Tuesday, March 28, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:3/28/17

Open To Interpretation
Future, Past
"How to manage this?"
Asked Ishmael.
Nemo's caravan looked on
From their encampment
On the overlook.
"Oh," said Nemo,
"It will be a cattle drive of sorts
To get them from
Here to there."
"Not likely they'll leave off
Their preoccupation,
Said Ishmael.
"Just so," said Nemo,
"But for that we have this..."
Nemo retrieved from
A quadruped's pack
A golden lyre.
"Orpheus' lyre!" said Petra.
"A facsimile," said Nemo,
"One of many I've manufactured
To Hephaestus' design."
"The Black Dragons hate them."
Said Petra.
"Oh, I've deleted those
Entrapping tunes."
Said Nemo,
"Though Black Dragons have yet to be
In this Realm's Time,
But soon that will change
If all goes well."
"How so?" asked Ishmael.
"From the cataclysm,"
Said Nemo,
"This Realm has lost too many,
And more following on
In the ruins will fall.
Some we can rescue
From the ones beyond hope
Of escaping extinction."
Nemo pointed to the
Nearby bipeds and quadrupeds
Of giant size, and those
In the distance
Foraging at the snow fields.
"I've made a deal with another
Realm, a Realm too crowded
With Black Dragons."
"A trade." said Petra, smiling.
"Just so," said Nemo,
"And I thought you all
Would like to meet the two envoys
I'm dealing with..." 
And Nemo pointed up
To two Black Dragons
Descending from the grey clouds.
Petra's and Nemo's crews
Stepped back to make room.
The Dragons once landed
Were seen to be enormous,
Much larger than the Black Dragons
Of their acquaintanceship.
Petra looked up,
Standing arms akimbo,
Called out,
"What are your names?"
One Dragon lowered his head,
Nuzzling close to Petra,
"I am Onyx of the
Northern Reach."
Said Onyx.
Eyes wide,
Petra turned to the second Dragon
Now closely examining her too.
"And you?" Petra asked.
"I am Ametrine of
The Southern Reach."
Said Ametrine,
"And I hear tell,
Little one,
You are to be our Queen."
Petra was taken aback
To see the Future, Past.
And the two Black Dragons
Stretched their wings,
Roared with fire and smoke.
"Black Dragons never fall!"
Said Onyx and Ametrine.
Notes: By some serendipity, browsing Lost World movies on youtube, I happened on the origin of my "Dragons returning to Earth to lay their eggs, like sea turtles."notion...hmmph....the old scary movie, The Giant Claw1957....I haven't seen this movie since seeing it in the theater, sitting beside my friend who was peeking through his fingers...that passed...it is maybe the funniest looking movie monster in a monster movie ever...but it was scary to us then, and the retelling of all its misdeeds a delight for days...Claw, of course, is from outer space, shielded by an anti matter shield (lifted in the Independence Day tales), and has come to Earth to lay an egg, and raise general havoc...it is a marvel these old monster movies ever got made...LostWorld1925, another marvel...and I find myself taken with the actress, Bessie Love...on ebay, there's a Twistum Toy dinosaur for seventy five dollars, and I found that seeing a promo photo of Bessie playing with one...funds replenish tomorrow, the fourth Wednesday, so a maybe purchase!...LostWorld1925 has a cameo scene with Arthur Conan Doyle...very cool...I find watching silent films curious for their slowness...much time for the audience to fill in with their imaginations...the fifties' monster movies have some of this too...watched an animated 'Lost World' movie, Fire and Ice1983, (background art held my attention...learned some is by Kinkaid!) and that on Robert Frost's birthday, and missed the reference to Frost's poem, Fire and Ice...looking up Frost, I found myself reading his poem, The Witch of Coos, which looks a precursor of Lovecraft's Dunwich Horror!...though time was, I gather, attics were often occupied by family members gone in the head and such!...oh, and that day, I went over to the Park...wanted much to see the old Electric Parade...I watched it like every work night during firework downtime for the seven years thereabout!...maybe not that much, I used to get roped into playing chess, poker, ping pong and what not...on entering the Park, I entered a new store right there on the right of the right tunnel, the little gallery selling Disney art, with work stations set up for artists, kind of like the old draw your portrait ones in New Orleans, which still may be there...too late for the artists to be about, but I lost myself in thinking about how cool a job that must be...while looking at the art for sale, I heard the strains of the Parade, stepped outside, and the big base drum was passing by...right on que...a very compact sequence of moments!...

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