Thursday, March 30, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:3/30/17

Open To Interpretation
The Tune wafted over the herd
Which stretched for miles,
Horizon to horizon.
Melville and Verne
Tended to their portion,
Keeping the pace with
The Tune playing lyres
Strapped to their saddles.
Asked Melville.
Verne shrugged,
"Nemo tried many instruments,
Even his own organ playing."
Said Verne, smiling,
"Harpsichord all the Fauna followed,
Big and small,
Old and young,
Biped, quadruped, winged,
Even the tiniest ones."
"Just so I now see,
And hear."
Said Melville,
"A pleasant tune for a pleasant day."
"Yes," said Verne.
"A blue sky day,
And this Realm's Hope
They are leaving."
Said Melville.
"Just so," said Verne.
"Another Realm will carry their Dreams. 
This one for them
Has fallen."
Galloping towards
Verne and Melville
Came Petra astride her biped.
"Never trust a blue sky day!"
Said Petra,
"Your slogan."
Said Melville, smiling.
"Even one as lovely as this one."
Said Petra.
"The lead is entering
Crater Origin,
We can off load the lyres
To the ground,
And as beacons of melody
They will draw on the herd.
The Black Dragons are anxious."
Petra galloped on to
Tell the others.
Melville and Verne
Hurried to the forefront,
The gated entry to Crater Origin.
Thereabout Blackship
Corposants delivered by
Onyx and Ametrine
Had been set on the Pillars.
The Corposants drew on the Elements,
Over the Crater storm clouds
Of the usual when
Blackships gallop the oceans.
Within the Crater,
Darkness alight with
Neon colors, the scene only
Missing the Ravens, the Gulls,
The Parrots.
Onyx and Ametrine
Watched on.
Lightning flashed
In the black clouds,
Winds circled round.
Ishmael and Nemo
Took the saddles off their mounts
And their bipeds joined the herd
Entering the turmoil,
And gone to their new Realm.
"The lyres are in place!"
Shouted Nemo to
Onyx and Ametrine atop the Gate.
"Have you left us tunes?"
Asked Onyx.
"Just so." said Nemo.
"Our trade complete!"
Said Onyx.
And from the dark storm clouds
Over Crater Origin
The Black Dragons began to appear
And take possession of their new Realm.
Notes: always something goes awry!...the routine has been to compose on the iphone notepad, copy send to my own email, copy from yahoo mail to the blog editor...and there the text spacing goes awry, double spaced instead of single spaced...the blog text editor has no tool for line spacing!...and I can't find a crowd source conversation about this on the web...of late, trying to find crowd source conversations has become more and more searches are not what they used to be...hmmph...anyway, through my amazon video account was a trial offer for HBO, and I've hooked up to that for seven days, and I'm plowing through season six of Game of Thrones...most recent, the Mother of Dragon's just stepped out of the burning wood palace...I, I try to ignore the gratuitous spices! kids, we would have gloried in how this one got it, and that one got it!...sheesh...anyway, I'll likely keep the subscription...fifteen dollars a long as it isn't a contract...for some reason, amazon's video streams fine, while my cbs streaming account is awful, full of lag...hmmph...and I have it that in GT lore, dragons used to be bigger, a curio insomuch as I just dropped that Black Dragons were once upon a time bigger...their dragons are pretty cool, but I haven't seen much of them in the four episodes I've watched so far...the popularity of this show is clearly seen in the prices of bundled season dvds at Best Buy!...reference electric Harpsichord music on youtube...more to get a snack, and back for some gratuitous Game of Thrones indulgence!...oh, and the Tune...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:3/28/17

