Thursday, April 28, 2016

OTI: Ten Poems and Notes 4/28/16

Open To Interpretation


OTI: Five Poems and Notes 4/27/16

Open to Interpretation


so, so,
you have your book
and I have mine
no ordinary ones these
their ours
setting side by side
closed, un introduced...
open yours!


some visit this
from far away you arrive
and we have shortened time
and lack prolonging funds
so, a crime to commit,
love in spite of all of it.


my artists classes served me well
all about you, you can tell,
reaching for your toes, where I've yet to dwell.


I'm flattered,
Your sibling flirted,
Maybe jealous
I'd slip in meeting
And forget her name too.
So, so, she asked and asked,
'Do you remember my name?'
'I'm not good with names at first, but let me think...'
Oh, it's weak, I weakness, I told you,
Apologetic, I recall
While sibling fixes me, tells me hers,
As I'm thinking yours...


It's ignoble I know
To be so selfish
With so many wanting
But we are just
One selective pair.


Notes:  The little poems aren't Skeltonics, or Doggerel, or, I don't know what, they're what I thought, fashioned somehow...'tumbling verse' might fit...
Skelton's verse are thought that, tumbling...and too a model for modern rap...once I was between rides, sitting by roadside in Ventura, hitchhiking, and began doing sing song verses, like Skelton's, this long before I learned of his works, this like '70 or so, and had the thought...'that sort of stuff could be popular''s take has it that Skelton wrote that way to be irreverent to the poetic orthodoxy of his time...every age has such...I have reservations about rap's profanities, but have always admired that it is a hark back to a time when poets extemporized, and indeed had rap like competitions...

I googled 'OTI acronym', thinking I might have filched someone's title...but nothing much out there...just ZunZuneo...gotta give 'm credit...that's a neat name for a twitter effort!



Monday, April 25, 2016

OTI: Five Poems with Notes

Open To Interpretation


Poke 'Like'
No, I mean,
Poke me like a fool asleep
When I have my self musings,
When my selfish words chase my tales,
Remind me to pay attention
With all you know I have, humbly...
"I understand." you say,
You, I,
The moment noted

Flowers and Humans

If I could speak to a rose
And flowers could listen
Would there be a trace of insincerity?
Your beauty bespeaks the rose,
My words hesitant, nervous,

Not Far

Under stress
My brain is frazzle slush
I'll go a very long way the wrong way
Before I re crystallize
And confront your bewildered look,
"Where were you going?"
No where ever far from you.


How strong am I?
Oh, I dunno,
Enough to wend this age
At any rate
And not become
An idiot.

The Dream Camera

I speculated there could be such
For real
And unsuspected to see such
In my dream
I reached for my pale blue camera
Resting on the concrete highway
Restraining walls
Between fleeing cars
Collided and stuck
I nearly was under rubble
I clambered through fallen things
To the roadway here
Let me show you
My dream camera's video can show
Project on a wall
All I saw that happened
A crowd fleeing from a wide entry
I thought looked ancient Egyptian...
My dream memory erased,
But the pale blue camera,
The dream camera 
Still there
Somewhere in the rubble...


Notes: Somewhere, I have the old list (I've noted this before) of all the rules I use when I write poems...and as recalled, I posted them one by one each
Sunday for a good long while to old GEnie online...those weren't my first posts to GEnie, but they were the first concerted effort of mine to what has come to be known as 'blogging' being an activity, a 'verb'!...insomuch as that was back in '86-7 about, I was early on...:)...for sometime, I'll dig it out...I have it printed out on dot matrix paper!, everyone is on, and Poke, 'Like', an allusion easily followed!...for things to work in a poem, a common language is essential...Shakespeare's immortal sonnet goes nowhere in China if un translated...and even hereabout, a few notes help...

Keat's only lived to twenty five, and was absolutely desperate for immortality of the poetic kind...maybe that's a fourth kind!...anyway, not so desperate, one can arrive at the fourth Wednesday wait, and continue at a leisurely to Denny's for snack...iphone notepad in hand...I like the one finger typing...



