Monday, July 30, 2012

Song Sparrow

Paddled out to Ozone Beach in the Evening, take out with, asian salad, gator aid, chocolate chip cookie, and set everything down at the Beach...Two Merganserlings fishing in the Merced, again...Two were about two evenings ago...dont know where Mama Merganser is about...while taking clip (too shaky to post, was using mono pod) heard Branches breaking back in the Woods...went to looksee, and with help, Doe with Ears Up Look, sighted Bear under one of the Apple Trees...too shaky clips!, but cool to see Bear...followed out the Diversion Channel, and along Path, joining tourists along the way, but Bear managed to evade everyone, and lost sight...returned to the Woods on way to Creek's End...Doe eating Apples now...Mama Mallard and Three at Creek's End...quiet...snacked...Bat, Violet Green Swallows, Phoebe back at Ozone, Ravens, evenings now, I Lunch sit awhile at Ozone...sunny hothot of Bear catching Fish in Merced, report of Mountain Lion in Midpines (neighbor's neighbor sighted Lion crossing Road), and media report of Pelican on 120 near the Tunnels...Pelican rescued...many young Pelicans stressed for food, it seems...pic up from Lunch sit.. I'm becoming fond of the big screen tv!...and with the earphones, I'm hearing and seeing the things I was missing with just the laptops screen and speakers...have to move posting old clips in avi to youTube up the sometime list!!....oh!...and this:
....I've been expecting such...and down the road, one will have an avatar, hopefully winged!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


At Lunch: sat awhile under the Cotonwoods at Ozone Beach...Robin, Sandpiper, PhorbesOrPeewees calling, Violet Green Swallows, Flicker call, Blue Jay, Mama Mallard and Three, and just as I picked up, sighted Mama Merganser and Two approaching by the Fallen Cedar...missed head on pics of Mergansers fishing..and tried for others, but not much light, and trade off for light and shutter speed...Mergansers cruise, often head down, and when sighting fish, accelerate, splashing,running on the surface, then nose/beak down, and submerge...oh..wish light was brighter! fish caught..occasion very like past season when Merganser did catch fish, and I pics!....Mama Doe and Two Fawns by the Perfect Dogwood Woods yesterday...tourists happy to too, as reports of Bear eating Fawns has been miserable...Buck, yearling?, was behind Rooms beside the Path...Doe, yearling?, by Cottonwoods at Lunch...sunny hothot blue with confectionar sugar clouds this evening...'forty five per cent of the country on drought watch'--overheard tourist....'druids rule!...'yes'....'going to gm'....'me too!'...conversation in warsong gulch(oh!..arathi basin I mean!...goldmine is thereabout:) needs to be there to understand...though there may really be where there is no there!!!...won that match...druids rule....

Monday, July 23, 2012

House Wren

House Wren pic from rollover to Convict Lake...that was July 3!...but new bird, for me, so want to add...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Windmill Hawk

As one nears Merced on 140 there is a Windmill where once, from yarts Bus, I sighted Hawk, and eversince, have gazed thereabout on rollabouts, hopeful that Hawk would be there when I'm in Silver and can pull over and stop!...passing the Windmill Monday Morning, these were my thoughts, and 'wait!' ....'Hawk is there!!...checked traffic, made a uee, and farfar away pic...tried for clip, but Hawk flew off...pic still cool...that Day, visited Merced Wildlife Refuge...Hawk and Duck and Blue Heron pics...and visited Applegate Zoo...Bobcat pic, which is a new favorite...and gives me pause...for most part, one wants to take wildlife pics in the Wild, even if there is a Road crowded with tourists out of camera view...idea is the surroundings should at least look wild...but that's not true to Critters' circumstance, is it?....thought is now to keep a camera eye out for Critters in not just wild settings....anyway, Bucks and Merganserling pics from that afternoon back in Valley...or maybe that was Tuesday Evening!...Bucks by Road in Chapel Meadow...Merganserlings, with Mama Merganser, by Swinging Bridge...,pic of Bird that maybe is fledgling I haven't id...while in Merced I purchased a big tv...32 inch...not as big as some!'s for playing wow, so I can see tiny text...butbut, I perused the blog with it, and 'am taken aback!...always thought folk would see blog as I see it on small computer screens, laptops and such...I dont particularly like oversize pics of Critters...I have a few...a Hawk pic bigger than Hawk dont quite seem right...but the big screens are here to stay, I'd say...will take getting used too...sunny blueblue hot...oh..some overcast today, and report of showers tomorrow...back on the Third I rolled over to the East for sometime...inbetween too, some At Lunch pics...Does now and then, and Merganserlings Two, or Three, and Mallardlings Three, or Two!, at Ozone Beach...not seen big Duck Families this Summer, or Fawns yet with Does...Falls have dried up work, I tried to explain my routine to friend...'first thing I see when I go on line is the splash page with news blurbs, which I pretty much skip to go to my blog, and see the newsefeed of the blogs I follow'...I  mean, those favorite blogs come ahead of email, and facebook, and Valley web reports...friend said they do much the same, but check sports...I'd check sports if I could follow sports!...but working evenings, and a problematic cable hook up, which is completely south at the moment, I've kinda given up  sports, and news in general...hmmph...anyway anyway, blogs out there are important, or something, and I feel like a favorite cartoon on the funny pages has stopped when I see a blog just, stop!...kinda frustrating, as I dont want to send off missive, 'hey, what's up!'...and be intrusive...bloggers, sorta like novelists, have to be left to their own devices, I know...but, bloggers should have a care for the blog readers, which are growing for all the blogs I suspect, and  should give a headsup, brb, on vacation, need a break, cant deal with it anymore!, whatever, notice...dont know, but the time has already arrived when a novelist with a novel being distributed on kindel like readers, enovels and such, can engage with the readers as they read, sorta, or something...some of this is in the wow's a novel of sorts, a blog of sorts...well, I'll go ruminate while waiting in the cue for warsong gulch!...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ground Squirrel