Open To Interpretation
Future, Past
"How to manage this?"
Asked Ishmael.
Nemo's caravan looked on
From their encampment
On the overlook.
"Oh," said Nemo,
"It will be a cattle drive of sorts
To get them from
Here to there."
"Not likely they'll leave off
Their preoccupation,
Said Ishmael.
"Just so," said Nemo,
"But for that we have this..."
Nemo retrieved from
A quadruped's pack
A golden lyre.
"Orpheus' lyre!" said Petra.
"A facsimile," said Nemo,
"One of many I've manufactured
To Hephaestus' design."
"The Black Dragons hate them."
Said Petra.
"Oh, I've deleted those
Entrapping tunes."
Said Nemo,
"Though Black Dragons have yet to be
In this Realm's Time,
But soon that will change
If all goes well."
"How so?" asked Ishmael.
"From the cataclysm,"
Said Nemo,
"This Realm has lost too many,
And more following on
In the ruins will fall.
Some we can rescue
From the ones beyond hope
Of escaping extinction."
Nemo pointed to the
Nearby bipeds and quadrupeds
Of giant size, and those
In the distance
Foraging at the snow fields.
"I've made a deal with another
Realm, a Realm too crowded
With Black Dragons."
"A trade." said Petra, smiling.
"Just so," said Nemo,
"And I thought you all
Would like to meet the two envoys
I'm dealing with..." 
And Nemo pointed up
To two Black Dragons
Descending from the grey clouds.
Petra's and Nemo's crews
Stepped back to make room.
The Dragons once landed
Were seen to be enormous,
Much larger than the Black Dragons
Of their acquaintanceship.
Petra looked up,
Standing arms akimbo,
Called out,
"What are your names?"
One Dragon lowered his head,
Nuzzling close to Petra,
"I am Onyx of the
Northern Reach."
Said Onyx.
Eyes wide,
Petra turned to the second Dragon
Now closely examining her too.
"And you?" Petra asked.
"I am Ametrine of
The Southern Reach."
Said Ametrine,
"And I hear tell,
Little one,
You are to be our Queen."
Petra was taken aback
To see the Future, Past.
And the two Black Dragons
Stretched their wings,
Roared with fire and smoke.
"Black Dragons never fall!"
Said Onyx and Ametrine.
Notes: By some serendipity, browsing Lost World movies on youtube, I happened on the origin of my "Dragons returning to Earth to lay their eggs, like sea turtles."notion...hmmph....the old scary movie, The Giant Claw1957....I haven't seen this movie since seeing it in the theater, sitting beside my friend who was peeking through his fingers...that is maybe the funniest looking movie monster in a monster movie ever...but it was scary to us then, and the retelling of all its misdeeds a delight for days...Claw, of course, is from outer space, shielded by an anti matter shield (lifted in the Independence Day tales), and has come to Earth to lay an egg, and raise general is a marvel these old monster movies ever got made...LostWorld1925, another marvel...and I find myself taken with the actress, Bessie Love...on ebay, there's a Twistum Toy dinosaur for seventy five dollars, and I found that seeing a promo photo of Bessie playing with one...funds replenish tomorrow, the fourth Wednesday, so a maybe purchase!...LostWorld1925 has a cameo scene with Arthur Conan Doyle...very cool...I find watching silent films curious for their slowness...much time for the audience to fill in with their imaginations...the fifties' monster movies have some of this too...watched an animated 'Lost World' movie, Fire and Ice1983, (background art held my attention...learned some is by Kinkaid!) and that on Robert Frost's birthday, and missed the reference to Frost's poem, Fire and Ice...looking up Frost, I found myself reading his poem, The Witch of Coos, which looks a precursor of Lovecraft's Dunwich Horror!...though time was, I gather, attics were often occupied by family members gone in the head and such!...oh, and that day, I went over to the Park...wanted much to see the old Electric Parade...I watched it like every work night during firework downtime for the seven years thereabout!...maybe not that much, I used to get roped into playing chess, poker, ping pong and what not...on entering the Park, I entered a new store right there on the right of the right tunnel, the little gallery selling Disney art, with work stations set up for artists, kind of like the old draw your portrait ones in New Orleans, which still may be there...too late for the artists to be about, but I lost myself in thinking about how cool a job that must be...while looking at the art for sale, I heard the strains of the Parade, stepped outside, and the big base drum was passing by...right on que...a very compact sequence of moments!...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