Saturday, April 23, 2016

OTI: Six Poems with Notes

Open To Interpretation


Forty five minutes out
And we are almost weightless,
And really precarious...
The pursuit can catch us with their tons!


Oh, that expressive I cannot be,
And must disappoint quietly
Looking proverbially still as the mouse,
But consider,
Hawk perched atop my house.

My Dog Maya's Poem

Bark at the moon
Bark at the sun
Bark at vagrants on the run
Bark at the sirens
Bark at rumbling war
Bark at the fireworks
Blooming in air
Boom boom boom
Bark bark bark

An Alliance

Yes!  An alliance
Dangerous as can be,
As surely they want to hang me,
And thee!


What hast thou to do
Between those college classes at your school?
Lie on the green lawn in some stretching pose,
A languid yawn,
An unhurried red rose?

White Rose

White Egret over the Old Shingle Roof,
Over the Neighbors', over Town,
Flying, gliding, into the wind
And a steel sky evening.

Notes: The last one of course was to be titled White Egret, but not paying attention, I wrote out White Rose...and, that's good!...not so good is Red Rose in the previous, but that one needed some color, so 'green' and 'red', and that one was all about just using the word 'thou'...I needed a rhyme in An Alliance...and 'thee' was just like hanging there, so used it...these small poems are for fun...and using 'thee' got me thinking about the no longer used words like 'thee' and 'thou', so tried out 'thou' in Between...

Thee and thou all gone,
An entire table setting
Put away in a dark cabinet
And forgotten...

A table setting very useful for rhymed poems, I'd say!

OTI is for Open to Interpretation, the general heading for these little poems to appear in the blog under...on the cinder block wall in the backyard is a graffiti, NAR, which I have no idea of its was likely spray painted on when my tenant's kid was growing up...I cast about the web to see if it was a gang tag...but couldn't find anything...then I cast about with my imagination, and came up with No Apparent Reason...which would be a really good gang tag!...not that dreaming up such things is a good thing!...fortunate I was several generations removed from that fad, kids spray painting walls...then again, about Town, be on the look out for OTI!!!



Thursday, April 21, 2016


a poem...with note...


“I could find a souvenir
Just to prove the world was here…”
99 Red Balloons
Translated from
99 Luftballons by Nena


Oh, from a Christian virtue channel that was engaging awhile,
An old time movie with sad goodbyes,
We surf about and watch our Governor
In an earlier, twice over incarnation,
Slowly lowered into molten metal
With a thumbs up hasta la vista.
Who’s to say who will compound (or confound) Armageddon
When we see a bogeyman in every bush?
And then there’s our Prince,
Who missed with 1999…
So many have trampled
And made Jericho tremble.
Star Men’s (and Women’s) sons (and daughters)
Astride their cats
Will sift the ruins for their memories.

Note: hmmph...well, I'd just broken away from reading wiki's take on Chinese Dragon's, and self congratulating myself on how spot on my old scratch board dragon fish is...apparently all the odd features of Chinese Dragons represent other animals...the Dragons are I left off, and googled up facebook, and the sad news of Prince...I feel the loss of celebrities like everyone, but I'm not one to sorrow out to facebook and such, about it...but nonetheless, my old poem Souvenir came to mind, as it has mention of Prince in it...mostly my poems, and my writing in general, is what I call 'out of time out of place'...I just don't feel comfortable including contemporary references in my poems, or even musings...I could...I could go on and on about the day to day...but it gets to be too much...but even still, I took a leap at writing such in Tree in the Door, the blog that preceded, then coincided with Tree in the Door Fauna and Flora....Fauna and Flora continued, though since back in Town, Fauna and Flora has looped back into Tree in the Door, sorta...this is just me here doing some file shuffling...or something...anyway, the link is below the poem to Tree in the Door...the first post...whole blog was a treatise to the poem...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Open To Interpretation

Five poems, with notes...


