Monday, September 2, 2013


Awhile ago, I linked a post to my facebook friends, and ever since, a collection of these clips shows up daily on my facebook daily browse...if I see one I like, I link it to first, I was somewhat taken aback,  that the wimps just showed up on my personal feed, but I guess that happens when one links wimp, it's a sticky site!, but, fortunately, for/to me!, I find wimp so entertaining, that I'm glad of it...but a caution...

Now, somewhere in Robert Graves a curio I gathered was a bird, a crane of some sort, I think, that caught small fish, and set them in a circle...and of course too I gathered his Bower Bird poem,...brb...
well the poem is on the web in pdf copies of Graves' works...go look...and while looking...a stumbling through the tangle of Graves commentaries...Graves was a blogger's blogger!...I found this, from 2002 thread (helps if one is familiar with Graves to follow the gyrations, if one takes a look, but do!), here's bit...

Both the Bower Birds elaborate constructions and the Fallfishes large, but simpler, are art.

Their purpose is to please the female enough to induce her to chose him as mate.

This is classic Darwinian biology termed Female Choice ;Sexual Selection

To my mind, this is Darwin's most brilliant discovery for it reveals an activity which can leap-frog the evolution of a species by a factor of 10.

The key is the whim of the female.


No, not whim, females aren't capricious, though often misconstrued as such!...males, however...well. anyway, it's the bit about the Bower Bird, and included is the Fallfishes, another curio,  and a fish started off this post!, the one on wimp that does this...see links...go look!!!


Sunday, September 1, 2013