OTI:three poems:3/26/17

Open To Interpretation
I Took The Same Route
I took the same route
As two weeks before
So knew the way
And arrived at the seven story
Car 'hotel',
Took the dispensed ticket,
Watched the gate arm,
And careful not to slide
On the smooth cement,
Parked Silver my jeep,
And again stepped out
From the car cavern's sounds
Onto the sidewalk
Across from 448 S. Main,
The Regent's marquee,
Shiny Toy Guns
With time for a walkabout
In LA's un-notable,
NY compared,
Though here noted,
The sun setting,
Shadows big,
The always waterfall roar
Of traffic echoing surrounding.
Under The Snowy Field
Under the snow field
All the landscape's
Fauna and flora
Had been frozen,
Stopped in life sudden
When The Earth's Sun,
Grim clouds forgotten
From the cataclysm,
Permitted the Great Cold.
And now from rains fallen,
Days and days,
The refugees living
Found forage at the edge
Of the retreating snow.
Nemo's caravan paused
On the crown of an overlook.
Seen stretched in either direction,
Horizon to horizon,
Were all the gathered survivors
Of the Southern Reach
Worrying the frozen snows
For tidbits of nourishments
Melting free under the dark rains.
The Last Bookstore
Time was a used bookstore
Was irresistible
And its window scene gives pause,
Moon and Half Dome
On AA's photo books displayed.
Sufficient now my
Palm carried window
With ever changing display
And I walk on,
Taking LA tourist photos.
Happy Birthday Robert Frost!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:3/23/17

Open To Interpretation
Rex and Tops
Quixote was perched atop
Beside him,
Sancho sat his saddle
On Tops.
Jesus is a Temperature
Some potion it is
Until another potion
Comes along called
And we are made
To inventory every touch
Every color
Every sound
Like a long restaurant menu
In foreign words
Painful to read aloud,
Our stomachs being now all ears.
"Hey 98.6,
It's good to have you back again."

After three years
Of the grim clouds
The stars were out,
And the high distant peak
Of Volcano Never out gassing,
Throwing out rocks, debris,
Red and orange lava,
In billowing black clouds.
By the light of the full moon,
The Nautilus' crew
Offloaded supplies and gear
On the long narrow dock
Where Nemo's caravan
Was assembling.
Two sanguine figures
Waited astride their mounts
Where the dock met the shore.
"Quixote!" Petra said in greeting.
Quixote saluted back
From his saddle astride
The biped's neck.
Petra gave the biped's
Great clawed feet a wary distance.
Beside Quixote was Sancho
Astride his quadruped
Saddled behind the bony
Shield flare and its horns.
"Sancho!" said Petra.
Sancho saluted.
Petra grew bold
And put her hand to
The bipeds leg joint,
Feeling the feathers' softness.
The biped lowered its toothy head
To see her,
Quixote keeping his balance.
"Can you talk?" Petra asked the biped.
She reached and touched its
Lowered cheek, Quixote holding on.
"Oh!" Petra said in surprise,
And knew in a moment
All the biped was knowing and feeling.
"Two become one!"
She said to Quixote.
"Just so." said Quixote
"He's hungry." Petra said.
"They're all hungry." said Quixote.
Notes:  Rex and Tops...Lost World dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops...reference the visit to the Natural History Museum...and news story yesterday...
Mr Baron's new family tree has similarities to ideas developed by the biologist Thomas Henry Huxley in 1870. He believed, correctly as it turns out, that birds descended from meat-eating dinosaurs and he included them then with the bird-hipped dinosaurs in a group he named Ornithoscelida, or bird-limbed.
At the time Huxley's ideas were roundly dismissed and eclipsed by Seeley's.
As an acknowledgement of Huxley's contribution, the team has revived the name of Ornithoscelida for his new combined group.
As well as being a remarkable piece of research in itself, the work is a vignette of the scientific process itself - how challenging old, well-established ideas with a fresh eye is always worthwhile and can often bring new insights.

