Wednesday, March 23, 2011


After Breakfast, late!, Shuttled over to the Village...and by the Visitor Center, and clips...paddled back to the Cabin...dropped off purchases (a lantern), and spent the afternoon at Last Chance, one of the few places with generator electricity....this has happened before, power down, but, a first in my eight years about, the tourists are down the hill too!...Valley seems a bit lonely without the employees have the Valley to ourselves, but snowy rainy again today, and everyone pretty much inisde, with laptops online!, as I was, and have been...and charging the battery again after watching dvds last night (animated StarWars CloneWars), and watched too the new Tron (not as good as the first), but this on screen at Last Chance meeting room....curled up in two sleeping bags, one inside the other, last night...rainysnowycloudy, and now late afternoon, snowyflakes.....Little Birds outside the Windows of Last Chance...on the Walk: Blue Jays, Redwings, Acorn Woodpeckers, Ravens (pic up), Flicker call...

Birds flying about
And calling, thinking it's Spring!!
Deer nibbling twigs

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