Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Denny's Hawk

Rolled over to Denny's for a snack, and continued to 39's Beach...this on Monday...Hawk, Redtail, was on the Off Ramp Light Pole nearest the Sidewalk...paddled across the cross walk, and tried for pics...would have gotten some good lift off pics, but had to dodge bicyclist...Hawk flew to another Pole--second pic up...Hawk has been about the Poles like the last three times thereabout...Beach was quiet, few people about...just had the long lens with, and took pics as they presented...faraway Pelicans mostly...smog layer looked greenish...Sanderlings were foraging on the whole expanse of the Dry Beach...Huntington has a lot of Beach!...sunny warm, wispy cloudy sky, clouds a mix of all sorts...Surf was very small, and one lone surfer very good to make the most of the Waves...which is more than I can say for myself of a desultory afternoon!

Friday, November 14, 2014


Rolled out to 39's Beach Tuesday, and paddled along the Surf Line to the Pier...snacked in Duke's sports bar...very nice...Tuesday Fish Taco special for snack...still haven't found a Fish Taco plate like the Lee Vining Mobil Station has...Pier quiet, Beach too...clear windy that afternoon...oh...forgot to post Monarch pic from a few days back...Monarch was on the frontyard Jacaranda...Mountain view from where I sit in front of the Donut Shop by the plastic table on the plastic chair, alone...if the old guy gathering is thereabout, I sit inside...and if they're inside, I go for a walk!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dragons' Perch

WOW began a new expansion last night at midnight, actually it was fifteen minutes early, and I was lucky to be at the Dark Portal for the start of Warlords of Draenor!...much fun...I was able to get my outpost started with Tukut, my Hunter...and much sleepy today, along with many others I imagine! top pic, Tukut is on the left on my netherwing purple drake...and hovers a bit in the clip!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Balboa Seal

I thought to take a break a few days back from sanding the bedroom hardwood floor, muscles in my back were stiffening up, and for a change, I thought to paint the bathroom, and while up on the chair cutting in, I contemplated the tile floor, which badly needed cleaning, or replacing, and noted the toilet was sinking towards the back of it into the tile(linoleum)...ugh...I dunno, seems like a week, fussing with tile, new toilet flange, new shut off valve, almost a new toilet, but the old one works good, so kept it, new towel racks, new paint, and a lot of frustration, and didn't give my back a rest at all...been leaned over like a really old guy until today...I cant rehab the old house to where it's like professional...I don't have the skills, or funds...the bathroom needs to be completely rehabbed down to the joists, as the subterranean termite ants have eaten away some--under the toilet a gaping hole, and a smaller one by the tub...last time I made a replacement wood patch under the toilet in 1995, I talked with old Mr. Clark about it...he was doing handyman things, and related that in all the old neighborhood houses the bathroom floors were going, bathtubs sinking and such...that hasn't happened in my house yet, but will...and he explained how to get one of the old iron tubs out one has to open a hole in the exterior wall beside it...that's a bit daunting!...anyway, the bathroom is livable, useable, and off the to do list...for awhile!...still have to mess with the old tub surrounding tile grouting, and the slow faucet drip...and the toilet shut off gurgles...and it's just endless...there's so much else in the house to do!...made two fluttering forays to Balboa during the week, pics up from visit yesterday evening...clear warm cloudbank out by Catalina...I thought not to post up the rehab pics, but wth, someone may be confronted with similar plight!
Old shut off valve installed in '95--broken

I forgot it was compression connection, and spun round and round until I held the botton with wrench!

House has copper pipe, which replaced the original galvanized, luckily!

New flange--see lower pic of iron pipe...

A fine mess...and lots of tools needed!

1/4 inch hardboard on 3/4 plywood...maybe last 'till as long as last time in '95!

I used some four inch pine to cover holes, and around the baseboard, which has damage too...and I had some paint from doing the medicine cabinet mirror frame!

