Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit pics from Sacramento Wildlife Refuge...Sunrise off Freeway near odd thing is that on the Rollabout I tend to get gas, and stop at Rest Stops, at the same places!...Geese and first Two Bird pics were at Rest Stop...curious to know the Mountains in distance...Duck pics at Sacremento, and Sparrows...some pics are New Birds, for me, and tomorrowmorrow I'll go through the Books for ids...hereabout, Snowed a bit, but so warm Tonight, it will melt away a lot by of Bobcat in Bobcat Meadow...'very big' Bobcat...and I didn't know Jack Rabbit is so big!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Tule Lake Bald Eagle

I updated Eagles, and Eagle, posts, see below, with clip links...pic up is One Eagle I saw at Tule Lake...I reached Tule the first day, after leaving Valley like at 3 am...not quite an all night drive...when I reached Stockton, the Sun came for sometime...and traffic reports on the Radio told of traffic jam at Pass to San, so, I went to Tule rather than Ft. Bragg...I become something of a Dandelion Thistle when on the Road...anyway...after the stop at Sacramento Wildlife Refuge, pics and clips for sometime, I kept on to Tule, except for a looksee at Cottonwood (I have a fascination for Towns named Cottonwood...(a Cottonwood in Arizona is on visit list ever since I read Bobcat wandered into local Bar and frghtened the patrons!), and once at Tule...oh...Shasta pic and Hawk clips along the way, for certain Tule, it was very windy...Lake all churned up and brownish...tough to sight Birds on Windy Days...and I sighted Eagle while trying to get pics of Shovelnose Ducks...which I think will be tomorrowmorrows post!...sunny a few clouds, warm, hereabout today...quiet at Ozone Beach at Lunch...Robins, Flicker, Blue Jays...Falls are full, Moon is getting there---headsup for Moonbow fans...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Otters

On my vacation's last Day, return to the Valley Day, I thought to visit Elkhorn Slough, but no luck, Elkhorn is closed on Monday and Tuesday, though I think one can gain access, but it all looked too problematic, and I rolled over to the Landing, and Three Otters were playing...pic of Hawk flying out from Plum Tree on 140 nearing Merced...had thought to visit the Refuges along the way, but was anxious to get back to the Lunch today: sat awhile under the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach...Song Sparrow, Robins, Blue Jays....earlier, Ground Squirrel on the Cabin Roof...earlier too, Shuttled about looking for Boots, and found some, Solomons, that fit my thirteen size feet...I am exactly size thirteen, and the other brands, I tried on several, all dont fit my right foot--I think there is a flaw in the shoes' manufacturing!...feets grateful for the new Boots!....cloudy sunny sometimes, cool...the Activity Center has started up the Art Classes...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two Otters

On the rollabout (same route as in January!), after leaving Ft. Bragg, I made a visit to Ft. Ross, my second, but only visited the Museum, which is very good, and reading about the Otter Trade the Russians pursued (and tried to manage with quotas, which may be a first), the exhibits brought to mind the Otters at Moss Landing, which is where I was going, and on the Road I considered things in between Ft. Ross and Moss Landing. a long days contemplation! and clips from that day for sometime...hereabout today, Deer by the Cabin...Three Does, Two Fawns...cloudy cool...Flowers are blooming in the Merced Canyon...need a blueblue sunny day for Poppy pic!....oh...the little blue ribbon tag is back on the Last Chance Ponderosa, a Giant the tourists often put their arms around for Tree Hugger pics....

At youTube now, after veiwing one of the clips, it can be followed by another, and another, which is kinda cool, as one can see the clips together...a problem is if I subscribe to other youTubes, then, like with facebook's news feeds, the clips of all the subscriptions are in the que...I'm trying to keep the blog as compact as possible, and on point so to speak, so I'm not subscribing to other youTubes, though I visit plenty of them....youTube has become something to be reckoned with, as is facebook...I have a facebook page, friend wanted me to look at their pics thereabout, so needed a page of my own...this is a drawback of facebook...blogger, anyone can visit page, with or without having a blog....and youTube is part of google, and has this 'compactness' is easy for things to get 'overwrought'....overwrought is a word I've been contemplating of late...just talked to artist friend, and they were going on about capturing detail with live observation, and photos, of the Valley for their was always a dilemma in art class when to decide when enough detail!....anyway, for some reason, the hd clips upload to youTube faster than avis, and faster than mpegs to blogger, and just having a link to youTube on the blog page makes it load a little faster, so there are benefits to putting clips on youTube...but I miss having the little clip, the pics, and the text all together...hmpph...but the hd clips are cool...hmmph,,,,when I finish a clip upload, I can with one clic share it to my facebook wall, and for a little while to the facebook, of late, clips are here, and there...awhile back, I backed up the blog to my yahoo mail, and one can back up blogs by downloading to drive, or even having hard copies made...and I think pdf files can be made....oh...facebook is a bit overwrought--thought I was reaching for back a bit...

