Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Mergansers

Out and about late, took along mini donuts and orange juice, and snacked at the Hummock Ponds...quiet...Mallards somewhere...Kinglets, Mountain Chickadee, Brown Creeper, on the way by Lower Falls....sat awhile, picked up, and sighted Acorn Woodpecker overhead that had been taptaptapping... lowered my eyes a bit, and saw what I thought was Raven flying toward me, but it was Hawk, Redshoulder, Cedar!...Cedar flew right overhead, and across the Ponds to perch on an Oak Snag Branch amongst the Elms...think sometimes I should observe more, with less pics!, sat under an Oak, and with the binocs, observed Cedar observing Bobcat Meadow...time nearing, and thought I might have time to walk out the Road to find vantage to maybe get a pic...Cedar looked to be set awhile...but when I reached the Oaks thereabout, Cedar had flown off....I made a loop through the Oak Grove, and sighted Cedar flying across the Path and perch in an Oak...then back across the Path to perch in another Oak, and back across the Road to perch in the Elm!...well, it was becoming Tree to Tree after all! much for observing!....when I reached the Elm, Cedar flew to another Oak just before the Boardwalk, then to an Oak the other side of the Boardwalk, and then to a Small Pine beside the Road (route now is one often taken by Coop!)....seems every time I sighted the newer camera, Cedar would take wing....blurry pics, farfar away pics...Cedar crossed the Road to the Pines by the Clubhouse, and then I saw Cedar fly to another Pine, and though hidden from view, Cedar looked to have perched on a Low Snag...set the tripod down, and Indian walked....and I got so close!...but Cedar took wing....another blurry flight pic!...time, almost past time...two minutes late for work!...but much fun...sunny puffy clouds warm...Redwings, Robins, Blue Jays, in the Meadow, and Frogs! Lunch: slogged through the Snow to the Cottonwoods, trying to keep work shoes dry!...and happy to see Three Male Merganser on the Far Bank of the Merced....while taking the faraway lowlight pics, Ouzel alighted on a Fallen Cottonwood in the to see Ouzel too back at Ozone Beach!

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