Major shake-up suggests dinosaurs may have 'UK origin'

Friday, March 17, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:3/17/17

Open To Interpretation

Much Fun

Shiny Toy Guns
at the
448 S. Main, Lost Angeles
March 16, 2017:
Much fun...

Notes: report of the evening for sometime soon...ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhh!



Saturday, March 4, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:3/4/17

Open To Interpretation


Looking up, I see you there,
Atop your skeletal Tyrannosaurus Rex,
And there beside you,
On his Triceratops.
I need but to flesh things out.
T. Rex's hips
Made for dancing,
Those huge feet and legs
Jumped and twisted
On some ancient stage
They've made in the old movie theater,
Took all the seats out
So everyone can stand on the sloping floor
And have a view.
My legs grew weary,
And the crush was claustrophobic,
Or something made my stomach uncomfortable,
So fled up stairs to the old balcony,
Now a perch, an aerie,
Where we can sit, or even have a pizza and beer,
And watch below the flashing lights and smoke,
Look down on the raptured crowd,
And hear the songs and roars in the black cavern
Comes alive with coral creatures
In IMAX 3-D, Costeau's son's effort
An easier view and leg resting respite
From wandering the history museum's halls where
I found one diorama for a long pause,
A family of Black Bears beside the Merced,
Half Dome in the background.
I know the spot, been there often,
Just a bit down stream from Swinging Bridge
Looking upstream,
A cottonwood shore, black oaks and ponderosa,
The artisans have it fossilized
Perfectly in the museum's stone.


Notes: hmmph...hit the upload too early, and not ready for the noting!...wasn't much ready for the poem, but it will do...much to tell of yesterday's outandabout!...brb...going to get a snack first at Angelos...brb...bk...went to Denny's...MidnightRockAndRoll...I got to the LA Natural History Museum about noon...I haven't been along the 110 freeway in a long time...portions, with the overpasses, are like out of some science fiction world...easy to park at the Museums and Coliseum...and passed the Museum of Science with its IMAX theater on the way to the Natural History Museum...on first entering, there's the T. Rex and the Triceratops...I think it's a T. Rex...went first to the gift shops looking for Ametrine...but no luck...then wandered the Mineral Show, and from there the other hallways...missed the old Egyptian things, and the medieval tapestry in the cafeteria...things have changed, but not much...the diorama halls the same...and outdated in our age of digital media...time was stuffed critters was the only way to view even the dinosaurs are 3-D...saved those halls for last, my favorites...and all that took but two to three hours...and many hours to go still for the Rock and Roll show at the Regent...Shiny Toy, found to my relief, the movies in the Science Museum's IMAX theater...around five then about, rolled out to the Regent, which is close by, downtown a look at the sprawling campus of USC...then rolled along Main Street, watching the street numbers diminish from like 28 to 5, the Regent is on the 400 block, on the lookout for a public parking garage...turned in one just there, across the street from the Regent, and went up and up, all seven floors looking for a space...most all reserved, but on the way down, reaching the first floor, an attendant helped me out, parking us stacked...he took my key in case Silver needed to be moved...and I arrived!...way early, so had a snack in oriental food place on the corner, and joined the already line...we were like two hours early for the 8:30 show time, and didn't get admitted until like 9, so a long time standing!...which I cant do much...and then inside more standing, waiting for first front band, then more before second band setting up, and again for setting up for STG....after about three songs of STG my legs were giving out, I just cant do that, stand for so long, so gave up my close to stage spot won by being early, and went up stairs, and sat...there's like a little bleacher stand up on the old balcony...I'd seen what I came for, to see STG live, a thrill when they took the stage for everyone...and after hearing from the balcony Le Disko...could only find a space to barely see them...such the dilemma of losing ones hard earned front spot!...and after a bit of an unfamiliar song, I bailed...the long day had taken it's toll, and I feared a longer commotion when the show let out in the parking retrieved Silver and left the confines of LA...LA was thrown together when things were built close neighborhood, and town, Orange County, was laid out with wider spaces, though of late, land being expensive, the buildings are coming closer's nice, having a big front and back yard...a well thought out notion...anyway, I was of course heartbroken to leave early, to leave my near the stage spot!...I didn't catch the front bands names, but find them web searching, and seeing the youtube post ups of last night's show...this is very post up a song or two...the first one was...brb...Chase Atlantic...smiled a bit to see lead singer with ball cap and, that's not the look!...though mine...and then there was Kitten...I can't dance...and twice she hopped off the stage, once to rouse some dancing, and again mosh pit style, our arms outstretched...ready to do my bit in the our arms will carry you part, but retreated a bit in the dance part!...gawdawful that would have been!...made room for the kids to surround her...think that was the beginning of my retreat to the balcony!...such the life of fish out of water!...and on reaching home I thought, that's it...enough of rock and roll...I saw what I went to see...and then, on the web, trying to name the front bands, as I didn't catch their names, I find Kitten's facebook page, with an announcement...a second show added at the Regent...STG and Kitten! tickets...March 16...I'll take in La Brea Tar Pits, and the MOMA...hmmph...Kitten, Like A Stranger at the Regent Theater 3/3/17 ...a glimpse of me then about at the dancing at the left screen edge...ral...



