Thursday, June 28, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hawk and Falcon

Well, paddled up the Falls Trail around 5 am, having reluctantly set aside warsong gulch!...I've noted before, that when I'm really tired, and hiking, I dont feel so tired as I do when either case, uphill is a slog!...but not having uphilled for awhile, I was pleased to get to Columbia Point without  desperate rest stops, which are familiar to Falls hikers!...and a bit further on, I could see the Snag where Falcon perched three Mornings ago, but I was way too high...Snag still in shade, so sat on Trail Side a long while as the Sun shined on the Valley...scenic pic..second pic is other Morning Falcon...while waiting, sighted Grey Squirrel in Fir straight ahead...thought to get, and tried, clip, and did, but Grey Squirrel wasn't all!...this led to some disconsolate musings...the Sun reached the Snag far Falcon, no Hawk, not even Ravens...often from the Ledge section of the Falls Trail I see Ravens soaring by...anyway, checked Squirrel again, and Squirrel had pulled Feets up...a smile...I related all this to hiker on way down, and they explained that Squirrel was playing possum, as maybe Hawk or Owl hikers ahead, I had been first up, but passed lots on way down, and apologetically explained that, no, I hadn't been all the way to top, just to Columbia Point about, looking for Hawk and Falcon...tripod over my shoulder always attracts the question, 'get any good pics?', so, anyway, I reached Lower Falls, crossed the crosswalk, and looked back from the same vantage as other Morning, and there was Hawk, perched on Pine very near Oak of other Morning...hmmph...located where I had been above on Wall, and wayway too high to have seen Hawk...a fine Morning however!...and am pleased my hiking stamina, in spite of long gap since last uphill, is okay...sunny blueblue to start Falls trail, and all the uphills, around 4am with headlamp...I had no gear with, except cameras, and by design!...I didn't want to tempt to top...for that, one needs water food headlamp sunblock, and sticktoitivity!....tonight, film in Last Chance Courtyard was Nature Notes number 18..very cool...see link to Nature Notes, which have grown!...along the Trail, heard Bandtail, and the Bombadier Bird call, which I didn't think to descibe to the hikers I mentioned Squirrel too...they knew Birds, and had along camera gear too...the id of the Bombadier for sometime, hopefully with sighting!...lots of Violet Green Swallows, and Blue Jays, Robins,  Flicker call, Juncos, and LGB...hikers' term for Little Grey Bird that flys off before id sighted with binocs!...bottom pic is Ozone Beach...

Hawk and Raven

, I
I was out and about the Morning after the Summer Solstice...a bit remiss that I'd forgotten to see Solstice Sunrise, and after some pics, and after Breakfast, and on reaching the Cabin (was up nearly all Night--wow--warsong gulch!), I heard Fledgling Falcon calling way over at Lower Falls...paddled over to looksee, and sighted Mama Falcon on ran back to Cabin for tripod...clip....for morning (after another wow night--warsong gulch), I paddled over to Lower Falls, hopefull to hear and see Falcon, but sighted Redtail Hawk and Raven in 'combat' along the Wall...farfar away pics, but very cool...well, it's my Friday night now, no work tomorrow, and likely up all night I'll be in warsong gulch!...but at Sunrise, I'll paddle up to OMyGosh, which is close to Hawk and Falcon sightings, and hope to sight Hawk and Falcon!...and for sometime, lilkely tomorrowmorrow, reports to fill in since last post up....suuny blueblue, with breeze...Raccoon about Last Chance tonight--bussers forgot to clear outside tables...TaraTara! to warsong gulch!