Thursday, March 30, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:3/30/17

Open To Interpretation
The Tune wafted over the herd
Which stretched for miles,
Horizon to horizon.
Melville and Verne
Tended to their portion,
Keeping the pace with
The Tune playing lyres
Strapped to their saddles.
Asked Melville.
Verne shrugged,
"Nemo tried many instruments,
Even his own organ playing."
Said Verne, smiling,
"Harpsichord all the Fauna followed,
Big and small,
Old and young,
Biped, quadruped, winged,
Even the tiniest ones."
"Just so I now see,
And hear."
Said Melville,
"A pleasant tune for a pleasant day."
"Yes," said Verne.
"A blue sky day,
And this Realm's Hope
They are leaving."
Said Melville.
"Just so," said Verne.
"Another Realm will carry their Dreams. 
This one for them
Has fallen."
Galloping towards
Verne and Melville
Came Petra astride her biped.
"Never trust a blue sky day!"
Said Petra,
"Your slogan."
Said Melville, smiling.
"Even one as lovely as this one."
Said Petra.
"The lead is entering
Crater Origin,
We can off load the lyres
To the ground,
And as beacons of melody
They will draw on the herd.
The Black Dragons are anxious."
Petra galloped on to
Tell the others.
Melville and Verne
Hurried to the forefront,
The gated entry to Crater Origin.
Thereabout Blackship
Corposants delivered by
Onyx and Ametrine
Had been set on the Pillars.
The Corposants drew on the Elements,
Over the Crater storm clouds
Of the usual when
Blackships gallop the oceans.
Within the Crater,
Darkness alight with
Neon colors, the scene only
Missing the Ravens, the Gulls,
The Parrots.
Onyx and Ametrine
Watched on.
Lightning flashed
In the black clouds,
Winds circled round.
Ishmael and Nemo
Took the saddles off their mounts
And their bipeds joined the herd
Entering the turmoil,
And gone to their new Realm.
"The lyres are in place!"
Shouted Nemo to
Onyx and Ametrine atop the Gate.
"Have you left us tunes?"
Asked Onyx.
"Just so." said Nemo.
"Our trade complete!"
Said Onyx.
And from the dark storm clouds
Over Crater Origin
The Black Dragons began to appear
And take possession of their new Realm.
Notes: always something goes awry!...the routine has been to compose on the iphone notepad, copy send to my own email, copy from yahoo mail to the blog editor...and there the text spacing goes awry, double spaced instead of single spaced...the blog text editor has no tool for line spacing!...and I can't find a crowd source conversation about this on the web...of late, trying to find crowd source conversations has become more and more searches are not what they used to be...hmmph...anyway, through my amazon video account was a trial offer for HBO, and I've hooked up to that for seven days, and I'm plowing through season six of Game of Thrones...most recent, the Mother of Dragon's just stepped out of the burning wood palace...I, I try to ignore the gratuitous spices! kids, we would have gloried in how this one got it, and that one got it!...sheesh...anyway, I'll likely keep the subscription...fifteen dollars a long as it isn't a contract...for some reason, amazon's video streams fine, while my cbs streaming account is awful, full of lag...hmmph...and I have it that in GT lore, dragons used to be bigger, a curio insomuch as I just dropped that Black Dragons were once upon a time bigger...their dragons are pretty cool, but I haven't seen much of them in the four episodes I've watched so far...the popularity of this show is clearly seen in the prices of bundled season dvds at Best Buy!...reference electric Harpsichord music on youtube...more to get a snack, and back for some gratuitous Game of Thrones indulgence!...oh, and the Tune...

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