Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bobcat Crosses The Road

After Breakfast, knocked the Snow off Silver, about six inches fell overnight, and...took a nap...cloudy overcast cool, rain to snow tonight Lunch: at the Casual Pond behind the Rooms where both the Old Acorn Woodpecker Snag, and a Tall Cedar have fallen over beside the Path this Winter, I sighted Phoebe flycatching....thought to take a pic, and while thinking, thought I heard Owl....paddled over to the Owl Woods Fallen Log where I sometime, though not for a long time, sit awhile at Lunch, and did hear Owl!!...hooo hooo hoo hoo hoo hoooooo...and the low call sure to be Sentinel's....followed the Diversion Channel to Creek's End, which I've been neglecting in the routines!, and Frazzle thereabout, but Owl quiet...and no luck...but very cool just to hear Owl!..pic and clip up are from yesterday--Bobcat report continued: After Bobcat walked right past me, Bobcat then sat down pretty much right next to me!...all thumbs, I fiddled with the newer camera, and did manage to get pics and clip...once Bobcat crossed the Road, I relaxed, and changed the sd card--wanted an empty card as I didn't know what to expect when I followed across the Road...Bobcat, I think, I cant be sure, had sighted a Squirrel, as when I relocated Bobcat, Bobcat was by the Oak...see clip...and more tomorrow!

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