Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eleven Mallards

Paddled out to the Hummock Ponds with mini donuts and crangrape, sat under an Oak in the shade of the Trunk, snacked, and counted Mallards on the Pond--Eleven Mallards all together--yesterday Mallards were scattered about...and today, Mallards were enjoying the Sunshine, preening, napping, splashing about....Ravens, Blue Jays, Acorn Woodpecker, and Pileated Woodpecker call over by the Merced....yesterday, Redwing call...oh, and Brown Creeper on Cedar in front of the Cabin, and Kinglets about....sunny blue some high scattered hazy Lunch: Robins, Ravens....the Robins spread out, each atop, or high in, a Tree, and sing a little melancholy tune, which can be heard in yesterday's Coyote clip...quiet at lunch, so quiet I picked up and went back to Last Chance and sat with friend for remaining time...

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