Monday, March 26, 2012


There's a clip (here's the clip at youTube:    )with this pic, which is a still, and the clip was a bit of a mystery that I had to watch several times to figure out!...until I get back to the Valley, and can upload the clip, like tomorrowmorrow, I'll leave off with this puzzling pic!

Happy Birthday Robert Frost

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Haul Road

Haul Road, named, I think, for the Redwood Trees that were moved along it to the Coast, is now a Path through the Ten Mile goes on and on....I dont know how long it takes to walk the whole Road...I did the Southern section to where it was washed out, and thought to walk the northern section to that point, but left off after a couple miles....but it is wonderful to know the Dunes are that big!....but the Dunes very quiet today, likely because of Rain, and being early Spring....pic and clips, and report of more of the Day for sometime....rainy cloudy cool....Haul Road is part of the State Park thereabout, and a very nice Park it is!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Sighted Eagle beside the Rogue River, Lion thereabout too,,,Pitcher Plants beside the Smith River...TriFlower beside Seasick Road...a long day!!....have clip to go with Eagle pic....for sometime...and made it to Ft. Bragg...Volcano disaster movie on....lots of volcanism in Oregon and Northern California...Osprey Nest is gone at Klamath River...and Elk were grazing at the Elk Cabins Resort!...missed pic of Elk...and others too, like all the Redwoods...,,,needed to keep  rolling!...snow fog cloudy cool, and rain I guess tomorrow...have rain gear, but forgot water resistant boots...hmmph...well...there is a Town with Stores here!....

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Pics up from yesterday....I'd left off from Tule Lake,,,pics and clips for sometime soon, and, driving into the Setting Sun, the Sprinklers, and Power Pole Wires, were saying, 'well?', but I continued, continued, and the Light was going to fade soon, and I turned around....after  the Sprinkler pic, I turned around, 'oh!', and took the Poles pic, and turned back and took the Wire, rollabout and walkabout with W.....the Museum in Klamath Falls is a must, clips and pics, for sometime soon....light snow overnight, cloudy, cool...continuing to the Coast tomorrwmorrow!


(post updated, clip link added)
=, lOh, pics are stills from very cool, and very fafar away,clips...youTube upload will have to wait for faster upload connection, like when I return to the Valley...presently, it's almost six am in Klamath Falls...go for a walk in a minute, River is nearby....a long day rollabout to report with clips and pics...for sometime soon...oh...connection is snail...hmmmph...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bird Call And Grey Squirrel

At First Light, paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow as far as the Broken Cottonwood...yi's made a Use Path in the Snow, and Plow cleared the Path, so, made the Outside Loop counterclockwise too....quiet....looked for Tracks, but no luck...Bird call at the Chapel...I've heard this call before, and may have id, but cant recall!...and Grey Squirrel was running about the Tiki Palace--see clips...sunny blue some clouds...there was a spectacular Sunset on the Wall by Sentinel...Tourists I passed on the way to Last Chance for Dinner were stopped in their tracks, and bumping into me while looking backwards!...feel remiss that I didn't go for a Last Light walk...studied visit destinations--there is a Canoeing Route at the Klamath Refuge...not sure to go...Snow hereabout made me realize the rollaround Roads at the Refuges might be Snow covered and closed...checked web cam at Lava Tubes...looks okay, so...I diverted from the whole indecision, and played wow most of the day!!!...tomorrowmorrow...friend asked where to go for Bird Call recordings on the web, and I said, 'google cornell birds'....I'm trying to think how to go about this when one only has a call recorded without a sighting!...ask a Birder of course-I'm often asked, and make the asker discomforted by asking them to make the sound, like Flicker's mating call!

Snowy Day Ouzels

Pic and clip up from Yesterday's Walkabout, during which I got some blisters on my heels--Boots were tied loose, Snow got, this morning, Shuttled back and forth to the Village for Mail, snoozed, paddled out to Last Chance for Dinner, snoozed--I'm trying to tank up on sleep to make the Rollabout Loop...I have a few days off...thought is to roll to Eagle Road, and over to the Coast and to Ten Mile River Dunes--two places from the Reconnoiter that are at the top of the Visit List...lots to do to get ready, so short post...sunny blue cold...Little Birds about the Cabin...tried for pics...looked to be Kinglets, Juncos, and Chickadees...the Giant Fallen Pine at Creek Bridge I thought a disappointment, as the View there looked lost when it fell (almost on the Bridge!), but in the Snow...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Snowy Day Mergansers

