Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hawk, Osprey, And Eagle

Yesterday's Flowers: (top down) Buckbrush, Dove's Foot Geranium, Forgot Me Not, Caterpillar Phacella, Mustard, Common Monkey Flower, Bush Lupine, Redbud, Almond Blossom....Where Flowers were: Roadside to Mariposa, Buzzard Cliff Pond (Bear Valley Rd.), BCP, Lake McClure Point, BCP, Lake McSwain Roadside, RtM, Temporary 140 Bridge Merced Canyon, Hite Cove

Early Breakfast, and early nap until pics up from Tuesday's rollabout...sunny blue puff clouds, warm--cold last night, Falls had the Snow Lunch: Song Sparrow glimpse, Ravens flyby, Robin call, Brown Creeper of Bears about Bear mischief!...oh...Blue Bird call at Lunch, and Morning Cloak Butterfly at the Hummocks last Saturday, I think...

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