Loyal to your birthday
Least it be stolen on my account,
I find myself seated among your
Drinking coffee from a tall transparent glass
Seeing you are not about
Hereabout, seems
Some other venue has you
And likely for the best,
Happy Birthday...


nothing true
can be said by you
yet truly I listen
to the tear your eye glistens


completed, a puzzle ends,
or left off, completed incomplete, just as final,
neither would I you would become,
rather new puzzle following on previous
too quickly to puzzle over nothing to puzzle now...

Two Ants

Two ants battling in amber,
Each the other's leg grasped by pincers
Within a galaxy spun
No victor has yet won.


It was just like imagination said,
Just like,
But I hadn't read
With imagination only wed.

Heart Ache

I can just rest my head on my folded arms
And it will go away.
So I do
With futile smile
Remembering you.



There's some lines from Soft Cell's song Tainted Love that I really like, and bringing up the song on youtube brought up too a new coffee commercial with Danny Devito and George Clooney...they're drinking coffee from transparent glasses, which brought a smile, as such a glass, and the "I want in..." sentiment of the commercial, is in one of the poems...:)...actually, all of them...Tainted Love is really well made, the singers' voices melding with the lyrics just right...I'm really thankful to those who post up song lyrics, as I have so much trouble picking them out just listening...oh, from the youtube comments I find that Rihanna's song SOS is a 'song up' of Tainted Love...bomp bomp.....bomp bomp...oh!!! originally by Gloria Jones...'64 about!


"The Love we share
Seems to go nowhere..."

Tainted Love by Soft Cell


I don't do many ' I and You ' poems...yet they are the most common and popular sort...Rod Mckuen was one master of these, and wildly popular...back awhile I studied out Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows...that link is unusual, as copyright is maintained by the copyright holders, so one can't find too many of his poems on web...some may say just as well...I read them once...they can be a bit much...

I've always wanted to do something with Harbor's a main local street from hereabout to the Ocean...thought is to get another thirty day bus pass, and just take along my iphone, and write out things on the iphone note pad, using the 'I and You', what to call it, idea...

Noting down my dreams with the iphone note pad brought out some neat word play...I'm not a master of such, but where else would I have come up with 'green German submarines', or 'a frozen moon between two stars'???...feel remiss I'm not continuing to note the dreams, unless really the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) through hiker wearing a 'tall tapering polka dot top hat'...

oh, and Two Ants was to tie into Keat's Ode to a Grecian Urn, but his word usage is so ornate, that I couldn't make a fit...Ants has a similar sentiment...if I ever figure it out a linkage, I'll re work it...the Romantic poets like Keats were the first to be brought up short by just how old and vast the universe is, dubious thanks to the 19th century scientists...big as it is, I always think of Town as a 'little town'...that Greek shore seaside village I daydream of...



Monday, April 18, 2016

Midnight Movies: Radioactive--Lindsey Sterling, Pentatonix

A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

I'll put the search strings in bold, these are the beginning of a quote, and the link(s), the ulr(s), which are highlighted too, will be the quote(s) end(s)...

hmmph...I have my morning web browse facebook, news, yahoo mail, my newsfeed blogs...and on 'news' this morning there was a lament by a journalist that a watermelon being wrapped with rubber bands streamed on youtube foretells the doom of traditional journalism, news, and such...fine with me!...then another lament by an old timey rock and roller that youtube is the doom of the music industry...too many viewers listening for free on youtube...fine with me!...and in that story was put forward that some musicians on youtube are making money, lots, and doing so by marketing their music on youtube, having their own channel, being discovered there, and such...fine with me!...I have my own channel!...but it's not a commercial one...but, but, just the thought, youtube having become the penultimate fine with me!

anyway, anyway, along with a link to the watermelon clip, which I didn't have the patience to watch, there was a link to the musician that had made it on her own through a youtube channel...Lindsey Sterling...a violinist...and I watched a few, which are much videos with themes from video games, comic book movies, and such...enchanted, I just let them play one after another, and a music video of the song Radioactive came up, which is by the group Pentatonix...this song and group I've heard, but having just walked up to it through Sterling's clips, I played the music video they made together at the Salton Sea over a few times, and the clip of how the they made the clip too...hmmph...a study...

for a longtime sometime has been a trip to the Salton Sea to see if I can see some Burrowing Owls, which frequent the area...the Sea is a mess, I've heard, and was chosen as appropriate backdrop for the song...

