Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well, well, the power came back on last night, for everyone but the neighborhood of the Cabin....another two sleeping bag night...and this morning I learned that some of my neighbors have been hold up in the Rooms across the Road on generator power, for days!....I related this to my friend I visited in Groveland...'do you think the power to the Cabin will be back tonight?'...'can't say', I answered, 'I'm on my way to Point Reyes!'...and at the moment, 'am cozy in motel in shower, tv, wifi, and lights!....tomorrowmorow, Bodega Bay, and rolldown the Coast to Point Reyes.....rolled down the hill on Osprey Road (more reports still to come--four rollabouts!)....paused at Buzzard Cliff Pond, Hawk on Nest (with Ladder Back Woodpecker), and at the Bridge, Ospreys on Nest....sighted with binocs and scope, Ospreys on Nests at Reservoir, and Intersection....continued to Coulterville, diverted to Coarsegold to see friends, back down to China Camp, and Copperopolis (which is an odd name, and an odd sprawled out community by Lake Turlock)...found my way to Route 12 (Wind Farm is a marvel!), and 80, and to 37 (heavy rain along the narrow part along water), and up 101 to Petaluma at Last Light...missed pic of Cows all spread out over the Green Hills and lit up by Late Light, and the Light on the Wind Farm was very cool, but couldn't stop!....sighted two Kestrels, walked along the Road a bit (this between Merced Falls and Moccasin) to get close, which is kinda neat to can hear, smell, and more or less feel underfoot, the Rolling the Valley, frozen ground and overcast, overcast with clear hazy sky here and there on the roll, which got rained on at the end!, maybe that's all the rain for awhile...I stuffed myself with a vegy omelet and hash browns at ihop!...oops...forgot clip...up now, I think== 3/28

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