Out and about at First Light...a four hour walkabout--not far, but slow going in the Snow!, clips, and report, for tomorrowmorrow,..might be another knockdown morning!...pic and clip up of Merganser Pair near Cottonwood Bend...cloudy, snowy, a brief bit of sun, cool and cold and warm...walk was wonderfully quiet...for some reason, the small Snow Plows that clear the Paths weren't about...made for slow going on the Paths, but too, Meadows all quiet and great for clips...lots of clips...I'll try to upload to youTube as long a one as I can, which looks to be like fifteen minutes...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kingfisher And Bobcat

Paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow...scenic pics and report for tomorrowmorrow, which should be another knockdown Morning, that I want to be awake for!...Snow is so wet, listen to Drops in clips, that for pics one has to get out early before everything 'McArthur Parks'!...

Coyote Breakfast

Out and about early Yesterday morning (nowabout it's before Dawn, and I'm waiting to go out and about in the new Snow), and lots of Mist over Two Top Pine Meadow...thereabout, in the Burnt Forest, Hawk, Redshoulder, call...tried to reach, but no luck, again...Redwings at the Slough...while taking clip, sighted Coyote...and, luck--like ten minutes of Coyote clip...the 30x makes thing much easier than the digi scope...think the waterproof is miffed at being left behind--can't find the battery charger, but have another on order...the waterproof takes good stills, and hand held clips, and digis, so it will always be along too...when all geared up, I carry now the newer dslr camera with the 70-300 telephoto, the 30x, the waterproof, with scope, the older dslr with 18-135 kit lens it came with (broke my 50mm), and the lightweight small tripod, and the larger tripod, and the cell phone camera too!....this  all that might be in Silver when I rollabout, and on rare occasions, I take all this on walk, like if I know for certain some Critters will be in knockdown setting and posing...this may seem like a lot of stuff!...but most photogs carry all this, but it's all extra lenses..the digi cameras, the point and shoots in particular, are so light, and small, one can just carry them like extra lenses...anyway anyway, there was a real Dawn Chorus that lasted yesterday morning...listen to clip!...cloudy cool rainy...fifteen minutes to Last Chance breakfast time...and then the might Snow a lot today...right now I think a pause in Snow Fall, and maybe, I hope, clear enough for a little while...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Newt Road

Yesterday, gathered the gear before Sunrise, and after Breakfast at Last Chance, and still very dark, paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow...Hawk, Redshoulder, calling over by Swinging Bridge on the opposite Shore of the Merced...tried to reach, but Hawk flew out, calling, across the Meadow to the Burnt call there...followed, but no luck...some Meadow scenics--Mists about...quiet..Mallard call, Blue Birds, Ravens, lots of Blue Jays calling on the way..oh!...sighted Kingfisher at Creek's End...but that was morning before...I think...not getting sleep tends to telescope memories!...anyway...thought was to roll down the hill with the Sun shining for Flowers in the Merced Canyon...but on return to Cabin to retrieve charged Batteries, checked weather report, and Rain... curled up and morning, feeling remiss, and in spite of no sleep, still (too much wow), gathered the gear, and did roll down the Canyon around eight am, needing to be back by 1 back at twelve, after Breakfast at Happy Burger, gas--premium 4.71, and a rollabout on a new road, for me, henceforth Newt Road, and I think I'll keep this one secret--for me...the thought of places becoming photog popular of late, like the Horsetail Firefall frenzy, gives one pause...anyway...pic and hd youTube clip of Newt...some Flowers are blooming, and a few Poppies, which of course were all closed up in the Rain this morning...Hite Cove frenzy quiet...but I think it will be a good Flower bloom in the Canyon..the beginning now is at the base of Briceberg Grade--one section thereabout has Poppies...cloudy, cool, sprinkles, warm....I could have picked Newt up and taken some clips thataway, but didn't want to, my taking pics, is a bit like golf--you play the lie your in.....which is counsel I'd give the Indians in Wyoming all too eager to acquire Bald Eagle Feathers!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow...Coyote thereabout...clip and pic...sat awhile at the Fallen Snag, this near the Bend past the Slough...not many places to perch since High Water last Spring took away the Fallen Snags around the Broken Cottonwood...the Fallen Snag has good sight lines...forward, twelve. I can see over to Rocky Point, two o clock, the Falls, three, Clouds Rest, five, the Merced, six, Sentinel, eight, Sentinel Beach, nine, the Woods across the River where I heard Owl, and ten, Beaver Bend...Beaver Bend is like a pinch point--any Critter between the River and North Side Drive, moving East, will sort of pop out into the Meadow least that's the thought, which I've yet to see happen!...anyway, returned through the Burnt Forest, trying to locate Pygmy Owl call...Blue Bird clip along the way...Robins about, Mallard call, Merganser pair on the wing near Swinging Bridge...cloudy cool breezy at of Male Merganser at Ozone Beach Lunch yesterday thereabout, Robin, Pygmy, Mallard pair, Acorns, Ravens, and I think I heard of Bobcat in Two Top too...Storm coming reports say...thought to roll into the Canyon for Flower pics today...too much wow and slept most of the Day...tomorrow Flowers a must before the Storm...oh!...Redwing Black Birds have arrived in Bobcat Meadow....

