Day (almost) Bobcat

Sunny BlueBlue when I stepped out of the Cabin, and I thought to go to the Village and check Road conditions...Shuttled over and discovered 140 R4, so, so, paddled back towards Bobcat Meadow, and sighted work truck parked awhile at the intersection...'oh', I thought, 'they're watching Bobcat!'.....but truck rolled away, and I wasn't sure where to look...but Providence smiled again, and I sighted Bobcat between the Roads....Bobcat settled into wait by some Fallen Branches, and I waited too across the Road, careful not to be under a Black Oak!....Bobcat picked up, and I followed....Bobcat took the usual route, crossed the Road to the Oaks by the Meadow, back across to the Oak Grove, and down the Path, diverted by some tourists, and lost to sight in the Lower Falls and clips...and that was today's adventure!...sunnyblueblue to overcast cloudy, cool....Bandtail Pigeon call by the Club House, lots of Blue Jays, Mallards on the Ponds, Acorn Woodpeckers, Little Birds....'hi diddle dee, you sleep 'till after three!' (reminiscing in progress with friend about childhood movies and tv shows)

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