Sunday, April 30, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:4/30/17

Open To Interpretation


I ponder,
I wonder,
I regard.
'Do Not Disturb'
On my doorknob.
No time
For painting,
Or grass too long
To putt upon.
Disturbed I'll snarl,
Snap awake,
A lion protecting its prey.
Leave me be
To my Homeric similes.
They don't come easily.
Notes: oh...I was off to the movies again, and saw movie The Circle2017...and it brought to mind a poem I just posted a couple days back!
At times
My playlist partially
Is on display,
And a thought to just
Post it all up
And be complete.
...I wont spoil it...but if one has seen it, one sees the poem!...ral...too, recently I've seen Colossal2016 and The Fate of the at the laundry at the donut shop, kid there noted my little Regal membership card in my wallet...You go to the movies much?...Of late I have been....It's all I do, that, and watch youYube...Oh, me too...youTube is wild!...Simile...previous post has a deleted note...I went on about violence and such in movies...usual rant...brought on be re-reading the Iliad...the battle scenes are violent...right out of Game of Thrones...but in re-reading, I was struck by the simile's Homer uses, and looking that up, found they have a name....Homeric similes...and hence a poem!...and a facebook friend posted a link to an 'on and on' about language, and I thought, oh!...that's my poem!...ral...much has been written about Homer's similes...I thought to collect themselves they have the nature of poems of the natural world...Homer's 'close observation of Nature'...

Oh...this give me great...relief!...ral...


Figures as different as Charles Dickens, Henri Poincaré, and Ingmar Bergman, working in disparate fields in different times, all shared a passion for their work, a terrific ambition to succeed, and an almost superhuman capacity to focus. Yet when you look closely at their daily lives, they only spent a few hours a day doing what we would recognize as their most important work. The rest of the time, they were hiking mountains, taking naps, going on walks with friends, or just sitting and thinking. Their creativity and productivity, in other words, were not the result of endless hours of toil. Their towering creative achievements result from modest “working” hours.

Darwin Was a Slacker and You Should Be Too

Many famous scientists have something in common—they didn’t work long hours.
Curiously, Mae and Ty in the move The Circle. are given positions where they are permitted to do whatever they wanted in their jobs at a high tech company...Emma Watson as Mae does a very good performance!...


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