Friday, March 18, 2011

Bobcat Meadow Bobcat

After Breakfast, paddled out to Bobcat Meadow, and picked up the tripod on the way...always have a camera or two, but sometimes not the tripod, and sometimes I take the Shuttle to the Village, but between Shuttles, rather than wait, I walk...and after visiting the Hummock Ponds--Mallards about--I was walking under the Oaks beside the Road on the Meadow side, and as I neared the Elms, sighted Tail twitching at the base of an Oak...Oh, Bobcat!, I thought...and without setting the legs out on the tripod, set it down, and then set myself down on the Path, and by then Bobcat came from behind the Oak, and was crouched and listening for Squirrel (see Squirrel's close call in clip!) on a Fallen Oak Limb...took some pics first, and with the video already set to 'avi crop', took a clip...wanted a dvd clip, and with the anxiety that Bobcat would move off, adjusted the newer camera...but Bobcat was content to stay put awhile, which made the hd clip quiet, and I went back to avi, for some reason..oh, now I remember, avis I can post up easy, so I've been taking both avi and hd...anyway, Bobcat started to move, and I caught a knockdown clip!...pic and clip up...there's more to tell, and pics and clips, for sometime soon!....overcast cool, light snow Lunch: sat awhile at the Ozone Beach Cottonwoods, until Raindrops sent me back to Last Chance....Song Sparrows, Ravens, Blue Jay, Robins, lots of the morning, Two Redtail Hawks soaring above the Visitor Center and calling...Mama Doe and One Fawn thereabout too...Three Deer at the Oaks, schoolyard side, and Three More Deer at Last Chance Rooms...Fawns are getting big, and I cant tell Deer apart from a distance...One Doe at the Rooms looked pregnant...

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