A note about the Magnifier Tool...Windows 7 has a Magnifier Tool...see in's tricky to set up...and to open and close...but playing wow, I was desperate for someway to see text and such...on the lap top everything is tinytiny!...but I've gotten the hang of the Magnifier...I set it to about an inch tall, and four inches long...sorta like having bifocals!!...but my clicking on the action bars in wow has improved now because of it...and I can read the chat!...and I'm finding it use full too for post ups and browsing...Tara! Tara!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hairy Wodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker pic and clip from Monday evening by the Slough out in Two Top Pine Meadow...hd youTube link to, at Lunch: sat awhile at the Ozone Cottonwoods...quiet...Female Mallard, clip--Mallard quaking echoing, Pygmy Owl call, Robins, Acorns, Ravens, Ouzel...sunny blueblue warm...two day old report on web of Wood Duck, at Mirror Lake, I think...Pileated too..somewhere...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


hd youTube link, and pic, from yesterday by the Perfect Dogwood...paddled out to Two Top Pine Meadow at Last Light, and across Swinging Bridge and along the Merced to Sentinel Picnic Ground...quiet...Ouzel, Robins, Ravens, Mallard Pair back at the Ozone Cottonwoods...cloudy, light snowfall, cold, clearing at dusk...trying to think of caption...Dont Feed the Deer, of course...edited out part where I say just that...was a bit annoyed, but this goes on all the time...along with being annoyed!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Paddled out for Breakfast, after playing wow all night!...hmmph...there's a battleground called Arathi Basin, with landscape that sorta reminds me of the Valley...anyway...on the way to Breakfast, Deer Jam by the Perfect Dogwood...clip for sometime...have a few clips of tourists feeding Deer, and being too close--this clip has it all!...would have posted it tonight, but, after a sit awhile out in Two Top Pine Meadow (after nap after Breakfast!)--clip thereabout of Hairy Woodpecker, for sometime too--I sighted, heard first, Bear in the Woods behind the Ozone Cottonwoods...clips up...followed Bear back to Two Top Pine Meadow, with thought to get ahead on the Path, which all worked with the help of bangitybang noisy housekeeping truck which scared Bear up Pine, but when Bear came down and started towards me on Path, Sunlight was almost gone, again, so not quite all I hoped for, but very cool to see Bear--it's been awhile!...on Path thereabout now, Bobcat, Coyote, and Bear, over last few weeks...I've thought to sort my photos by locations...anyway...Blue Birds out in Two Top...Flickers calling everywhere...Pygmy Owls at Dusk too, while doing Bear clips, and later in Village when I went to Dinner...Flickers making mating calls..Pileated by the took pics of kids inside the Broken Cottonwood thereabout...oh...Deer at the beginning of the afternoon walk behind the five Does and Three is almost finished on the Rooms...lots of repairs done, including the Cabin's Roof!...and workers say one more week...hope the fence goes with them, and Deer can return to the Backyard, and Owl to Owl Woods...thought is that all the noise made Owl move...anyway...what a curio wow is!...tara tara!!... link above to Bear clip on youTube...reports almost daily of Bear seen from the Shuttles...and lots of reports of Flowers, Poppies mostly, beginning to bloom in the Merced Canyon....oh...Robins everywhere too...Juncos behind the Cabin...Two Mallards flyover on return from Two Top...dont know where Mallards are going to and fro...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ouzel Singing

Pic up from last week...Ouzel was on the Merced's Shore near the Slough in Two Top Pine's hd youTube link...
I put the computer's earphones on (too much gaming noise for neighbors when I play wow!), and can turn the clip's volume up--remarkable the pick up of the kodak 30x stereo mike--the old canon s3 is like this too...I think they are very much the same cameras!...anyway, at Lunch: sat awhile under the Cottonwoods at Ozone Beach...Snow has been turned into what my neighbor called, 'mashed potatoes', by the Rain...sometimes small snowflakes, and sometimes small raindrops...Ouzel, Raven, Acorns, Juncos...Coyote, Deer tracks...cloudy cool, work, carrying the coffe mate tray, a little tray that catches the drips, while carefully keeping the tray level, it was full, I sneezed...told friend, 'When I sneeze, I spill!"...gotta be something I can do with that...
link:  Goose Pond, Indiana: