Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Does And Fawns

It looked like Two Fawns were together with Doe in foreground...I haven't seen Two Fawns together in awhile..pic taken beside Cabin on rollover to Village to retrieve art show pics....only out and back today!...sunny blueblue, much worry over the wind, emergency evacuation plans posted on door, but so far this evening not too windy, perfectly still at moment, one Wind Fallen Tree squished car in Tenaya Lake quiet, and the surface calm, early this morning...and Tioga might be closed becasue of wind fallen Trees of Hawk, Redtail, soaring by the Falls....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Art Show

Well, I was all geared up at 5 am and ready to roll down the hill, but thought to check the tv news for weather in the Big Valley--fog...hmmph, well, I thought, I can go to the East Side with Tioga open...and lay back on the bunk to wait a bit for Breakfast time at Last Chance...and dozed off, and pretty much remained somnolent all day!, even through the roofers tap tapping like Woodpeckers!!...a lost day, I'd say, but in the evening the resident art show had a last day party, and I paddled over thataway around 5 pm....and it was a fine time...and I wish I'd taken my camera for memory pics, and looking about at the group, noted other photogs and such hadn't brought theirs either...kinda sunny hazy warm, I think...pic up has memories I can't photograph, but can 'memory pic'!!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Kinglet pic from last, while waiting for the Shuttle in the Village, Kinglets were overhead in the Pines...Brown Creeper about too...time of Season for Kinglets...overcast, sorta, finally cleared at dusk, Sunset, sat awhile at Owl Log...quiet...Ouzel, Flicker, Raven...Deer tracks...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

White-throated Sparrow

Sparrow from Tuesday's walkabout, beside the Path near Ozone Beach...and clip of Kingfisher from Tuesday too...I figured out how to post up a cropped pic large bar has new selections for blog pic is x-large!!..will go back and edit Pygmy Owl post...sunny blueblue warm, yesterday too...roofers almost done...just the rain guttering, and shingles, to do, and the gutter goes around the Cabin Cedar...reports of Sentinel and Ponderosa hooo hoooing in the Morning in Flicker Grove...heard Pygmy Owl in the middle of the Night...and Tioga Road is open...oh...xtra large is too big for the blog framing!...try large....oh...and Pileated Woodpecker reported at Mirror Lake...

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kingfisher and Pygmy Owl

hmmph....usually when I post up a crop of a pic, it expands to full frame, so one sees a close up...and I tried that because the new blog photo viewing hasn't the double zoom-in like it did!...hmmph..and all I have of Pygmy Owl is the clip...pic is still frame...and clip is the rarest of all my photos and clips!!! it came about:...thought to sleep ''till noon', at least, but the roofers were hammering and such, so went to Breakfast, with all the gear along, and then thought to go to  Bobcat Meadow and find a Sunny Spot, to just sit and be warm...oh!...on the way to Breakfast, White-throated, for sometime, and a new bird, for me....crossing the Creek Bridge, sighted Five Mallards...pic for sometime...and thought to go downcreek to get ahead of Duck Harbor, crossed the Creek, and sat awhile...too shady!...thought to go to Creek's End, and as I approached, Kingfisher was perched on the Leaning Cedars....oh!!, a much hoped for pose!....set up the digi with the new Bungees, and got the porthole clip, clip up, and one more zoomed clip, bit blurry but okay, and farfar away, but Kingfisher!...Kingfisher flew off to the far shore of the Merced, and perched in the Cottonwoods near Half Stump....set up by Owl Log, and another farfar away clip, but Kingfisher!...Kingfisher clips for sometime...some photogs were moving along the shore, and Kingfisher flew up, and my way...some quick pics of Kingfisher in the Cottonwoods...and then Kingfisher flew up the Creek, chattering all the while...I set up on the Shingle, and waitedwaited...moved upcreek to Zeke's Perch (by the Tiki Outlet), and sighted Kingfisher on the farshore in the Black Oak...Kingfisher snoozed a bit, and then flew past back to the Cottonwoods,and beyond Half Stump...this I saw following best I could!...and it was thereabout on the Near Shore, near the Willow, I startled Winter Wren, I thought, and Wren, kinda large for Wren, I thought, flew to a Small Pine, perched, and I had time to set up the digi...and on review of clip, I saw Wren was Pygmy Owl!...if I had to to predict how and where I would see Owl, it would be: by chance perched on a Tree Branch at eye level, and somewhere along the Merced on the edge of the Woods, and so it happened, one of the grandest pursuits I have had hereabout!!!...along with Kingfisher!, a fine walk...for sometime, I hope to get pics and clips of Kingfisher and Owl from not so farfar away!!!...more report tomorrow...sunny blueandhazy cold...yesterday, report, with camerphone clip, of Two Young Bucks jousting by the Rocky Slope Climbing Wall, with Does looking on...digiscope works better with the Bungees!!...Bridge Mallards arrived at Creek's End, overlooked a bit....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Blueblue Day Hawk

