Monday, January 31, 2011

Oak Grove Hawk

Out and about after noon....paddled over to the Hummock Ponds....Mallards and clips with the old 12x for sometime....picked up, and while walking under the Oaks beside the Road, sighted Hawk, Red Shoulder, Cedar!.....had the 12x on the tripod, but had trouble focusing, haven't used this camera in awhile!, and switched to the newer up....Cedar didn't pose long, and flew across the Road...followed, but lost sight.....continued to the Village...checked mail and picked up lunch...paddled back to Bobcat Meadow...Juncos under the Oaks...continued across Chapel Bridge, and made the Outside Loop...quiet, but scenic!....sunny blueblue warm with a few of Bobcat in Bobcat Meadow yesterday early dinner at Last Chance, requested to work for one of the crew sick...I owe a day for when I was sick, so said okay, so a short weekend!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creek Delta

Began snowing in the middle of the night, Storm came earlier than I posted last night!...thought to go out and about early, but after Breakfast, thought to nap, and did!....watched tv news until worktime, a bit mesmerized....cloudy, new snow about in the morning, much melted by evening....pic up (from yesterday) is looking downcreek from the Inside Creek Footbrige (Road Footbridge is in upper right corner)....the Snags along the Left Bank used to be out in the middle of the Creek....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowman Falls

Skipped Breakfast, and paddled out to the Hummock Ponds....Mallards about....Seven, I think....tried to take some hd clips with the newer camera...for sometime...some Flicker pics from yesterday for sometime too...heard Pileated Woodpecker on the way by the Creek Footbridge....Acorn Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Grey Squirrel. Flicker, Ravens....sunny blueblue to horsetail clouds overcast to clear tonight, small storm tomorrow evening Lunch: paddled out to the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach...there's a new fallen Log thereabout to sit on...generally speaking, a lot of Logs have been washed away...looking out over the Creek from the Inside Footbridge, the Creek is very clear of fallen Cedar Trees though by the Road Footbridge...these thoughts this morning contemplating erosion in the Creek Delta....Raven call all I heard at lunch....pic up is from yesterday...when I happened on Snowman, only one eye hadn't fallen out from melting...replaced eye, mouth, nose, buttons...didn't do very good job with right eye!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oaks to Elm to Ponderosas to Cottonwoods

After Breakfast, Shuttled over to the Village with all the gear, checked mail, and continued out to the A Meadow, and across to Church Bowl...quiet...sat awhile on a Picnic Bench-Picnic Benches my favorite perches!--and back up the Rocky Slope heard Frog and Mountain Wren (?)....picked up and continued to the A Rooms...A Rooms due to be down for renovation for three weeks!....not sure if Lobby Paintings will remain, and wanted to have maybe a last
looksee....Shuttled back to Lower Falls, and paddled out to the Hummock Ponds in Bobcat Meadow...Nine Mallards about....took clips of Mallards swimming back and forth with Half Dome in background, and reflected in foreground...avi clips, and Mallards too tiny!...but cool souvenir clips....while looking over to the Road, a parked car door shut, and startled Hawk, Cedar, in the Oaks thereabout...Cedar flew to another nearby Branch....picked up, and worked my way around, but Cedar flew to the Elm....tried to get close, and Cedar flew across the Meadow to a Pine by the Merced, way to faraway even to see!...but paddled around Meadow clockwise, and was about to leave off when I reached Chapel Bridge and glimpsed Cedar flying in Chapel Meadow....crossed the Bridge, and sighted Cedar in the Twin Ponderosas (I have pics of Owl and Coop on this same Branch, I think!), and nearing Cedar, Cedar flew off towards the Snag Cottonwoods by the Boardwalk...lost sight, but in following, I sighted Pileated Woodpecker in the Cottonwoods by the River...I had heard Pileated, and Flicker, all the while watching Mallards....sighted what I thought was Pileated, but instead Flickers! after another, Flickers flew off, and I looked about for Pileated, and for about fifteen minutes, took pics and clips of Pileated in the Cottonwoods....time...and returned to Lower Falls and around to the Cabin...sunny blueblue remind me of my afternoon at the eye exam!...Hawk and Woodpeckers very farfar away....Pine Siskins flock too sighted while with Mallards, and Acorn Woodpeckers, and a Hundred Blue Jays, flying one by one it seemed from Flicker Grove to the Tree Line by the Lunch!...paddled out to Ozone Beach...just as I arrived, Male Merganser furiously flying of sit quiet, and coolish!, and neat to walkabout at Lunch again!....hooey...Pileated I thought was in the pic of Cottonwood and Falls, right at top, but pic is one when Pileated was on far side...try to correct tomorrow!!(Well. checking tonight, Sunday, Pileated is in the Cottonwood, just not where I thought!)......mouse over and clic on pics to enlarge....

To Lantern:

Coopers Hawk in the Library of Congress

CNN's youTube clip (a must see!!)

The oil painting on plaster, completed by Edwin Blashfield in 1897, depicts a female figure representing Human Understanding. She is lifting the “veil of ignorance” and looking forward to intellectual progress.

(report thanks to Eddie!)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

no pics today

Clip up is from Jan. 20, 2008....I didn't really start posting clips until the Three Brothers post--still a favorite---and some of the old clips are kinda neat, and on a slow day, I'll post an old clip or pic....back then I was seeing Bobcat a lot, and in one clip, I noted all the photogs taking pics, and tonight, wondered if some were on the web, so did search...bobcat yosemite january 2008....and that search will bring up some nice Bobcat pics, not the same 'sessions' as mine, but close in time....Bobcat of late has been scarce, and Deer unusually scarce....Snow on the Ground now, and the weather too, is very much like the Day in the clip....but the Snow now fell heavy back in December, and the Cold and Rain since has kept things frozen, and hard for Critters to forage....but last week or so, bare Ground is beginning to show....paddled back to Creek's End...kinda hoping Golden Eye would be about!...Creeper and Nuthatch about....a very short walk...sunny blueblue, warmest day yet in the late series of warm the end of the clip, one looks upcreek at the Delta....of late Two Cedars have fallen thereabout, and very much changed the look from the Creek Bridge...take clip tomorrow to compare...I haven't been carrying the old point and shoots with the long lenses and video, which has been a mistake...tomorrow I'll take the old 12x with, camera that took clip up, and many of my favorite clips and pics!!...oh, saw same Buck yesterday that I saw day before, and at same exact spot, behind the Shuttle stop by the Club House...tourists about taking pics, and I didn't want to crowd! pic...maybe saw one Deer track back by the Swath....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Golden Eye

no pics today...pic and clip up are from Jan. 10, After Breakfast, paddled out to Bobcat Meadow with all the gear....Mallards were at the Hummock Ponds, resting in the Sunshine...found a seat on Fallen Branch under the Black Oaks nearby, and sat in the Sunshine too...Mallards gradually woke up, and flew over to where the Ponds were freer of Ice...picked up and made a circuit of the Meadow...Blue Jays, Acorn Woodpeckers, Ground Squirrel, Little Birds (Kinglets?), Ravens....sunny blueblue warm....Mallards have a way of moving in unison.....first Three or Four swam over to where the way was blocked by a thin film of Ice on the Pond...after considering for awhile with low quackquacks, Mallards flew up all together, and over to another Pond...then Mallards still on the Hummocks took notice, and swam over to the same location by the Ice, talked it over, and flapflaped over to the other Pond too!....I could have made a clip of all this, had the camera set up on the tripod, but just didn't think!....yesterday, there were Eight maybe of the White House Cat at the Trainwreck, and Ringtail Cat at the Warehouse...