Thursday, March 2, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:3/2/17

Open To Interpretation


"And you,
Have you left off..."
Dana hesitated
To continue,
You know..?"
Shadows of past times
Passed over Queequig's
Expression, his gaze distant.
"Past is past."
Queequig said,
"Be you Greek?"
He asked Dana.
"A Danaan you think?"
Said Dana.
"Greeks be scary."
Said Queequig.
"They eat indiscreet."
"Oh, tall tales you've heard!"
Said Dana.
"Now we fast!"
Said Queequig,
Hugging Dana,
And they laughed.


Notes: I've seen a couple of the movies, but I haven't read any of Stephen King's books...and I keep bumping into comments and quotes of his about writing in the lookabouts...back in school, I read a lot of commentaries about writing, notably Robert Graves' The Reader Over Your Shoulder...don't know if any of those took...I have my own notions, but 'am open to ideas...brb...well, I cant re-find it...I'll make my own up!..."you take it up, and set it it gives you pause what they'll way or another, you're on your own..."...he has one about knocking off your favorite characters...not his problem...I'm squeemish!..and why haven't I read any of his books?...stylistically, his writing looks much like the writing in how to write magazines, which likely is why he goes on so much about how to write!...there's a kind of market for that...but it's not Melville or Conrad or Durell, or Twain, or's news rack news stand paper back books in the airport shop...don't use adverbs, he says, don't use passive voice, he says, are those!...oh, I must have taken an identifying grammar test and passed I could get through those, I don't know...but that all dropped one thinks about the minutia of what we say, or is all song from thought to sound, a mocking bird at my window...where was I...oh!...there's Richard Henry Dana Jr. and Sr. and Robert Dana, who was the immigrant from England with the crowd of Puritans that came over from England to America, Boston about for Dana, and in tracking this, I found 'Dana' was a unique last the poem, I wanted to set the cannibalism in Greek mythology beside Queequig's...Bower's Museum locally has an exhibit of weaponry from the jungles of New Guienea, and I can't look at it for long...somewhat like looking at the things early dentists and surgeons used...hmmph...anyway, it's thought Robert/Richard Dana had changed his last name from Dawney to Dana while still in England, and...brb...


Apparently Robert Dana had adopted that spelling of his name only after he had come to Manchester, perhaps to bring it in accord with the way in which the vowels were pronounced in that part of England. For in the north of England, in the Parish of Kendal in Westmorland, where he had been born, he had been christened by the name of Robert Dawney.
With the spelling Dawney or Daunay the name is common enough in Westmorland, in Yorkshire, and elsewhere in England. Indeed we have been able to trace the name Daunay as far back as 1328, in the second year of the reign of Edward III.



