Saturday, March 4, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:3/4/17

Open To Interpretation


Looking up, I see you there,
Atop your skeletal Tyrannosaurus Rex,
And there beside you,
On his Triceratops.
I need but to flesh things out.
T. Rex's hips
Made for dancing,
Those huge feet and legs
Jumped and twisted
On some ancient stage
They've made in the old movie theater,
Took all the seats out
So everyone can stand on the sloping floor
And have a view.
My legs grew weary,
And the crush was claustrophobic,
Or something made my stomach uncomfortable,
So fled up stairs to the old balcony,
Now a perch, an aerie,
Where we can sit, or even have a pizza and beer,
And watch below the flashing lights and smoke,
Look down on the raptured crowd,
And hear the songs and roars in the black cavern
Comes alive with coral creatures
In IMAX 3-D, Costeau's son's effort
An easier view and leg resting respite
From wandering the history museum's halls where
I found one diorama for a long pause,
A family of Black Bears beside the Merced,
Half Dome in the background.
I know the spot, been there often,
Just a bit down stream from Swinging Bridge
Looking upstream,
A cottonwood shore, black oaks and ponderosa,
The artisans have it fossilized
Perfectly in the museum's stone.


Notes: hmmph...hit the upload too early, and not ready for the noting!...wasn't much ready for the poem, but it will do...much to tell of yesterday's outandabout!...brb...going to get a snack first at Angelos...brb...bk...went to Denny's...MidnightRockAndRoll...I got to the LA Natural History Museum about noon...I haven't been along the 110 freeway in a long time...portions, with the overpasses, are like out of some science fiction world...easy to park at the Museums and Coliseum...and passed the Museum of Science with its IMAX theater on the way to the Natural History Museum...on first entering, there's the T. Rex and the Triceratops...I think it's a T. Rex...went first to the gift shops looking for Ametrine...but no luck...then wandered the Mineral Show, and from there the other hallways...missed the old Egyptian things, and the medieval tapestry in the cafeteria...things have changed, but not much...the diorama halls the same...and outdated in our age of digital media...time was stuffed critters was the only way to view even the dinosaurs are 3-D...saved those halls for last, my favorites...and all that took but two to three hours...and many hours to go still for the Rock and Roll show at the Regent...Shiny Toy, found to my relief, the movies in the Science Museum's IMAX theater...around five then about, rolled out to the Regent, which is close by, downtown a look at the sprawling campus of USC...then rolled along Main Street, watching the street numbers diminish from like 28 to 5, the Regent is on the 400 block, on the lookout for a public parking garage...turned in one just there, across the street from the Regent, and went up and up, all seven floors looking for a space...most all reserved, but on the way down, reaching the first floor, an attendant helped me out, parking us stacked...he took my key in case Silver needed to be moved...and I arrived!...way early, so had a snack in oriental food place on the corner, and joined the already line...we were like two hours early for the 8:30 show time, and didn't get admitted until like 9, so a long time standing!...which I cant do much...and then inside more standing, waiting for first front band, then more before second band setting up, and again for setting up for STG....after about three songs of STG my legs were giving out, I just cant do that, stand for so long, so gave up my close to stage spot won by being early, and went up stairs, and sat...there's like a little bleacher stand up on the old balcony...I'd seen what I came for, to see STG live, a thrill when they took the stage for everyone...and after hearing from the balcony Le Disko...could only find a space to barely see them...such the dilemma of losing ones hard earned front spot!...and after a bit of an unfamiliar song, I bailed...the long day had taken it's toll, and I feared a longer commotion when the show let out in the parking retrieved Silver and left the confines of LA...LA was thrown together when things were built close neighborhood, and town, Orange County, was laid out with wider spaces, though of late, land being expensive, the buildings are coming closer's nice, having a big front and back yard...a well thought out notion...anyway, I was of course heartbroken to leave early, to leave my near the stage spot!...I didn't catch the front bands names, but find them web searching, and seeing the youtube post ups of last night's show...this is very post up a song or two...the first one was...brb...Chase Atlantic...smiled a bit to see lead singer with ball cap and, that's not the look!...though mine...and then there was Kitten...I can't dance...and twice she hopped off the stage, once to rouse some dancing, and again mosh pit style, our arms outstretched...ready to do my bit in the our arms will carry you part, but retreated a bit in the dance part!...gawdawful that would have been!...made room for the kids to surround her...think that was the beginning of my retreat to the balcony!...such the life of fish out of water!...and on reaching home I thought, that's it...enough of rock and roll...I saw what I went to see...and then, on the web, trying to name the front bands, as I didn't catch their names, I find Kitten's facebook page, with an announcement...a second show added at the Regent...STG and Kitten! tickets...March 16...I'll take in La Brea Tar Pits, and the MOMA...hmmph...Kitten, Like A Stranger at the Regent Theater 3/3/17 ...a glimpse of me then about at the dancing at the left screen edge...ral...



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