Link of the Day: Animal Intelligence

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Warm Day

After Breakfast, Shuttled over to the Village, and stepping out the Shuttle, sighted Buck, and while taking pics, Blue Jays scolding finally got my attention, and looked up in time to see Hawk fly out over the Road to Bobcat Meadow (East side of Boardwalk)....followed, and Hawk flew over to the Oak Grove...followed, and just in time for a couple far away pics...of Cedar!!..very cool..collected Mail...and back to the Meadow....Mallards calling over in Flicker Grove Reflection Pond....followed...lots of pics....sighted Hawk again fly to the Woodpecker Tree...farfar away pics...oh!...while in the Oak Grove, sat a long while and watched like a Hundred Blue Jays....lots of Acorn Woodpeckers about too...and Ground Squirrels....sighted Pine Siskins flock over the pic....picked up from Mallards, and thought to reach the Woodpecker Tree, but Hawk flew back to the Oak Grove...made another circuit of the Meadow!...and out over Chapel Bridge...made the Outside Loop...Brown Creeper near Swinging Bridge beside the Path...Nuthatch and Kinglet calls....and along Two Top Pine Meadow on the Path, sighted Blue Jay....while taking pics, Blue Jay fluffed...very cool...a knockdown pic!...sunnybluejayblueblue, a warm day....Birds waking up...

Main Street Starling

There are 200 million in North America descended from 60 to 100 birds [1] released in Central Park, New York by Mr.Eugene
Schieffelin. He was president of the infamous American Acclimatization Society which tried to introduce every bird species mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare to North America in 1890, and this turned into a terrible environmental disaster.[36]
Out and about way early....needed to be at the garage at nine in Merced for Silver's maintenance....Breakfast on the way at Happy Burger, Four Hawks, Redtails, Buzzbirds, Ravens, alongside the Road, and Fog from Catheys Valley all the way to Town....during garage work, walked over to Main Street....mocha at Starbucks, and sighted New Bird perched above Main Street tonight as European Starling....picked up Silver, and over to the Mall for haircut...friend from Last Chance at Barbershop too, visiting---friend once worked there!---and friend needed shuttle to Wal Mart....returned to Mall, and fish combo at Mickyds, shopped, and to the eye exam...over the years, each time I go to these, it's like there are more gizmos...thought to ask for copypics of eyeballs' interior for post up!...anyway, new glasses on order, and the whole rigamoro left little time for rollabout at Merced Wildlife Refuge, so rolled back up the hill!...back by seven, and after Last Chance dinner, conked out watching tv...too long a day! Starbucks, read newspaper story of how Cattle Ranchland is good for Sandhill Cranes, and Hawks and other Birds--Orchards, and I imagine Cropland, much tougher for Birds and Wildlife....

fog to haze to clear in the evening, rotated, and now a wobble sometimes at 45miles an hour...hmmph...kinda like the laundry washer trying to walk...sighted Seven Hawks, Redtails, on return, and finally pulled over to try for pic...pic up...but Hawk flew off...Cow was more cooperative....thought to spend the night in Town, but thought again when considering the Fog along the Roads in the morning....American Acclimatization Society....sheesh!....oh!!!...on review, I sight another Redtail Hawk in the pic up!...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

no pics today

Slept in, I mean really slept in!...looked at watch, and it was two, time! minutes late, and could have cut that time in half....something to be said for being close to work!...anyway, stayed up late looking for youTubes....and tomorrow lots of errands in Town, so dont know if there will be time for a walk...will take along the gear, but maybe not the computer, so maybe no post tomorrow....sunnybluebluewarm...pic up is Sentinel with Cottonwood or Aspen, two yeas ago now!...I keep checking the Cottonwood....and pic was posted before, I think....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Morning Falls

Well, it was a mini donuts and orange juice pics, no up from yesterday...sunny blueblue warm....


Song: (well, I've started yet another collection, songs, music videos, about fauna, or with fauna in them, and flora too, but I've yet to post up link to one with flora...previously there has been Broken Wings and Solsbury Hill...tonight, The Lion Sleeps Tonight....from youTube, search Lion Sleeps's take.....and the original, mbube.....which is unbearably cool!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Long Legs

