Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snowy Day Bobcat

Out and about a little earlier, and just outside the Cabin Door, looking forward to being on time for eggs, potatoes and bacon, I heard Ravens scolding over at Lower Falls Crosswalk...told my neighbor, 'I have to go check!'....found fresh track, looked like Coyote, and may have been, but when I reached the Creek Footbridge, told approaching friend, 'following Coyote, I think'....and they answered, 'saw Bobcat on the left'....I continued, wondering whose left, but happened on Bobcat near the Shuttle and shaky clip...this makes the third time I've crouched down at the Circle of Benches at Lower Falls Stop and Bobcat has walked right by me!...very cool...followed through the Oak Grove...kept my distance, as Bobcat missed catching Grey Squirrel a moment before...not due to me, Squirrel just scurried up the Tree too quick!....Ducks were out in the Hummock Ponds...pic...and an Elm pic...and that diversion made me lose track...Bobcat got way ahead, and startled Deer...Deer all ran after Bobcat to looksee--not unlike the tourists!, and a cool shaky clip...Bobcat still too far ahead...and at the Club House intersection, Bobcat's track, on the wet road going toward the Suburbs, was lost when cars and snow plow came along...looked about some, but no luck...checked mail, and returned the way I came to the Cabin...geared up with the Snowshoes and tripod, and snowshoe paddled back to Creek's and clips along the way, and in the Little Meadow, heard Owl....looked and looked, but only one call to go on, and no Heron Point, sat awhile...Merced is rising, and looks to have made a new Shingle just upriver from Creek's End...and Merganser came from the Creek, and floated by cool!....snowy all day, cool, well, cold actually, cant seem to get warm completely!...heat is on inside Last Chance, but not real high...Rangers at the Visitor Center said the Road was open to Merced, and I almost, almost rolled down the hill, and by the time I got back to the Cabin, it was R2, and looking to be another Road Closed day, so, so I stayed...Monday, the reports say, everything back in order...we'll see... video

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Jeannette said...

Oh such great pics! almost made me glad you got snowed in so I could see these wonderful animals and your "capture" of them. Stay safe and warm.