I have a small playlist of youtube music videos that I sometime go to...which I watch for free...Radioactive brought to mind 99 Red Balloons, about 15 million viewers, and Love is a Battlefield, about fifteen million viewers...viewers who likely watch for free too...Radioactive has like 150 million viewers...watching free too...oh...we all do pay though...we watch the advertisement, at least for five seconds!...and I think Nena, Pat, and Lindsey, all make some money...though 99 and Love look to be put up by a kind of piracy...I don't know!...even with no money coming from youtube,  musicians and such get their name out for their product by the pirating...I guess...can't say!

well, wait, I can say!...that site that archived and reposted my old weblog on yahoo's old geocities, peppers the weblog now with ads, banners above and below, and stuff during browse...and I don't get a penny...the ads likely don't either, as no one likely reads or happens on the old, so, it's a non issue in my case, and a shrug...though a curio...and it's fine with me, as ads make the web work...much like ads made free tv work for the heck cable companies absconded with 'free tv through ads', making instead a subscription and ads...well, the internet providers are doing the the heck they are getting away with that I don't know! alone can drive the web, money for everyone, I'd say...and free viewing, and participation for everyone...hmmph...

the Radioactive music video was made very simply...a couple of the new dslr still cameras with digital video were used...I have one of those, and if I had been thereabout whenabout taking Burrowing Owl pics and clips, I could have stepped right hand held video clip making skills might merit acceptance...but these musicians quickly go beyond myself, and everyone, when they sing and play, and work everything together in the recording studio...just a computer software could edit the video...but a computer can't perform like they can...or me...

oh, but a thought, someday, when I do visit Salton Sea, I'll come back with Burrowing Owl clips and sync them to Radioactive!!!



Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Battle of the Porch

Sitting on a Home Depot orange bucket, small crowbar in one hand, small sledge hammer in the other, I was trying rapidly as I could to tear out the old wall board and paneling on the enclosed Porch...opening the wall had opened another hole for Maya, my dog, to get in, this one big enough, unlike the one to my right which was just big enough for her head...narrow squeeze way through studs was slowing her down...there were nails and broken up wood all way I could let her make it...I had used cinder blocks up right to hold blocking piece of wood in place, but that failed...and ouch!, one block tipped over on my foot in the commotion...pushing Maya back, the second one fell on my other foot!...^%$# echoed through the old house...persevering, I managed to get the hole blocked...cleaned everything up...and put the big piece of plywood over everything, covering both holes...see pic...Maya retired to the Patio, sitting in the shade against the Cinder Block Wall...pic captions tell the tale...
I can salvage the Porch for Maya, make it like a big dog house...can never get it up to construction code specs...there are like four holes she's started both from the outside, and inside...this one she almost got out of while I had her cooped up in the Porch while Hi and Hanh removed an old trellis I wanted gone from the was a hazard to Maya...Hi, seeing Maya's head out from the Porch, offered to build cinder block wall!...a thought...I could cut out under the windows which would still be supported while laying a wall...cinder blocks expensive...funds keeping everything back on the old house repairs...funds mostly spent on Maya of late!!

Studs are subterranean termite ant ridden...removed the moldy wall board and old insulation...plywood is like a construction fence to keep Maya at bay while I go around the porch demolishing, and eventually replacing the wall covering inside and out...studying out board and batten wall construction...

The front block holds the door open...others are all around the porch covering things like wall plugs, and Maya's escape/entry attempts...out she wants in, in she wants out...and sometimes just for the heck of it, chews on the house, the porch, me...