Woke up well before Sunup, and couldn't go back to sleep, and watched TV a bit...gathered the gear and over to Last Chance for Breakfast (missing second half of Charmed)...Sun stlll not up!....and thought was maybe to sight the Baby Bobcat...that pursuit, I explained to the crew, was reason for being early...'oh, we saw a white housecat thereabout, and thenabout'....'was Bobcat white', I asked my intreped reporter.....'yeah'...hmmmph...well, I was out and about early anyway, and after Breakfast, paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow...quiet...Grey Squirrel, Eight Ravens at Swinging Bridge Picnic...scenic pics...continued on the Outside Loop to the Boardwalks, and nearing the Merced at CAD Beach, startled Great Blue Heron....Long Legs flew out over the River, and downriver towards Ozone Beach....thought to continue the loop, and caught myself...that was Blue Heron!...not often followed aways along the River...across the River, Coyote calling out in Owl Woods....Heron not to be seen, so backtracked to the Path and Swinging Bridge...had hopes of maybe seeing both Coyote and Heron, as it's one of Coyote's routines to travel from the Woods towards the Meadow along the Path behind the Rooms...and from the Path opposite the Burnt Forest, I did sight Coyote!!...very cool...farfar away pics....lost sight of Coyote in the Forest...continued along the River on the Use Path...and nearing the Giant Ponderosa With View of Half Dome, I sighted Blue Heron perched in the Pine!!!...veryverycool...and Heron very backlit...after a few pics, I worked around for a better angle...there was a chance for Half Dome to be in the Background, and in the flight pic up, which is what Heron did, fly off after just a few more pics, in the flight pic, that is Half Dome in the Background!....checked the Trees at Ozone Beach to see if Heron was still can often follow Heron Tree to Tree...but lost sight....a fine morning walkabout!!...returned to the Cabin, and nap...sunny blueblue warm, very little ice on the Falls Wall overnight....I dont know what became of the White House Cat, last reported over a week ago....and of course, there is no Baby Bobcat...hmmph...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Merced Mallards

Rolled over to the Village to check mail, and on way back parked under Owl's Old Oak by Bobcat Meadow....paddled out to Chapel Bridge....Mallard call, and sighted Mallards midway between the Bridges....far away pic....thought to follow, but thought too to check Chapel Meadow...thereabout old Coyote track...back at the Merced, lost sight of Mallards...paddled along the South Bank to Sentinel Bridge, but no luck....made a circuit of Bobcat Meadow counterclockwise...quiet....and sat awhile at the Edge of Flicker Grove, expectant Mallards might fly in....but quiet...thought I heard soft calls of Hawk over by the Oak Grove...picked up and checked, quiet, but heard Mallard call again...returned to Chapel Bridge, and sighted Mallards near the opposite Bank, where Mallards likely were all along!...and Eight Mallards!....Acorn Woodpecker, Blue Jays, Little Bird calls here and there, Ravens....sunny blueblue with streaks of high haze, of Trees budding in the Foothills....and report of Baby Bobcat at the a week old...'no bigger than a Squirrel!'....first Bobcat sighting for reporter after being hereabout for eight years!...

Common Goldeneye

I have an old pic of Common Goldeneye that I posted Jan. 10, 2008, and didn't, couldn't, id at time, even tonight looking through Sibley I couldn't, but Duck's Eye is kindofa give away, and using search in Google Images: goldeneye duck, I was able to id...very cool, a new, old bird!....I took time to go through the old Nature Notes archive too, there was an about Ducks quote I was looking for, which actually is in one of the ebay Notes I got, but wanted the web version to copypaste...anyway, in looking about, found a chart of Duck sightings from 1922 to 1940, and will try to post that too...gist of it all, for sometime, is that Ducks are rare in the Valley, and each sighting a kinda treasure, which can be said for most critter sightings hereabout!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NeNe Geese

no pics today...Shuttled over to the Village, and Shuttled back...nap and tv until work...sunny blueblue work, some talkabouts, and one about NeNe Geese of Hawaii...almost extinct by 1952, just thirty or so, NeNe population now over a thousand or so, I think...hard to find like yesterday's count of endangered species!...Here's one link with story:

and Wiki's take on WWT Slimbridge who helped conserve Nene and other Waterfowl reading, I find there is a Sharpness Canal!....I've know for a long time there is a town near Bristol named Sharpness, and now a Canal too....neither have anything to do with my Grandfather on arriving from Norway choosing Sharpness for name at Ellis Island--apparently there were too many Larsens!....but it's nice to know there are other 'persons places or things' out there called Sharpness...well, I looked up wiki's take on suffix 'ness'...dont think I have ever looked up grammar just for fun!...and can't recall when I last gave thought to grammar!!....oh...and some further searches: the WWT was founded by the son of the antarctic explorer Scott...

The Trust's most famous success story is that of the Hawaiian Goose or Nene (which you should see above) - in 1949 there were just 20-30 birds left on the Hawaiian Islands. Some were taken into captivity - three to the Trusts headquarters at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, and since then more than two thousand have been released.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pine Siskins Flock

Out and about for an early walk...paddled back along the Dirt Roads to the Creek...quiet...and couldn't find any Deer tracks...last week I saw just two single tracks, one in Bobcat Meadow, one in..oh...I forget!...maybe in the Backyard...continued out to Two Top Pine Meadow...quiet...Flicker, Blue Jay, Raven, Ground Squirrel...the Acorn Woodpecker Snag Tree behind the Rooms, the Snag where the Acorns were courting, has fallen, likely during the Storms....returned along the Path, and nearing the Cabin, sighted Pine Siskin Flock feeding high up in a Young Alder...tried for pic, but back lit, and too far...when I'd get close, Flock would fly up, but fortunately return to the Tree...watched a long while...and got flight pics with higher shutter setting, one thousand, but way high iso, 1600, so pics noisygrainy....after Breakfast, and Shuttle back and forth to Village, thought to hop in Silver and roll down the hill, but walk took up time, and after some indecisive thought, curled up for nap!....sunny blueblue cool....just before sighting Siskins, was following Small Bear Track on the Path, but was diverted by Little Birds! of day taken up with Cabin cleaning, tv, and naps!....dont know but there's a gravitational temptation to thoreauean simplify to the point of work, tv, and naps!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Northern Pintail

After Breakfast, a nap, and a long afternoon rearranging the
dishevelment....moved the makeshift computer table to where the drawing table was, which opens up the middle of the room...drawing table folds up, so I can set it up and take it down, in the middle of the pics, no walk...a make up rollabout planned for tomorrow!...sunny blueblue cool, bit windy tonight, Cabin creaking....pic up from Tule Lake, but I sighted Pintails at Merced Wildlife Refuge too last weekend....a new bird back then for me.....

Captain Cook's topographer:
He had to work in difficult conditions, living and working in a small cabin surrounded by hundreds of specimens.

Link of the Day:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grey Squirrel And Mallards

Slept in until pics today....pic and clip up from walk to Bobcat Meadow a couple days ago.....sunny blueblue warm...'like Spring' in Mid Pines...

Song: (on foot, on many songs I've long lost track of, but, as in this case, sometimes I hear a bit on a tv ad, 'boom boom boom', and I re-find an old song.... and I could never quite hear the lyrics, but can find them now okay like at Songfacts is to youTube video of Gabriel singing and riding bike)