The Pit--lead was used to mount the old flange, and a puzzle until plumbing supply explained why my piping was so wide!  Lead removed easily, and old iron still good--luckily!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Voted

I Voted

Neighbor's shy cat



Long way to go...

Persimmon Tree

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Water Ouzel Poem by Harriet Monroe

The Water Ouzel

by Harriet Monroe

Little brown surf-bather of the mountains!
Spirit of foam, lover of cataracts, shaking your wings in falling waters!
Have you no fear of the roar and rush when Nevada plunges —
Nevada, the shapely dancer, feeling her way with slim white fingers?
How dare you dash at Yosemite the mighty —
Tall, white limbed Yosemite, leaping down, down over the cliff?
Is it not enough to lean on the blue air of mountains?
Is it not enough to rest with your mate at timberline, in bushes that hug
  the rocks?
Must you fly through mad waters where the heaped-up granite breaks them?
Must you batter your wings in the torrent?
Must you plunge for life and death through the foam?
- See more at:

This is just brief post about this poem I found with 'ouzel poem' search last night...sometimes when I sign off in the wee hours, I'll put a word, any word, in the google search box, and add 'poem'...likely it seems that every word has had a poem written about it, or at least included in a poem!  It's a charming poem, very true to the Valley, and too Ouzel, and, as it turns out, to John Muir...Harriet Monroe in 1908 was on a trek with the Sierra Club, and Muir, and wrote about's link to old Sierra Club Bulletin...well, link is to Muir's charming Ouzel's Monroe story:


I wonder sometimes if there was ever such another lover of nature as John Muir. Never at least for me! He really loved every littlest thing that grows; studied the mole, the beetle, the lily, with complete and perfect sympathy. And for his glorious commanding love nothing was too sublime - not the sequoia, the cataract, the blizzard in the mountains.


Her meeting with Muir has a a young writer, she was determined, and a church mouse, having not much funds, but a poem she published was republished illegally, and she garnered five thousand dollars for the copyright violation, or so wiki's take has it, and with this, and another five thousand from interested donors, she started up Poetry, the famous magazine with Pegasus...Cal State Fullerton library had a shelf of these, few of them ever opened, and I would sit on the library step stool and try and make sense of them...on occasion, I still do, but Poetry, and the Sierra Club Bulletin, have little of the charm today that they had back then...the magazine started up in 1915...Muir had a manner of speaking that impressed everyone...


John Muir was there, mounted on the horse which he rode now and then when no woman would accept the loan of it. He was rapt, entranced; he threw up his arm in a grand gesture. "This is the morning of creation," he cried, "the whole thing is beginning now! The mountains are singing together" - ah, I can not remember his dithyrambic p├Žan of praise, which flowed on as grandly as the great white waters beside us. Four days later I made of it this poem, which offers something of what he said, though his free biblical rhythms feel somewhat cramped in my rhymes, and it was I who dragged the human beings in:
It is creation's morning
Freshly the rivers run.
The cliffs, white brows adorning,
Sing to the shining sun.
The forest, plumed and crested,
Scales the steep granite wall.
The ranged peaks, glacier-breasted,
March to the festival.
The mountains dance together,
Lifting their domed heads high.
The cataract's foamy feather
Flaunts in the streaming sky.
Somewhere a babe is borning,
Somewhere a maid is won.
It is creation's morning
Now is the world begun.


A curio here is a post up I've been wanting to do about the Old the book I have about The Book of the Dead, the author in an essay grapples with the Egyptian world view, and has something like this to say...they didn't have a history of the moment of creation in the far distant past, like Adam and Eve, or like the Big Bang!, rather when they performed their ceremonies and rituals, and commemorated their creation stories, it wasn't about the past, but about that very day, that very morning... that creation, all of creation, was happening, beginning right then...for sometime...oh...rained a little over the last two days...oh...and an, I see she is right about dragging the people in, well, right if she had left those two lines out!...