Back from the Village and errands, and about to put the gear up, heard Blue Jay scolding across the Road from the Cabin...paddled over...photog sighting on the Sky, or the Rim, or..oh...Hawk!, Redtail...took some pics too, and it looked to be Hawk would stay awhile, so gathered the tripod from the Cabin...more pics...Hawk flew to a Ponderosa, then while fiddling with the digi scope, I lost sight, but heard one call form Hawk high against the Wall...a few more pics!....Doe was at Lower Falls...I'd hopped off the Shuttle at Bobcat Meadow...thought I'd seen Hawk perched, but just Leaves, which sparkle silver sometime in the Magnificent Light...scanned the Meadow, and thought how Hawk should be about in the Magnificent Blue, back at the Cabin, some luck!...sunny blueblue cold, ice on the Road to slip on in the morning...heard Pygmy Owl behind the Rooms around ten am two days back...while taking Hawk clip, scope tilted way back and the bracket slipping off, as it does when everything tilted back, I lost another Hawk clip and pics, and with this in mind, fiddled once again with the whole digi arrangement, and I think I got it figured out!, with help from some small Bungee Chords...tomorrowmorrow I'll try it out...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

no pics today

No pics yesterday  too...hmmph...I did Shuttle back and forth to Village yesterday....books came...and Antlered Buck by the Cabin last night....sunny blueblue, todayyesterday, storm on the way, maybe...roofers seem to think so...put plastic over the work being done on the Cabin....staying up late, and trying to sleep through the hammering--shingle removal--has been problematic...the books!....Pausanias, Description of Greece, Loeb Classical Library, edited by R. I. Wycherley...Pausanias was an early report for sometime....a dry weekend, news reports..hmmph...oh.....on the news, Six Point Buck in the Suburbs...captured safely, and to be set free in the wilds....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Out and about for a short walkabout in the Late Afternoon...Mama Doe and One Fawn by the Perfect at Last Chance, and too, snacked at Ozone Beach...Two Mama Does with One Fawns across on the Far Shore...hard to see, and not sure...maybe more Deer...One Doe and Fawn crossed at the River at Cottonwood Bend....thought to make Inside Loop...but two tourists about...Valley so quiet now that just one or two tourists about in a Meadow, or on the Trail, well, twos a crowd! to have things to oneself, but better to share...anyway...Two Top Pine Meadow quiet...returned, and paddled back to the Cattails to check for Owl...quiet...continued to Creek's End...quiet too...made one more pass through the Woods..quiet, until one hooo hooooo....Sentinel...tried to locate, and nearly left off, and one more hoooo the Cattails!, I thought...but no, quiet...and then the hooo hoooos started in earnest...Ponderosa and Sentinel serenading...followed here and there, but couldn't sight...thought to hand hold the waterproof and record the singing, but missed turning on clip...hmmph...and when I did sight Ponderosa, pic and clip..the clip with newer camera again is silent...I think what happens is when I set the newer camera to 'crop'.-avi clip cropped-the sound recording doesn't click in, or something...oh, this has decided me to get the new point and has the terrific stereo recording, and much easier to handhold, and the long lens reach thrown in...for what I'm about, it works a bit better than the big do 300 lens and up are Ponderosa...artsy photoshopped Half Dome from Creek's End is bottom pic...Outdoor Photography came with a photoshopped cover...seems to be the thing to do...sunny patchy clouds warm...was up late getting wow downloads, uploads, whatever, to work..and playing a bit...well, it was another all nighter...sheesh...slept 'till two in the afternoon..,.somehow, I want to do some like dawn to noon walkabouts, somehow!!...Mallard quacking at Last Light at Creek's End, during the hooo hooooos...