Read October 22, 1940

oh, a diversion, I hadn't notice how old that article is, or that it is by a Dana!...brb...oh, H.W.L. is for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, so H.W.L. Dana...hmmph...I would have liked 'Dawney' to be another spelling of 'Downey' which is a common Irish name, 'belonging to a fort'...and would like it all in package reaching back to the Danaans, or even the Tuatha de Danaans, as there would be a link to the ancient Greeks or ancient Trojans...the arrival of the Tuatha de Danaans is mysterious...


They came from four cities to the north of Ireland–Falias, Gorias, Murias and Finias–where they acquired their magical skills and attributes. According to Lebor Gabála Érenn, they came to Ireland "in dark clouds" and "landed on the mountains of [the] Conmaicne Rein in Connachta; and they brought a darkness over the sun for three days and three nights". According to a later version of the story, they arrived in ships on the coast of the Conmaicne Mara's territory (modern Connemara). They immediately burnt the ships "so that they should not think of retreating to them; and the smoke and the mist that came from the vessels filled the neighboring land and air. Therefore it was conceived that they had arrived in clouds of mist".


oh, let me square away on this!...some legends have it that the Trojans after their defeat, fled in ships, spreading out, Aeneas famously founding Rome, and the more far fetched legends have it they settled in England, Ireland, and just about anywhere and everywhere!...this is such a fine notion!...a defeated people that continues on...the Israeli's diaspora comes to mind, and all the tales of refugees and lost peoples...and the self exiled Puritans came ashore in America...Dana family...almost as a grace note, Richard Henry Dana Jr. comes ashore at Dana Point in California...the most westward journey of the Greeks, one might a people, as a culture...the Puritan immigration reads like the way the old Greeks colonized...America is Greece and was a disappointment that Mount Dana, I learned, wasn't named after R.H.D. Jr....but, brb...


James Dwight Dana was born in Utica NY on the 12th of February 1813 He was the eldest of a family of ten children His father James Dana was a native of Massachusetts a direct descendant of Richard Dana the original immigrant and progenitor of the Dana family in New England While the immediate derivation seems to be quite clear to be the English, the origin of this stock is held by many to be Italian, partly because of the nature of the name and partly because of the family of Danas has long been extant in Italy. And especially in scientific professions.

Biographical Memoir of James Dwight Dana, 1813-1895

By Louis Valentine Pirsson
on google books...
Disappointment all gone!...what an admirable family!...Mt. Dana overlooks Tuolumne Meadows and Tioga Pass...
The popular appeal of these relatively specialized reports was remarkable, and when Dana’s observations on coral phenomena were printed as a separate book, Corals and Coral Islands, it passed through three editions in his lifetime. While it might be said that the audience for such a topic was forgathered, the book’s popular success owed much to Dana’s remarkably fine style of writing and, not least perhaps, to the penchant he shared with the preachers and poets for perceiving a design in nature that was flattering to man. Tracing the history of the coral plantation—the shrubs and trees which “stand and wave unhurt in the agitated waters” and are the secretions of the thousands of polyps that “cover the branches, like so many flowers, spreading their tinted petals in the genial sunshine, and quiet seas, but withdrawing when the clouds betoken a storm"—he found that when the polyps die, minute encrusting corals attach themselves to the surface to protect the structure from erosion by the sea until “Finally, the coral becomes subservient to a still higher purpose than the support of polyps and nullipores,” and the debris produced by wave action upon the reef settles into the crevices to produce a solid rocky base that gradually becomes one of “’the sea–girt isles’… the coral polyps now yielding place to the flowers and groves of the land, which fulfill their end in promoting the comfort and happiness of man.”2
Don't know but young J.W. Dana may well have had a sit down discussion with Queequig!...for sometime the tales of his black ships!