Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mosquito Camp

Slept in...time changed, after all...sunny blue with a few clouds, warm, overcast tonight, I think! Lunch: Mallard Pair across the River from the Ozone Cottonwoods, Robins about, quiet---Lunch time too early now!....last Night, searching for old pics of Vernal Fall and the Two Top Pine, I happened on a Muybridge pic that looks to maybe show the Two Top Pine Meadow Pine, maybe...most old pics I see of Meadow (Leidig), it's a cow pasture...Muybridge's pic is captioned, 'view from Mosquito Camp', and it looks to be where I sit awhile at Lunch--Ozone Beach!...Tall Distant Pine in pic looks to be in the right place to be Two Top pic taken sitting at Ozone Beach pics this morning, and just pic up, and souvenir pic of Mallards....Trees are obscuring distant view, of course, in my pic, but about an inch over from the left edge, one can see the matching Ridge of the Cathedrals....Wall on right edge is, of course, Three Brothers, obscured by Trees in old pic....but reflected!....old pic looks to be taken in late Summer or Fall--eroded Merced banks visible during low water....I tried to search for any history notes on Mosquito Camp, but search word 'mosquito' brings up too much...

What about Japan?
Well....what do you want to know?"
A hug, and a tear

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