Friday, August 31, 2012

Hawk And Squirrel

Out and about Yesterday Morning at First Light, which is about six am, and paddled back to Creek's End... quiet...and through Owl Woods...about to return to Last Chance for Breakfast, and heard Blue Jay scolding...had had wan hope of hearing Owl...have gotten it into my head that the construction noise and activity has scared Owls away...and nearing noisy Blue Jay, expected to see Hawk, but Owl flew out!!!....tried to pursue, but Blue Jay was still scolding in same Tree, and second Owl flew out!!!...very cool...Sentinel and Ponderosa...alls well in Owl Woods...Blue Jay followed, scolding, and I followed, and got farfar away pic, and short clip of Owl...for sometime...continued over to Ozone Beach, and set up at the Fallen Cedar...thought was King Fisher would come by...only way I'm going to get close up pic of King Fisher is to wait...any approach, and King Fisher flys off...very wary Bird for being so noisy!...while waiting, glanced over at the Cottonwoods, and glimpsed Hawk, Cooper's Hawk of other Morning, fly to the Tall Cottonwood...Phoebes were on the Cedar's Snag Twigs, and I was doing clip, and stuck with it...good clip for sometime...left off, and went to see if Hawk still around...and over by the Ozone Boulders, Hawk was swooping from the Trees to pester Two Ravens just walking along...faraway pics...set up for clip, and waited for Hawk to come from the Trees again...and waited, all the while hearing Blue Jay scolding...'oh, Hawk is perched...', my thought, so went to look see, camera on the tripod...hearabout is a group of Cedars, and I couldn't see Hawk, but there was a commotion, Squirrel, Chickaree, I think, running through the Branches...and Hawk in pursuit!...I've heard report of this happening, Hawk chasing Squirrel in Trees, but first time sighting for me...with camera already at the ready, tried for clip...clip up is a 'tried for clip'!!!...but very cool...left off and to Breakfast...returned with coffee, and King Fisher perched on the Fallen Cedar while I was under the Cottonwoods!...hmmpph...clip, which is okay though far away...for sometime...and Hawk came back and looked to fly to the Willow by the Cedar...picked up to look, but no luck...just before, Hawk, Redshoulder, was calling across the Merced, and Hawk, Cooper's Hawk was answering, I think...anyway anyway, some fine Mornings at Ozone Beach!!! Lunch thereabout has been routine and clips of Deer, Mallards, Phoebes, Sparrows, for sometime...too wore out from yesterday to go to Beach this Morning!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Morning Coffee Cedar Hawk

I'd picked up from under the Cottonwoods, and the tourists took the opportunity to perch on the Log...I paddled upriver to Cottonwood Bend and sat a long while on the Shingle...Little Birds about, last few Mornings, like over a week!, and have been making effort to sight Little Birds...time of Season Little Birds move through the Valley....anyway, I kept hearing Hawk, Redshoulder, back in Owl Woods, and across the Merced...sighted Adult Redshoulder three Mornings back...faraway pic...this Morning's calls weren't as loud as last few Mornings, and reminded of so, when I picked up, Hawk, looks very much like Cedar, flew from across the River to the Fallen Cedar!!!...very cool..see pics...I belly crawled through the Grasses trying to get closer, but Cedar flew up and back across the River, and swooped at another Hawk perched on Fallen Log...couldn't id...and Both Hawks then flew over the River again, right in front of the tourists, who I learned were from England, and knew Birds too!...very cool...been saving text for Morning Coffee posts for sometime....and more pics...Mornings this time of Season in the Valley are exceptional!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Pics up taken by my hiking friend on hike to Gaylor Lakes...Loon was paddling about Lower Gaylor Lake...bit jealous...I wasn't along on hike...and haven't sighted Loon...sometime hope to be paddling about in Merganser on a misty cold morning Lake, somewhere, and hear Loon!...Loons are rarely sighted in Park...

Morning Coffee Mallard

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


(link to Bald Eagle story...)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Fawns

Fawn pics from on way to work...Mama Doe was browsing under the Perfect Dogwood..."what should we name her?"...heard from the Deer Jam...just a bit further along in the Woods were Two Fawns, unnoticed!...even tried pointing Fawns out, but everyone busy, and noisy thereabout...Bat pic from at Lunch two Evenings back...Merced Reflection of Sentinel Wall at Lunch at Ozone Beach this Evening...I've studied out paintings to see how artists paint Trees and matter what, one has to abstract them somehow with brushes and other large drawing or painting tools, and lots of different ways are to be seen...and in this photo I see how it might be done, and be true to the Trees and such...there was a  Warm Wind rippling the Merced's surface...I'll keep an eye out for more of the Merced's reflected painting suggestions!!!...sunny hothot of Mama Raccoon with Two under the Train of Mama Bobcat with Two by Sugar Pine Bridge!!!!...."Dogwood!", of course....