At Lunch: sat awhile at Ozone Beach...Ground Squirrel came by...first time sighting at Ozone...Ground Squirrel doesn't stray far from the Rooms hereabout...Starling perched too and up...Robin, Sandpiper, Flycatcher, not sure what Bird..tried for pic, no luck...Grosbeaks chirping....sunny blueblue Mama Doe with Fawn, somewhere in Valley....oh!..old web report I wanted to note of Weasel, all white, three Winters back, peeking out (pic on web) from under Boardwalk by CAD Beach in Chapel Meadow...and week or so back, report of Weasel sighting in Bobcat Meadow..Weasel 'very timid'....Ground Squirrel missing Tail!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Chipmonk was on the Sidewalk near the cars and busses, and I wonder if Chipmonk hitched a ride down from Glacier Point, where Chipmonks are often seen...I haven't seen Chipmonk near the Cabin since first year hereabout...maybe somewhere I have a pic or two from a Valley walkabout, but I dont recall...some miscellaneous reports: Some kinda cleanup happened awhile back back at Creek by the Tiki Temples...all the stored stuff, pipes and equipment and such, are all gone!... There are indeed more knawings at Beaver Bend...I have this conjecture that Beaver swims into the Valley once every Spring at High Water About, and nearly chews through a few Cottonwoods just to say, 'this is Beaver turf!' a self proclaimed representative of Critters hereabout, I sometimes feel that's what the blog is about!...hmmph...knawing indeed.... Friend reported being woke up by their dog barking, and just outside kitchten door (this in Midpines)Turkeys, and Turkeylings...which brought to mind Young Birds and Nests I've seen my ownself so far...I didn't find Ouzel Nest, but one Day walking out to Lower Falls passed the parked cars, I heard, 'are you a birder?'...binocs do that...tripod does 'are you aa'...anyway, two tourists from Tenesse reported Mama Ouzel feeding fledgling by the Creek Bridge...went to looksee, hoping to maybe find Nest, but no luck...butbut, one Morning after Breakfast, sitting at the RipRap by the Creek, Ouzel flew to a Fallen Fir, perched, and didn't bob!...watched awhile and thought this curious, and then Mama Ouzel flew to the Log and fed Ouzel Fledgling, flapping Wings as Fledgling do, and bobbing...while thereabout too, one lone Mallardling paddled by up the Creek...have clips of Three Mallardlings at Swinging Bridge, and Four Mallardlings at Ozone Beach, all escorted by Mama Mallards...sighted on walkabouts trying to locate pregnant Mama Doe,,,most walks I find Doe, but haven't been out since last Tuesday...hmmph...Acorn Woopecker Nest in Snag behind Rooms near Ozone, with Fledgling...Blackheaded Grosbeak Nest being attacked by Raven, and defended by Blue Jays, right next to Last Chance Lobby, Phoebe nest being defended and attacked by Blue Jay at the Ozone Cottonwoods (with clip), Starling fledgeling by the Patio Tables, and I hear peeep peep from Nests on short walk to work...reported Redtail on Osprey Road, and Faclon fledgling calling, and I'd report web reports, as seeing them I often feel I am really seeing them, but just one...Three Fledgling Great Horned Owls in Golden Gate Park....very cool...sunny blueblue hot....oh...Backyard Bear was in Backyard approaching neighbors' BBQ...after few pics, I felt myself compelled to yell 'Go Bear!'...and Bear rambled back into the Woods...this on way to work, so couldn't pursue, which I would have liked to, as it is a bit of a mystery just how Bear gets to the Woods in Summer without drawing a crowd....only Bear I've seen this Season....web report of Bear with Two Cubs at Glacier Point....

My post ups slowed a bit last few months, just two in June!....and for a long while it was a daily routine, nightly actually, to post...I'm a critter of routines!...and of  late, I have added wow to my routines, which often takes me into the wee hours....this may seem odd, that a video game would become such a routine, but one needs to learn things to play the game, which is remarkable in itself, and while I'm not sure what I'm learning, I feel as compelled to do so as I am to learn about Fauna and Flora hereabout....

ebook technology is approching the point that one can include clips in  the ebook....right now, zook and apple have this, and the ebooks get picked up by amazon and barnes and noble, and can be seen on all the new media things, phones and pads and such, andand, can be offered for sale very cheap, like a dollar....right now, I think, the clips are mp4s....will have to wait awhile for avi or even dvd...butbut, there are past posts I want to fully post...posts here often leave out a lot that I'd like to include...soso, another project on the horizon!....well, off to ramble in the wow woods with my druid toons!!!....ROAR!!