Maya's muddy paw print on the upper left...she looked and looked, curious to see what I work at, and knocked some pieces off, but I was able to regroup after the defenses edge piece (lower right) is somewhere in the wind...

Maya helping demolishing...(clip)

Day before, Maya broke though my feeding ritual defenses, and got a paw on the new jig saw puzzle...another Kincaid...Gone With The Wind...



Tuesday, April 12, 2016

IJN Shimozuki

I set the Airbrush Pump on the table for sits on the floor, and is just plain cute!

These parts are so small!...don't know how to trim them without breaking them...

Simple way to stretch water color paper...soak it in water, and staple it to a canvas...this is inexpensive Strathmore...used hand stapler, but I have a small electric one which would make this very easy and quick...and taking staples out of the canvas a snap...

These large flat plastic storage boxes are perfect...can see everything, and doubles as extra table surface...placed on one of those pvc plastic shelves...
clip of Maya, my dog, on porch...

At the Hobby Shop, the first model I picked out was the waterline Fujimi model of the IJN, Imperial Japanese Navy, destroyer,  Shimozuki...web searches tell the tale of Shimozuki, and it was sunk by four torpedos by an American submarine...sank in like eight minutes (two!) in the middle of the night in the Pacific towards the end of WW2...

I never had an airbrush when I was a kid...used brushes for I want to start right, and airbrush the parts before assembly...

to review, this is all in an effort to just make a little work place to do watercolors, and get my hand and eyes in sync with detail work...jig saw puzzle was first step...been hesitant to take second!...working with enamel paint in an airbrush, at this tiny scale, is not easy! needs to be meticulous and neat...not my strongest points!, so, I used the alligator clip to hold the hull, and fiddled with the airbrush...mixing Testor enamel paint, thinning it...trying to see how to hold the brush and sight and such...and I made a mess to begin...third hand clip falling over and such...paint on the floor, paint on me...not from the brush, but the little paint cup for the brush...awkward to hold and spilled...took my glasses off to start, anticipating overspray, but that was light and not a problem...noise of the pump, and thinner/paint smell a bit of one though! I go outside to paint!...but, but some success...I painted the hull flat grey, and it seems to be drying very even, which is a surprise, as I didn't get paint on even, but it was thinned to go through the brush, and smoothed out...thinking I can use the brush for the small parts with the thinned paint next step...

this morning I just wanted to set up the brush, paint, and break down the brush, clean, and put everything away neat...this may not seem like much, but locating things and getting them all together is problematic!...was in a panic for paper towels...

little clip of Maya, my dog, from when doing the jig saw puzzle...going to get another card table for just jig saw puzzles...miss doing them!



Saturday, April 9, 2016

America, Remember Your Sundays...

A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

I'll put the search strings in bold, these are the beginning of a quote, and the link(s), the ulr(s), which are highlighted too, will be the quote(s) end(s)...

Having just done two posts about my dreams, I thought to do a couple counterparts of my day to day, what I am about when I'm awake!'s pretty much the same everyday, and difficult to relate...I study...and I find much to try to interpret!...and I thought to relate here a take away from yesterday's dreams...the dream of the aircraft carrier with two flight decks surrounding the middle control tower island....of course there is such a thing, I thought, in the future plans, and thought to google

Future Aircraft Carriers (images)

and of course, there they are...and while browsing the images, I saw one of a catamaran aircraft carrier for drones...heck, I thought, that's my old flight of fantasy Demologos...I day dreamed of a drone catamaran aircraft carrier, with two decks, an upper and for landings, one for take offs...and, and I thought to post that old flight of fancy I had put on the web in my old Panay weblog, if I could find it...and I did!...the old weblog is still about in an archiving was made with Yahoo's began as a class project in a web page making class at Palomar College, like 2000 or so...and it is as good example, account, as any of my day to day studies!...then, and now, I cover a lot of ground...facilitated now by the web, but I was a denizen of libraries and used and new bookstores for a long studies never seem to amount to much...I'm something of bohemian neerdowell...:)....but having recalled, I'll link it here...I have the weblog on disc, I think, but find if very nice that the archiving website has kept up all our old Geocities...wish someone would archive up the old GEnie roundtables!...those posts I don't think I saved...

anyway, dear readers, if interested, dive right in...the weblog was designed to be read at any starting point...this link takes one right into it...a sadder and gloomier tale has never been told!...from the beginning of the weblog, I could see 911 coming...the log was an interpretation of the day to day events preceding and following 12/12/37 (consider here author Perry's, Captain Frank Robert's and the Panay crews' interpretation!) right up to today...I still study, but don't write it out...I was never one of the 'hunt'...and I just don't care anymore to write things down, and if the log goes the way of ephemeral web things, that's fine...all this too!'s just too Demologos is on one of the log pages...I have a little plastic model of the Lexington to assemble...and look forward...

The Panay Project

America, Remember Your Sundays,
Remember Pearl Harbor,
Remember The Panay...

Research into the historical events surrounding the bombing of the U.S.S. Panay, December 12, 1937 on the Yangtze River near Nanking, China 
'Concerning the Panay sinking--and other Related Matters'




Friday, April 8, 2016

Foucault's Chain

A text only post, and about history, afield from fauna and flora, sort of...and grim, so dear readers, a caution to read on...

I'll put the search strings in bold, these are the beginning of a quote, and the link(s), the ulr(s), which are highlighted too, will be the quote(s) end(s)...

Intro note: My dreams from last night...I had thought to leave off posting my dreams, but wanted to do one post about an old ancient Greek dream author, and that will be here, but too, one of the dreams from last night, Foucault's Chain, seems to have gone beyond the limits of my own self...this to say, it had suggested content that I had never myself seen...things from outside my experience...very cool dream, and scary...

First the old Greek...

Old Greek Dream Author

According to Artemidorus, the material for his work was gathered during lengthy travels through Greece, Italy and Asia, from diviners of high and low station. Another major source were the writings of Artemidorus' predecessors, sixteen of whom he cites by name. It is clear he built on a rich written tradition, now otherwise lost. Artemidorus' method is, at root, analogical. He writes that dream interpretation is "nothing other than the juxtaposition of similarities" (2.25). But like other types of Greek divination, including astrology, celestial divination and pallomancy, Greek dream divination (Oneiromancy) became exceedingly complex, a given dream subject to a number of interpretations depending on secondary considerations, such as the age, sex, and status of the dreamer.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia reading Artemidorus' work, I find it of the usual sort, a dream, and an interpretation...which is disappointing...I have this notion that dreams have nothing to do with being interpreted...they are from realms that are, in their way, real, and active just like the day to day when wouldn't think to interpret the day to day, and I don't think dreams can be either...but, but, one of my own dreams last night may prove me the close of the dream, I thought to look up Foucault's Chain, as that phrase had appeared in the dream...I know of Foucault's Pendulum...the exhibit of the chain in the dream I thought was reminding  me of how Foucault's Pendulums are exhibited in museums...but from the dream, I googled Foucault's Chain...and there is such a thing...sorta...there are two Foucault' was physicist, the other a philosopher...the later had a notion of a surveillance chain with regard to economic government...kinda scary...and the dream seems to point to an 'interpretation' maybe dreams can be interpreted...I don't know!...
Foucault's Chain
His theories addressed the relationship between power and knowledge, and how they are used as a form of social control through societal institutions.

Michel Foucault

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I experienced a Panopticon when I worked at the Post Office....suspended all around the ceiling was an enclosed walkway with one way window/mirrors...we never knew when we were being watched tossing mail in the pigeon holes...

