Sunday, March 26, 2017

OTI:three poems:3/26/17

Open To Interpretation
I Took The Same Route
I took the same route
As two weeks before
So knew the way
And arrived at the seven story
Car 'hotel',
Took the dispensed ticket,
Watched the gate arm,
And careful not to slide
On the smooth cement,
Parked Silver my jeep,
And again stepped out
From the car cavern's sounds
Onto the sidewalk
Across from 448 S. Main,
The Regent's marquee,
Shiny Toy Guns
With time for a walkabout
In LA's un-notable,
NY compared,
Though here noted,
The sun setting,
Shadows big,
The always waterfall roar
Of traffic echoing surrounding.
Under The Snowy Field
Under the snow field
All the landscape's
Fauna and flora
Had been frozen,
Stopped in life sudden
When The Earth's Sun,
Grim clouds forgotten
From the cataclysm,
Permitted the Great Cold.
And now from rains fallen,
Days and days,
The refugees living
Found forage at the edge
Of the retreating snow.
Nemo's caravan paused
On the crown of an overlook.
Seen stretched in either direction,
Horizon to horizon,
Were all the gathered survivors
Of the Southern Reach
Worrying the frozen snows
For tidbits of nourishments
Melting free under the dark rains.
The Last Bookstore
Time was a used bookstore
Was irresistible
And its window scene gives pause,
Moon and Half Dome
On AA's photo books displayed.
Sufficient now my
Palm carried window
With ever changing display
And I walk on,
Taking LA tourist photos.
Happy Birthday Robert Frost!

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