Friday, March 11, 2011

no post up pics today

Photog friend (Armand) took pic...I'd seen Snow Rabbit on way back to the Cabin after work, and thought to take pic in the morning...some Asian kid tourists made Rabbit to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit...Rabbit was in the Courtyard of Last Chance...Today, after late Breakfast, Shuttled over to the Village, paddled back to Bobcat Meadow...Deer about the Oaks at the Hummock Ponds, Eleven Mallards too...sat awhile thereabout...on return, sighted Five Deer by the Muir Redwood...Mama Does and Jays, Robins, Ravens, Acorn Woodpeckers....sunny blue puff cloudy overcast Lunch: sat just awhile at the Ponderosa With the View of Half Dome....Cottonwoods were too close to noisy bunch with too noisy boombox--my work friend neighbors!...hmmph...talked a bit and joked with my American Japanese friend at work, like usual, and didn't think to ask about Japan, and feel remiss...but it often happens hereabout that things just roll along as usual, the outside world, outside...

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