Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pond Kingfisher

Hawk on Light Pole behind Denny's over Off Ramp this Morning...Kingfisher pics at the Donut Shop Pond...last two taken on the 22nd...I don't know what the Pond Trees are...some kind of Swamp Cypress...during the Winter, Leaves all drop off, and Trees look lifeless, but Spring has brought the Leaves back, and these Trees are at least Sixty Years I remember them as full grown as a kid...the Pond filled up during the Rain...The Rain as only Rain of the Winter...hmmph...I pulled over and parked by the Pond and sighted Kingfisher right away...paddled back and forth trying to keep up with Kingfisher going Tree to Tree to Fence Railing to Tree...some faraway nice clips, sentimental to me as Silver is in Background, and the foundations for the Pond's, (Kid's Haven's), Snack Bar in the foreground...clips for sometime...I was in Silver reviewing the pics and clips, looked out, and Kingfisher was back on the Railings...tried for pics through Passenger Window the Fencing, and surprised to get Kingfisher hovering pics, Wings trimmed/cropped by the Railing...things are never quite spot on with Kingfisher!...continued, and rolled out to the Ocean and Crystal Cove State Park..Pelican and Piper pics...for twenty bucks, if one is senior, one can get State Park Pass good from January to December, except from Memorial Day to Labor Day...a deal, as entry to Cove for one Day is fifteen bucks!...I dunno...sunny cloudy cool warm...a fine morning and afternoon...Crystal Cove wasn't really accessable when I was a kid, and this a first time visit...Park is one of the Irvine Property Legacies, and a very nice Beach and Tide Pools... Happy Birthday Robert Frost!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Donut Shop Pond Kingfisher

"Can someone go over there?"

Over the Pond, I was sighting the camera, standing at the Cinder Block Wall...

"No, it's private, no trespassing..."

"What Bird is that?"

"Cormorants...over there, Canada Geese, there, Shovel Nose Ducks, Coots, Mallards, Snowy Egret, the chattering sound is King Fisher, very pretty bird with long beak, 'bout this size...catches fish..."

"It's so dirty..."

"Yes, maybe some volunteers could clean it up."

Walls and Fences surround the Pond, and Mornings I've been carrying the camera, and coffee from the Donut Shop, peering over trying to get Kingfisher's pic...for several days, much Kingfisher laughter, but yesterday, a little luck.

Before Sunup, I roll over to Denny's for Breakfast, then the Donut Shop--croussant and coffee, and then Home, with maybe pics in Frontyard or Backyard--Hummingbird, Cat, pics up--then a nap--a routine brought about by playing the video game nearly all night! That, and age--with age one's circadian rhythm goes south!

Canada Geese on Ball Field, and Power Pole workers by the Pond...

Seagulls atop roof near the Sumba Dance Studio.  Seeing camera pointed their way, dancer thought to chastise me for taking Sumba pics..."No, no..Birds..."...sheesh...