Last night dream snatches...Foucault's Chain is fourth down...
 0-ring dream...t1 is trying to fix leaking sink hose faucet...I offer help and 0-ring...fighting begins and I, miffed, withdraw offer and 0-ring (was working on leaky kitchen faucet)...tell t1 "good luck with that"...he's a klutz...repeating

? and four girls and me...we are trying to get back to train/ bus/trolley  depot...? kisses one and they go a away...she apologized for not being good after another, other girls kiss me and leave too, each apologizing too, which is what I want to say too...last leaves her dog with runs off across hill side...and runs back to me for hug and stays...

Like in wow, farming two things, foods, need refrigeration...we need to attend a requirement orientation for everyone, civilians too...we take seats...and can put questions on chalk board...bold, I draw illustrated question like comic strip with colored chalk...some others do same...we chat waiting for speaker who arrives...he has buck crooked teeth, but upright military and nice...tells us usual orientation talk changed to special movie about ww3 with china which we should all like...we chat amongst our selves more...chalk questions ignored, board taken notes my blue with orange soles soccer shoes (which I really have) and mocks them, others say not so, say they're cool...

Foucault's chain.  A Star Trek episode!...ship and crew above a galaxy and descend to a planet, a university grounds with huge trees/oaks? and a monumental exhibit building...a huge chain rises from the ground to the building demonstrates some physics principle and something is awry...over millennia some kind of tension has built up in the chain and it is about to break...there's fear panic...I'm on lawn taking care of dog and we distance ourselves from building and chain which is elaborate ancient "steam punk" breaks/falls and releases white Germanic looking stone giant from building...giant crashes out of building and rampages through others...laughing with people "the economy is thriving but doomed" is smashing one building...another giant joins it from the destroyed chain building...and another and another...all clones of first giant... I watch on the lawn with the dog ...(without hesitation awake I think to google foucalts chain...I'm not quite awake and think there is such a chain!...(looked! and there appears to be such a thing regarding surveillance in economics/government!))

Trying to make lemonade...helping with lemonade making computer...drips first into like test tube...helping girl...need clear glass pitcher...things wrong with ones I find and t1 being effort isn't "republican'...(t1, t2, the twins I call them, are recurring antagonists...really annoying and persistent nuisances over years and years!)

Walking about a mountain complex in forest...beside a building, I drop dog whistle/small silver cylinder...hard to find in rough soil and plants...should be easy but like disappeared...reach down with my hand and move dirt but begin to uncover hibernating critter...snake?...scared, I back away...lizard like head emerges...and dirt falls away from body which is flat emaciated from lack of food...I back away further as body begins to fill out and grow wild long red fur...I run to other full strength it will come after me all angry! is a mammal of some kind like a muscular fox...

Hovering over huge aircraft carrier...flight decks on each side of control tower island...

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It's important to note, I think, that the "I" in these dream snatches is like the "I" in watching movies and tv shows, reading books, watching athletic's not 'me' but rather my identification with some character...the hero mostly, I'd say! the very end of my dreams, I seem to pull out of this identification...the other characters in the dreams even seem to note this...very odd!...and I return to myself upon awakening...dreams are very much like the worlds of fiction and entertainment, which are shared dreams we really enjoy, and need, to keep together...alone, we are simply not that entertaining! the Homeric hymns, it says the best of things is after a feast with gathered family and friends, hearing stories of past glories by the glow of the central fire...

Oh, and the other characters in my dreams seem to mimic people I really know, but they are not...I have to keep telling myself that...I am not me in my dreams, and the other characters are not people I know...authors will take things from real life and fictionalize them, which is what seems to happen in's a stage with actors and masks and such...



Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Pink Eagle

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Late Spring

a poem...

Late Spring

Mocking Bird perches on the back of Silver, the Jeep
On the empty Bike Rack
The Lawn is drying out
But Mocking Bird still finds worms in the Morning Dewy Grass
And Mocking Birds are singing all over
Greeting the Sun
Morning Doves and Black Phoebes too
Not unlike the Black Grosbeaks in the Cedar and Black Oak and Ponderosa Pine Forest
Instant Oatmeal with Granola, and Tea
Sitting on the cement Front Step, an excuse for a Boulder!