And I looked about, reluctantly, for the Klamath River Grey Whale, knowing it could only be a sad tale, which it is, but honorable, I'd say...
The whale revived memories of a story told by late tribal member Fannie Flounder and recounted by anthropologist Theodora Kroeber in the book, "The Inland Whale."
"She said when the whale is in the river, it means the world is out of balance ... things aren't the way they should be," said Janet Wortman, a relative of Flounder and partner in the Requa Inn. "Fannie said you all need to get together and pray and dance and beat your feet on the ground and that will tilt the earth back the way it is supposed to be."

Monday, November 14, 2011

Grey Squirrel

Actually, pics are of Two Grey Squirrels, taken in the Oaks, which haven't any Acorns...Squirrels are digging up Old Acorns....paddled over to the Village, and returned through Bobcat Meadow, and made the Outside Loop....quiet...Raven, Acorn Woodpeckers, Robins, Flicker, Creeper call, Two Does and One Fawn by the Merced when I made the turn at Two Top Pine Meadow....stopped awhile in the Village awhile to see the residents art show....cloudy, patches of blue, yesterday of Two Coyotes at Trail Head near Chinquapen...oh...too bushed after work last night to even post a no pics post!....wrath of the lick king expansion came in the to update...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

no pics today

No reports either!...hmmph...sunny blueblue, I think, or maybe overcast, dont know what happened to the storm is very's been a get in the park free weekend, and Siberia has closed up, so only reasonably priced place to eat is Last Chance!....double hmmph...

Friday, November 11, 2011

no pics today

Little bit of Rain on the way to work...sprinkles through the old report of Mountain Lion at Nevada this evening of Hawk with 'light grey head' in Two Top Pine Meadow....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

no pics today

Heard Pileated Woodpecker call in the Backyard, behind the Fence, on the way to work...sunny cloudy cool....this morning, took time to do some pic prints for friends....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

no pics today

Report of Mountain Lion in the A Meadow last night....I slept right up until worktime, past a bit getting ready time....sunny hazy blue cold, I think....last Night's chicken strips didn't agree with me, along with the wet feet, and glad now to be lazing in  the bunk, warm and comfy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Doe and Fawn

Mama Doe and One Fawn were beside the Path near the Perfect Dogwood...bottom pic..paddled past on the way to Two Top Pine Meadow and the Magnificent Afternoon Light..tried for Woodpecker pics at the Broken Cottonwood in the Cottonwoods by the Merced...not much luck, and Light fading...heard Blue Jays scolding on the Far Side of the River, and thought, what the heck, maybe it will change my luck, so waded the River, and tried to locate Blue Jays...but Blue Jays fell silent...retrieved the Paper Bag of Snacks I had along with some effort and time, and concern for my wet, cold, feet!....continued over to Swinging Bridge, and returned to the Woods...paddling along the Diversion Channel, sighted the Full Moon peeking around Half Dome's shoulder...hurried over to Cottonwood Bend, trying to find angle, giving heads up to tourists...moving along the River, I sighted Mama Doe and One Fawn again, near the Apple Tree, and that seemed the place to be...tourist too found the spot, and we shared watching the Moon Over Half Dome...can't see this and not think of AA's pic!...continued on to Creek's End...formation of Six or so Mallards flying over, Moon higher, and things too dark, but a memory pic!...Mallards in the River and Creek too, quacking...back in Two Top, Robins, DownyOrHairy Woodpecker, Blue Birds, Acorn Woodpeckers, Ravens, Blue Jays...Grey Squirrels about...sunny blueblue cool, almost cold....thought to do Critter Count Day today, and should have last weekend, but a Dawn to Sunset day in the cold was too daunting...hmmph...make up next weekend...which will likely be colder!...doing hikes and such in the Valley and Park requires a kinda pre-determination to overcome one's inertia to stay warm and comfy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Jeep Squirrel

Jeep Squirrel pic from morning walk to the late afternoon, paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow following Pileated Woodpecker...Pileated was flying high like Raven, and calling all the while...Meadow quiet when I got there..scenic pics...returned to the Woods and sat awhile at Creek's End until Light gone...quiet...Deer tracks in the Diversion Channel...Ouzel, Robin, Blue Jay, Flicker....rolled over to the Village for Mail, about the only rolling I've done in Silver for weeks...maybe Squirrel is telling me something...over heard stories, Squirrels making Nests in parked cars' engine compartments...checked under the hood, and inside Mice either!...sunny with clouds, late afternoon, just clouds, it Winter?...Storm on the way for this weekend....oh...tonight, returning to the Cabin with to go chicken strips, sighted Coyote nosing around the Sheds...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snowy Morning