Peter Gabriel

Saturday, January 15, 2011

San Luis Wildlife Refuge

Skippped Breakfast, and paddled out Rocky Slope almost to Rocky Point....thought to see if any signs of Rock Slide, but nothing new, dust and such, on the Wall....friend heard the Fall too...maybe it was on the other side of Three Brothers....not much time, and returned along the Road...quiet walk...sunny blueblue warm....more weekend report: On leaving Merced Wildlife Refuge, made a left on Sandy Marsh and took it to 152 (one needs a map to see how this happens!), and in Los Banos, turned right on 165, which goes through San Luis Wildlife Refuge...I watched for signs, and one directed me out a Road (Wolfson, I learned later), and I rolled up on a sign saying I needed a permit, and I checked at a Trailer, but no one about, just a curious Little Pooch, and I was hesitant to continue without a permit, and backtracked to 165 and continued...passed a couple Refuge signs beside gates, but the gates were locked...a bit disappointed until I rolled up on sign with open gate--West Bear Creek Unit...see pic visitor center, just the sign with brochures....gathered one each, studied the map, and saw a walking trail, and rolled thataway...and I went for a good long walk along an elevated dike, Willows and Cottonwoods, flooded, on one side, open field on the other over to the Road....Hawks about, and Waterfowl too, which I could mostly only hear behind the Trees when Fowl would fly up...Waterfowl are reallyrelly skittish in the Refuges...for good reason, some sections are set aside for hunting, and I could here shooting far away now and then.....the Trail makes a big loop, and about midway, a maintenance pic up truck rolled up, and...'You know you cant walk here'....'but, but there's a Trail sign back there'....driver thought a minute, and said, 'oh, you're right, I'm sorry, I apologise'....and I smiled and said, 'that's okay, it's not the first time...'....driver's name was Dennis, and we talked a bit, about my morning walk, when I met a fellow name Rich, who is in charge of the MWR, and was there with crew to count Cranes, about the improvements being made, about the Black Tailed Deer, which I had just seen, about not so many Birds at San Luis....'yes, but it has a larger territory, and overall more Birds'....the Geese and Cranes and Waterfowls was what I had in mind, and I did see a huge overflight of Snow Geese theraabout....and I asked where I could go to see the Tule Elk, and was given directions back to the place I had turned back from....a pleasant talkabout!!....after goodbyes, I continued the loop, and back at the start was Picnic Bench where I sat awhile and donuts and crangrape, all I had to that time, late afternoon.....Northern Harrier about, and Long Legs, but too far away....few pics I took were farfar away....and I rolled back to Wolfsen Road, hesitated at the permit sign, and continued, and reached the Tule Elk Refuge, where a large new Visitor Center is under construction....the permit requirement is for the hunters, but signs not clear on this....I rolled around the Elk enclosure, five miles!...a tall Fence surrounds it...lots of Hawks, Redtail, Kestrel, and a few Birds, Flcker, Meadowlark, perched on the of Elk, but faraway, and not good backgrounds..but happy just to see Elk!...Does and Bucks were in separate groups, and the pic of the solitary Elk was near the end of the loop....Hawk on Fence pic up was taken just as I exited the Refuge...last pic of the Day, as it began to sprinkle, and not much daylight left....most of the weekend pics I took were of Hawks, and mostly Redtails, on Poles and Posts and Trees and Power Lines, and, I think I saw over a hundred Redtail Hawks!, and thirty or so Kestrels, a half dozen Harriers, and a couple Kites...this over the two days, most sightings the second day....and the Hawks are very hard to photograph in the Big's just dangerous to stop on the Road, and in the Refuges, the noise of the approaching wheels on gravel, startles Hawk from perch...and if Hawk stays perched, it's unlikely there is good background, or lighting....from the Trail at Bear Unit, I didn't see any Redshoulders, which I thought I might with so many Trees...but it was mostly a looksee takes awhile to get a sense and feel for a place....and there's a cluster of other Refuges at San Luis for the sometime list!!.....San Luis is big, miles and miles....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Merced Wildlife Refuge Morning

Chocolate croissant, danish too (a day old two for one deal), and orange juice for latelate Breakfast snack, and to work...I've gone into a kinda semi hibernation!....anyway, no pics, no up are from Merced Wildlife Refuge last Tuesday morning...more of that report: After sighting Owl, paddled back to the Platform at the Entrance, and tried to take a digi clip of the Waterfowl..see clip....oh, forget clip of Coots!...lots of Coots...left off, and rolled off in Silver with the heater on is colder in the Valley, but it's not damp like in the Big Valley, where I feel colder!....oh...up to this time, I saw like a dozen Redtail Hawks, most lifting off from their Roosts in the Cottonwoods, and a Nothern Harrier which perched in the Reeds, but too faraway for pic, and I'd packed the digi...I've yet to get a close pic of Harrier....nearing the first left hand turn (the Road traverses a large rectangle), sighted Hawk, Young Redshoulder, perched in Willow right beside the Road...I'm going to wear out the clutch trying to 'Indian Roll' up to Birds perched on Poles and Trees and Fences beside the Roads!....when I got to Bitten Marsh, saw another Young Redshoulder in another Willow...walked about Bitten Marsh....heard Coyotes call....further along the Road sighted Kite, and Kestrel, and Great White Egrets, and from the beginning, Small Birds and Waterfowl that I haven't found in the books yet!....more of the day to follow.....hereabout today, sunny blueblue, cool....listened to large Rockslide near Columbia Point tonight on walk back to Cabin after work...I heard another thereabout two nights ago in the early morning, but heard no reports, and that may have been Ice and Snow...Fall tonight was Rocks, I'm pretty sure!