Monday, March 14, 2011

Early Spring Flowers

Top pic, down the hill a bit from Hornitos, following pics from Hite Cove Trail....After early Breakfast, paddled over to the Village, mail and grocery errand...lots of Little Birds, but no time, needed to be in Mariposa for another errand!...but on the rollalong thataway, paddled out Hite Cove Trail...too early for the Bloom, just a few Flower pics ...and after the Mariposa errand, rolled out Osprey Road as far as Buzzard Cliff Pond...Mama Hawk on the Nest...sighted seven or so Hawks, Redtails, One Kestrel...returned through Catheys Valley and back to Mariposa...tuna, fries and chocolate shake at HB....sunny overcast warm...oh, a short walkabout too in Mariposa, and almost a knockdown pic of Buzzbird atop a snag, but Buzzbird flew off while newer camera collided with the bill of my hat!...tomorrowmorrow, a whole day to explore Osprey Road....reports of Bobcat last few days, Deer by Cascade Falls, Deer in Bobcat Meadow after dark on return.....thought to set up, and take digi pics of Mama Hawk, but realized Nest is too close to the going by okay, but Hawk would fly off on seeing me on foot normally...that kinda close....sighted about six nests, all clustered between the Chinese Wall and Welcome to Hornitos sign, on South side of Road...Hornitos is a curio....on the sometime for a walkabout visit list...made a U Turn at the Mariposa Fairgorund and happened to read the Morman Bar History Sign...first the Mormans, then the Gold Hunters, then something about Blue and Grey votes, and Lincoln nixing the whole thing, and then, oh!, the Indians were first by a few thousand years!...will get pic of sign...brb...

well, I had things a bit wopijogged!

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