Snowed a bit in the middle of up from on the way to Breakfast...storm clearing clouds in the morning, sunny and clouds in the afternoon, cool, cold tonight...Snow melted away mostly during the of Screech Owl in Mid Pines...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fawn and Does

At Lunch: sat awhile under the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach...quiet...Robin, Ouzel, Acorn Woodpecker, Raven, and Owl call..on hearing Owl, Sentinel, I looked up the Diversion Channnel, and thereabout Two Does and One pic only pic not too dark...wasn't time to look for Sentinel...sunny cloudy cool, few sprinkles beginning tonight...well, tonight is daylight savings time...'at lunch' has been the blog's staple of late, and tomorrow at lunch at work it will be dark...will just have to alter the effort to 'at breakfast'...


At Lunch: when I reached the Path, sighted Deer in the Low Area thereabout, a jumble of Fallen Trees, and some Willows...tried to count Fawns, and maybe Two Fawns...and Fawns were curious about Young Buck...Deer moved over to the Diversion Chammel and into the Woods...I continued to the Cotonwoods at Ozone Beach...didn't sit, Log wet from the Snow and Rain, so just stood....pic of the Cottonwoods across the River reflected, and pic of the Cottonwoods...not much Light at Lunch now, and soon daylight saving times, and no lunch sits until Spring on workdays...Robin, Ouzel, Acorn Woodpecker...quiet...on return, past the Rooms and almost to the Road, thought I heard Owl, and trotted back to the Path...walked the Path, listening, and smiled hearing Sentinel and Ponderosa.... hooo hooooo hoo hooo hooo hooooo....very cool...snowed a bit around midnight last night, and snow didn't melt off much, the day that cool, one brief snowrain shower on the way to work, but mostly a clear day with broken up storm clouds.... Mists at lunch, there will be Mists in the Morning...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doe and Fawn

At Lunch: sat awhile under the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach...near time to return, Mama Doe and One Fawn came down to the two pics and last pic...second from bottom pic, Doe, Fawn, and Cottonwoods, from yesterday...Half Dome and Ozone Cottonwoods seen from Cottonwood Bend from Tuesday evening...quiet this evening, a late lunch, Clouds just beginning to come in..third pic from top...Robin, Ouzel, Acorn Woodpecker, Raven....sunny blue hazy high clouds, cool in evening, and tonight, it's raining a bit, and cold enough for maybe snow any moment, news reports it will be brief of Bobcat by the Rooms...Deer in Two Top Pine Meadow...oh, it was Windy this afternoon, Broad Lead Maple Leaves blowing into Last Chance when ever the Doors opened...and I thought it a fine thing to just be outside, instead of inside! tonight taken with 6400 was that dark..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Doe and Fawn

At Lunch: sat awhile under the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach...Robin, Blue Jay, and Pygmy Owl--two calls....sunny blueblue warm, cool this evening...what with the Wind last night, and the coolness tonight, does seem a Storm is on the way! of dust up between Doe and Coyote by the Burnt Forest--Doe protecting Fawn...'Fawn ran one way, and Doe went after Coyote'....hiking friend did the Falls trail from Ten Lakes trail head to the Valley, and report it very critter quiet...and a bumper crop of Acorns in Groveland....need to check to see how Oaks doing hereabout...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happened on Four Deer by the Creek...followed from the Fallen Cedars, to Creek's End, along the Diversion Channel to Ozone Beach...lost Deer there, but found Four More Deer...followed to the Burnt Forest...diverted there by Two Pileated Woodpeckershigh on a Snag...clip...and lots of hd and avi clips of Deer!...all this in late afternoon...Dogwoods were first stop in the Backyard, but quiet...Ouzel in the Deer clips..Ouzel flew into view, and was able to pan with camrea...oh!, if I had time, but hd clips are very time consuming to edit and upload...for sometime with more time!...anyway, a fine walk...on return, sighted Two Point Buck at Cottonwood Bend, and on way through Woods, Doe and One up...all the Does had One Fawn....last sighting may have been earlier Doe, but all toll, maybe Four Does, each with Fawn...sunny blueblue warm, and breezy...hd clip of Pine Needless in the Wind, taken from the Pines...the Pines have a Fall change too...Needles turning brown and dropping...